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Born on this day!!  Actor Al Pacino is 83. “Dancing With The Stars” judge Len Goodman is 79. Bassist Stu Cook of Creedence Clearwater Revisited is 78. Singer Bjorn Ulvaeus of ABBA is 78. Actor Talia Shire is 78. Actor Jeffrey DeMunn (“The Green Mile”) is 76. Country singer-songwriter Rob Crosby is 69. Actor Hank Azaria (“The Simpsons”) is 59. Singer Andy Bell of Erasure is 59. Bassist Eric Avery (Jane’s Addiction) is 58. Guitarist Rory Feek of Joey and Rory is 58. Former “Early Show” host Jane Clayson is 56. Actor Gina Torres (“I Think I Love My Wife”) is 54. Actor Renee Zellweger is 54. Actor Jason Lee (“My Name Is Earl,” ″Almost Famous”) is 53. Actor Jason Wiles (“Third Watch”) is 53. Actor Emily Bergl (“Southland”) is 48. Actor Marguerite Moreau (“The O.C.,” ″Life As We Know It”) is 46. Singer Jacob Underwood (O-Town) is 43. Actor Allisyn Snyder (“A.P. Bio,” “Sonny With A Chance”) is 27. Actor Jayden Rey (“The Conners”) is 14.



1928 – The first seeing eye dog was presented to Morris S. Frank.
1901 – New York became the first state to require license plates on cars.
1915 – British, Australian, and New Zealand forces landed at Gallipoli.
1945 – Delegates met in San Francisco to organize the United Nations.
1953 – The Francis Crick and James Watson article describing the double helix of DNA is published in the magazine Nature.
1959 – The St. Lawrence Seaway opened to shipping.
1990 – Violeta Barrios de Chamorro was inaugurated as president of Nicaragua.
1992 – Islamic forces took over most of Kabul, Afghanistan after the Soviet-controlled government collapsed.
2003 – The Georgia legislature voted to scrap the “Confederate flag” design from its state flag.

Today Is: DNA Day, East Meets West Day (aka Elbe Day), Hairstylists Appreciation Day, Hug A Plumber Day or Plumbers Day, International Delegate’s Day, License Plates Day, Malaria Awareness Day, National Library Workers Day, National Library Day, National Mani-pedi Day, Parental Alienation Day, Red Hat Society Day, World Penguin Day  

Primetime TV (All Times Eastern)

CBS – 8:00 – FBI / 9:00 – FBI International / 10:00 – FBI Most Wanted
NBC – 8:00 – Night Court / 8:30 – American Auto / 9:00 – The Wall / 10:00 – Weakest Link
ABC – 8:00 – The Rookie  /  9:00 – Rookie Feds / 10:00 – Will Trent
FOX – 8:00 – 911 Lone Star / 9:00 – Accused
CW – 8:00 – Superman and Loris / 9:00 – Gotham Knights

TV Talk Shows

Jimmy Kimmel: John Mulaney, India Amarteifio, Cannons
Jimmy Fallon: Jude Law, Joshua Jackson
Stephen Colbert: Brooke Shields, Clint Smith, Weyes Blood (R 3/30/23)
Seth Meyers: Nathan Lane, Rep. Katie Porter, a performance from the Broadway cast of “& Juliet”, Anup Sastry
James Corden: Billie Eilish, Natalie Portman
Watch What Happens Live: Heather McMahan, Jennifer Aydin
Daily Show: Guest host Desi Lydic
Live with Kelly and Mark: Laura Dern, Diane Ladd, Miranda Lambert
Drew Barrymore: Helen Mirren
Jennifer Hudson: Swizz Beatz, Jody Watley, Jordan Chiles

WHAT ARE YOU TALKIN’ ABOUT? Here are today’s PPM-Friendly Topics!

QUESTION: What are the chances?? Tucker Carlson is out at FOX NEWS and Don Lemon is out at CNN on the SAME DAY? And NBC’s Prez is out?? WTH????


QUESTION: WHY did Adele break down during the FINAL “Carpool Karaoke” taping?? (Maybe she finally listened to James Corden’s singing!!!!!!!!!!)


QUESTION: Does your zodiac sign tell how likely you are to COMMIT MURDER?? And which sign has the highest number of killers?? Click to see how you rate!!!!


QUESTION: How can you get into a ROAD RAGE FIGHT at the IN AND OUT BURGER drive through??? These Cali folks did, and it was a WATER FIGHT!!!!
In the footage, two sparring families are seen throwing liquids - including bleach, juice, and water - at each other and the other car

QUESTION: Is Meghan Markle a COPY-KATE?? She debuts a “new look” that has people thinking she’s getting plastic surgery to look like Kate Middleton!!
Markle has been largely out of the limelight in recent months, prompting some to speculate that she may have had some facial work done.


