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Born on this day!! Sportscaster Brent Musburger is 81. Drummer Garry Peterson of The Guess Who is 75. Singer Stevie Nicks is 72. Actor Philip Michael Thomas (“Miami Vice”) is 71. Actress Pam Grier is 71. Country singer Hank Williams Jr. is 71. Actress Margaret Colin is 62. Singer Dave Robbins (BlackHawk) is 61. Actor Doug Hutchison (“The Green Mile”) is 60. Actress Genie Francis (“General Hospital”) is 58. Comedian Bobcat Goldthwait is 58. Singer Lenny Kravitz is 56. Actress Helena Bonham Carter is 54. Drummer Phillip Rhodes of The Gin Blossoms is 52. Actor Joseph Fiennes (“Shakespeare in Love”) is 50. Singer Joey Kibble of Take 6 is 49. “South Park” co-creator Matt Stone is 49. Singer Lauryn Hill is 45. Bassist Nathan Cochran of MercyMe is 42. Actress Elisabeth Harnois (“CSI”) is 41. Actor Hrach Titizian (“Homeland”) is 41.


1521 – Martin Luther’s writings were banned by the Edict of Worms.
1868 – President Andrew Johnson avoided conviction for impeachment charges of “high crimes and misdemeanors” by one vote.
1940 – Allied troops began the massive naval evacuation of troops from Dunkirk, France, during World War II.
1959 – Pittsburgh Pirates’ Harvey Haddix pitched 12 perfect innings against the Milwaukee Braves before losing, 1–0, in the 13th.
1977 – George Willig, “the human fly,” scaled the World Trade Center in New York City by attaching himself to the window washer mechanism and walking straight up until falling into police custody when he reached the top. It took Willig three and a half hours to make the climb, and $1.10 in fines—a penny per floor.
1978 – The first legal casino to be operated in the United States outside of Nevada was opened in Atlantic City.
2003 – Rwandans voted to approve a new constitution that instituted a balance of power between Hutu and Tutsi.
2011 – Ratko Mladic, the former Bosnian Serb general responsible for the massacre of over 8,000 Muslims at Srebrenica in 1995, is found and arrested in Lazarevo, a farming town north of Belgrade, Serbia.

Today Is: National Chardonnay Day, National Paper Airplane Day, World Lindy Hop Day

Primetime TV (All Times Eastern)

CBS – 8:00 – NCIS  /  9:00 – FBI  /  10:00 – FBI Most Wanted
NBC – 8:00  – America’s Got Talent  /  10:00 – World Of Dance
ABC – 8:00 –  The Conners / 8:30 – The Conners / 9:00 – Modern Family  /  9:30 – Modern Family  /  10:00 – The Genetic Detective
FOX – 8:00 – Hell’s Kitchen  /  9:00 – Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours To Hell and Back
CW – 8:00 –  Stargirl  /  9:00 – DC Legends Of Tomorrow

TV Talk Shows

Jimmy Kimmel: Lisa Kudrow, Jacob Collier with Ty Dolla $ign & Mahalia
Jimmy Fallon: “Tonight Show” Staff Favorites, including Jennifer Lopez, Michelle Obama, Brad Pitt
Stephen Colbert: Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Christine and the Queens (R 5/7/20)
Seth Meyers: Rachel Maddow, Dylan McDermott, Rita Ora, Kelly Clarkson, Nikki Glaspie (R 2/1/18)
James Corden: Constance Wu, Neil Patrick Harris, Sheryl Crow (R 9/16/19)
Lilly Singh: Adam Rippon, Anna Camp (R 4/6/20)
Daily Show: Pre-empted
Conan: Russell Brand (R 4/15/20)
Watch What Happens Live: Pre-empted
The View: Terry Crews
The Talk: Luke Wilson, Lauren Lapkus, guest co-host Ukee Washington
Live with Kelly and Ryan: Keegan-Michael Key, Madison Beer, Vern Yip
Ellen DeGeneres: Howie Mandel, Sarah Cooper
Wendy Williams: Devyn Simone, Ashlee Glazer (R 10/14/19)
The Real: Guest host Eva Marcille
Kelly Clarkson: A new Message From Montana, repeat segments with Joel McHale, Grace Byers, Duff Goldman (R 3/23/20)
Tamron Hall: Janelle Monáe, Misty Copeland


WHAT ARE YOU TALKIN’ ABOUT? Here are today’s PPM-Friendly Topics!

