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Born on this day!! Actor Sean Connery is 90. Actor Tom Skerritt is 87. Jazz saxophonist Wayne Shorter is 87. Singer Walter Williams of The O’Jays is 77. Actor Anthony Heald (“Boston Public”) is 76. Singer Henry Paul of BlackHawk (and The Outlaws) is 71. Actor John Savage is 71. Bassist Gene Simmons of Kiss is 71. Singer Rob Halford of Judas Priest is 69. Keyboardist Geoff Downes of Asia is 68. Musician Elvis Costello is 66. Director Tim Burton is 62. Actor Christian LeBlanc (“The Young and the Restless”) is 62. Actor Ashley Crow (“Heroes”) is 60. Country singer-actor Billy Ray Cyrus is 59. Actor Ally Walker (“Profiler”) is 59. Actor Joanne Whalley is 59. Guitarist Vivian Campbell of Def Leppard is 58. Actor Blair Underwood is 56. Actor Robert Maschio (“Scrubs”) is 54. DJ Terminator X of Public Enemy is 54. Singer Jeff Tweedy of Wilco is 53. Actor David Alan Basche (“The Exes”) is 52. TV chef Rachael Ray is 52. Actor Cameron Mathison (“All My Children”) is 51. Country singer Jo Dee Messina is 50. Model Claudia Schiffer is 50. Actor Nathan Page (“Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries”) is 49. Actor Eric Millegan (“Bones”) is 46. Actor Alexander Skarsgard (“Big Little Lies,” ″True Blood”) is 44. Actor Jonathan Togo (“CSI: Miami”) is 43. Actor Kel Mitchell (“Kenan and Kel”) is 42. Actor Rachel Bilson (“Hart of Dixie,” “The O.C.”) is 39. Actor Blake Lively (“Gossip Girl”) is 33.


1718 – New Orleans was founded by French settlers and named after the Duke of Orleans.
1825 – Uruguay declared its independence from Brazil.
1875 – Matthew Webb became the first person to swim across the English Channel. It took him 21 hours and 45 minutes.
1916 – The Department of the Interior created the National Park Service to manage and preserve national parks and monuments for future generations.
1944 – Paris was liberated from Nazi occupation by Allied forces.
1984 – Author Truman Capote was found dead in Los Angeles.
2001 – Singer and actress Aaliyah died in a plane crash in the Bahamas.
2003 – NASA launched the infrared Spitzer Space Telescope.
2009 – Edward “Ted” Kennedy, who served as a Democratic senator from Massachusetts since 1962, dies. He was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor in 2008.
2012 – The first human to walk on the moon, Neil Armstrong, died after suffering complications from a heart bypass.

Today Is: Kiss and Make Up Day, National Park Service Day, National Second-hand Wardrobe Day, National Whiskey Sour Day

Primetime TV (All Times Eastern)

CBS – 8:00 – NCIS  /  9:00 – Love Island  /  10:00 – National Convention
NBC – 8:00  – America’s Got Talent  /  10:00 – National Convention
ABC – 8:00 –  Modern Family  /  8:30 – Modern Family  /  9:00 – What Would You Do?  /  10:00 – National Convention
FOX – 8:00 – TBA
CW – 8:00 –  Dead Pixels /  9:00 – Tell Me A Story

TV Talk Shows

Jimmy Kimmel: The Avett Brothers, guest host David Spade
Jimmy Fallon: Orlando Bloom, Cecily Strong, Trey Anastasio (R 8/11/20)
Stephen Colbert: Trey Gowdy, Keanu Reeves, Alex Winter
James Corden: Maya Rudolph, Fred Armisen, James Bay
Conan: Patton Oswalt (R 7/21/20)
The View: Susan Rice (R 7/29/20)
Live with Kelly and Ryan: Laverne Cox, John Lithgow, Dr. Mike Varshavski, Sofia Carson (R)
Ellen DeGeneres: Kristen Bell, Ajani Huff (R 2/25/20)
Wendy Williams: Sandra Bernhard, Ingrid Hoffmann (R 12/6/19)
The Real: Mark L. Walberg, guest co-host Tisha Campbell (R 10/15/19)
Tamron Hall: Danny Seo, Karen Laine, Mina Starsiak, Mikel Welch (R 7/13/20)

WHAT ARE YOU TALKIN’ ABOUT? Here are today’s PPM-Friendly Topics!

QUESTION: Ever wonder why birds sing so much, and so loudly, first thing in the morning?? Finally, a NEW STUDY gives us the answer to this important question!!


