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Born on this day!!  Director Paul Verhoeven (“Basic Instinct,” ″Showgirls”) is 85. Singer Brian Auger is 84. Singer Dion is 84. Actor James Brolin is 83. Singer Martha Reeves of Martha and the Vandals is 82. Guitarist Wally Bryson of The Raspberries is 74. Actor Margo Martindale (“Sneaky Pete,” “The Americans”) is 72. Bluegrass singer Ricky Skaggs is 69. Actor Audrey Landers (“Dallas”) is 67. Drummer Nigel Twist of The Alarm is 66. Actor Anne-Marie Johnson (“That’s So Raven,” “In The Heat of the Night”) is 63. Actor Elizabeth McGovern (“Downton Abbey”) is 62. Keyboardist John Hermann of Widespread Panic is 61. Talk show host/actor Wendy Williams is 59. Actor Vin Diesel is 56. Actor Grant Bowler (“True Blood,” ″Ugly Betty”) is 55. Actor Eddie Matos (“All My Children”) is 51. Rapper M.I.A. is 48. Guitarist Daron Malakian of System of a Down and of Scars on Broadway is 48. Actor Elsa Pataky (“The Fast and the Furious” films) is 47. Drummer Tony Fagenson (Eve 6) is 45. Actor Kristen Bell is 43. Actor Michiel Huisman (“Game of Thrones”) is 42. Singer Ryan Cabrera is 41. Actor Priyanka Chopra Jonas (“Quantico”) is 41. Drummer Aaron Gillespie of Underoath is 40. Actor Chace Crawford (“Gossip Girl”) is 38. Bassist Paul Kowert of Punch Brothers is 37. Guitarist Joe Dean Jr. (Dailey and Vincent) is 34.



64 – A great fire began that ultimately destroyed most of Rome. The emperor Nero blamed it on Christians and began the first Roman persecution of them.
1925 – The first volume of Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf was published.
1936 – The Spanish Civil War began.
1947 – President Harry S. Truman signed the Presidential Succession Act.
1976 – 14-year-old Romanian gymnast Nadia Comaneci earned the first perfect score, a ten, at the Olympics and went on to score six more tens and win three gold medals.
1999 – New York Yankee David Cone pitched the 16th perfect game in baseball history.

Today Is: Insurance Nerd Day, National Caviar Day, National Sour Candy Day, Nelson Mandela International Day

Primetime TV (All Times Eastern)

CBS – 8:00 – FBI / 9:00 – FBI International / 10:00 – FBI Most Wanted
NBC – 8:00 – America’s Got Talent  / 10:00 – Hot Wheel: Ultimate Challenge
ABC – 8:00 – Celebrity Wheel Of Fortune  /  9:00 – CMA Festival
FOX – 8:00 – Beat Shazam / 9:00 – Don’t Forget The Lyrics
CW – 8:00 – Down To Earth / 9:00 – Fantastic Friends

TV Talk Shows

**Due to the ongoing writers/ actors strike most shows are in reruns. (Stay Tuned!)

WHAT ARE YOU TALKIN’ ABOUT? Here are today’s PPM-Friendly Topics!

QUESTION: Is she planning to be a contestant on THE GOLDEN BACHELOR? Sofia Vergara splits from Joe Manganiello after seven glorious years!!!!!!!!!!


QUESTION: How do you pick which FROZEN EMBRYO to gestate? This couple let their DOG pick the sex of their unborn child!!! How heartwarming?????


QUESTION: Boy? Girl? Forget that, is it HUMAN?? Lindsay Lohan just became a mom for the very first time!! It’s a BOY and his name is “Luai!!!!!!!!!”


QUESTION: Is it really “dangerous” when Internet trolls call Margot Robbie “mid,” meaning “a 4, 5 or 6?” Does she REALLY look like “every other girl??”
Margot Robbie at Barbie premiere

QUESTION: WHO got a waiver to film during the actor’s strike? That would be “The Chosen!!” Hey, if He can walk on water, is there anything he CAN’T do???
The Chosen

Meet The New “Golden Bachelor” (He’s A 71-Year-Old Retired Restaurateur)

See his interview HERE.
*******First question: Is that a wig?
*****Second question: Will you have a crash cart outside the Fantasy Suite?
*****His high school sweetheart passed away in 2017. They still haven’t found the body!!
HERE’S THE FULL BIO BLURB: “A retired restaurateur and doting father and grandfather, Gerry [GAIR-ee] Turner lives in his dream house on a beautiful lake in Indiana. He’s often busy hosting barbecues, playing pickleball, cheering on his favorite Chicago sports teams, four-wheeling, and spending time with friends and family at restaurants and local haunts.  Always a romantic, Turner married his high school sweetheart, Toni, in 1974. Together, they lived a full and happy life with their two daughters, Angie and Jenny, and later two granddaughters, Charlee and Payton. Sadly, after their 43 years together, Toni suddenly fell ill and passed away in 2017.  Six years after Toni’s passing and with the support of his family, Turner is ready to put himself out there and find a love that will stand the test of time in his golden years.”  Gerry, whose daughters encouraged him to sign up for the show, told GMA that he’s lived his life by the motto “don’t give up — there’s always possibilities.” He also believes that his late wife, Toni, would approve of his decision to be the first-ever Golden Bachelor. “We always told each other, when one of us goes, we want the other one to be happy. She’s up there rooting [for me].”
********His wife is heaven, hanging out with Elvis.. so, knock yourself out!!

