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Born on this day!! Actor Helen Gallagher (“Ryan’s Hope”) is 96. Singer Vikki Carr is 82. Actor George Dzundza (“Hack,” “Law and Order”) is 77. Singer-bassist Alan Gorrie of Average White Band is 76. Guitarist Brian May of Queen is 75. Guitarist Bernie Leadon (Eagles, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band) is 75. Actor Beverly Archer (“Major Dad, “Mama’s Family”) is 74. Actor Peter Barton (“Sunset Boulevard,” ″Burke’s Law”) is 66. Drummer Kevin Haskins (Bauhaus, Love and Rockets) is 62. Actor Campbell Scott is 61. Actor Anthony Edwards (“ER”) is 60. Country singer Kelly Shiver (Thrasher Shiver) is 59. Actor Clea Lewis (“Ellen”) is 57. Singer Urs Buhler of Il Divo is 51. Drummer Jason McGerr of Death Cab for Cutie is 48. Actor Benedict Cumberbatch is 46. Actor Erin Cummings (“Astronaut Wives Club”) is 45. TV chef Marcela Valladolid (“The Kitchen”) is 44. Actor Chris Sullivan (“This Is Us”) is 42. Actor Jared Padalecki (“Supernatural,” ″Gilmore Girls”) is 40. Actor Trai Byers (“Empire,” ″Selma”) is 39. Actor Kaitlin Doubleday (“Nashville,” ″Empire”) is 38. Comedian Dustin Ybarra (“Kevin (Probably) Saves the World”) is 36. Actor Steven Anthony Lawrence (“Even Stevens”) is 32.


1848 – The first women’s rights convention, called by Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia C. Mott, was held in Seneca Falls, New York.
1870 – The Franco-Prussian war began.
1941 – Winston Churchill was the first to use the two-finger “V is for Victory” sign.
1966 – Fifty year-old singer Frank Sinatra married 21-year-old actress Mia Farrow.
1984 – Geraldine Ferraro became the first woman nominated for the vice-presidency by a major political party.
1993 – President Clinton announced the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy regarding gay service members in the military.

Today Is: Flitch Day, Words With Friends Day

Primetime TV (All Times Eastern)

CBS – 8:00 – FBI   /  9:00 – FBI International  /  10:00 – FBI Most Wanted
NBC – 8:00  – America’s Got Talent  /  10:00 – Dancing With Myself
ABC – 8:00 –  Celebrity Family Feud  /  9:00 – Judge Steve Harvey  /  10:00 – The Rookie
FOX – 8:00 – MLB All-Star Game
CW – 8:00 –  Superman and Lois /  9:00 – Tom Swift

TV Talk Shows

Jimmy Kimmel: David Spade, Maria Bakalova, Whitney, guest host Dana Carvey
Jimmy Fallon: Michael Cera, Keke Palmer, the Black Keys
Stephen Colbert: Ethan Hawke, Courtney Barnett
Seth Meyers: Lisa Kudrow, Alex Holder, Hoodo Hersi, Andrew Marshall
James Corden: Sandra Bullock, Channing Tatum, Chris Laker (R 3/23/22)
Watch What Happens Live: Vicki Gunvalson, Tamra Judge
The View: Issa Rae, Paul Hollywood, guest co-host Lindsey Granger
The Talk: Marcia Gay Harden, guest co-hosts Derek Hough & Kym Whitley
Live with Kelly and Ryan: Cat Deeley, Christina Perri, Dr. Holly Phillips
Ellen DeGeneres: Ben Platt (R 11/29/21)
Kelly Clarkson: Anne Hathaway, Matt Iseman, Louisa Jacobson, Chris Janson (R 3/22/22)
Tamron Hall: Jon Heder (R 11/16/21)
Drew Barrymore: Jane Krakowski (R 4/5/22)

WHAT ARE YOU TALKIN’ ABOUT? Here are today’s PPM-Friendly Topics!

QUESTION: Why did J Lo and Affleck SNEAK OFF and get married? Friends say she wanted to make it happen before Ben got COLD FEET!!!! Desperate? Much??


QUESTION: What is “PHROGGING,” and could it happen to YOU? A new TV show about STRANGERS HIDING IN YOUR HOUSE is chilling.. and it’s all very TRUE!!!!!