QUESTION: Is the biggest overreaction?? KFC is dropping their slogan “Finger Lickin’ Good” after 64 YEARS!!! It’s unsafe in the time of COVID!!! (Do NOT lick!!!!)


QUESTION: Why did this FLORIDA WOMAN beat up her own FATHER?? She was sick and tired of his FLATULENCE!! He was just an OLD FART?????!!!!!!


QUESTION: Afraid of offending GEN Z and MILLENNIALS?? Then don’t put a PERIOD at the end of your text!! They’re triggered by your AGGRESSION!!!!!!!??


QUESTION: Where did she GO??? A woman who is declared DEAD.. but a few hours later, she WAKES UP IN THE FUNERAL HOME!!! “Surprise!!!!!!!!!!!”

Nike Honors Kobe Bryant

Nike honored the late Kobe Bryant on what would have been his 42nd birthday with a new video that is narrated by Kendrick Lamar.  The clip, released on Sunday to coincide with Bryant’s birthday, features highlights from the basketball great’s career as Lamar expresses how Bryant has taught his fans to be better.  “Better walker. Better talker. Better walking the walk and talking the talk. Better blocker. Better sprinter. Better loser. Better winner. Just be better,” Lamar says.  The video also features Bryant’s late 13-year-old daughter Gianna and his farewell speech to Lakers fans in 2016.  Bryant will appear on the Mamba Forever” edition of basketball video game NBA 2K21 which comes to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC on Sept. 4. The title will also be released for the upcoming PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.  See the video HERE.
*******He’ll become one of the highest-earning dead people of all time. Just sayin’…
******What happened to Kobe was a warning shot. 2020 was gonna suck!!!

Amazon Restricts Reviews For New Royal Book

Amazon has reportedly restricted reviews on the shocking Meghan Markle and Prince Harry tell-all, titled “Finding Freedom,” after “noticing unusual activity” on the site.  On Monday, the U.K.’s DailyMail reported they placed restrictions on who can review the bombshell book, announcing: “Amazon has noticed unusual reviewing activity on this product. Due to this activity, we have limited this product to verified purchase reviews.” The first 10 reviews listed on Amazon’s listing for the book, all made by users in both the U.S. and U.K., have slammed the book, labeling it as “such nonsense,” “a puff piece” and “bad teenage fanfic,” urging shoppers to “skip it.” Most of the reviews were left on Aug. 11th – the same day “Finding Freedom” was released – as well as the 12th.  One negative reviewer even suggested shoppers skip “Finding Freedom” and pick up the other bombshell royal tell-all, “Meghan and Harry: The Real Story,” written by British aristocrat Lady Colin Campbell.
*******So that tells us who wrote all the reviews!!
*****Don’t they know?? One doesn’t tell the truth about the royal family!!
******If you want to know how wonderful Meghan and Harry are… just ask Meghan and Harry!!

Paris Hilton Had Her Eggs Frozen

Paris Hilton says Kim Kardashian encouraged her to freeze her eggs — and she’s desperate to have a “mini-me.” Paris told Britain’s Sunday Times she was “inspired” by the mom of four, who worked as her personal stylist.  Paris, who’s dating Carter Reum, said: “I think every woman should do it because you can really control it and not have that ‘Oh my God, I need to get married’ … I’m obsessed with dressing them up. I want … twins, because then you get [a girl and a boy] at once.”
*******She should shop for her children at “Calvin Klone!!” They guarantee you’ll get exact duplicates of YOU!!
******It’s good to see that she’s as shallow as ever!!
******At what age do you tell your child they came from a frozen egg???
****”Where do babies come from?? Well… mommy freezes her eggs.. then she drops by the sperm bank for some DNA material. Then… pop!! You were born!! Romantic, right??”

Ellen To Address Fans About Toxic Work Environment

Ellen DeGeneres was asked by a paparazzo how her show would look following the removal of three top producers. Though she didn’t address the ousters of executive producers Ed Glavin and Kevin Leman and co-executive producer Jonathan Norman, DeGeneres did mention her fans. “I will be talking to my fans,” she said in a video posted by the Daily Mail.  DeGeneres has been attempting damage control following an explosive report in which former and current employees came forward to speak about the allegedly toxic environment behind the scenes of the show. They claimed the set was filled with intimidation, racism and fear.  Certain staff would be back at work this week to kick off production on the upcoming season, which originally was scheduled to premiere on Sept. 9, 2020. It since has been pushed back to Sept. 14th.
********That gives her five more days to beat her staff before the new season debuts!!
******In the first show, she rides her producer around the stage!! “HIS fault!!”
*******She may have to start dancing again… tap dancing!!
******We’re gonna predict… there will be a lot of hugging this year!!

