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Born on this day!! Actor John Cullum (“Northern Exposure”) is 91. Actor Barbara Luna is 82. Author John Irving is 79. Actor Cassie Yates is 70. Actor Laraine Newman (“Saturday Night Live”) is 69. Singer Jay Osmond of The Osmonds is 66. Singer John Cowsill of The Cowsills is 65. Singer Larry Stewart of Restless Heart is 62. Singer Jon Bon Jovi is 59. Blues singer Alvin Youngblood Hart is 58. Actor Daniel Craig (“Casino Royale”) is 53. Actor Richard Ruccolo (“Legit” ″Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place”) is 49. Singer Chris Martin of Coldplay is 44. Actor Heather McComb (“The Event,” ″Party of Five”) is 44. Actor Rebel Wilson (“Pitch Perfect” movies) is 41. Actor Bryce Dallas Howard (“The Help”) is 40. Guitarist Mike “McDuck” Olson of Lake Street Dive is 38. Actor Robert Iler (“The Sopranos”) is 36. Actor Nathalie Emmanuel (“Game of Thrones”) is 32. Country singer Luke Combs is 31. Singer-rapper-actor Becky G is 24.


1836 – Texas declared its independence from Mexico.
1877 – Rutherford B. Hayes was declared president by a U.S. electoral commission since the original result was too close to call. He was the only president elected this way.
1917 – Puerto Rico became a U.S. territory and Puerto Ricans gained American citizenship.
1923 – The first issue of Henry Luce’s TIME magazine appeared on newsstands.
1933 – King Kong, starring Fay Wray, premiered in New York City.
1949 – Captain James Gallagher completed the first non-stop around the world flight. He completed the 23,452-mile journey in 94 hours, 1 minute.
1956 – Morocco gained independence from France.
1962 – Philadelphia Warriors center Wilt Chamberlain scored an NBA-record 100 points in a basketball game.
2001 – The Taliban began the destruction of ancient Buddha statues in Afghanistan.
2008 – Dmitri A. Medvedev, a former aide to Russian president Vladimir Putin who has never held elected office, won the Russian presidential election in a landslide. Putin remained in a position of power, serving as Medvedev’s prime minister.

Today Is: Dr. Seuss Day, Free Dentistry Day, NEA’s Read Across America Day, Peace Corps Day, World Teen Mental Illness Day

Primetime TV (All Times Eastern)

CBS – 8:00 – NCIS   /  9:00 – FBI  /  10:00 – FBI: Most Wanted
NBC – 8:00  – Young Rock  /  8:30 – Kenan  /  9:00 – The Voice  /  10:00 – New Amsterdam
ABC – 8:00 –  To Tell The Truth  /  9:00 – Blackish  /  9:30 – Mixedish  /  10:00 – Soul Of A Nation
FOX – 8:00 – The Resident  /  9:00 – Prodigal Son
CW – 8:00 –  Flash  /  9:00 – Superman and Lois

TV Talk Shows

Jimmy Kimmel: Charles Barkley, Mads Mikkelsen, Davido
Jimmy Fallon: Nick Jonas, Rita Ora
Stephen Colbert: Neil deGrasse Tyson, Jon Batiste
Seth Meyers: Regina King, Kathryn Hahn, Chang-rae Lee
James Corden: Stacey Abrams, JP Saxe & Maren Morris
Lilly Singh: Fortune Feimster
Conan: Randall Park
Watch What Happens Live: Diane Von Furstenberg, Catherine Zeta-Jones
The View: H.E.R.
The Talk: Jeremy Sisto, Zeeko Zaki
Live with Kelly and Ryan: Catherine Zeta-Jones, Alex Guarnaschelli
Ellen DeGeneres: Eddie Murphy, Bella Murphy, the Kid LAROI
Wendy Williams: Leslie Jones
The Real: Dominique Fishback, Treach
Kelly Clarkson: Robin Wright, Kurt Busch, Robin Thicke
Tamron Hall: People who are stuck in time and loving it
Drew Barrymore: Dr. Mehmet Oz, Hetty McKinnon

WHAT ARE YOU TALKIN’ ABOUT? Here are today’s PPM-Friendly Topics!

