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Born on this day!! Comedian Jackie Mason is 92. Sports commentator Dick Vitale is 81. Guitarist Mick Box of Uriah Heep is 73. Actor Michael J. Fox is 59. Actor Johnny Depp is 57. Actress Gloria Reuben (“The Agency,” ″ER”) is 56. Singer-actress Tamela Mann (“Meet The Browns,” ″Medea” films) is 54. Bassist Dean Felber of Hootie and the Blowfish is 53. Bassist Dean Dinning (Toad the Wet Sprocket) is 53. Musician Ed Simons of the Chemical Brothers is 50. Actress Keesha Sharp (“Lethal Weapon”) is 47. Singer Jamie Dailey of Dailey and Vincent is 45. Actress Michaela Conlin (“Bones”) is 42. Actress Natalie Portman is 39. Actress Mae Whitman (“Parenthood,” ″Arrested Development”) is 32. Actor Lucien Laviscount (“Scream Queens”) is 28.


1898 – China agreed to lease Hong Kong to Britain for 99 years.
1870 – Author Charles Dickens died.
1934 – Donald Duck made his screen debut in The Wise Little Hen.
1944 – The Republic of Iceland was established.
1973 – Secretariat won the Belmont Stakes and became the first Triple Crown winner in 25 years.
1978 – After 148 years, the leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints finally allowed black men to become priests.
1993 – Japan’s Crown Prince Naruhito married commoner Masako Owada.

Today Is: Call Your Doctor Day, Donald Duck Day, International Archives Day, Loving Day, National Earl Baltes Day, Toy Industry Day, World APS Day, World Pet Memorial Day

Primetime TV (All Times Eastern)

CBS – 8:00 – NCIS  /  9:00 – FBI  /  10:00 – FBI Most Wanted
NBC – 8:00  – America’s Got Talent  /  10:00 – World Of Dance
ABC – 8:00 –  The Conners / 8:30 – The Conners / 9:00 – Modern Family  /  9:30 – Modern Family  /  10:00 – The Genetic Detective
FOX – 8:00 – Hell’s Kitchen  /  9:00 – Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours To Hell and Back
CW – 8:00 –  Stargirl /  9:00 – Jim Gaffigan: Noble Ape

TV Talk Shows

Jimmy Kimmel: Josh Gad
Jimmy Fallon: Antoni Porowski, Tan France, Karamo Brown, Bobby Berk, Jonathan Van Ness, Christian Slater, Sia
Stephen Colbert: Chris Wallace
Seth Meyers: Brad Paisley
James Corden: Gordon Ramsay, Kehlani
Lilly Singh: Adam Rodriguez, Kelsey Cook (R 4/7/20)
Daily Show: The Daily Social Distancing Show
Conan: TBA
The View: Chris Wallace, Adrienne Bankert
Live with Kelly and Ryan: Jean Chatzky
Ellen DeGeneres: Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, Van Jones
Wendy Williams: Steve Wilkos, Eboni K. Williams, Nicole Ryan (R 2/21/20)
The Real: Terrance Howard, guest co-host Amanda Seales (R 9/24/19)
Kelly Clarkson: Lauren Daigle, Seth Meyers, Kelly Rowland (R 5/18/20)
Tamron Hall: CeCe Moore, Victor Cruz, Cat & Nat, Elmo


WHAT ARE YOU TALKIN’ ABOUT? Here are today’s PPM-Friendly Topics!

QUESTION: Will YOU go back the movie theaters when they open?? Cinemark hopes you do… and they think the thriller “Tenet” will be summer blockbuster!!!


QUESTION: Is this “TIK TOK HOUSE” ruining the ritzy L.A. neighborhood of BEL AIR?? Food deliveries day and night, a garage full of Amazon boxes.. nightmare!


QUESTION: Ever wonder why you get BRAIN FREEZE when eating ice cream??? Finally, science has solved this important problem! That and more!! Click through for the rest!


QUESTION: Could this new APPLE APP let you stitch together a GROUP SELFIE using pictures taken remotely??? If you need it, they’ll make it… and it’s COMING SOON!!


QUESTION: Do ya like this new PASSENGER DRONE FROM CHINA?? It goes 80 mph, it’s autonomous and carries you up to 20 miles!! Uh… why don’t you go first?? 