Dennis Quaid Working On Rescued Cat TV Show

Dennis Quaid recently saved a cat, named Dennis Quaid, from an animal shelter in Lynchburg, Virginia.  He now wants to turn the story into a non-scripted TV project after teaming with ITV America’s Leftfield Pictures, producer of History’s “Alone” and “Forged In Fire.”  “Saving Dennis Quaid” will follow the actor, who also recently starred in feature films “A Dog’s Purpose” and “A Dog’s Journey,” and his business partner Jimmy Jellinek as they set out on a mission to adopt the cat.  The series, which is being taken out to broadcasters imminently, will document the journey and the ensuing crusade to bring the feline from Lynchburg to Los Angeles.  Quaid will exec produce the TV series.
*******Because if it’s not on TV, it didn’t really happen!!
*****He’s also rescuing a jackass named “Randy Quaid!!”
******A reality show with a cat?? It’ll take all day to shoot.. because cats never DO anything!!

Lori Loughlin Planning Comeback Tour

Lori Loughlin must surrender to the U.S. Bureau of Prisons before 2 p.m. on November 19, which is why she isn’t wasting any time planning what will happen next when she gets out of jail.  “Lori isn’t going to be hiding like Felicity Huffman has been post-prison. Lori has already met with her team to plan out an apology tour once she has served her time. She is in talks with several networks about doing a big sit-down interview, with Robin Roberts and Gayle King at the top of her list. There is also talk of a book and mini-series based on her time in jail,” sources tell OK!. “Do not think that Lori is going to disappear in disgrace. She plans to face what she has done and believes she can make a comeback and be bigger than she was before.”  Loughlin is “dreading this time,” a source told In Touch. “She’s been trying to prepare by doing yoga and meditation, but there’s nothing that could ease her fear and sense of doom.”  Ultimately, the Hallmark alum is upset that her daughters won’t be able to visit her in prison due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. “Loughlin knows it’s not a long sentence,” the insider explained. “[Loughlin and Giannulli] did think they would be able to spread out their prison time so one parent could be home with the kids, but that didn’t happen.”
*******She’s been getting used to prison food by eating at the Golden Corral!!!
*******She called Martha Stewart for tips on how not to “look schlumpy!!”
*******Her cell mate is “Cindy,” who has an Adam’s apple and a voice deeper than Batman!! 


Ripping The Tabloids (Throughout the week, we’ll give you the stories from that weeks tabs!)
**Please Credit Publication!

Cage Fighter Conor Pops Question To Kids’ Mom Dee!-(National Enquirer)

MMA strongman Conor McGregor is weak in the knees for longtime partner Dee Devlin.  He just revealed he finally proposed to the mother of his children, Conor Jr., 3, and daughter Croia, 19 months!  Conor, 32, posted a photo of Dee sporting a giant diamond sparkler on her 33rd birthday.  “What a birthday, my future wife!” he wrote.

There’ll Always Be Kooky Paris!-(Globe)

No wonder Paris Jackson, 22, broke off her two-year relationship with “soulmate” Gabriel Glenn, 23-she just couldn’t figure out who he really was!  “I don’t think soulmates are specifically just romantic partners,” explains the late Michael Jacksons only daughter.  “In one life Gabe was probably my daughter.  And in another life he was probably my grandpa and then in another life he was probably my worst enemy.”  Understand now?

Miley & Cody:  It’s Over-(Us Weekly)

Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson have pulled the plug on their relationship.  The duo were first linked in October, after Miley filed divorce from Liam Hemsworth after eight months of marriage.  “They realized they’re better off as friends,” a source says, adding that there’s “no bad blood” between them.  (Simpson, 23, seemed to prove it by publicly praising Cyrus’ new singe, “Midnight Sky.”)  “It was time to move on and do their own thing,” says the source.  Their amicable end is in stark contrast to Cyrus and Hemsworth’s.  “They haven’t talked much since their divorce,” says the source.  “Liam was hurt by Miley’s moving on with new love interests.”  Cyrus, for her part, is putting herself first right now.  Adds the source, “She’s focused on her sobriety and career.”

