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Born on this day!!  Actor Ruta Lee (“High Rollers,” “What’s My Line?”) is 88. Actor Keir Dullea (“2001: A Space Odyssey”) is 87. Guitarist Lenny Davidson of The Dave Clark Five is 79. Actor Stephen Tobolowsky (“Groundhog Day,” ″Sneakers”) is 72. Actor Colm Meaney (“Star Trek: The Next Generation”) is 70. Actor Ted McGinley (“Hope and Faith,” ″Married… With Children”) is 65. Actor Ralph Carter (“Good Times”) is 62. Actor-filmmaker Tonya Pinkins (“All My Children”) is 61. Country singer Wynonna Judd is 59. Guitarist Tom Morello of Audioslave and Rage Against the Machine is 59. Actor Mark Sheppard (“Supernatural”) is 59. Film director Antoine Fuqua (“Training Day,” “The Replacement Killers”) is 58. Actor John Ross Bowie (“Speechless,” ″The Big Bang Theory”) is 52. Guitarist Patrick Dahlheimer of Live is 52. Singer-actor Idina Menzel is 52. Singer Cee Lo Green (Gnarls Barkley, Goodie Mob) is 48. Rapper Remy Ma is 43. Guitarist James Smith of Underoath is 41. Actor Javicia Leslie (“God Friended Me”) is 36. Actor Sean Giambrone (“The Goldbergs”) is 24. Actor Jared Gilmore (“Once Upon a Time,” ″Mad Men”) is 23.



1431 – Joan of Arc was burned at the stake as a heretic.
1536 – King Henry VIII of England married his 3rd wife, Jane Seymour, 11 days after he had his 2nd wife, Anne Boleyn executed.
1911 – The first Indianapolis 500 was won by Ray Harroun.
1922 – The Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC, was dedicated by Chief Justice William Howard Taft.
1998 – An earthquake in Northern Afghanistan (and subsequent aftershocks) killed an estimated 5,000 and injured at least 1,500. A quake on Feb. 4 in the same area had killed about 2,300.

Today Is: Indianapolis 500 Anniversary, Loomis Day, Memorial Day (Traditional), Mint Julep Day, National Creativity Day, National Marina Day   (On Memorial Day), World MS Day (Multiple Sclerosis

Primetime TV (All Times Eastern)

CBS – 8:00 – FBI / 9:00 – FBI International / 10:00 – FBI Most Wanted
NBC – 8:00 – America’s Got Talent  / 10:00 – Hot Wheel: Ultimate Challenge
ABC – 8:00 – Celebrity Wheel Of Fortune  /  9:00 – Celebrity Jeopardy / 10:00 – The Game Show Show
FOX – 8:00 – Beat Shazam  /  9:00 – Don’t Forget The Lyrics
CW – 8:00 – Superman and Loris / 9:00 – Gotham Knights

TV Talk Shows

Jimmy Kimmel: Salma Hayek Pinault, Billy Crudup, Justine Skye (R 1/30/23)
Jimmy Fallon: Jennifer Aniston, Sarah Snook, Preacher Lawson (R 3/21/23)
Stephen Colbert: Nick Kroll, Rep. Jim Himes, Daniel Kwan & Daniel Scheinert (R 3/6/23)
Seth Meyers: Leslie Jones, Rosie Perez (R 1/16/23)
James Corden: Bradley Whitford, Camila Mendes, Tai Verdes (R 9/12/22)
Watch What Happens Live: Pre-empted
Daily Show: Pre-empted
The View: Asa Hutchinson
The Talk: Tracey Bregman (R 1/24/23)
Live with Kelly and Mark: Josh Groban, Ronald Gladden, Scott Keyes, “Live’s ‘American Idol’ Encore” winner Colin Stough
Kelly Clarkson: Hannah Waddingham, Reid Scott
Tamron Hall: Vanessa Williams, Trixie Mattel, Chapel Hart
Drew Barrymore: Fat Joe, Nick Kroll, Jurnee Smollett (R 9/29/22)
Jennifer Hudson: Magic Johnson, Mickey Guyton (R 9/13/22)

WHAT ARE YOU TALKIN’ ABOUT? Here are today’s PPM-Friendly Topics!

QUESTION: Did YOU scratch up your ex’s car after the breakup?? Did you cut up his clothes?? This “relationship expert” says you should NOT feel guilty!!! Uh.. why?


QUESTION: Think it’s FUN being a celebrity?? BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH doesn’t! His London house was ATTACKED by a chef (?) who threatened to BURN IT DOWN!! Huh? 