QUESTION: How long has it been for YOU?? Because of COVID 19, many Americans haven’t seen or touched another human being for THREE MONTHS!!!!(???)


QUESTION: How risky IS the Elon Muck/SpaceX MANNED SPACE LAUNCH tomorrow?? NASA figured out the odds, and the crew says they’re “comfortable!”


QUESTION: Why is this parrot GIVING EVIDENCE IN A MURDER TRIAL?? Because… the bird heard the victim’s last words!! He’ll testify under oath??????


QUESTION: Do they know it’s just a COMIC BOOK?? These three boys were purposely bitten by a BLACK WIDOW SPIDER sp they’d become “SPIDER MEN!!!!”


QUESTION: Is this GOING TOO FAR??? People in a Staten Island supermarket ATTACK a woman for not wearing a mask, and drive her out of the store!!!!!!!!!!

John Krasinski Labeled As Sellout

ViacomCBS has acquired John Krasinski’s Some Good News program and plans to air a version of it across its television and digital platforms.  He will executive produce, but not host the show. It will be produced by Comedy Central Productions.  Following Viacom’s success in what The Hollywood Reporter called a “massive bidding war,” fans expressed disappointment with him, calling him a “sellout” profiting off his feel-good program that had been free online.  “This makes me feel like you’re a sellout. was this a money move? i really don’t understand,” one Twitter user wrote. “Your show could have just inspired them to share good news, not take what you started. it was easier to access SGN, not this network.”  “John Krasinski played us like a damn [fiddle] made a network and used his fame to sellout and make money during these hard times,” another wrote.  A third added: “remember when he created this free feel good YouTube show to ‘make people feel good’ and now he is…………….selling it for $$$? really cool, 100% honorable.”  While Krasinski will no longer host the show, he will maintain some kind of on-screen presence and will serve as the show’s executive producer, according to the announcement.
*******When he says “good news,” he means “I get paid!!”
*******We’re surprised!! We thought the only thing that qualified as “good news” at CBS was something like, “Trump just had a heart attack!!”
****John’s such a big star they’d probably broadcast his farts!! Which would smell better than this deal!!

Tyler Perry Wants To Reopen Studio

Rather than anxiously waiting for Hollywood’s green light, Tyler Perry is planning to make his Atlanta-based mega studio one of the first domestic filming grounds to reopen during the coronavirus pandemic.  Georgia has become known as the Hollywood of the South with a surge of film and TV production companies and several studios opening up over the past several years. The entertainment industry largely shuttered productions this past March because of safety concerns during the coronavirus pandemic. With Los Angeles County still under stay-at-home orders and production shutdown, some have been looking at Georgia with fresh eyes.  Perry was looking to restart production in July, although he said the health of actors and crew was a priority.  After Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp declared that nonessential businesses in the state could reopen in late April, Perry emerged with a strategic plan to reopen his massive 330-acre studio, which has become a production powerhouse rivaling Hollywood’s best.
*******Good for him!!! While the tough guys in Hollywood are hiding under their beds, he can rake it in!!
BY THE WAY, the only reason all this production has shifted to the south is that these are LOW TAX states that REIMBURSE the studios for up to 1/3 of their budgets for bringing the jobs in!! So these Californians are all about high taxes… unless it involves THEIR money!!

Queen Once Hid In The Bushes!

In a recent ITV documentary titled “Inside the Crown: Secrets of the Royals,” it was revealed that the Queen once ducked into a bush to avoid speaking with a particularly controversial palace guest — Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu.  The documentary details his 1978 trip to London with his wife Elena, per E! News, during which he was invited to a sit-down dinner with the royal family.  While the Queen, now 94, is no stranger to meeting with controversial world leaders, she seemed to be not too keen on this particular visit — as was the public.  “The press started to question the foreign secretary,” said journalist and filmmaker Robert Hardman in the doc. “Why are we inviting this monster to come to Britain?”  As is custom, the Queen and husband, Prince Philip, greeted Ceaușescu at London’s Victoria train station when the leader arrived before taking him and his wife to Buckingham Palace, the documentary explained.  “On the occasion when they were staying she took the corgis out for a walk in the palace gardens and she could see the Ceaușescus coming the other way,” said Hardman. “She thought, ‘I really can’t face talking to them,’ so the first and only time in her life, she actually hid in a bush in the palace gardens to avoid her guests.”
*******Why didn’t she just have them beheaded?? Would that be bad etiquette??
*******They heard a rustle in the bushes and said, “Who’s there??” She said, “Well, it’s not the Queen!!”
******Please tell us she was lying flat on her stomach!!

