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Born on this day!! Country singer Claude Gray is 90. Actor Leigh Taylor-Young (“Peyton Place,” ″Soylent Green”) is 77. Actor Dinah Manoff (film’s “Grease,” TV’s “Empty Nest”) is 66. Actor Jenifer Lewis (“The Preacher’s Wife”, “The PJ’s”) is 65. Drummer Mike Burch of River Road is 56. Singer Kina (Brownstone) is 53. Actor-TV personality China Kantner is 51. Actor Ana Ortiz (“Devious Maids,” ″Ugly Betty”) is 51. Drummer Joe Sirois of Mighty Mighty Bosstones is 50. Guitarist Matt Odmark of Jars of Clay is 48. Actor Mia Kirshner (“The L Word,” “24”) is 47. Actor Christine Lakin (“Family Guy,” “Step By Step”) is 43. Singer Alicia Keys is 42. Actor Michael Trevino (“The Vampire Diaries”) is 37. Bassist Calum Hood of 5 Seconds to Summer is 26. Actor Olivia Edward (“Better Things”) is 15.


1890 – United Mine Workers of America was founded.
1915 – Alexander Graham Bell inaugurated transcontinental telephone service.
1924 – The first Winter Olympic games opened at Chamonix, France.
1961 – President John F. Kennedy held the first presidential news conference carried live on radio and television.
1971 – Charles Manson was found guilty of murdering Sharon Tate and six others.

Today Is: A.F.R.M.A. Fancy Rat & Mouse Day, A Room of One’s Own Day, Macintosh Computer Day, National Irish Coffee Day, National Plan For A Vacation Day, Opposite Day, Robert Burns Day

Primetime TV (All Times Eastern)

CBS – 8:00 – FBI   /  9:00 – FBI International  /  10:00 – FBI Most Wanted
NBC – 8:00  – American Auto  /  8:30 – Grand Crew  /  9:00 – This Is Us  /  10:00 – New Amsterdam
ABC – 8:00 –  Judge Steve Harvey  /  9:00 – Abbott Elementary /  9:30 – Blackish   /  10:00 – Judge Steve Harvey
FOX – 8:00 – 911 Lone Star  /  9:00 – Our Kind Of People
CW – 8:00 –  Superman and Lois  /  9:00 – Naomi

TV Talk Shows

Jimmy Kimmel: Kristen Bell, Ike Barinholtz, Eric Bellinger
Jimmy Fallon: Jamie Dornan, Nicole Byer, Imagine Dragons
Stephen Colbert: Joy Reid, Thomas Middleditch
Seth Meyers: Justice Sonia Sotomayor, Margaret Qualley, Mike Schur, Larnell Lewis
James Corden: Christina Ricci, Jeremy O. Harris, a performance by the cast of “Everybody’s Talking about Jamie”
Watch What Happens Live: Alexia Echevarria, Lisa Hochstein
The View: Rachel Lindsay, guest co-host Lisa Ling
The Talk: Francia Raisa
Live with Kelly and Ryan: Justice Sonia Sotomayor, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson
Ellen DeGeneres: Ciara, Tabitha Brown
The Real: Lamonica Garrett, guest co-host Jay Pharoah
Drew Barrymore: Huma Abedin, Maddie Ziegler

WHAT ARE YOU TALKIN’ ABOUT? Here are today’s PPM-Friendly Topics!

QUESTION: Only in IRELAND?? A DEAD MAN shows up at the Post Office to collect his pension!! Cops looking for the guys who propped him up!!


QUESTION: Is Goldie Hawn the smartest woman in America? “We should stay out of politics!! Our job is to ENTERTAIN ALL THE PEOPLE!!!!!”


QUESTION: Wanna see how a PRO CHEF turns a Mickey D meal into a GOURMET EXPERIENCE?? Check out this viral Tik Tok video and get busy!!


QUESTION: Will the person who buys this home be a PARTY POOPER? Or.. the life of the potty? One of the bathrooms features FOUR TOILETS!!!
300 hawthorne ave milwaukee

QUESTION: Is it because it’s just TOO GOOD? Spotify takes over Harry & Meghan’s podcast and assigns people to “manage every step!!”