QUESTION: Did JEWEL’S version of the National Anthem at the Indy 500 “verge on disrespectful??” Or is she just a patriotic cowgirl doing her best???? You decide!!

QUESTION: Why do they call this guy the “airport dad??” And why are all the women WANT TO MARRY HIM?? Is THIS what women REALLY want?? Could be!!!!!!

QUESTION: How do you know you’ve got TOO MUCH TIME ON YOUR HANDS? When you’re freaking out over Chris Hemsworth’s PENIS in a workout video! Fans??
Chris Hemsworth

King Charles III Pays Tribute To Tina Turner By Having The Welsh Guards Play “The Best”

******Prince William says teh song has “special meaning” for him, because he sang it many times on car trips with his mother, Princess Diana!!
****He also revealed that Tina’s legs made him go into puberty at an early age!!
*****Also, Jazmin Grinaldi, Princess Grace of Monaco’s granddaughter, shared video of a rendition of “Proud Mary” at the Monaco Grand Prix!!
******If Tina had known how many people would do tributes for her, she would lived another couple of years!!

The “Brady Bunch” House Is On The Market For $5.5 Million

*****It’s the house that was used for EXTERIOR shots!! The show was filmed on a sound stage!! Come on, people!!
****They HAVE remodeled the interior to resemble TV set.. and you do get the tacky 70s furnishings!!!
*****The house is owned by HGTV, which did a show about the remodeling!!
*****Let’s put it this way: This house, in this neighborhood, would normally go for about $1.5 million. So.. buyer, beware!!

Celine Dion Cancels The Remaining Dates On Her World Tour Due To “Stuff Person Syndrome”

*****She’s trying to get better, but it’s an incurable neurological condition.
*****The best hope is that doctors can get it under control so that she can function normally…

The Little Mermaid Remake Rakes In $117 Million Over The Weekend; 5th-Best Memorial Day Opening

*******That’s a lot of money.. but the Disney accountants say the movie is still “underwater!!”
******There was some controversy about casting a black actress as Ariel, but she got so prune-y during the filming, it’s hard to tell WHAT color she is!!
******This gives the producers a chance to say, “See? We’re virtuous!! You suck!!”
******She was trying to beat 2007’s “Pirates of the Caribbean: World’s End,” but that raked in $140 million.. meaning the Pirates had more booty than the mermaid!!
TOPIC: How do the live-action remakes compare to the original classics??
LATEST CONTROVERSY: Gay groups are pissed that the makeup artist for the movie is STRAIGHT! They say since Ursula was inspired by drag queen Devine, only a gay person should do her makeup!! GET THE STORY HERE!!

Billie Eilish Calls Out Trolls Over Her Fashion Choices

********Trolls didn’t like it when she was “boyish,” and now they think her feminine looks are a “sellout.”
******This is obviously a huge issue. The UN just called an emergency session!!
TIP for Billie: If you don’t want to read what a-holes write, stay off social media. And don’t read the LA Times!!



Last Laughs-(In Touch)

“Due to a failed jalapeno crop, a sriracha shortage is looming, meaning sriracha could soon be as hard to find as it is to spell.”-Stephen Colbert.

“Tupperware has warned that they are facing bankruptcy.  Apparently someone borrowed all of their inventory and never gave it back.”-Jimmy Fallon.

“Paris residents voted to ban electric scooters from the city, which is wise because it’s hard to fall in love with someone once you’ve seen them ride a scooter.”-Seth Meyers.



Which song were you surprised to hear in the grocery store??



Senior Prank Lists High School For Sale On Zillow For $42,069

*********They listed it as a “half-working jail.” Good description!!
********15 bathrooms with sewage issues!! A private basketball court!!! Sounds like a steal!!
****The kids were praised for “incredibly creative advertising!!”
*****It’s generated so much attention, the district might just consider offers!!
TOPIC: Did you ever pull a senior prank??

New Zealand Pizza Chain Will Let You Pay For Food After You Die By Amending Your Will

See the video HERE
********It’s called “Hell’s Pizza,” because that’s where you’ll be when you pay!!
*******They call it the “AfterLife Pay” program!!!
*******You’ll know you went to hell if you keep getting pizza.. but every slice is piled high with anchovies!!
*******The best way for them to collect is to give you food poisoning!!

Georgia DMV Reminds People To Wear Clothes In Their Digital Driver’s License Photos

*******It’s good to do things online, but let’s keep it classy!!
****Georgia is full of people you do NOT want to see naked!!
******In this state, you can now keep your license in your Apple Wallet when traveling, because.. what could go worng??