QUESTION: Why do Tokyo high schools demand “Proof of Hair??” Because it’s gotta be BLACK AND STRAIGHT… or the school needs to know the reason why!! Wild!!


QUESTION: Who needs a map to the stars’ homes?? You could see how they live by looking at their ZOOM images on the Golden Globes broadcast!! Check it out!!!


QUESTION: Is Prince Harry trying to KILL HIS GRANDFATHER by bitching about his horrible life as royal while the old man is SICK IN THE HOSPITAL?? Bad form!!!!


QUESTION: Was Amber Heard FIRED from “Aquaman” for GAINING TOO MUCH WEIGHT? That’s the rumor.. and Johnny Depp fans are rubbing it in!!!!!!!!!!!!!


QUESTION: Want something to LOOK FORWARD TO?? How about the first SPACE HOTEL?? They’ll start building it in 2025, and YOU could book a room soon! Ready??
Developed by the Orbital Assembly Corporation (OAC), the Voyager Station could be operational as early as 2027, with the infrastructure built in orbit around the Earth

Varsity Blues Trailer Released

Netflix is giving a glimpse of the new documentary Operation Varsity Blues.  The streaming service shared a trailer and premiere date, March 17, for the film Monday.  Operation Varsity Blues revisits the college admissions scandal that involved actresses Felicity Huffman, Lori Loughlin and other wealthy parents. The documentary explores how Rick Singer helped finagle his clients’ children into top schools by bribing school officials, falsifying sports credentials and other means.  Operation Varsity Blues takes its name from the F.B.I. code name for the investigation that exposed Singer. The film recreates conversations from F.B.I. wiretaps and features dramatized reenactments with Matthew Modine playing Singer.  See the trailer HERE.
**********Finally!!! Lori Loughlin will be back on Netflix!!!
*****We predict a Golden Globe for her and Felicity next year!!
*******She’ll also be on “Get Me Out of Jail, I’m a Celebrity!!!”
********How many other parents were sweating bullets, hoping they wouldn’t get busted?? Because you know these guys weren’t the only ones!!

Taylor Swift Angry With Netflix

Taylor Swift is calling out a Netflix series for making a “deeply sexist” joke at her expense.  She slammed the show Ginny & Georgia in a tweet Sunday for including a joke about her dating life.  Ginny & Georgia follows the titular Ginny (Antonia Gentry) and Georgia (Brianne Howey), a teenager and her mother living in a fictional New England town. During the show’s finale, Ginny referenced Swift while arguing with Georgia about relationships.  “What do you care? You go through men faster than Taylor Swift,” Ginny told her mom.  Swift shared a screenshot of the line on Twitter. “Hey Ginny & Georgia, 2010 called and it wants its lazy, deeply sexist joke back. How about we stop degrading hard working women by defining this horse [expletive] as FuNnY,” the singer wrote.  Swift then referenced Miss Americana, the second of her two Netflix specials.  “Also, @netflix after Miss Americana this outfit doesn’t look cute on you,” she wrote. “Happy Women’s History Month I guess.”  Swift’s fans also slammed Ginny & Georgia online.
********Looks like that woman IS history!!
*******Little touchy about her dating life, eh???
******At least they didn’t write a song about her!!!

CBS Shares Oprah and Royals Teaser

CBS is giving a glimpse of its new special featuring Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.  The network shared two teasers Sunday for Oprah with Meghan and Harry: A Primetime Special, which will feature an interview between Harry, Markle and media mogul Oprah Winfrey.  The TV special will mark Harry and Markle’s first lengthy interview since leaving the British royal family last year. The couple confirmed in February that they won’t return to their royal duties.  In one preview, Winfrey says “there is no subject that’s off limits” during the interview. Winfrey is seen asking Markle, “Were you silent or were you silenced?” and telling Markle, “Almost unsurvivable sounds like there was a breaking point.”  Harry then shares his biggest fear.  “My biggest concern was history repeating itself,” he says.  In a second teaser, Harry appears to reference his late mom Princess Diana’s struggles with the media and public scrutiny.  “You know, for me, I’m just really relieved and happy to be sitting here, talking to you with my wife by my side because I can’t imagine what it must’ve been like for her going through this process by herself all those years ago,” Harry says.  Oprah with Meghan and Harry airs March 7 at 8 p.m. EST on CBS.
********This should just about tear it for H&M with the rest of the family!!
*****The Queen blames her uncle Edward’s abdication for her father’s death (true).. so leaving one’s royal duties is a very bad thing to her!!
*******Sounds like Meghan found the “Princess Di” button and kept pushing it until he agreed to leave!!!
UPDATE: The London papers are trolling Harry for allowing this interview to be aired while his grandpa’s in the hospital!! STORY HERE!