Katy & Orlando:  Saying Goodbye To Hollywood-(Star)

The pair are ditching Tinseltown for the American Riviera.  Parenthood is making Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom rethink their lifestyle.  After unloading their glitzy L.A. properties, the duo are planning to raise their daughter two hours to the northwest.  “Katy and Orlando believe Santa Barbara’s safer and more child-friendly,” a friend says of the couple, who’ve been spotted househunting in celeb-loved Montecito-the coastal town Prince Harry and Meghan Markle now call home after plunking down $14 million on an estate there.  Says the pal, “This has been in the cards for months.”

Celeb Real Estate:  J.Lo & A-Rod Lost $400K and Counting!-(Life & Style)

Jennifer Lopez and fiancé Alex Rodriguez are trying to come back from a recent real estate fail.  In 2019, the retired Yankees slugger, 45, unloaded his Hollywood Hills bachelor pad for $4.4 million-a $400,000 shortfall from what he gave Meryl Streep for it in 2014.  Not even a full year later, he and J.Lo, 51, have listed the Malibu beach house they scooped up from Jeremy Piven in January 2019 for $7.99 million.  It’s an amount that would net them just $1.39 million in profit-if they can get that much.


“I was sick of the sight of myself….inevitably, I think, you just burn out.”-Orlando Bloom, on taking a break from acting to raise his son Flynn, 9.

“We’re basically living in a failed TV pilot, which I know something about.”-Rob Lowe, on his two adult sons moving back in with him and his wife during quarantine.

“I’m a really calm person and I’m really good in an emergency, but that undid me.”-Jamie Lee Curtis, on her “obsession” with acquiring toilet paper early in the pandemic.

Expose of the Week-(In Touch)

Stylist [Tammie] tells all!  Who’s nice?  Who’s not?

George Clooney-

On a 10 out of 10 points on a ratings scale, Tammie gushes over the time she had to steam a blazer for the 59-year-old, whom she calls “one of my favorite celebrities.  He looked into my eyes and smiled.  A thousand out of 10!”

Jennifer Lopez-

Say it ain’t so, J.Lo!  “You can’t look at her,” Tammie claims of interacting with the diva, 51. “There’s a reason why she can’t hold down a costumer or a seamstress.”

Carrie Underwood-

Good manners go far!  The country star, 37, is “the sweetest woman on the planet,” says the stylist.  “She looked into my eyes and said ‘thank you,’ ‘please,’ and ‘have a good day.’”



Albino Kangaroo On The Loose

Officials at a German zoo said a baby albino kangaroo disappeared from her enclosure and is feared to have been stolen. The City of Kaiserslautern posted a statement on its website revealing Mila, an all-white kangaroo born at the Kaiserslautern Zoo in July, was noticed missing from the enclosure she shared with her mother, Monja, Wednesday night.  The kangaroo was seen by zoo employees and visitors Wednesday morning, and is thought to have been taken sometime during the day.  Zoo Director Matthias Schmitt said Mila is still very young and would be unlikely to wander far from her mother on her own. He said search dogs were brought and did not detect any traces of foxes or other predators that could have invaded the enclosure and taken the young marsupial.  “We have to assume that Mila was stolen,” Schmitt said.
*******It’s a kangaroo kidnapping?? Sounds like an Australian TV show!!
******Have they checked the IHOP??

Corn Stalk Growing In Sidewalk Crack

A stalk of corn that became a local landmark and a viral sensation when it sprouted in a sidewalk crack in a South Dakota city was rescued by a local family after being uprooted and presumed dead.  The “57th Street Corn,” named for its location in a crack in a 57th Street sidewalk in Sioux Falls, became a local sensation and a viral star online when residents realized it was a stalk of corn growing in an unusual urban environment.  Residents feared the corn’s life had come to an end Wednesday when it was found uprooted in the middle of the sidewalk. Locals created a shrine to the fallen plant, including an “RIP corn” sign placed next to the now-horizontal stalk.The corn ended up with a new lease on life, however, when Chad Theisen and his children retrieved it and replanted it in a bucket they bought at a local hardware store.  See the video HERE.
******This corn story just popped up!!
******We’re all ears!!
******Someone was “stalking!!”
******Is there a “kernel of truth” in this??

