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Born on this day!! Country singer Johnny Carver is 80. Former Beatles drummer Pete Best is 79. Actor-comedian Billy Connolly is 78. Singer Lee Michaels is 75. Actor Dwight Schultz (“Star Trek: Voyager,” “The A-Team”) is 73. Actor Stanley Livingston (“My Three Sons”) is 70. Drummer Clem Burke of The Romantics and of Blondie is 66. Record producer/musician Terry Lewis (The Time) is 64. Actor Denise Crosby (“Star Trek: The Next Generation”) is 63. Actor Shae D’Lyn (“Dharma and Greg”) is 58. Guitarist John Squire of the Stone Roses is 58. Guitarist Gary Stonadge of Big Audio Dynamite is 58. Actor Garret Dillahunt (“Raising Hope”) is 56. Actor Conleth Hall (“Game of Thrones”) is 56. Comedian Brad Sherwood (“Whose Line Is It Anyway?”) is 56. Actor Scott Krinksy (“Chuck”) is 52. Guitarist Chad Taylor of Live is 50. Actor Lola Glaudini (“Criminal Minds”) is 49. Comedian- actor Stephen Merchant is 46. Actor Colin Hanks (“Life in Pieces,” ″Roswell”) is 43. Actor Katherine Heigl (“Grey’s Anatomy,” ″Roswell”) is 42. Actor Sarah Hyland (“Modern Family”) is 30.


1859 – Darwin’s Origin of Species was published.
1642 – Abel Tasman discovered Van Diemen’s land, later renamed Tasmania.
1871 – The National Rifle Association was incorporated.
1874 – Joseph Farwell Glidden patented barbed wire.
1963 – Jack Ruby shot Lee Harvey Oswald, JFK’s accused assassin, in the garage of Dallas police headquarters.
1971 – D. B. Cooper parachuted from a Northwest Airlines flight with $200,000.

Today Is: Brownielocks Day, Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day, D.B. Cooper Day

Primetime TV (All Times Eastern)

CBS – 8:00 – NCIS  /  9:00 – FBI  /  10:00 – The FBI Declassified
NBC – 8:00  – The Voice  /  9:00 – This Is Us  /  10:00 – Transplant
ABC – 8:00 –  The Bachelorette  /  10:00 – Big Sky
FOX – 8:00 – Cosmos  /  9:00 – Next
CW – 8:00 –  Gilmore Girls Special

TV Talk Shows

Jimmy Fallon: Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski, Paul Bettany, Internet Money featuring Gunna, Don Toliver and Nav
Stephen Colbert: Barack Obama
Seth Meyers: Amy Adams, Adam Davidson
James Corden: Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russell
Conan: Conan in Korea (R 4/9/16)
Watch What Happens Live: Pre-empted
Live with Kelly and Ryan: Hugh Grant, Mark Consuelos, the winner and runner-up of “Dancing with the Stars”
Ellen DeGeneres: Jake Tapper, Dierks Bentley, Tig Notaro
The Real: John Ridley, Queen Naija
Kelly Clarkson: Debbie Allen, Mandy Moore

WHAT ARE YOU TALKIN’ ABOUT? Here are today’s PPM-Friendly Topics!

QUESTION: Could this be the new permanent host?? “Jeopardy” announces that champion KEN JENNINGS will be filling in as first interim host after Trebek’s passing!!


QUESTION: Are people actually CELEBRATING THANKSGIVING?? Turkeys are selling at the usual pace all over America!!! Come on over, granny… LET’S PARTY!!!!!


QUESTION: Is he the FLORIDA MAN of the week?? This golfer jumped in water to pry his little dog from the jaws of a gator.. and never even lost his CIGAR!!!!!!!!!!!!


QUESTION: Do parents really have a FAVORITE CHILD?? After the Queen reveals HER fave on “The Crown,” these parents were surveyed to see if THEY have a favorite!!


QUESTION: Ever FALL ASLEEP ON THE JOB?? This Chicago Subway worker did… and she fell FACE FIRST into the sandwich she was making?? Extra toppings???
A video of the bizarre moment, which was believed to have been filmed in a Subway store in Chicago, was uploaded to TikTok on November 16. It has been watched over 12 million times as viewers found the video both funny and heartbreaking to watch

Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell Open Up About Love

Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell recalled on Monday’s episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show how they fell in love on the set of the 1984 film Swing Shift.  They have been together for over 35 years and have one child together, son Wyatt Russell. Hawn also has a daughter, Kate Hudson, and son, Oliver Hudson, with her ex-husband Bill Hudson, while Russell has a son, Boston Russell, with his ex-wife, Season Hubley.  On Ellen, Hawn said Russell impressed her with how good he was with her kids.  “I remember about Kurt — not only being really sexy and handsome and all that stuff and fun and whatever, a good co-star — I loved the way he looked at my children. It was really something special,” she said.  “He’s good at that. He’s good with kids,” she added. “I kind of went, ‘Oh my God, this is amazing.'”  Russell also recalled the first time he saw Hawn on set. The actor had spent a late night out with his dad and came on set to sleep in an office. When he woke up for work, he saw Hawn.  “I went through the door and the first thing I saw was Goldie. Immediately, it just came at me. I said, ‘Wow, you have a great figure,'” Russell said. “I’d never associated that with Goldie. She kind of looked at me and smiled. I said, ‘Yes, let’s sit down and go to work.'”  Hawn previously said in an interview with the ITV talk show Loose Women in 2016 that she and Russell made a conscious decision to never legally marry.  “Marriage is an interesting, psychological thing. If you need to feel bound to someone, then it’s important to be married. If you have independence … there’s something psychological about not being married,” she said.
********It also helps to be financially independent!! Remember that, girls!!
******If you love someone, set them free!! If they don’t come back to you, hunt their ass down!!
*****If Alanis Morissette had this attitude, she never would have had a hit album!!! You gotta be bitter sometimes!!

Tyler Perry Donations Cause Long Lines

Tyler Perry donated food and money to thousands of needy people in his community of Atlanta, Ga. ahead of Thanksgiving.   He announced on Thursday that Tyler Perry Studios, his Atlanta-based film and TV hub, was going to be giving away non-perishable food items as well as $25 gift cards to the first 5,000 families in need who drove through.   “We are excited to announce the #TPSGiving Food Giveaway event on Sunday, November 22nd from 8:00am to 12:00pm,” a tweet from the studio read. “During this drive-up event we will be distributing non-perishable food items and gift cards to people who are in need during this holiday season. See you there!”  The event began at 8 a.m. local time and the studio said it was already out of food by 10 a.m. At one point, the line of people looking to take Perry up on his offer stretched for 5 miles south of downtown Atlanta. Fox 5 reporter Emilie Ikeda tweeted that people began lining up at 3 p.m. the previous day to ensure their spot.
********Hey, if you’re handing out free food, WE’LL get in line!!
******They gave 5,000 fresh turkeys… and 100 jive-ass turkeys!!!
******He was shocked when he saw Chris Rock in line!!!

The Rock Won’t Concede Sexiest man Title

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson poked fun at Michael B. Jordan in a recent Instagram post about the 2020 “Sexiest Man Alive.”  People announced last week that Jordan, the “Creed” and “Black Panther” star, was named this year’s sexiest man. Johnson was previously given the accolade in 2016 and made the list again in 2020, but ranked lower than Jordan.  In a post on Instagram over the weekend, the Rock talked about his recent interview with the magazine and congratulated Jordan on his win before saying that he was not giving up the title he won in 2016.   “Fun talkin’ about ‘living each day to the fullest’ in @people’s SEXIEST MAN ALIVE issue. Congrats to my brother @michaelbjordan on the new sexy crown,” Johnson wrote.  He added: “I CONCEDE NOTHING.“
*****He’s right… it looks like fraud!! Massive fraud!!
******Joe Biden is demanding that Michael B. Jordan concede, so HE can transition to Sexiest Man Alive!!
******Meanwhile, Ellen says, “I can be the sexiest man if I want to!!” No one is arguing!!!

Jason Momoa Surprises Sick Fan

Jason Momoa surprised a cancer-stricken fan with a Facetime call after video of the little boy unwrapping an “Aquaman” toy went viral. A clip of their touching conversation currently has over 600,000 likes on Instagram.  “So I just wanted to say thank you to the community, friends and family on Instagram for reaching out and showing me this beautiful boy Danny who is going through chemo and has cancer,” wrote Momoa. The clip he’s referring to was first posted Nov. 15 by a Facebook page chronicling 7-year-old Danny Sheehan’s battle with pineoblastoma — a rare and aggressive form of brain cancer that he’s had since 2017.  “I love Aquaman,” the Marshfield, Mass. native exclaims in the touching home movie, adding that it’s his “favorite character.”  Momoa was so moved by the video that he decided to “Facetime him and spend some time talking to him,” the star wrote on the ‘Gram. He uploaded a clip of their heart-to-heart chat on Wednesday.  “Hi, beautiful boy!,” bellowed Momoa to his superfan, who gushes that he is “so excited” to be talking to his hero.  “I have been hearing about you all over, from all of my friends,” Momoa said. “And I wanted to call you and say hi and see how you’re doing.”  See the video HERE.
********Get the tissues!!
******Aquaman, you’re “gilling” us!!! 

Johnny Rotten Attacked By Fleas!