Prince Philip Moved To Another Hospital

Prince Philip was transferred to another London hospital to continue treatment for an infection, Buckingham Palace said Monday.  Per the palace, Philip, 99, was transferred from King Edward VII’s Hospital to St Bartholomew’s Hospital. The Bart’s Heart Centre is Europe’s biggest specialized cardiovascular center, the National Health Service said.  In addition to treatment for an unspecified infection, the husband of Queen Elizabeth II, will also undergo testing and observation for a pre-existing heart condition.  Philip was admitted to the private King Edward VII’s Hospital last month after feeling ill. Royal officials called his hospital admission a precautionary measure.  The palace says Philip “remains comfortable and is responding to treatment but is expected to remain in hospital until at least the end of the week.’’
*****Weirdly, it’s an animal hospital!!!
******The Queen promised to come visit him on his 100th birthday.. if he makes it!!
******We know what’s wrong with his heart… HE’S 99!!!!!!!!!!
******He’s so old, they don’t even take x-rays. They just hold him up to the light!!!

Snoop Dogg Quits Madden And Forgets To End Chat

What began for Snoop Dogg as a chance to “sit back, relax and chill” while playing EA Sports’ Madden NFL ’21 live on Twitch ended in a “rage-quit” only 14 minutes into the game, as first reported by PC Gamer.  Dubbed “Sit Back, Relax and Chill it’s a vibe in here,” the stream was expected to be a laidback broadcast with the perennially-stoned celeb. But when a third touchdown brought the score to 21-0, sealing his inevitable defeat, Snoop threw off his gear and stormed out of the game.  “Look at this s- -t. F- -k,” he is seen venting from the bottom-right corner of the frame, according to SportBible’s report. “I came in this room and everything went bad.”   The brief “chill” session gave way to a seven-hour livestream of Snoop’s computer chair, and a black screen reading “NO SIGNAL” over the gameplay view. Eventually, about halfway through hour seven, Tha Doggfather re-enters the room to realize he’s still live, and ends the stream.
********There goes that “mainstream” image!!
********Sometimes pot makes you a litttttle forgetful!!

Lady Gaga’s Dog Walker Gives Update

Lady Gaga’s dog walker, who was shot while out for a stroll with the star’s French bulldogs in Los Angeles, penned an emotional social media post on Monday morning describing the ambush and thanking the star for her support.   “4 days ago, while a car sped away and blood poured from my gun shot wound, an angel trotted over and laid next to me. My panicked screams calmed as I looked at her, even though it registered that the blood pooling around her tiny body was my own,” Ryan Fischer wrote on Instagram, referencing Gaga’s pooch, Miss Asia, who escaped the dognapping.  “I cradled Asia as best I could, thanked her for all the incredible adventures we’d been on together, apologized that I couldn’t defend her brothers, and then resolved that I would still try to save them… and myself.” Fischer, who shared two snaps of him recovering in a hospital bed, including one showing a breathing tube, was ambushed by two brutes last Wednesday in West Hollywood while taking Gaga’s Frenchies, Gustav, Koji and Miss Asia, out for a walk while the star was in Italy.  He said he was “humbled and grateful” that the attention and focus from the police were enough to get the pooches back to safety and he knows “they are committed to bringing these criminals and attempted murderers to justice.”
**********This crime is so horrendous, the L.A. District Attorney may even prosecute the perps!! He usually just releases the criminals as soon as they’re captured!!
********We’re wondering.. do real angels look like French Bulldogs?? That would be cool!!
******When they catch ’em, they’ll make ’em listen to Lady Gaga for 5-10 years!!!!