Meghan Believes There Was A Plan Against Her

Meghan Markle believed there was a “conspiracy” hatched against her by royals once she moved into Kensington Palace during her courtship with Prince Harry.  She began to fear the palace’s courtiers were out to harm her reputation due to her American style of management once the couple moved into Frogmore Cottage.  “She was convinced there was a conspiracy against her and so she basically put herself in self isolation when they moved to Frogmore,” a friend told The Sunday Times.  “I think she felt like an outsider from the start. This wasn’t the life she was used to and she wanted out.”  She also began to feel isolated and missed her mom and friends in LA.  One friend told The Sunday Times that Meghan’s financial independence was a driving force behind her and Harry’s decision to leave the royals and flee the UK for sunny California.  “One of the things Meghan struggled with was not earning an income,” said a friend. “She has always worked and I think she felt unfulfilled. Having financial freedom was a big part of them wanting to leave.
******Isn’t that why you marry into a family with BILLIONS?? To be financially secure??
*****Why do we feel it’s more about being a star???
****It kinda feels the other way ’round… like MEGHAN was the one with the plan!!

Kim and Kanye Celebrate Wedding Anniversary

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West celebrated their sixth wedding anniversary on Sunday and marked the occasion with an emotional post on social media.  “6 years down; forever to go,” Kardashian captioned a series of old photos of her with West. “Until the end.”  The romantic note comes amid rumors the stars are “at each other’s throats” during quarantine.   “Kim is getting stir crazy, as she’s used to being on the go. It’s also a lot of time alone with the kids for her,” a source claimed to The Sun earlier this month. “She is frustrated with Kanye and thinks he’s not pulling his weight in family responsibilities. They’ve been staying at opposite ends of the house to keep things civil.”
********”Opposite ends of house…” means “about a half-mile apart!!”
********Kanye gave her a nice anniversary gift: an autographed picture of HIM!!
******When she said, “I’m so lucky to be your wife,” he said, “I know, right???!!”

The Killers Restart Zoom Concert After Scribbles Appear

The Killers had to restart a performance Saturday night because someone — presumably a kid — began scribbling over their broadcast.  The band performed on the famed weekly Zoom party hosted by WME agent Richard Weitz, contributing a cover of Tom Petty’s “The Waiting.” But someone — assumed to be a small child — appeared to be using the drawing function on the iPad or other device they were using to beam in their performance, leaving the band increasingly covered in lines and silly squiggles.  Weitz called a halt to the show before they disappeared entirely, and restarted the song.  The session lived up to its reputation as the glitziest Zoom party in the world, with performances and conversations with Beck, Elvis Costello, Seal, Carlos Santana, Bryan Adams, Gloria Gaynor, Kenny Loggins and Barry Manilow.  Guests included Kevin Bacon, Clive Davis and Monica Lewinsky.
*******Eat your heart out, Kimmel!!
****NBC should cancel the Tonight Show and just broadcast this Zoom party!!
******It would be a great time to rob their houses, while they’re distracted!!

Tom Brady Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction

Tom Brady and Phil Mickelson took on Peyton Manning and Tiger Woods in a charity golf game on Sunday and it became one of the most talked-about subjects on social media. In the end, Tiger and Manning were able to win the competition and donated a lot of money to charity.  While Brady struggled to make key shots, he also appeared to struggle with his wardrobe. At one point during the match, Brady bent over to take his ball out of the cup and ended up splitting his pants right in front of the camera. The hilarious accident was heavily discussed on social media and after the event, Brady made sure to make a joke saying “Pants wanted in on social distancing I guess.”  See the pic HERE.
******One of the guys in the foursome said, “The rumors are right!! WE can see you’re a perfect a**hole!!”
TRUE: Tom hates “crack sweat!!” He made the Patriots center put a small towel in his ass so he wouldn’t have to see it!!
*******Gisele said, “I TOLD you not to wash those pants in hot water!!”


Ripping The Tabloids (Throughout the week, we’ll give you the stories from that weeks tabs!)
**Please Credit Publication!