Star-studded Graduation

Beyoncé, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, and Katy Perry celebrated graduating seniors during a YouTube special.  The four took part in YouTube’s Dear Class of 2020 stream Sunday, along with Lady Gaga, BTS, Lizzo, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lopez, Justin Timberlake, Mariah Carey, Dan Levy and the Schitt’s Creek cast, and other stars.  In a commencement speech, Beyoncé celebrated students’ resilience amid such challenges as the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and George Floyd’s death. Floyd, a 46-year-old black man, died May 25 in Minneapolis, Minn., while being restrained by a police officer who knelt on his neck.  “You have arrived here in the middle of a global crisis, a racial pandemic, and worldwide expression of outrage at the senseless killing of yet another unarmed black human being, and you still made it,” Beyoncé said.  Michelle Obama also addressed “prejudice and inequality” in another speech. She assured grads they are not alone as they struggle with the weight of current events.  “So, if any of you are scared, or confused, or angry, or just plain overwhelmed by it all, if you feel like you’re searching for a lifeline just to steady yourself, you are not alone. I am feeling all of that, too. I think we all are,” she said. Obama encouraged grads to lead with integrity and empathy as they go forth in the world.
****Now get out there and go to work!! Those drive-through customers aren’t gonna serve themselves!!
******We’re jealous!! Why couldn’t WE graduate in a pandemic??
******Colleges are eager to open for in-person instruction.. so they can charge full price!!

Mark Hamill Surprises Frontline Worker

Mark Hamill believes the Force is strong with San Diego nurse, Chloé Ducos.  He surprised the front-line worker, who’s been part of the effort to increase testing for the coronavirus in her community, with a special gift while on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” last week.  Hamill told Ducos, “I’ve been reading about all you’ve done, six years as a nurse, teaching at night, you’re in the tents.”  He added, “I mean, that’s so great, I mean to me, I’m a pretend hero, you’re the real-life hero. So thank you for your service,” before telling Ducos he was sending her a signed lightsaber.  “I’m having palpitations and I’m crying!” Ducos said while getting emotional.  Then, Kimmel told her she was getting $10,000 from PayPal and all her coworkers were also getting PayPal as well.
******Later she called Mark: “I love the lightsaber… but could you send some face masks, too??”
*******Whenever Mark needs a hand sewn back on, he knows where to go!!
******We hope she’s “Team Luke,” and not “Team Han!!!”

Elmer Fudd’s Shotgun Taken Away

Elmer Fudd has made a big change for the newest series of “Looney Tunes” cartoons.  In the latest update of the series — called “Looney Tunes Cartoons” and streaming on HBO Max — the iconic character will no longer use a gun, according to the people behind the show.  “We’re not doing guns,” executive producer Peter Browngardt told The New York Times. “But, we can do cartoony violence — TNT, the Acme stuff. All that was kind of grandfathered in.”  Warner Bros., which has produced the series, released a clip that featured Elmer using a scythe to try catching Bugs Bunny instead.  In the clip, Elmer and Bugs engaged in one of their classic face-offs, and as usual, the rabbit got away without a scratch while Elmer was left scorched by TNT.  The show cited gun violence as a reason for the change, The Telegraph reported.  The new show will feature the cartoon’s classic characters, even giving them a bit of an edge. “Some of them have maybe gone a little too far, so they might come out in a different format,” Browngardt said.
******So… what’s he gonna do with the scythe?? Cut Bugs’s head off?? That kinda seems MORE violent!!
*****Why don’t they just have him carry a wet noodle??
******Next: They take away Elmer’s speech impediment!! Barbara Walters says it sounds too much like hers!!!

Vanessa Bryant Suing For Millions

Kobe Bryant’s widow Vanessa Bryant is seeking hundreds of millions of dollars as part of a wrongful death lawsuit against the helicopter company and the estate of a pilot involved in the deadly January crash that killed her husband and daughter, according to a report.  She filed suit in February, blaming pilot Ara Zobayan — who died alongside Kobe and his daughter Gianna — for failing to obtain weather data before taking off and for failing to cancel the flight when he learned of the poor weather conditions, which included fog.  Now, Vanessa has made a claim that she is entitled to hundreds of millions in future lost earnings as a result of his untimely death, The Blast reported.  “As a result of Kobe Bryant’s and GB’s deaths, Vanessa Bryant seeks economic damages, non-economic damages, prejudgment interest, punitive damages, and other relief as the Court deems just and proper,” court papers filed in the case say.
********Good luck collecting!!
*****We don’t know what that helicopter company was insured for… but it probably wasn’t hundreds of millions!!

CNN Anchor Caught Nude!