QUESTION: Can you sue someone for a BAD DATE?? This woman wants $10,000 for emotional distress.. and it was their VERY FIRST DATE!! And it’s being heard in court!!


QUESTION: Ever see waves like THIS?? A wedding party in Hawaii gets WIPED OUT when the waves break over the ROOFTOP of the RESORT!! Kawabunga!!!!!!!!!!!


QUESTION: Which one of these women is SIXTY-FIVE?? That’s celeb trainer DENISE AUSTIN, walking the S.I. Swimsuit catwalk with her 29-YEAR-OLD DAUGHTER!!
Katie And Denise Austin On SI Runway During Miami Swim Week

Prince Harry Gives UN Speech

Prince Harry delivered a keynote speech on Nelson Mandela International Day, in which he referred to his wife Meghan Markle as his “soulmate.”  On Monday, they arrived in New York City, where the British royal gave a special address to the United Nations. The couple held hands as they entered the building and Markle wore a pinky ring signifying women’s empowerment, People magazine reported.  After New York City Mayor Eric Adams spoke, Harry addressed the assembly.  “Those of us not fortunate to know Mandela well have come to understand the man through his legacy, the letters he wrote alone in his prison cell, the speeches he delivered to his people and those incredible shirts that he sported,” the 37-year-old shared.  He then described a photo that his mother Princess Diana and Mandela took in 1997 that is “on my wall and in my heart every day.” Diana met Mandela just five months before her death in a car crash in Paris at age 36.  “The photo was presented to me by the late Archbishop Desmond Tutu, whose friendship and inspiration were their own treasured gift,” said Harry. “My wife and I had the honor of introducing our 4-month-old son to him back in 2019.”  “When I first looked at the photo, straight away what jumped out is the joy on my mother’s face,” Harry continued. “The playfulness – cheekiness, even. The pure delight to be in communion with another soul so committed to serving humanity.”
********”Me mum visited Mandela while dad was off somewhere boinking Camilla!!”
******It’s so good to see Mandela honored by someone who has done so little!! 

JLo Officially Changes Her Last Name

Jennifer Lopez changed her name to Jennifer Affleck following her surprise Las Vegas wedding to now-husband Ben Affleck.  She reintroduced herself with the new moniker Sunday in her “On the JLo” newsletter, in which she signed off,  “With love, Mrs. Jennifer Lynn Affleck.”  While that may have been an informal change for the sake of the announcement, the newlyweds’ marriage certificate, obtained by Page Six via Clark County records, shows that she plans to use “Affleck” legally going forward.  The couple met in 2001 on the set of their much-maligned movie “Gigli” while Lopez was still married to her second husband, Cris Judd.  About a year later, Affleck proposed, but they split before making it down the aisle.
******She’s now “driver’s license official!!”
*****Now we have to call her “J Lack!!!”
****In Vegas, they just started taking bets on who her NEXT husband will be!!

Stallone Blasts Producer Over “Rocky” Rights

Sylvester Stallone criticized producer Irwin Winkler in an explosive social media post on Saturday regarding the ownership of the “Rocky” franchise.  Stallone penned and starred in 1976’s “Rocky,” as well as its five sequels and even sat in the director’s chair for some.  Alongside a “very flattering” illustration of Winkler with a knife coming out of his mouth, the “Rambo” star wrote: “After IRWIN controlling ‘ROCKY’ for over 47 years, and now ‘CREED,’ I really would like [to] have at least a little [of] WHAT’s LEFT of my RIGHTS back.”  He went on, “Before passing it on to ONLY YOUR CHILDREN, I believe that would be a FAIR gesture from this [91-year-old] gentleman?”  Winkler’s son, David, is a producer on the “Rocky” spinoff film franchise, “Creed.”  “This is a painful subject That eats at my soul, because I wanted to leave something of Rocky for my children, but it’s always great hearing from the loyal fans,” the New York native added. “Keep Punching.”  Stallone also blasted David’s recent memoir “The Arrangement: A Love Story,” in a separate post, calling it “by far [one of] the worst” books he’s ever read.  “If you ever run out of toilet paper PLEASE [buy] this one you won’t be disappointed. It’s very absorbent,” he wrote.
*******”Bitter, party of one!!!”
*****We’re just wondering: who signed away those rights in the first place??
******More importantly, who got the turtles, Cuff and Link??