Social Distancing I Dos For Yoakam & Joyce-(National Enquirer)

“Fast As You” singer Dwight Yoakam certainly took things slow when it came to love-he just announced his wedding to the woman he’s been seeing for ten years!  The country singer, 63, quietly wed photographer Emily Joyce in March at a church in Santa Monica.  The handful of attendees “were seated at least six feet from one another,” said Yoakam’s team.

Joe Bristles At His Stubble!-(Globe)

While male heartthrobs like grizzly Chris Pratt, Armie Hammer and Riverdale star KJ Apa are spending long lockdown days working up stubble, Sofia Vergara’s manly hubby, Joe Manganiello, is going against the grain!  The trend-dodging hunk finally banished his signature masculine bristle-proving it with a poolside snap of his virtually unrecognizable clean-shaven mug.  “Everyone’s growing a corona beard while you shave off yours,” snips a sharp-eyed fan, while others observe how the 43-year-old now resembles some other famous faces.  “You look like Gary Busey’s good looking brother here,” says a follower, while another gushes:  “OMG I thought you were Hugh Grant for a second!”

No Date Nights?-(Us Weekly)

No problem?  “One of the reasons I fell in love with Kym is she’s just so much fun,” Robert Herjavec, 57, says about staying home with wife Kym Johnson, 43, while promoting Celebrity Watch Party.  “We appreciate the time together.”

Celebrity Homeschoolers:  Hilaria Baldwin-(Star)

Hunkered down in New York’s posh Hamptons with hubby Alec Baldwin, the Mom Brain podcast cohost, 36, “was always very anti any kind of app or any kind of electronic device,” she’s said.  But now that the yogi has to homeschool kids Carmen, 6, Rafael, 4, and Leonardo, 3 (toddler Romeo is 2 years old), she’s learned her lesson.  “I was like, ‘Pencil and paper only!’  [Then] I realized I have to go with the flow.”

Throwback!  Eva Longoria-(Life & Style)

She’s considered to be one of the most beautiful women in the world, but growing p the youngest of four sisters in Corpus Christi, Texas, Eva didn’t always feel so confident.  “All my sisters were light blondes with hazel eyes,” the Desperate Housewife has said.  “I was the only one with black hair and dark skin.  They used to call me ugly duckling!”

Going Public:  Ariana Grande & Dalton Gomez-(People)

On May 8 Grande, 26, and pal Justin Bieber released their new duet “Stuck with U,” and its video features a special cameo:  Grande’s new real estate agent boyfriend.  The pair began dating earlier this year and are social distancing together in LA.

Mission of the Week-(In Touch)

Tom’s Ready For Blastoff!

Tom Cruise is reaching for the stars.  Literally.  The actor, 57, has been tapped to film the first narrative feature film to be shot in outer space.  “We’re excited to work with Tom Cruise on a film aboard the International Space Station,” NASA’s Jim Bridenstine said in a statement.  The action star has long prided himself on doing his own jaw-dropping stunts, but this truly is risky business.  What if, in the course of his travels, the Scientologist encounters the evil galactic dictator Xenu?!



Robot Dog Herds Sheep

A U.S. engineering firm and a New Zealand software company are testing out a robotic dog’s abilities to emulate its biological counterparts with a traditional canine task: herding sheep.  Robotics company Rocos is using Spot, a robotic dog developed by Massachusetts-based Boston Dynamics, to herd sheep on New Zealand farms.  Rocos said its software allows Spot to be controlled remotely as it herds the sheep through sometimes-difficult and mountainous terrain.  “The age of autonomous robots is upon us,” Rocos chief executive David Inggs said. “Our customers are augmenting their human workforces to automate physical processes that are often dull, dirty, or dangerous. Organizations can now design, schedule and manage inspection missions remotely.”  See the video HERE.
*******The sheep are thinking, “RUN! It’s a killer robot!!”
******The robot dogs are very realistic!! They even sniff each others’ butts!!
******When he drags his butt across your carpet, he tears up your floor!!

Man Loses Stimulus Check At The Car Wash

An employee at a North Carolina car wash found a $1,200 IRS stimulus check in the trash at work and was able to track down its rightful recipient with the help of his daughter.  Antonio Hernandez found the COVID-19 stimulus check bearing the name Charles Thompson in the trash while working at Evans Street Car Wash in Greenville.  Hernandez enlisted the help of his daughter, Michelle Alvarado, to find the check’s rightful owner. The address listed on the mailed check turned out to be Thompson’s former residence, but Alvarado was able to find contact information for the Army veteran.  “I never thought I was going to get a check, because of moving in the past year and my address not changing, and out of the blue Michelle told me she found it at this car wash,” Thompson told WITN-TV.  He said the check finding its way back to him was a miracle.
********The fact that ANYBODY got a check from the government is a miracle!!!
*******Now that the money has been through the car wash, it’s officially “laundered!!