Girls Just Want To Have Fun Hits Milestone

Cyndi Lauper is celebrating her first music video to pass 1 billion views on YouTube.  She confirmed Monday that her video for the song “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” reached the milestone over the weekend.  “Huge news! My ‘Girls Just Want to Have Fun’ video joined the @YouTube 1 Billion Views Club over the weekend!” Lauper tweeted.  “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” was written and first performed by Robert Hazard, while Lauper’s version appears on her 1983 album, She’s So Unusual. Lauper released her music video for the song in October 2009.  “A lot of people don’t realize this, but ‘Girls’ is really a political song,” Lauper said in a statement. “When I got my feminist hands on it, I knew I wanted to make it into an anthem for all women. Sonically, I wanted the song the song to be uplifting and joyful.”  “When it came to make the video, it was really important to me to make sure we included women from every walk of life. I wanted every little girl watching the video to have the joyful experience of seeing herself on that screen. I wanted us to be a community,” she added.
********Is that enough “woke-speak” for ya???
*******She’s the “First Person to a Billion Views Who Also Stars in an Eczema Cream Commercial!!”
****Underneath that feminist exterior, she’s a mass of hickeys!!

Queen Takes Helicopter Ride

After months at Windsor CastleQueen Elizabeth flew to Sandringham by helicopter on Sunday.  She traditionally stays at her estate in Norfolk until after Feb. 6, the anniversary of the day her father King George VI died and she became queen.  Known as Accession Day, she spends her time in reflection at Sandringham, the outlet shared. She often takes part in a low-key engagement that’s close to the estate. This February marks the 70th of her accession, which will be marked with Platinum Jubilee celebrations through June.  While the queen normally heads to Sandringham during the holidays, she decided to stay at Windsor Castle with her son Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, amid rising coronavirus cases in the UK. The queen has faced one of the most difficult years of her life. In April, she lost her husband of 73 years, Prince Philip, just short of his 100th birthday. Her second son Prince Andrew is still facing legal woes involving his controversial friendship with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. And her grandson, Prince Harry, allegedly still has a strained relationship with the British royal family after he and his wife, Meghan Markle, stepped back as senior members.
*******But other than that? Things are great!!!
****This trip, she asked to flown upside down!!!
********She wanted to take the train, but it was so heavy they couldn’t get it off the ground!!!

Ana de Armas Fans Sue Studio

Two fans of actress Ana de Armas are suing the studio behind the 2019 film “Yesterday” after she was cut out of the final release.  She appeared in the trailer for the film about a young singer and songwriter who wakes up one day to find that the world had somehow forgotten the music of The Beatles. Seizing the opportunity, he suddenly becomes a worldwide sensation when he passes off their music as his own.  According to the complaint, which was obtained by Fox News Digital, Conor Woulfe, 38, of Maryland, and Peter Michael Rosza, 44, of San Diego County, Calif. filed a class action complaint in the United States District Court of Central California against Universal. After they spent $3.99 each to rent the movie on Amazon Prime, they were upset to discover that the actress’ part had been cut out of the movie.  The duo is seeking $5 million on behalf of themselves and all other affected consumers who may have spent money on the movie in the hopes of seeing the actress only to be disappointed. They accuse Universal of engaging in deceptive marketing.  “Because consumers were promised a movie with Ana De Armas by the trailer for ‘Yesterday,’ but did not receive a movie with any appearance of Ana de Armas at all, such consumers were not provided with any value for their rental or purchase,” the lawsuit states.
********In a related development, Ben Affleck is suing for one more weekend with her!!!
****It’s disappointing when you’re waiting there, pants around your ankles.. and no Ana!!!!
*****Just send ’em a free jar of vaseline and say, “knock yourself out!!”

Peloton Almost Kills Another TV Character

Peloton drew some more unwanted attention this weekend following the season premiere of Showtime’s “Billions” series, which featured the character Mike “Wags” Wagner, suffering a heart attack while riding a Peloton bike.  Peloton said in a statement Sunday that it did not give “Billions” permission to use the brand on the show.  “We get TV shows want to include @onepeloton to get people talking, but to be clear, we did *not* agree for our brand or IP to be used on @SHO_Billions or provide any equipment,” the company said on Twitter.  While the “Billions” character survives, the plotline was eerily similar to a viral moment on the season premiere of HBO’s “Sex and the City” reboot “And Just Like That…,” when Carrie Bradshaw’s husband Mr. Big dies following a Peloton ride.  “I’m not going out like Mr. Big,” Wagner quipped after he recovered from the health scare.  Though the new scene bears a striking resemblance to Mr. Big’s demise, “Billions” producer and co-creator Brian Koppelman said it was a coincidence – though he acknowledged Wagner’s line referencing the show was added in post-production.  “That was all in the show, written a year ago and shot in April,” Koppelman told USA Today.  “It would be completely out of our character not to take a swing,” Billions executive producer Beth Schacter added. “It’s too good. We’re going to make the joke.
******When someone comes in the office at Peloton and says, “Hey! We’re featured on a TV show!!” They all hide under their desks!!
*******Our Peloton almost killed us.. we forgot it was there and tripped over it!! (We couldn’t see it because it was covered in clothes and boxes!)