Kate Bush Reaches 100m Views

Kate Bush is still making a comeback, thanks to “Stranger Things” Season 4.  The music video for her song “Running Up That Hill” soared past 100 million views on YouTube over the weekend. The video was first uploaded to YouTube in January 2011. As of May 25, it had 48.2 million views, according to Variety.  “Running Up That Hill” plays an integral role in the latest season of Netflix’s sci-fi series, and it’s been taking the world by storm ever since the series premiered on May 27. Just two days after the first seven episodes of Season 4 had been released, “Running Up That Hill” also catapulted to the No. 1 spot on iTunes and landed on streaming charts for the first time.  The song first comes into play during the season premiere, when Max (Sadie Sink) strolls through her school hallways listening to it on her Walkman. The song returns a few episodes later, taking on added significance as she mourns her brother’s death and struggles to escape meeting the same fate.
******According to Billboard, she’s the biggest Bush in the music business!

Jennifer Garner Escapes To Lake Tahoe

Jennifer Garner spent a relaxing weekend in Lake Tahoe, Calif., while her ex-husband, Ben Affleck, married Jennifer Lopez in Las Vegas.  She documented her adventures by posting an Instagram Story video while paragliding. She later shared a smiling selfie on a bike ride.  Garner and Affleck were married from 2005 to 2018, and the former couple share three children.  Violet, 16, Seraphina, 13, and Samuel, 10, appeared to attend their dad’s Nevada nuptials Saturday night along with Lopez’s 14-year-old twins, Emme and Maximilian, whom she shares with ex-husband Marc Anthony.
********The kids were all saying, “What’s going on here???”
*****J Lo’s kids are wondering: “Is this our new daddy?? How long will HE stay??”


Ripping The Tabloids (Throughout the week, we’ll give you the stories from that weeks tabs!)
**Please Credit Publication!

Pratt’s Prickly Name No-No-(Globe)

You can call “Jurassic Park” action star Chris Pratt a lot of things, just don’t call him Chris.  Yup, he weirdly doesn’t like the sound of it.  So, what’s he prefer people say?  “Pratt, CP.  You know, CP.  ‘Hey, CP,’” prattles the persnickety actor, 43. “But no one calls me Chris.  My friend, Chad.  I went golfing with my friend, Chad, my pastor the other day and he was like, ‘No one calls you Chris?  I’m gonna call you Chris.  All right, Chris.  You’re up.’  And I was like, ‘No, it feels weird.  It’s not my name.  Don’t call me Chris,’” snaps the pricky performer, born Christopher Michael Pratt.  Got it, seems like cross Chris wants to make his pals jump!



Runaway Emu

Onlookers captured video in Texas when an escaped emu led police on a chase through traffic.  Yvette Fleming said she was in her car Thursday in the Greenspoint area when she captured video of Houston Police Department cruisers chasing after a large flightless bird that she initially thought was an ostrich.  Another witness, Lola Oyekan, recorded video of the emu when she spotted it while driving in the area of Beltway 8 and Imperial Valley.  Police said officers responded to a report of a traffic hazard and discovered the cause of the call was an emu on the loose. The bird was eventually wrangled by a game warden and returned to its owner, police said.  See the video HERE.
*******They found out the bird had escaped from that stupid Liberty Mutual commercial!!
***He had no plan, he was just winging it!!!

“I Voted” Sticker Contest Draws Odd Leader

A New York county’s online contest to pick a new “I Voted” sticker is receiving added attention after an unusual entry from a local 14-year-old student went viral.  The Ulster County Board of Elections said more than 168,000 votes have been cast in this year’s online contest to pick a new sticker, compared to only about 500 votes total in last year’s inaugural contest.  The vast majority of the votes thus far have been for local student Hudson Rowan’s design, which features a multicolored, red-eyed human head atop spider legs next to the phrase, “I Voted.”  Rowan’s design had more than 157,500 votes as of Monday afternoon. The next most popular of the six options had about 6,300 votes. Voting lasts through the end of July.  John Quigley, the Republican commissioner for the Ulster County Board of Elections, said Rowan’s design struck a nerve with voters.  “Somebody tweeted, this is how voters feel about politics right now, and I thought it was almost like the best way to summarize it. It sort of is exactly how we all feel about politics right now,” he said. Vote HERE.