Salad Bar Filled With Beer and Energy Bars

A Missouri-based grocery store chain is finding creative ways to use its closed-down salad bars, with stores using them as beer and liquor bars, cereal bars and even an “energy bar.”  Dierbergs Markets, based in Chesterfield, Mo., said its stores closed all salad bars due to COVID-19 concerns in March, and the bars sat bare until Rick Rodemacher, store director of the location in Manchester, Mo., decided to stock the one at his store with other items.  “He tried other fresh food items at first but when that wasn’t really working he came up with the idea to place beer cans in the empty space,” Dierbergs Markets said in a statement provided to UPI. “It started with beer cans and liquor bottles. Other have done their own versions. We now have a tiki bar, cereal bar and energy bar.”  A photo of the Manchester store’s booze-filled salad bar — with the word “salad” crossed out on signs so they just read “bar” — went viral after being shared on social media by customer Stephanie Hadfield.
********At this point, liquor’s better for ya!!
******Does the beer bar have a sneeze shield??
*****Didn’t anyone think of a “candy bar??”

Is There A Monkey On The Loose In Massachusetts?

A Massachusetts animal hospital shared a witness’ blurry photo of a mystery animal that the photographer said appeared to be a monkey on the loose.  Shawsheen Animal Hospital in Tewksbury posted a photo to Facebook that was snapped by a member of the public who spotted what they believed to be a monkey wandering near the clinic.  “If you see this animal call the Tewksbury Police immediately!” the post said. “DO NOT touch the monkey!! Monkeys can be dangerous and can carry Herpes B virus, which can be fatal to humans.”  Dr. Michele Caruso of Shawsheen Animal Hospital said hospital staff members expressed disbelief when police contacted them to ask about the sighting.  “They asked us if we had potentially seen a monkey or lost a monkey. We laughed. We thought they were joking. They said, ‘No, there’s been a monkey sighted on your property,'” Caruso told WBZ-TV.  Tewksbury police said the animal in the photo has not been identified. Officers searched the area on ATVs and by using camera drones, but the animal could not be found.  See the video HERE.
******Great advice!!! NEVER “touch the monkey!!”
******Turned out to be a 6-year-old who needed a shave!!







9 Myths About Wearing Sunscreen, Explained By Dermatologists

Huffington Post


Myth #1: The SPF protection of foundation or face cream is enough

Unfortunately, for many people this isn’t true.

Dermatologist Jessica Weiser said, “Generally, makeup contains SPF 15-25 and is not applied in adequate quantities to provide even the amount of sun protection advertised on the bottle. To properly protect against the sun, a standalone sunscreen with broad-spectrum UVA/UVB coverage and an SPF of 30 or higher should be applied underneath makeup.”

Yannis Alexandrides, a plastic surgeon who founded a line of skin products, added the only way makeup would provide enough protection would be to layer so much that it’d be impossible to look presentable. “You need around eight times the normal amount of foundation to get the correct sun protection, which isn’t realistic or good for your skin,” he said.


Myth #2: You don’t need sunscreen in the winter

Another common myth is that you only need to wear sunscreen when it’s warm and the sun is out in full force. But UV rays are present at all times during the day, and it’s important to wear sunscreen year-round: “The only time that skin is not exposed to UV is after sunset and before sunrise when it is dark outside,” Weiser said.

It’s just as important to wear SPF in the winter as it is in the summer.

Michelle Wong, a chemist and content creator at Lab Muffin, explains further: “While there will be less UV [in colder months], your skin might still be susceptible to UV damage, especially if you have very pale skin or a family history of skin cancer,” she told HuffPost.

Dennis Gross, a dermatologist with a background in cancer research, adds that UV rays penetrate clouds and windows. So wearing sunscreen 365 days a year, indoors and outdoors, is essential. Plus, sun damage is cumulative, so even if you don’t see the damage now, you will eventually.

“Even on a cloudy day, 80% of the sun’s harsh effects will still reach your skin,” Alexandrides said, adding, “It’s important to remember that white snow is a great reflector and the sun’s rays are even harsher up at altitude, so it’s vital to apply an SPF with a factor of 50 when skiing, too.”