Covered Bridge Keeps Getting Hit

A historic covered bridge in Illinois was damaged by a bus just one day after its reopening — and was struck a second time during the filming of a TV news segment.  The Long Grove Covered Bridge, located in the Chicago suburb Long Grove, had a grand reopening Friday after extensive repairs following damage from a tall box truck in June 2018, and less than 24 hours later it was damaged again by a chartered school bus.  “Her GPS warned her she should not proceeds with the type of vehicle she was driving. The occupants on the bus convinced her to proceed, which she did, and subsequently struck the bridge,” Lake County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Sgt. Christopher Covelli told the Lake and McHenry County Scanner.  A WLS-TV crew was interviewing locals about the damage to the bridge Wednesday when another vehicle struck the bridge. The sound of the crash was recorded by the new station’s camera.  The vehicle left the scene, but was later identified as a box truck carrying medical supplies. Authorities said they identified the truck driver, who told deputies he had thought the sound of the crash was just his load shifting.
********We understand!! Our load makes a lot of noise, too!!
*******Suggestion: BUILD A BIGGER BRIDGE!!
TOPIC: Ever know someone who sees warning signs and says, “That doesn’t mean ME!!”???

Karen Getting A Bad Rep

The popular “Karen” meme has left most with negative thoughts about the name, a new survey suggests.  New data from online casino PlayOJO says 62% of UK adults associate the name with traits including entitlement, obnoxiousness, privilege and being demanding.  “Karen” is typically used to describe a specific type of middle class woman whose behaviors display privilege.  In the past, “Karen” has been used to refer to the type of person demanding to “speak to the manager”, someone who holds anti-vaccination beliefs or carries out racist micro-aggressions.  During the coronavirus pandemic, the Karen meme has evolved to describe people disagreeing with self-isolation, refusing to wear masks or not agreeing with social distancing.  The survey found that 69% of UK adults aged 40 to 54 would not name their child Karen due to the associated connotations, and would be concerned when having to talk to someone with the name.  A further 6% would not want to match with someone called Karen on dating apps and one in five – 18% – would feel uneasy if their mother-in-law had the name.​​​​​​  Despite holding these beliefs, only 45% of people said they knew someone with the name.  Some 14% said the connotations are a fair representation of anyone with the name Karen.
********Of course, pre-judging someone based on their name?? That’s something a Karen would do!








What You Can Do Now To Prepare Kids For Going Back To School

Huffington Post

Re-introduce a routine.

Author and parenting expert Liat Hughes Joshi says one way to help parents get their kids prepared for September is by reintroducing a routine.

“I always recommend parents start reintroducing routine before the end of the summer,” she told HuffPost UK. “This helps to ease their children back into meal and bedtimes that are more in line with when they’re back at school – but this year, it’s going to be even more important than ever.”

She added: “If you have let routine slip into being very relaxed, I’d be looking to bring things back a good week before the start of year. Do it gradually, and it’ll be less stressful for you all by the time term starts and the alarm clock returns!”


Talk about school – and focus on the positives.

We can’t get away from the fact school is going to be a little different this fall, said Joshi. With this in mind, talk to your child about changes they might experience as much as you’re aware of them. “If they look concerned about it all, remember to focus on the positives – the things they’ll still be able to do, not just the things that they can’t do at the moment,” she said.

For children making a big transition in September, such as starting elementary school or moving on to middle, it’ll be a bit harder than normal, added Joshi. “Do your best to familiarize them with the new school: walk past and talk about the aspects of their new school life that you do know about.”


Role play being back at school.

Gummer says you can introduce school back into their lives in a more subtle way, like using Playmobil or even Sylvanian Families, for example, and asking your child “how the little bunny rabbit feels about being back at school.”

“Toys provide a layer of protection for the kids when it comes to revealing how they’re feeling, because they can pretend it’s about the bunny – not them,” she said. “You can address real issues, without being too emotive.”


Start having playdates.

Getting your child used to socializing again is important, said Gummer. “One-on-one playdates at the park or in the backyard, or wherever you feel safe, are a good idea,” she said. “It will help get kids used to being together again.”


Read more bedtime stories.

“Kids who haven’t been doing a huge amount of reading or home learning might need a gentle reintroduction into school-type learning using bedtime stories,” suggested Gummer.

“You can ask them some questions at the end [of the story] to see if they’ve taken it in. Or, try doing a jigsaw puzzle to build up attention and concentration and help them access that type of learning, when they return to school.”


Ultimately, let them lead.

Gummer says kids can be anxious about lots of things, so it’s important to allow space to have age-appropriate conversations. “Let them know it’s okay to ask questions and it’s alright if they’re feeling nervous about school,” Gummer said.

“Play games, read books, and give them plenty of opportunities to talk through any concerns. Be aware if you’re expecting them to be anxious, you might interpret what they’re saying in a more complex way, so let your child direct the conversation,” she added.



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