Pat Sajak Apologizes To Cumberbatch

On Sunday’s Celebrity Wheel of Fortune, we discovered that host Pat Sajak is unaware of Benedict Cumberbatch. In fact, even Fresh Prince of Bel-Air star Tatyana Ali, who had solved the puzzle “Eggs Benedict Cumberbatch,” seemed a little unsure when Sajak asked her to explain for those who may not know.  Ali asked with some hesitance, “Benedict Cumberbatch is an actor, right?”  Of course, the majority of us are well aware of Benedict Cumberbatch. The actor, who has been nominated for an Academy Award for Imitation Game as well as multiple Golden Globe awards, including one for his role in this year’s The Power of the Dog; he has even won an Emmy for his longtime role as Sherlock Holmes in the British crime drama Sherlock. However, Cumberbatch is arguably best known for his portrayal of Doctor Strange within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  Sajak admitted that his “little host trick” was to pretend like he was familiar with Cumberbatch by throwing it to Ali to explain, when really he had no clue, which surprised viewers. One person tweeted:  Fortunately, no MCU fans came for Sajak before Wheel of Fortune and its longtime host issued an apology to Cumberbatch during the show and on social media.
*****Whaddya want from Pat?? He looks like Betty White’s older brother!!


Ripping The Tabloids (Throughout the week, we’ll give you the stories from that weeks tabs!)
**Please Credit Publication!

Spears Spikes Her Guest List!-(National Enquirer)

Buoyant Britney Spears plans to have it all at her upcoming wedding to Sam Asghari-except for her traitorous family!  Sources say the pop tart, 40, is designing a big role in the ceremony for Sean, 16, and Jayden, 15, her children with former husband Kevin Federline-but she’s put the kibosh on any other kin!  “Britney’s two sons will give her away, not her dad,” spilled a source.  “Her dad will not be invited to the wedding.  Neither will her mother, sister or brother, all of whom she still blames for her conservatorship.”

Cheeky Amy’s Freaky Fillers-(Globe)

Cheeky Amy Schumer’s no longer full of it-age-defying facial fillers she claims left her looking like chisel0cheecked Angelina Jolie’s witchy Disney character, Maleficent!  “I tried getting fillers.  Turns out I was already full.  Thank God you can dissolve them,” reveals the “Trainwreck” star, 40.  “Using dermal filler can be a wonderful way to replace lost volume and enhance the face, but filler placement is extremely important!”  The comedian had a dermatologist skillfully get her back to normal.  No joke!

Crazy In Love-(Us Weekly)

Has Vanessa Hudgens found The One in Cole Tucker?  “They’re committed to each other,” an insider says of the actress, 33, and the MLB player, 25, who were first linked in late 2020.  “I wouldn’t run it past Cole to det down on one knee.  He’s quite the romantic!”

Goodbye to Hollywood!-(Star)

George Clooney’s acting days are coming to a sweet and satisfying close as the star sifts his focus to his family.  The 60-year-old mega star, has been having a blast filming Ticket to Paradise in Australia with his old friend, Julia Roberts.  Indeed, they’ve made it a family affair with George’s wife, Amal, and the couple’s 4-year-old twins and Julia’s hubby Danny Moder and their three teens, are on location for the two-month shoot.  “George is having the time of his life,” an insider says.  It may be George’s last time in front of the camera for quite some while.  “For so long, he and Amal have dealt with what many other power couples do-scheduling-and have felt themselves going in opposite directions.  George feels it’s time to change that.”

Blake’s Big Comeback-(Life & Style)

Happy wife, happy life!  According to an insider, Blake Lively played a major part in Ryan Reynolds’ recent decision to take a break from acting  “She’s gearing up for a comeback,” reveals the insider.  “Blake has four or five movies in the pipeline, so it’s Ryan’s turn to be babysitter.”  The in-demand star, 46, admits to spending a lot of time “away” from daughters James, 7, Inez, 5, and Betty, 2, over the years-leaving Blake, 34, to handle the bulk of the childcare.  “It caused arguments,” adds the insider.  “Their marriage was unbalanced.”  Though her last movie, 2020’s The Rhythm Section, was a flop, Blake is ready for the spotlight once more.  “Her confidence had plummeted,” says the insider, “but with Ryan’s help, she’s learned to believe in herself again.  And their relationship is better for it.”