Washington, DC Man Fighting To Keep His Transformers Statues In His Yard

*****Alright, Mr. President, if that’s what you want!!!!
*******This guy is actually a brain surgeon, and he paid for massive statues of Bumblebee and Optimus Prime (true)!!!
********When his neighbors complained, the Public Safety Committee held a hearing, and Peter Cullen, the voice of Optimus Prime, testified on his behalf!!
*****hey ruled against him and ordered the statues removed, but he vows to fight on!! His next step: spreading a few bribes around (It IS Washington, DC!!)!

BONUS PIC: This WEIRD Las Vegas supermarket sells TATTOOED CHICKENS!! Why!!!!!!!!
In the video, viewers can spot the tattooed turkey laying on top of a plate of lettuce.








9 Things You Should Never Say To Kids At Mealtime


“Finish your broccoli, then you can have dessert.”

Bargains like these, which therapist Alissa Rumsey, author of Unapologetic Eating, refers to as “food negotiations,” are meant to encourage kids to eat healthy foods. The problem, Rumsey says, is that “this reinforces disconnected eating.” You’re getting your kid to eat the broccoli, but not because their body wants it. This isn’t the kind of eating you want to encourage, whether the food being consumed is vegetables or cake.

“That’s enough pasta, eat some more fruit instead.”

Here, your child is putting food on their plate because their body is telling them to. Maybe they’re still hungry, the pasta is delicious, or both!  “Creating environments where kids can tune into their own inner body wisdom will set them up for success in discovering what self-trust and satisfaction looks like for them,” said Rumsey.  By telling them to pivot to another “cleaner” or “healthier” food, you’re inadvertently telling them not to listen to their body.

“Look who finished cleaning their plate first!”

Many of us were raised to be a member of the clean plate club. Motivating speeches often included mention of hungry children on another continent. But the reality is that our kids have plenty to eat, and imploring them to keep going encourages the same kind of disconnected eating as forcing them to finish their broccoli before dessert.

“Don’t waste food!”

As tempting as it is to scream this when you watch your child pour a mountain of cereal you know he’ll never finish, this phrase encourages kids to finish what’s on their plate not because of their body’s hunger cues, but in order to avoid throwing the food away.  If your kids are learning to serve themselves and need help figuring out what a reasonable portion size looks like, you can offer, “Why don’t you start with this much, and then you can always come back for more if you want it.”

“You have to try one bite.”

We all want our kids to be open to trying new foods. And if that food happens to have been prepared by a relative for a special occasion, then we ourselves may be feeling some pressure to show our family’s gratitude. But there are a couple of reasons not to try to force a child to eat — anything at all, no matter how small the portion.  First, it sets up a power struggle you can never win. Are you really going to make your kid remain at the table, alone, staring down that one spear of asparagus?  Second, you don’t want to get them in the habit of letting others tell them what to eat, or how much. They may be safe now listening to your commands, but what about in the future, when the directives are coming from some stranger on social media?

“French fries will make us fat/are bad for us.”

“We don’t want kids to think of food as bad or good,” said Jillian Lampert, Ph.D., an eating disorder specialist with Veritas Collaborative.  If they are taught that a certain food is “bad,” kids may feel they need to “eat it in secret, hide the evidence, binge it, and feel shame for eating it,” said Williams.  And while you may think that you’re limiting your negative comments to the food in question, kids will quickly connect the dots between what’s being eaten and who is doing the eating. If fries are bad, for example, your child may feel like they are bad for eating or liking fries.

“I was good today, so I deserve a second helping.”

This takes the moralizing one step further, from a label you’ve applied to certain foods and extending it to your own worth.  Statements like these “imply that food is meant to be earned or our bodies are meant to be changed,” said Rumsey.  And while you may think that by limiting your comments to your own body, you’re protecting your kid, but that’s not how it works.  “Even if you don’t comment on your kid’s food or weight, they are watching you and listening to how you speak to yourself, they internalize this,” said Rumsey.

“I ate cookies earlier, so I’m only going to let myself have salad now.”

Without even using the words “good” or “bad,” here, you’re conflating cookies with wrongness and salad with punishment. You’re also teaching your child that what they ate earlier that day, not their body’s hunger cues, should dictate what they eat now.  You might be wondering what exactly you can say to your kids at the table, or if it’s even safe to talk about food at all. But keeping food talk neutral doesn’t mean you can’t mention what’s on your plate — only that you do so without moralizing.  When it comes to family mealtimes, explained Lampert, “let’s enjoy each other and the connection, not just make it all about the food.”


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