Man Tries To Break In Kim K’s Home

A man claiming to be Kim Kardashian’s husband tried to break into the reality star’s California home last week but was stopped by her security guards, a source said Monday. Kardashian’s personal protection force — which she beefed up after her terrifying 2016 Paris robbery — handed the intruder over to cops, who placed him under a 72-hour psychiatric hold, a source says.  The unnamed 24-year-old had just breached the main entrance gate when he was stopped at the Hidden Hills, Calif., home at around 6:30 p.m. on Feb. 24, according to TMZ.  While being questioned by security, he claimed to know Kardashian, 40, and made the claim about being her husband.  The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department cited the man for trespassing. TMZ reports that he has now been released.
******What he meant was: he’s her FUTURE husband, which could be true!!!


Ripping The Tabloids (Throughout the week, we’ll give you the stories from that weeks tabs!)
**Please Credit Publication!

“Mission” Aborted!-(National Enquirer)

Ambitious Tom Cruise dared to shoot back-to-back “Mission:  Impossible” movies-but the superstar’s plan turned out to be just that, according to sources, who said the studio pulled the plug on the second flick after seeing the skyrocketing costs for the first!  The big-budget projects were days away from starting to film in 2020 when the pandemic hit, but co-producer and leading man Tom, 58, bravely soldiered on.  However, after the seventh installment in the series wrapped, insiders claimed the studio cried, “Cut!”  An industry spy says:  “The movie was costing a huge amount of money to make, and the studio wants to make sure it’s a surefire hit before committing to another film.  Tom’s sweating about it big-time.  He knows his whole career is riding on this.”

Spider-Man Itching For a Shaken Martini-(Globe)

Talk about a giant leap of faith!  Tom Holland, the “Spider-Man” star who started out playing ballet-boy “Billy Elliot” onstage at a tender 11, is now throwing his superhero mask into the 007 ring!  “….I mean, ultimately, as a young British lad who loves cinema, I’d love to be James Bond,” admits the 24-year-old A-lister.  “So, you know, I’m just putting that out there.  I look pretty good in a suit.”  Guess he’s after a license to thrill!

Paris & Carter:  Proposal in Paradise-(Us Weekly)

Paris Hilton received the sweetest present from boyfriend Carter Reum days before her 40th birthday:  an engagement ring!  On Feb. 17, the Simple Life alum confirmed Reum, also 40, popped the question during a tropical romantic getaway.  “When you find your soulmate, you don’t just know it.  You feel it,” she gushed, revealing the happy news.  “I said yes…..There’s no one I’d rather spend forever with.”

Miley’s #FREEBRITNEY Duet!-(Star)

Celebs from Bette Midler to Sarah Jessica Parker posted on social media to support Britney Spears after a recent  doc revealed disturbing details about a conservatorship that controls every aspect of the pop princess’ life.  Others, such as Perez Hilton and Justin Timberlake, publicly apologized for their part in making money off the 39-year-old’s misery.  But fellow former child star Miley Cyrus has a different idea how to help the mom-of-two in her legal battle to replace dad Jamie Spears as her conservator.  “Miley is hoping she and Britney can record a classic song together-an anthem like “Sisters Are Doin’ it for Themselves,” by Aretha Franklin and Annie Lennox, or “Enough Is Enough,” by Barbra Streisand and Donna Summer,” an insider says.  “She’s hoping to get Britney on board.”  That may be a challenge with the legal restrictions in place (Britney last released “Swimming in the Stars,” an off-cut from 2016’s Glory in 2020).  Still, says the insider, “It would be a smash hit.”

It’s a Boy!-(Life & Style)

Feb. 14

All about that baby!  Meghan Trainor and husband Daryl Sabara offered the world its first glimpse of their newborn son with coordinated Instagram posts.  “We are so in love,” raved the singer, who gave birth on Feb. 8-six days earlier than expected.  “Welcome to the world, Riley!”


“Will I ever make a movie again?  I’m not looking to.  But will I?  I don’t know.”-Cameron Diaz, on the possibility of returning to acting.

“Her Diana Ross-ness doesn’t hold a candle to her mom-ness.”-Tracee Ellis Ross, on her music icon mother.

“I can only be with people who are really looking, interested and asking questions, which is much easier to find when you’re younger because nobody knows anything and everything is new.”-Susan Sarandon, on being more interested in younger men.