“I want their friends at school to be like, ‘Y’all haven’t seen Good Burger?’ and let them kind of discover how awesome Daddy was.”-Keenan Thompson, on wanting his daughters to discover his early work “organically.”

“I made some [decisions] that were ridiculous, but I don’t care.”-Cher, on her style choices over the years.

“There’s nothing better than wearing your favorite cozy outfit, sitting by a fireplace and having tea moment.  I’m like an 80-year-old woman,”-Selena Gomez, on her ideal day.

Dad of the Week-(In Touch)

Ben Affleck

“We came all the way here.  Say something!”

-on what he told his daughters, who were so starstruck they couldn’t speak when they met Taylor Swift.



Email Leads To Lottery Win

A Michigan woman checking her email spam folder for a missing message made a far more surprising discovery — she had won a $3 million lottery jackpot.  Laura Spears, 55, of Oakland County, told Michigan Lottery officials she bought a ticket for the Dec. 31 Mega Millions drawing on  “I saw an ad on Facebook that the Mega Millions jackpot was getting pretty high, so I got on my account and bought a ticket,” Spears said. “A few days later, I was looking for a missing email from someone, so I checked the spam folder in my email account.”  Spears said a message from the Michigan Lottery caught her eye.  “That’s when I saw an email from the lottery saying I had won a prize. I couldn’t believe what I was reading, so I logged in to my Lottery account to confirm the message in the email. It’s all still so shocking to me that I really won $3 million,” she said.  The winner said her prize money will allow her to plan an early retirement.
*********If we won $3 million, our retirement would start THAT DAY!!
*******Why did her computer think THAT was spam???
*******A lottery win is not spam!! Penis extenders and vagina tighteners… THOSE are spam!!

Woman Finds Scorpion In Her Broccoli

An Australian woman said she was shocked to open a package of broccoli from a local supermarket to discover a live scorpion lurking inside.  Chloe Mitchell said her father-in-law bought the broccoli from the Aldi store in Ulladulla, New South Wales, and she made a surprising discovery while preparing it for a meal.  “I put it in the steamer on the stove. I then turned around to get the last few pieces and saw something crawling along the chopping board,” Mitchell told  Mitchell shared photos of her discovery to the Aldi Mums page on Facebook.  “I yelled for my husband to come into the kitchen, and he said some choice words,” Mitchell told 9News.  She said the eight-legged creature became aggressive when she and her husband attempted to capture it.  “It was very angry,” Mitchell said.  She said her father-in-law ultimately disposed of the scorpion, fearing for the damage it could do the local ecosystem if it escaped from the home.
********Hey scorpion, Meet the bottom of my shoe!!!
TOPIC: What did you find in YOUR food??

Lab Monkeys Captured After Crash

A group of around 100 monkeys have been successfully located following a collision between two vehicles on a Pennsylvania roadway.  On Friday, a Dodge truck carrying the primates in an enclosed trailer crashed into a dump truck while both were driving on a road in Montour County, according to press release from the Montour County Sheriff’s Office. The crash caused crates full of monkeys in cages to spill onto the road.  In a social media statement, authorities said that “a small number of monkeys” had escaped from the scene of the incident and gone “into the surrounding area.” Police warned residents to keep their distance and to call 911 if they spotted one of the loose animals.  In an update on Saturday morning, police tweeted that there was still one monkey unaccounted for, before a follow-up statement that same night alerted residents that each primate had been found. The Montour County Sheriff’s Office did not specify exactly how many monkeys had initially escaped the scene, or if any of the animals were injured.  Speaking with The Daily Item, Police Trooper Andrea Pelachick explained that the monkeys — which were cynomolgus macaques — had been on their way to a lab.
*********When someone says, “take macaque to the lab,” it doesn’t sound right!!
*******Hopefully, those weren’t the monkeys infected with EBOLA!!!