*******It’s like a combination of Joe Biden and Donald Trump!!

Server Gets Big Tip

A server at a Pennsylvania restaurant was surprised with a $3,000 tip on a $13 bill from an out-of-town customer.  Mariana Lambert said she recently waited on a customer at Alfredo’s Pizza Cafe in Scranton and received the $3,000 tip alongside the $13 payment for a stromboli.  “We ran his card, and everything went through. We took his ID and took pictures of everything. They waited a little bit to make sure it was legit and went through, and it ended up being real,” Lambert told WNEP-TV.  Alfredo’s manager Matt Martini said he spoke to the customer, Eric Smith, who explained he was from out of town and had left the generous gratuity as part of the “Tips for Jesus” social media trend. The phrase “Tips for Jesus” was written on the receipt.  “It really meant a lot to me because everyone’s going through stuff. It really touched my heart. I still can’t believe it. I’m still in shock,” Lambert said.
*******The next day, she woke up in a bathtub full of ice, missing a kidney!! But, it’s the thought that counts!!
*****Those darned Christians!! If they don’t stop being nice to people, we’ll have to burn down all their churches, like they do in Canada!!

Alligator Takes A Swim In Backyard Pool

Animal control officers in Virginia were summoned to the home of a resident who discovered an escaped alligator taking a swim in their backyard pool.  Chesapeake Animal Services said in a Facebook post that animal control officers suspected the animal found swimming in the pool to be the alligator reported missing three weeks earlier from Jack’s Jungle, a traveling animal education show.  The alligator escaped its enclosure just down the block from the home with the pool, animal services said.  An officer contacted the owner of Jack’s Jungle, who responded to the scene alongside animal control officers.  The alligator, “aptly named” Splash, was safely removed from the pool.  “The owner confirmed it was his gator (lawfully owned) and they worked together to remove Splash from his vacation spot. He was then safely returned home to his enclosure,” the post said. “See you later, alligator.”
*******Gee… glad the GATOR is safe!!
****In a related story, the family’s cat is missing!!







Here’s How The Happiest Couples Split Up Household Chores

Huffington Post


  1. They communicate clearly — and in great detail — about what needs to get done and how.

When dividing up domestic duties, super clear and explicit communication is a relationship saver, Danger said. And it’s something that most people — even those who say they aspire to having an egalitarian partnership — don’t do.

Couples who do it successfully get into the nitty-gritty details about each and every task on their list. They don’t stifle their frustrations (which breeds resentment), make assumptions about who’s doing what or behave in passive-aggressive ways.

Danger utilizes the “Fair Play method” with the couples she works with — a system based on Eve Rodsky’s book by the same name. It involves identifying all the steps involved in completing a single task and agreeing upon a standard for how it should be done.

″[This] method provides an opportunity to discuss all of those invisible steps involved with noticing when something needs to be done, planning for it to get done and then following through,” Danger said.


  1. They schedule time to have these conversations weekly.

Having a one-time conversation hashing out household duties isn’t enough. The happiest couples set up a specific time — at least once a week — to touch base about all things domestic labor.

“Use the time to check in, celebrate wins and discuss who will handle which tasks for the coming week,” Danger said. “Be consistent! The more you practice communicating clearly about the division of labor and problem solving in a healthy way, the easier it’ll get and the happier you’ll both be.”

Adding yet another item to your family’s weekly calendar may seem like a pain. But it’s worth your while, Danger said.

“Investing your time and energy in communicating about a fair division of domestic labor is an investment in the long-term health of your partnership.”


  1. They play to each other’s strengths.

Happy couples consider their individual strengths and interests when it comes to determining who handles each household task.

“I ask [couples] to think about chores they feel most comfortable doing or find they are most efficient with,” Pirasteh said.

Let’s say Partner A hates folding laundry; baskets of clean clothes continue to pile up in the corner of the bedroom, but they enjoy planning meals and buying groceries for the week. Partner B, on the other hand, doesn’t mind folding clothes at all — they pop on a podcast and can get through a basket (or three) in a jiffy ― but dreads grocery shopping. Taking these preferences into account makes the whole system run more smoothly.