Myth #3: Apply the same amount of sunscreen as you would your regular face cream

How much you apply is one of the most important factors in using sunscreen, and unfortunately, most people do not apply enough.

Depending on national regulations, you might read different explanations for how much you need to apply. The variation is based on skin cancer rates in those countries, as well as manufacturing regulations for sunscreen. The United States, Australia and the United Kingdom, for example, all describe their regulations differently.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, the recommended dose for sunscreen is 1 ounce (or 2 teaspoons) for the whole body; the National Health Service in the U.K. recommends 2 teaspoons for the head, face and arms; and the Cancer Council in Australia recommends 1 teaspoon for each arm, leg, body front, body back and face, which equates to a total of about 7 teaspoons for a full body application.


Myth #4: Applying once in the morning is enough

Have you ever noticed that sunscreen labels mention to reapply after two hours, or after water exposure or sweating? Weiser explains that though sunscreen lasts for two hours on dry skin, it lasts only 40 to 80 minutes on wet skin. On any day that you spend time outdoors, you must reapply at least every two hours.

Think of your sun protection as a film over your face, Wong said. “This film slowly breaks down over the course of the day as you sweat, produce oils and so on, just like how foundation bunches up during the day.”


Myth #5: You can mix sunscreen with your face cream or foundation

That’s a risk for many reasons: You are likely not applying enough of the sunscreen to have adequate protection and you’re potentially diluting the active ingredients and lowering its efficacy, Weiser said. Instead, she recommends layering each product properly, applying your sunscreen last and, once that’s dry, adding your foundation.

Gross said that physical sunscreens can be mixed with foundation to diminish any ashy-ness, but it’s not ideal to do so. “Mixing sunscreen with non-SPF face cream or foundation can diminish the SPF factor,” he said.


Myth #6: Sunscreen protection is cumulative, so SPF 20 and SPF 30 provide the protection of SPF 50

This is somewhat true, but in reality, it’s probably best to apply two layers of the same product, Wong advised. It would only work cumulatively if the two layers were applied evenly, but it’s impossible to do so without wiping some of the first layer off.

Adding different SPFs to each other will not produce a cumulative increase in protection.

“The numbers in SPF are not cumulative because each product blocks a certain percentage of UVB,” Weiser said. “Applying an SPF 20 followed by an SPF 30 would give the same protection as applying SPF 30 alone.”


Myth #7: If you don’t burn without using SPF, you’re OK

Tanning is essentially your cells dying – that’s why your skin is turning brown or red. Doesn’t sound too healthy now, does it?

“There’s no such things as a safe tan,” Weiser said. “Any tan is a sign of accumulated UV damage to the skin cells.”

“A tan is potential damage to your skin and your body is reacting to sun damage,” said dermatologist Sandra Lee (aka Dr. Pimple Popper). “Your skin can experience sun damage that you cannot see, leading to early signs of aging, hyperpigmentation and potentially skin cancer. That is the dark side of tanning!”


Myth #8: A low SPF is enough

This depends on your skin’s sensitivity to sun and how much UV you’re exposed to, Wong said.

Gross has an easy test: If your skin turns pink in the sun with the current SPF you’re using, then you need to up your SPF factor. “I recommend SPF 30 to be safe. SPF 30 is sufficient to protect collagen and keep skin looking younger, in addition to protecting against skin cancer,” he said.


#9: Sunscreen can cause cancer

This one can’t be called a myth quiet yet, as more studies need to be done. But here’s what we know now: At this point, there isn’t enough scientific evidence to suggest that sunscreen can cause cancer. A recent study found that oxybenzone, a common ingredient in chemical sunscreen, stays in people’s bloodstream for 21 days, but that hasn’t been directly linked to cancer.

David Strauss, head of the division of applied regulatory science at the FDA, recently advised that “just because a sunscreen’s active ingredient, or some other type of ingredient, is absorbed, does not mean it’s unsafe.”

But if you want to play it safe, Gross recommends avoiding the ingredient oxybenzone. But keep wearing sunscreen!

Simply put, “It is much more likely that you will get skin cancer not wearing sunscreen rather than get cancer from wearing sunscreen,” Lee said.


The preceding material was compiled and edited by Brandon Castillo.  The Editor-In-Chief is Gary Bryan.  The Radio Genius Show Prep Service is licensed for use on-air only by subscribing radio stations.  Other means of redistribution is forbidden.
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