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo was apparently caught in the nude in the garden of his Hamptons mansion during a social media yoga session filmed by his wife, Cristina Greeven Cuomo.  The younger brother of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is seemingly seen in a screengrab strutting his stuff in the buff outside his home in Southampton, where he had been broadcasting from his basement while under quarantine.  He was allegedly seen au naturel outside, captured from behind through the large windows of their home, during an Instagram Live yoga video shot by Cristina. The video was deleted quickly after it was filmed around May 27, but not before some eagle-eyed followers grabbed a stark-naked screenshot.
****Oops!! Accidentally on purpose??
****Now you know why the neighbors planted “privacy shrubs!!”
TOPIC: Funniest thing you’ve seen on Zoom or Skype during this long national nightmare!!
Chris Cuomo


Ripping The Tabloids (Throughout the week, we’ll give you the stories from that weeks tabs!)
**Please Credit Publication!

Kanye Gags Own Staff!-(National Enquirer)

An embarrassed Kanye West is breaking out the nondisclosure agreements after an ex-employee claimed he and Kim Kardashian call the paparazzi on themselves!  “After Kanye’s former bodyguard revealed some of the ridiculous rules staff follow, everyone got a new NDA.  The document states that if you talk about the couple you will be sued!” said a source.  “Kanye thinks of himself as the most important person in the world….when in reality, he is Mr. Kim Kardashian!”

Rockin’ Ronnie’s Age Delusion!-(Globe)

Dinosaur rocker Ronnie Wood is 73-but claims he “never got beyond 29” in his head!  And that’s maybe why the Rolling Stones guitarist beat lung cancer in 2017 after smoking nearly 30 cigarettes a day for 54 years!  He calls the miracle escape his “get out of jail free card!”  The wrinkly legend had already ditched cigs, but still had to have surgery to remove part of his lung to eliminate the often-fatal affliction.  “They said, ‘Your lungs now are like you never smoked,’” crows young-at-heart Ronnie.

Things You Don’t Know About:  Judy Greer-(Us Weekly)

The funnywoman gets into character.

  1. I threw the first pitch at a Los Angeles Dodgers game once.  It was a strike.
  2. I ran in two marathons. I have the medals to prove it!
  3. I’m a very messy cook. My husband [Dean E. Johnson] said it was what made him fall in love with me.  Not!
  4. I sewed most of my own clothes in high school. I was very lanky.  It was hard to find cute clothes that fit.  I would alter thrift store clothes too.
  5. When I have to sing in public, I usually cry, unless I’m a few beers in at karaoke. Then I sound just like Beyonce-it’s weird!

Memories & Milestones-(Star)

May 21

“He is mine, I am his.”  Ten years in, Jessica Simpson shared a sweet shot with husband Eric Johnson to celebrate the anniversary of the day they fell in love.

Megan’s Bad Romance-(Life & Style)

Megan Fox, 34, may have fallen for Machine Gun Kelly’s bad-boy persona, but estranged husband Brian Austin Green, 46, wants her new boyfriend to steer clear of their sons, Noah, 7, Bodhi, 6, and Journey, 3.  The 30-year-old rapper, who claims he was once arrested three times in 72 hours, was sued in 2012 after he allegedly struck a bouncer with a bottle during a bar fight in Florida.  The case was later settled.  “Brian knows about Kelly’s run-ins with the law, so naturally he’s a little wary of him being around the boys,” says a source, “but he’d feel that way about anyone Megan dates just because their kids are so young.”


“We did have some great plans, but I’m also like, ‘You know what, God has a bigger plan.’”-Jennifer Lopez.

“I failed music at school.”-Keith Urban, revealing he didn’t know how to read music.

“I don’t agree that I’m a sex symbol; the great thing about getting older is that you get over all that.”-Helen Mirren, on how she feels at 74.

Spawn of the Week-(In Touch)

Tracee Ellis Ross

“It was [always] my dream to sing-but terrifying when your mother is who my mother is.”

-on waiting until she was 47 to sing in public for fear of being compared to mom Diana Ross.



Parking Garage Art Gallery

An airport parking garage in Germany has been converted into a drive-through art gallery, displaying about 300 works in a way that complies with coronavirus-inspired social distancing guidelines.  The Cologne Bonn Airport parking garage was transformed into a gallery displaying paintings, sculptures and other works of art to visitors who drive through.  The artworks, from about 50 different artists, are displayed on luggage carts arranged into aisles.  The exhibition, which was organized by art gallery owners from Munster and Dusseldorf, was designed to allow artists to show their works to the public amid the COVID-19 pandemic.  The loosening of lockdown guidelines has allowed for galleries and museums to reopen, but social distancing measures and mask requirements remain in place.
*********Several Elvis portraits were sold immediately!!
*******And the Rottweilers playing poker?? Big hit!!
*****It’s hard to stop and enjoy a painting when people start honking!!