Former Dancing With The Stars Judge Len Goodman Dies

****And just when he retired!! Ain’t that the way it goes???
***When he stepped down, he said he wanted to spend more time with his grandchildren. Now he can also spend more time with his ancestors!!
******He left the show after it ran out of “stars!!”
*****When he got to the Pearly Gates, the judges held up three “10s!!”

Matthew Perry Apologizes; Will Have Keanu Reeves References Removed From His Memoir

********In the book, he lamented the death of River Phoenix: ““River was a beautiful man, inside and out – too beautiful for this world, it turned out. It always seems to be the really talented guys who go down,” Perry wrote. “Why is it that the original thinkers like River Phoenix and Heath Ledger die, but Keanu Reeves still walks among us?”
****He already apologized, saying he just chose Keanu’s name “at random,” but now he’ll have it removed from future printings of the book!!
****Keanu hasn’t commented, but John Wick says he’ll be stopping by Matthew’s house!!

Pete Davidson Can Still Face Charges After Crashing Into Beverly Hills Home

*******His girlfriend had her head in his lap.. just resting (wink, wink)!! Then he crashed!! Hmm…
*****He didn’t know whether he was coming or going. Turned out.. he was coming!!
****He took a chunk our of the house.. but he DID autograph it!!
****Hey, it’s LA!! Nobody goes to jail here!!
****He also shoved a fan at Madison Square Garden this weekend, but that was in New York, where they’ve also cut down on crime by making everything legal!!

Comedian / Actor Richard Lewis Of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” Reveals He Has Parkinson’s

*********He had just decided to quit touring three years ago when the Parkinson’s hit.
******He says he’s under a doctor’s care and it’s under control! Good luck..

Nick Cannon Says Jamie Foxx Is “Doing Much Better”

INSIDERS SAY this was BAD stroke. We hope they’re exaggerating!!
*******Meanwhile, Nick says Jamie is doing “so much better!!”
********He’s promised to name one of his next five or six kids after him!!
*****Nick promises a great tribute coming soon… can’t wait!!!



Brad Makes a Bundle Selling Haunted House-(Globe)

Thanks for the memories!  As serious romance continues to sizzle between Brad Pitt and his gorgeous girlfriend of several months, Ines De Ramon, 29, the 59-year-old leading man has unloaded his longtime Los Feliz abode-a haunted Hollywood Hills house, for a whopping $40 million!  He’s initially bought the place from actress Cassandra Peterson, known as Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, back in 1994 for $1.7 million-even after she warned him it housed a menagerie of scary spirits!  “He thought that was really cool,” recalls the queen of camp, who claims she saw a ghost “sitting downstairs in front of the fireplace, once walking into my bedroom and back out,” and another “floating around at the bottom of the pool.”



Is there something that turns you on.. that other people might find weird?? (Like armpit hair??)
Ever wind up in the middle of a road rage incident??



Puppy Climbs Into Engine Compartment; Takes A 30 Mile Ride Under The Hood

*****The owner heard whimpering coming out of the engine compartment. That happens in our car on a steep hill!!
*****When they popped the hood, they saw two little eyes looking up at them. Sounds like the hamster wheel in a Kia!!
*****They got the puppy out safely and reunited it with it’s owner. Happy ending!!
TOPIC: The time your pet tagged along without you knowing it!! 

Florida Man Shoots At Lost Instacart Drivers Who Drove Onto His Property

*****Florida has a “shoot first, ask questions later” law!!!
*******The owner of the house says the car ran over his foot!! So of course he opened fire!!
*********But first, he had his SON go up to the car and ask them to leave!! Did he REALLY think he was in danger???
*****Some people think the approach is “kill ’em all and let God sort ’em out!!”

Russian Woman Living in New York Tries to Murder Her Lookalike Friend With Poisoned Cheesecake

*********That whole “poisoning” thing is big with the Russians!!
******She was convicted by a jury, because trying to kill somebody is still a crime in New York, believe it or not!! She got 21 years!! (She’ll serve 9 months!!)
******She was going to steal her friend’s ID and all her valuables. 