Taylor Swift Has Four Albums In The Top Ten Charts!

*******Only four? We thought she’d have 12 albums in the top 10!!
********The last living artist to put four albums in the top 10 at the same time was Herb Alpert in 1966!
*****Prince had four of the top 10 right after his death in 2016.
******Taylor is planning on dying next year so she can have all 100 of the top 100!!

Disney Uses Theme Park Actors For Red Carpet Premier Of Haunted Mansion

*****Because of the SAG/AFTRA strike, actors are not allowed to do publicity for their projects (true)!
*****Disney thought about killing the cast, so their ghosts could walk the red carpet, but their lawyers found out that murder is still illegal in California!!
********Actors are demanding a living wage!! Tom hanks says he’s barely getting by!!!
****Actors also want to know how artificial intelligence will be used in movies!! “We haven’t had ANY intelligence up ’til now, and it’s worked just fine!!”

Meghan Markle Ignores “No Dogs” Policy At Local Farmers’ Market

*****What? The rules don’t apply to her?? Nooooooo!!!
****And by the way, if she wants to pick up some dog for the family dinner, why single her out???
********She was trying to recover after her Netflix series “Harry & Meghan” did NOT get any Emmy nominations!!
******They should have been honest and called it “Meet the Markles!!”

Is The New Barbie Movie Too Raunchy For Kids?

**********Ooh… Britain just  deemed it “unfit for children under 12!!” (And in Britain, they mean it!! Kids under 12 will NOT be allowed to see the movie under any circumstances!)
********According to the British Board of Film Classification, the movie has moderate innuendo, sexual harassment and implied string language!” (It’s bleeped)
****The word “mother f-ker” is bleeped out in a masturbation scene, Barbie is slapped on the ass, and a kid melts a doll’s hair with a lighter.
*****In the U.S.A., this gets you a “G” rating!!!!
*****Barbie gets Ken some Viagra, and he says, “What’s this for? I don’t have thingy!!!”
*****So in Britain, the film will be seen by nostalgic middle-aged women and creepy old men!! Perfect!!




Say What?!-(Life & Style)

“We were filming in South Africa recently on this mountain, and then he decided he wanted to swim with sharks.  He flew us in a helicopter to this seaside part and we dived with sharks.”-Simon Pegg, on Mission:  Impossible co-star Tom Cruise’s “access” to extraoridnary things.

“I tried the Atkins diet for four hours one time, and I had a wicked headache and was angry.”-Padma Lakshmi, on refusing to crash-diet.

“I’m really contemplating getting rid of email from my life.”-Kate Hudson, on preferring to communicate via phone.




What is the largest age difference you’ve ever had in a relationship??
Have you ever been hit on by a family member??
Have you ever been in a relationship with someone you work with?? Or someone who works for you??
Have you ever been stuck on an amusement park ride?




Scotland Holds Golden Retriever Gathering Celebrating The Breed’s Creation In 1868

**********There were thousands of Golden Retrievers from 12 countries, and they were all very nice!!
*****Of course, some people thought it was racist, since there wasn’t one black lab in the bunch!!
*****The breed was created when they crossed a bulldog with Rapunzel!!
*****All the dogs were very friendly, of course, but Scotland is now covered in dog hair from coast to coast!!

Mexican Candy Company Makes Piano Sized Marshmallow, Gets World Record

**********The keys are soft, but it has a beautiful tone!!!
********The marshmallow weighs over 1,400 pounds. And so will you if you eat it!!
*****The treat was created in Guadalajara to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the state of Jalisco. Which is better than the usual beheadings and stuff!!

Screams For Help Turned Out To Be A Squawking Parrot!

See the video HERE.
*******The parrot didn’t really need help. They were just winging it!!
******This owner has 22 parrots!! THEY should be screaming for help!!

Toronto Zoo Wants Visitors To Stop Showing Gorillas Videos On Their Phones

*********The videos can be “upsetting and affect their relationships and behavior within the family!!” No kidding!!
*****Forget the gorillas!! What are your KIDS watching right now???
********The zoo says they WILL show the gorillas nature videos.. and the occasional MMA match!!








The Most Popular Baby Names Of 2023 So Far


Below, find Nameberry’s top 25 names of 2023 so far for girls and boys. Visit the website for more trends and other rankings.


  1. Luxury
  2. Maeve
  3. Aurelia
  4. Isla
  5. Eloise
  6. Alice
  7. Luna
  8. Aurora
  9. Ophelia
  10. Evangeline
  11. Violet
  12. Iris
  13. Cora
  14. Daphne
  15. Eleanor
  16. Clara
  17. Freya
  18. Charlotte
  19. Phoebe
  20. Josephine
  21. Ava
  22. Matilda
  23. Lucy
  24. Amelia
  25. Clementine


  1. Royal
  2. Soren
  3. Theodore
  4. Silas
  5. Atticus
  6. Felix
  7. Oliver
  8. Arlo
  9. Aire
  10. Hugo
  11. Cassius
  12. Oscar
  13. Caspian
  14. August
  15. Otto
  16. Milo
  17. Jude
  18. Cyrus
  19. Finn
  20. Sebastian
  21. Ethan
  22. Atlas
  23. Miles
  24. Ezra
  25. Kai


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