Largest Sheet Of Pasta

Visitors to a food-based theme park in Italy combined their efforts to set a Guinness World Record for the largest sheet of hand-made pasta made by non-professionals.  Fico World Eataly, an attraction in Bologna billed as as the world’s largest agri-food park, recruited men, women and children Sunday to help with the Guinness record attempt.  The visitors created a sheet of homemade pasta measuring 262 feet long, enough to meet the goal set by Guinness.  The pasta sheet included 160 eggs and 35 pounds of flower, the park said.  See the pics HERE.
******Sheets of pasta?? Perfect!! Do they have pillow cases, too?
******A lot of girls will date you for a plate of spaghetti!! They’re “pasta-tutes!!”
******Now they need the world’s largest meat balls!! Any volunteers??

Wild Boar Stops Trains

Railway service was held up on a route in Scotland when a wild boar wandered out onto the tracks, blocking the path of trains.  ScotRail tweeted Thursday evening that the line between Glasgow Central and Larkhall was being blocked in Wishaw by an animal on the tracks.  “There’s a pig (yes, you read that right) on the line at Wishaw,” ScotRail tweeted. The tweet said National Rail officials and police were attempting to capture the animal.  A later tweet clarified that officials had been “advised that the beast involved is in fact a wild boar.”  It was unclear whether the boar was captured by officials or wandered off on its own, but railway service resumed later in the evening.  “The wild boar is now safely off the railway and our trains are now able to stop at Wishaw again,” ScotRail tweeted.
*********We’re kinda thinking: wild boar vs. a train?? The train usually wins!!
******Wondering how they knew he was wild?? He had a Charles Manson tattoo and a pierced snout!!
******Note to all boars: nothing good ever comes from walking on train tracks!!

Amazon Worker Loses Engagement Ring

A worker at an Amazon warehouse in Wales is asking customers to check their packages for the engagement ring that fell off her finger at work.  Jasmine Paget, 18, said she and her fiance, fellow Amazon worker Josh Phillips, searched the warehouse near Swansea after the ring fell off her finger while she was packing boxes Saturday.  Paget said the warehouse manager temporarily stopped work on the floor to search the warehouse and trucks, but employees were unable to locate the ring.  Paget is asking anyone who finds a ring they did not order inside their Amazon package to contact her on Facebook or report the discovery to Amazon.
*********Don’t hold your breath!! Blue doesn’t look good on you!!
****Nah… someone will turn it in… if it wasn’t that expensive!!
******* Working for Amazon… she should be glad that’s ALL she lost!!






These Are The Best And Worst Cities For A Staycation

With traditional travel largely off the table due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Americans are getting creative with how they spend their vacation days. For many people, that means keeping it local with “staycations.”

A new report from the personal finance website WalletHub ranks the best and worst cities for staycations in the United State based on metrics such as parks per capita, average home square footage and “idealness” of summer weather.  The best U.S. city for “a fun-filled yet wallet-friendly staycation” is — drum roll, please — Plano, Texas, and the lowest-ranked city is Pearl City, Hawaii, according to WalletHub’s findings.

The rankings compared 182 cities ― the 150 most populated U.S. cities, as well as two or more of the most populated cities in each state ― across 15 metrics falling under two general categories: 1) recreation and 2) rest and relaxation. On the recreation front, New York City dominated in terms of parks per capita, while Hialeah, Florida, had the fewest. San Francisco had the most bike rental facilities and walking trails per capita (Detroit ranked last on the former and El Paso, Texas, for the latter).

When it came to rest and relaxation, Plano had the highest average home square footage and Yonkers had the lowest. Irvine, California, led in the category of highest share of homes with swimming pools, while Cheyenne, Wyoming, took the bottom spot. Other interesting findings include the fact that Fort Smith, Arkansas, offers the lowest average price of pizza at $8.00, which is 1.9 times lower than the cost in Stockton, California, the city with the highest price at $15.25. Gulfport, Mississippi, ranked No. 1 for lowest average beer and wine price, followed by Durham, North Carolina, and Indianapolis, Indiana.

Below are the 10 best and worst U.S. cities for staycations. Visit WalletHub for the full rankings and more information about the methodology behind this report.


Best Cities For Staycations

  1. Plano, Texas
  2. Boise, Idaho
  3. Tampa, Florida
  4. Charleston, South Carolina
  5. Lincoln, Nebraska
  6. Fort Smith, Arkansas
  7. Scottsdale, Arizona
  8. Grand Prairie, Texas
  9. Austin, Texas
  10. Orlando, Florida


Worst Cities For Staycations

  1. Pearl City, Hawaii
  2. Chula Vista, California
  3. Warwick, Rhode Island
  4. Providence, Rhode Island
  5. Oakland, California
  6. Oxnard, California
  7. Fremont, California
  8. Stockton, California
  9. Oceanside, California
  10. San Jose, California


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