Woman Tried To Hire Hitman With Bitcoin

A Florida woman has admitted to trying to hire a hitman with Bitcoin in order to kill her ex’s new spouse.  DeAnna Marie Stinson, 50, has pleaded guilty to murder-for-hire and, as a result, faces up to 10 years in federal prison, the United States Attorney’s Office for the Middle District of Florida announced Thursday in a press release.  Federal agents arrested the Tampa-based woman back in September, claiming she had attempted to use a so-called “dark web” site “that purported to provide murder-for-hire services to its customers” back in June. The day after she set up an account on that site, according to the press release, Stinson submitted an “order” to request that ex’s current spouse be killed.  “In the order, Stinson provided the victim’s name, address, and a photograph of the victim,” the press release states. “Between June and July 2021, Stinson sent four additional orders and more than $12,000 in Bitcoin to effectuate the hit.”  Officials claim that Stinson even “repeatedly messaged administrators” of the site, which has not been named, requesting the job be completed as soon as possible. Furthermore, she offered a “bonus” if the hit was completed by a certain date, the press release states.
**********Her defense?? “I WAS JUST KIDDING!!!”
****If that doesn’t work?? “Whaddya want? It’s Florida!!”







5 Hacks To Try If You Only Have A Minute To Destress

Huffington Post


  1. Imagine someone you really love.

“You can do this if you’re waiting for a subway, waiting for an elevator, or if you’re just unloading the dishwasher. Think of someone — vividly — that you really love,” Susie Moore, a life coach and author of “Let It Be Easy: Simple Ways To Stop Stressing And Start Living, told HuffPost. It can be your child, your partner, a friend or even your pet.

Remember what they look like, what they smell like. Think about how comforting they are, or what you feel like in their presence. “Just think about how much you love them,” Moore said.

Researchers have found that personal connection is one of the four pillars of personal happiness, and simply focusing on someone in this way can be enough to help you tap into your calm, happy place and cultivate connection.


  1. Schedule your personal worry time.

If you’re feeling like your anxiety is really getting the best of you, one simple “hack” is to write down a designated worry time.

“Many people are anxious throughout the day and night, and everything in their environment gets associated with anxiety,” Robert Leahy, director of the American Institute for Cognitive Therapy and author of “The Worry Cure,” previously told HuffPost. “What if you could put those worries up on a shelf, and take them down at, say, 12 p.m. for 20 minutes?”

People often think that if something pops into their mind, they have to worry about it then and there. But that’s not true, Leahy said. Instead, it can be helpful to put a time on your calendar when you can sit down and really marinate in your worries — and by the time you do, some of them may have faded.

So if you haven’t scheduled that designated worry time yet, go ahead and pop it in your calendar. You’ll feel better knowing that you’ve taken steps to manage your stress rather than trying to ignore it or letting it control your days.


  1. Throw yourself a dance party.

OK, this one probably takes more like two or three minutes, but if you’re feeling like you need to calm down, put on a song that you love and dance your heart out. Research shows that both music and dance can lower stress levels and increase happiness.

If dancing isn’t your thing — or you’re not in a place where you can pull it off — simply move your body for one minute instead. Stretch. Jump up and down. Hold a single yoga pose. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can even do a short, vigorous chore! Try anything that will help your body release feel-good hormones like dopamine and that will get you out of your own head. (Bonus points if you get active while listening to a song you really love.)


  1. Try a three-breath hug.

This one can be especially useful if the cause of your stress is a child who is mid-meltdown, but it really works anytime you’re with a friend or loved one who is down for a cuddle.

Here’s how it works: In a moment of stress, give your child or partner (or whoever you’re with) a “big bear hug,” Shonda Moralis, a women’s mindful empowerment coach, psychotherapist and author of “Breathe, Mama, Breathe,” previously told HuffPost. Then take three big inhales and three big exhales together.

It’s a potent stress reliever for a few reasons. For one, plenty of research shows that deep breathing can foster feelings of calmness. Also, touch can alleviate feelings of anxiety.


  1. Change your phone’s wallpaper.

Another way to take your mind off of whatever’s troubling you — and to once again foster that all-important sense of connection — is to look at a photo that makes you really happy. Moore likes to swap out her phone’s lock screen and wallpaper every week or so, so that she regularly sees something that makes her smile.

“Think of how often we reach for our phones every day. I think it’s over 200 [times],” she said. So put something on there that makes you feel really good, whether it’s a picture of your pet, a friend, some scenery that really moved you, or even a great meal you recently ate. Then change it out frequently, because your mind adapts to what it sees.

The goal? You want to have something on your phone that “gives you a little rush or makes you smile” when you look at it, Moore said.


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