  1. They recognize that sharing domestic labor is about more than just the tasks themselves.

It’s not just doing the dishes in the sink, “it’s showing your partner that you value their time and want to care for them” by getting them done, Danger said.

This is especially relevant when it comes to the mental load. Take, for instance, getting your kids signed up for summer camps or extracurricular activities. It’s not just that you want your husband to help you with the physical task of filling out the enrollment forms, it’s also that you want him to be just as invested in the research and decision-making process of finding a program that would best suit your kid.

“Sharing in more than just the execution of tasks means that both partners feel empowered to participate actively at home,” Danger said. “One partner may need to coach the other while they step into a more active role at home, but the payoff is less resentment, less ‘nagging’ and more confidence. Dividing the mental load and truly sharing in the responsibility of domestic life empowers both partners to show up as whole people inside and outside of the home.”


  1. They can rely on each other to execute their duties.

Happy couple understand the importance of showing up consistently for their partners and making it a priority, Pirasteh said.

“Whether it is household chores or in a crisis, individuals want to know that they can count on their partner to communicate proactively and to follow through consistently,” she said.

That means each partner owns the tasks on their plate from planning to execution without needing constant reminders and follow-ups from the other.


  1. They don’t micromanage each other.

As a couples therapist, Tiana Frazier said she often sees couples get stuck in an overfunctioner/underfunctioner dynamic — with the former doing more than their fair share of household duties and the latter doing less. The underfunctioner may not feel confident that they can meet the overfunctioner’s high standards, so they either neglect tasks or put in minimal effort. This, understandably, frustrates the overfunctioner, which can lead to nagging and resentment.

Couples that split domestic labor successfully break this cycle. The overfunctioner stops taking on so much, encourages their partner to step up and praises them when they do. Their partner may not do things exactly to their liking, but the overfunctioner understands that sometimes “good enough” is, indeed, enough.

The overfunctioner “allows them to do the household duties in their own way without micromanaging how they complete the tasks,” Frazier, of You & Me + Therapy in Dallas, told HuffPost. “My advice to the underfunctioning partner is step up in a way that will help your teammate as well as your relationship. Give your partner reassurance that you can handle the tasks and they can count on you to follow through with what you agreed to.”


  1. They adopt an ‘us vs. the problem’ mentality.

Of course, even the most dependable partners drop the ball sometimes. Happy couples remember that they’re on the same team. It’s the two of them versus the problem at hand — not one partner against the other.

When a domestic labor conflict arises, these couples take a deep breath and approach the issue with a sense of curiosity instead of blame, and work together to find a solution.

“Try to figure out what got in the way of success,” Danger said. “What support might you or your partner need to put in place for this to be successful?”

“For example, if the dishes are continuously not getting done, ask why. Is it a timing issue? Are they too tall for the sink so it hurts their back? Is it too loud to do while the kids are napping? Identify the root cause of the issue so you can trade tasks or implement tools — like calendar invites, timers, sticky notes — in order to be successful in the future. Attack the problem instead of each other!”


  1. They’re flexible.

Happy couples that successfully share household duties know that nothing has to be set in stone. If the current distribution of tasks isn’t working or circumstances change, they are open to making adjustments and renegotiating.

“Couples that prioritize flexibility recognize that just because a chore has been assigned to one person does not mean that the other partner can’t jump in and help when needed,” Pirasteh said. “Flexibility accounts for the real-life changes that can occur to our typical schedules — such as deadlines at work or falling sick. If something isn’t working, happy couples come back to the kitchen table to reorganize in a supportive way.”


  1. They know “fair” doesn’t always mean splitting things 50/50.

The reality is that one partner may have to shoulder more of the household burden, either out of necessity or because they prefer that arrangement.

“Everyone’s family life will look different, and when dividing up domestic labor, you don’t need to aim for 50/50,” Danger said. “I like to encourage folks to aim for equal rest… quality time where you can fully dive into a project or something that brings you joy.”

“Everyone deserves to clock out of their responsibilities for a bit,” she added. “Our houses will never be spotless, but at least we can give each other protected time to be themselves.”


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