Punk singer Johnny Rotten was shrieking a different tune after discovering flea bites on his penis and inner thigh after letting squirrels inside his Los Angeles home, a report said.  “I looked down there this morning at my willy and there’s a f–ing flea bite on it,” the Sex Pistols singer told UK’s Daily Star. “And there’s another one on the inside of my leg.”  Rotten, whose real name is John Lydon, said he became enamored with the furry critters and allowed them to stay in his Venice Beach home. But soon enough, there was anarchy in the LA pad.  “The bites, wow, last night was murder because of it. The itching too. It’s such a poxy thing to get caught out on,” he said.  “The only way around it, because I’m not going to blame the poor little squirrels, is to Vaseline my legs.”
******Fleas are always attracted to things that are rotten… like Johnny Rotten!!
*********At first we thought he was bitten by Flea from the Chili Peppers!! But that would be wrong!!


Ripping The Tabloids (Throughout the week, we’ll give you the stories from that weeks tabs!)
**Please Credit Publication!

Yoko, 87, Gives Son $800M!-(National Enquirer)

John Lennon’s widow, 87-year-old Yoko Ono, has sparked fears she’s nearing the end after handing her business dealing off to their son, Sean, according to insiders.  The wheelchair-bound artist/singer had been managing the late Beatle’s vast $800 million holdings since his 1980 shooting death, but sources claimed it’s now beyond her abilities.  A source added:  “Yoko is in her last days and wants to make sure that her affairs are in order.  She believes Sean’s up to the task.”

Real Family Drama For Kyle Richards-(Globe)

Want a sniff of stinking rich dirty laundry?  RHOBS star Kyle Richards’ older half-sis Kathy Hilton, the 61-year-old mogul mom of Paris Hilton is joining the Bravo hit.  Socialite Kathy cold-shouldered Kyle, 51, and her hubby, Mauricio Umansky, when he left her husband Rick Hilton’s real estate company to launch a rival biz.  Kyle’s spouse even got banned from attending niece Nicky Hilton’s 2015 London wedding.

Strong Union-(Us Weekly)

Kaley Cuoco may be a huge star, but her hubby Karl Cook doesn’t feel emasculated by it.  That was a “big problem” in her marriage with ex Ryan Sweeting, the actress, 34, recently said.  But Cook, 29, has his “own life,” she noted.  That’s “what’s so cool about [him].”

Kelly’s Rush To the Altar-(Star)

Kelly Clarkson isn’t one to sugarcoat the less-than-pretty aspects of her life.  So in mid-October, when she opened up about her recent split from Brandon Blackstock after seven years of marriage.  Just four weeks later, the superstar crooner is singing a different tun.  As insiders say the Kelly Clarkson Show headliner is secretly smitten with a new guy!  “She’s far from the depressed, gloomy person she was a few months ago,” says one source.  “She’s got that Kelly spark again.”  The source says the 38-year-old is positively giddy over her hot new romance-so much so, she’s even thinking about getting married again!  “Kelly says she knew right away that this guy could be her next husband,” the source reveals, acknowledging that the “Since U Been Gone” singer is moving at warp speed.  “She’s absolutely rushing things, but she says she doesn’t care.  She’s on cloud nine.”

Angie’s Kidnapping Nightmare-(Life & Style)

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt may be in the midst of a never-ending custody battle, but there is one thing they can agree on:  keeping their six children safe.  A former bodyguard for the estranged high-profile couple recently opened up about the 18 months he spent protecting their kids.  “The biggest concern for them was the kidnapping of the kids, it’s all about money, said the former soldier of thwarting would-be ransom plots. Angie and Brad were very worried about who goes near their children.”


“I didn’t have children because I believed that God didn’t mean for me to have kids, so everybody’s kids could be mine.”-Dolly Parton, on parenthood.

“The first time I met her, I was horribly hungover….that’s not a good foot forward.”-Kurt Russell, on making a negative first impression with longtime love Goldie Hawn.

“Knowing him and being in the relationship I am in now, I have definitely made decisions that have made my life feel more like a real life.”-Taylor Swift, on dating Joe Alwyn.

Warning of the Week-(In Touch)

Reba McEntire

“Always stay six feet away from Carrie Underwood.  That’s not social distancing, those are Reba rules.”

-issuing instructions to her new boyfriend, Rex Linn, at the CMA Awards.



Get Paid To Watch Christmas Movies

A website is offering a chance to make $2,500 by completing an unusual job: watching 25 classic holiday films in 25 days.Website said the “Chief Holiday Cheermeister” will receive $2,500 and yearlong subscriptions to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney+, HBO Max and Apple TV+.  The person will be required to watch 25 pre-selected holiday classics including Elf, It’s a Wonderful Life, The Polar Express and Home Alone in a 25-day period.  The Cheermeister will then be required to complete a questionnaire about each film, and at the end will select the best of the bunch.  Applications are being accepted on the website through Dec. 4 and the winner will be announced Dec. 7th.
*********The perfect pandemic job!!
******Before you’re hired, they measure your ass to make sure you can sit that long!!
*******When it’s over, you’ll write a book called, “How I Learned to Hate Santa Claus!!”