Number of the Week-(In Touch)


-dollar cost of a pair of Kylie Jenner’s new Birkenstock sandals, made from Hermes Birkin bags.



Escaped Monkey Caught

Police in Ireland confirmed officers were called to the Dublin Zoo to help zookeepers recapture a macaque monkey that escaped from its enclosure.  The Garda Siochana, the Irish national police service, said officers were summoned to the Dublin Zoo when a Sulawesi crested macaque was found wandering outside of its habitat.  The zoo said the macaque was only loose for a short time before officials were able to safely return it to the enclosure. The monkey escaped about 5:30 a.m. Friday and never left zoo grounds before being recaptured, officials said.  The Dublin Zoo made headlines in January 2018, when it was revealed that three juvenile Sulawesi crested macaques had temporarily escaped their enclosure the previous October after a severe storm damaged the roof of the habitat.
*********Macaques are very clever that way!!!
********The monkey didn’t leave the zoo… it was a afraid of being mistaken for a leprechaun!!!
*******They celebrated by playing “Brass Monkey” by the Beastie Boys!!!

Cat Reunited After 15 Years

A stray cat found on a California resident’s porch was scanned for a microchip and reunited with her owner — 15 years after she went missing.  The Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control said Officer Luis Leal responded to a call recently about an injured stray cat on a Palmdale resident’s front porch, and Leal brought the feline to the Palmdale Animal Care Center.  The cat was treated for the unspecified injury and found to be in overall good health.  Officials scanned the feline for a microchip and found the information for an owner named Charles.  The department contacted Charles and was surprised to learn the cat, named Brandy, had been missing for 15 years.
**********Hey… you can do the same thing with husbands!!!
*******The cat’s been missing for 15 years, which means it’s down to its last life!!

Couple Finds Old Photo While Remodeling

A couple working on a remodeling project at their Wyoming home made a surprising discovery between a kitchen cabinet and the wall: a young girls’ baptism certificate from 1964.  Tricia Provence said she and her boyfriend, Billy Lytle, were working on a remodeling project in the kitchen of their Casper home when Lytle removed a kitchen cabinet and found an envelope.  “I don’t know how it got back there because it was between the cupboard and the wall, because it was sealed off,” Provence told the Oil City News.  The envelope contained a black-and-white photo of a young girl and a baptism certificate for Anne Elizabeth Ewing, who was born June 17, 1953, and was baptized at the First Christian Church in Casper on March 26, 1964.  The couple reached out to the church for help finding the certificate’s owner, but all they were able to find were the names of the girl’s parents, David and Caroline, and the names of her siblings, Robert Edward and Leslie. The family relocated to Oklahoma in 1965.  Online detectives think they may have found Anne Elizabeth Ewing living in Canada. Provence said she is now attempting to make contact to see if the items belong to the woman.
*********Wow.. 1964. That’s ancient!!!
*******All these years, she’s been trying to convince people that she was baptized!!!
TOPIC: What did YOU find when you started demo’ing an old house??

Duffel Bag Full Of Guns Found

Owners of a home in Arizona were gardening in their backyard on Sunday when they unearthed a disturbing find: a buried duffel bag filled with guns, authorities said.  The homeowners discovered the bag filled with rusted rifles and handguns while digging a hole near the fence in their yard to plant a tree, the Phoenix Police Department said. After realizing what the bag contained, they immediately called the police. The homeowners handed over the guns to detectives, who will investigate whether the firearms were used in any crimes, the department said.  Neighbor Yajaira Enriquez told FOX10 Phoenix that the discovery was “nerve-wracking” but also left a lot of questions unanswered.
*********Here’s our question: how do we get the rust off these guns, so we can use ’em??
*****You’ve got five minutes. Make up a story about how those guns got there!!
******If they want to sue the previous owners, they now have a lot of ammo!!!







Lesser-Known Facebook Privacy Settings You Should Double-Check Right Now

Huffington Post


  1. Your Cover Photo

You may already know that your Facebook profile photo is publicly available, but did you know your current cover photo is public, too? Your cover photo may reveal information about your location or circle of friends that you prefer to keep private.