9 Energy-Efficient Home Improvements That Also Save You Money


  1. Insulate the Water Heater

An insulating jacket for your hot water heater will cost $30 to $40, and you can install it yourself in about an hour.  Don’t worry: You can quickly recoup every cent spent on the jacket. According to the experts at the Department of Energy, insulating a hot water tank saves 7% to 16% annually.  In other words, assuming the average hot water costs $438 to operate annually, you’ll have $30 to $70 more in your pocket each year.  If you’re able to make a bigger up-front investment, you may consider replacing your traditional electric water heater with a heat pump water heater.  Instead of generating heat directly, heat pumps act more like refrigerators in reverse — they pull heat into the device instead of pushing it out. A family of four could save more than $470 per year on its electric bills, compared to a standard electric water heater, according to the DOE. The DOE estimates that a family of four would recoup their initial investment after three years. Over the heater’s 13-year lifespan, expect savings of $4,570.  The Energy Star site has a questionnaire to help you decide if heat pump water heaters are a good fit for your home.

  1. Install a Smart Programmable Thermostat

You don’t need as much heat (or cold air) when you’re in bed at night, and you need even less when you are out of the house (assuming you have no pets at home). But you don’t want to climb out of bed on a cold winter morning or come home to a hot house in the summer.  A smart thermostat solves these problems by automatically adjusting the temperature settings for you.  Ten minutes before you get up in winter, the heat turns on. Ten minutes before you get home after a hot summer day at work, the air conditioning adjusts to cool the house. You use the heating and cooling only when you actually need them.  A programmable thermostat can save you $50 on heating and cooling costs each year, according to the government’s Energy Star program. Starting around $80, many models are simple enough to install on your own and can pay for themselves in under two years.

  1. Switch Out Light Bulbs

Another bright idea for savings? Replacing your light bulbs.  Light emitting diode (LED) light bulbs are 90% more efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs and can last up to 20 years (about 100,000 hours of operation).  LEDs used to be expensive for a single bulb, but today, you can get a four pack of LED bulbs for around $10.  By replacing the incandescent bulbs throughout your home with LED lighting, you can save about $225 in energy costs per year, according to the EPA’s Energy Star Program.

  1. Bundle Up Water Lines

Bare water lines leak heat, so you have to set the temperature of the hot water heater higher to still get a hot shower at the other end of the house.  Solve this problem with a little pipe insulation: an inexpensive foam tube with a slit down the side. Just cut it to the required length with scissors and push it onto the pipes.  This project will take you about 3 hours for a small home and cost $10 to $15 total, according to the Department of Energy. Each year, you’ll save 3% to 4% heating your water.

  1. Replace Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans in general can help you save on heating and cooling costs.  In the summer, run the fan blades counterclockwise to generate a cool breeze — thus reducing the need to run the more expensive air conditioning. Running the blades clockwise pushes warm air that rises back down into the room, helping cut heating costs in the winter.  You can realize even more savings by replacing your old, inefficient fans with Energy Star certified fans, which are 60% more energy-efficient than older models, according to the DOE. (And be sure to use your energy-efficient light bulbs in the fixtures.)

  1. Buy a New Refrigerator

If your refrigerator is working fine, there’s normally no good reason to replace it, even if the new one is a bit more efficient. But if you have a fridge that’s more than 15 years old, it might be time to replace that one.  To find out exactly how much you can save on energy costs over a five-year period, enter your current refridgerator’s info in the Energy Star Flip My Fridge Calculator.


You can try to sell older, working refrigerators online to make some easy cash, or donate appliances to charities like St. Vincent de Paul, the Salvation Army and Habitat for Humanity.

  1. Insulate Attic

If you run your heater or air conditioner most days, you might save some serious money by adding new insulation to your attic.  Upgrading attic insulation from R-11 to R-49 is something you can do by yourself in a day or two for about $750, according to (The cost is about double if you want professionals to install it.)  You’ll save about $600 per year on heating and cooling costs, depending on where you live and the type of heat you have. It also adds value to your home if you decide to sell in the future.

  1. Seal Air Leaks

Check for cracks or spaces around door frames, windows and entry points for pipes and cables. You lose heat from these gaps during the winter and cool air in the summer, adding to your heating and cooling costs.  It takes about $20 to $25 in caulking and peel-and-paste insulating strips to seal these up all over the house, according to Homewyse. This is a project you’ll want to do yourself — it’s fairly easy, and you’ll spend an additional $235 to $565 in labor for professionals to handle it, depending on the size of your home.


If you’re looking to replace an exterior door, a steel or fiberglass door is a more energy-efficient option than wood. Some steel doors even have insulated cores, so no need for weatherstripping.  Doing this will cut your heating and cooling costs by an average of 10% to 20%, depending where you live. That’s potentially hundreds of dollars saved for an investment of an afternoon and $30.

  1. Replace Toilet Flapper

If you hear your toilet running when it isn’t being used, you probably have a leaky flapper.  It’s not just an annoyance — a leaky flapper can waste 180 gallons of water every week.  You can buy a new flapper valve for under $5, saving you $25 per year.


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