Unusual Record

An Indian martial artist broke a Guinness World Record when he used his head to remove 68 bottle caps in 1 minute.  Prabhakar Reddy used his head and a piece of wood attached to the end of a table to remove the caps from 68 bottles in 1 minute in Nellore, Andhra Pradesh.  He was assisted in his attempt by Sujith Kumar E and Rakesh B.  The feat defeated the previous record, which was set by Pakistani martial artist Muhammad Rashid Naseem.  See the video HERE.
********They call him “church key head!!”
*****This trick comes in handy for one-armed bartenders!!

Lost Wallet Returned After 25 Years

An Australian man who lost his wallet at a New Year’s Eve party on the beach was reunited with his lost property when it was found 25 years later. Joseph Bewes said he was on the beach this week in Lennox Head, New South Wales, when he came across a wallet that appeared to have spent a great deal of time exposed to the elements.  “Paul G Davis. Found your wallet washed up on the beach,” Bewes wrote on a post in a local community Facebook group. “Sorry, all the cards expired in ’95 but the 5 bucks might still be good. You just bought future you a coffee 25 years ago. Yew!”  A woman named Jodie Davis recognized the name and identified the wallet’s owner as her husband’s cousin. She sent a screenshot of the post to Paul Davis, who recalled losing the wallet 25 years earlier.  “Straight away he remembered it and knew that he lost it — yeah he was blown away,” Jodie Davis told 7News.  Bewes and Paul Davis met up Friday on the beach, where the wallet was returned to its original owner. Davis brought along a six pack of beer that the men shared as a thank-you for Bewes’ efforts to get the wallet back to him.
*********Then they were arrested for leaving the house!! (just keeping it real)
*******If we found that wallet, we’d “overlook” the $5 when we gave it back!! That’s real money!!
TOPIC: Have you ever lost something that you found much later?? Or?? Never found??

Burglary Bear Returned To The Wild

When a Lake Tahoe community had an unbearable problem, California wildlife officials stepped in to help.  The California Department of Fish and Wildlife relocated a bear in September that officials said was the same animal caught on camera stealing food from a grocery store, a gas station convenience store and a birthday party. Videos from at least two of the incidents made national headlines.  The department trapped the black bear in September and matched it to early incidents from DNA, according to a Fish and Wildlife blog post. Officials brought him to the wildlife investigations lab in Sacramento and found that the bear was more than 16 years old and had a poorly healed injury on its left hind foot.  The bear’s troublemaking behavior classified it as a “habituated bear,” meaning it has become used to encountering people and having no negative consequences. Efforts to change its behavior were unsuccessful, so Fish and Wildlife officials decided to move the bear to a wilder place.  They released the bear “in a large expanse of wild, suitable bear habitat,” officials wrote in the blog. To make sure it doesn’t make its way back to civilization, they put a GPS tracking collar on the bear.  Fish and Wildlife shared a video of the release. Officers honk a car horn, shout and fire beanbags at the bear to scare it off into the woods.  See the bear in action HERE.
**********After all that time feeding off humans, that bear is probably toast out in the wild!!
********The next step in bear evolution?? They learn how to take off trackers!!
*******We’ve seen the signs: “Don’t feed the wildlife… to the other wildlife!!”








Here Are The Sad & Funny Holiday Gifts Employees Would Actually Want To Get

When participants who are still employed were asked what kind of holiday gift they would most like to receive from their employer this year (within reason), some shared practical desires like “continued employment” and others had quirky requests, such as “ham” and a “fucking candle.”

Here’s a sample of the responses:


“A fruit basket” – 44-year-old man

“A gift certificate for a massage” – 48-year-old woman

“Branded blanket or sweatshirt, maybe a mug” – 32-year-old woman

“Continued employment in 2021” – 71-year-old man

“Food shelf donation made in my name” – 26-year-old man

“Gucci” – 29-year-old woman

“Ham” – 53-year-old man

“Hand sanitizer” – 31-year-old woman

“I would rather have more work than a gift” – 59-year-old woman

“Most likely some kind of gun accessories” – 47-year-old man

“Turkey and a small gift” – 41-year-old man

“Virus prevention supplies” – 53-year-old woman

“A trip to Alaska” – 29-year-old man

“Bitcoin, Ethereum, Crypto” – 58-year-old man

“A bonus, obviously” – 33-year-old man

“A wristwatch” – 54-year-old man

“Hazard pay” – 33-year-old woman

“My employer let me choose between olive oil or food bank donation. I said do the donation” – 40-year-old man

“A fucking candle” – 57-year-old man

“A hefty check” – 60-year-old woman

“Something personal that was chosen for me” – 57-year-old woman


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