Anyone can see your cover photo, regardless of whether they are members of Facebook or not. As Facebook explains, “Cover photos are public, which means anyone visiting your profile will be able to see them.” And there’s a lot of information that could be gleaned from that photo.

In the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s guide on protecting yourself on social media accounts, profile photo and images are flagged as a security risk. “In addition to metadata that might include the time and place the photo was taken, the image itself can provide some information,” the EFF states. “Before you choose a picture, ask: Was it taken outside your home or workplace? Are any addresses or street signs visible?”

Not only can anyone see your cover photo, but if your friends and family like it, that can inadvertently reveal who your close ties are.

Since the cover photo can only be public, interactions with it can, at best, be limited to just friends.

To limit who can comment on public posts such as your cover photo:
1. On a desktop computer, go to Settings & Privacy, then select Settings and go to Public Post Comments.
2. When you reach the question, “Who can comment on your public posts,” select Friends.

To do this on mobile:
1. Go to Settings & Privacy, then select Settings.
2. Scroll to Privacy, then select Public Posts.
3. Go to Public Post Comments and select Friends to limit who sees your public posts.

If you worry the information contained in your cover photo is too revealing, your best option may be to delete it. As one Facebook user complained in the site’s community help section, “There is so much information in the likes section of that photo! I shouldn’t have to delete it to keep that out of the public’s eyes. Trust me, I know how much damage can be done by just glancing at the likes on a photo.”

  1. Click on your profile and select Edit Cover Photo.
    2. Select Remove.

On mobile:
1. Click on your cover photo, select View Profile Cover.
2. Choose the option to Delete Photo.




  1. Your Likes

If your likes are set to public, they can not only reveal the movies and TV shows you enjoy, but also expose information about where you live. When I went through mine, I found I had liked local community organizations and restaurants that could reveal my frequent haunts to any random stranger.

To change your privacy settings on a desktop:

  1. Click your name to be redirected to your Facebook profile.
    2. Then click Moreand select Likes.
  2. Once you are looking at your likes, click on the three dots so that you can select Edit the Privacy of Your Likesand go through the categories one by one.



  1. Your Friends List

By default, your Facebook friends list is public. This can be a privacy risk, as too often, internet trolls go after the people around you to get to you. That’s why you should consider keeping your friends list more private.

To do this on desktop:
1. Go to Settings & Privacy, then select Settings.
2. Go to Privacy.
3. Select How People Find and Contact You and when you see the question, “Who can see your friends list,” you can choose between options like Specific FriendsFriends Except…Custom, or Only Me.

To do this on mobile:
1. Go to Settings & Privacy, then select Settings.
2. Go to Privacy Settings under Privacy.
3. Go to How People Find and Contact You and when you see the question, “Who can see your friends list,” you can choose between options like Specific FriendsFriends Except…Custom or Only Me.



  1. Your Search Engine Privacy Setting

Too often, hackers are able to find public profiles that have been indexed by search engines like Google. To limit how search engines like Google show your profile page, follow these steps:

On desktop:
1. Go to Settings & Privacy, select Settings, then Privacy.
2. Scroll down to the section of How People Find And Contact You.
3. There will be a question that asks, “Do you want search engines outside of Facebook to link to your profile?” Select No.

On mobile:
1. Go to Settings & Privacy, then select Settings.
2. Under Privacy, go to Privacy Settings.
3. There will be a question that asks, “Do you want search engines outside of Facebook to link to your profile?” You can toggle between a bar that is gray and means No, or you can click the bar and turn it blue which means Yes.

You will remain searchable within Facebook itself if you select “No,” though. As Facebook notes in its privacy checkup feature, “If you turn this off, your profile can still be found on Facebook if people search for your name.”

If these small steps have inspired you to take a longer look at your Facebook settings, use Facebook’s “Privacy Checkup” feature to learn more about your current privacy settings.

Going through the checkup will show you who can see what you share, who can look you up by your phone number and email address, whether you want Facebook to be able to recognize you in photos and videos, and more.

To find the privacy checkup on desktop:
1. Go to Settings & Privacy.
2. Select Privacy Checkup.

To conduct a checkup via mobile:
1. Go to Settings & Privacy.
2. Select Privacy Shortcuts, then click Review a few important privacy settings to be directed to the Privacy Checkup page.


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