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Born on this day!! Singer Gary Puckett of Gary Puckett and the Union Gap is 80. Actor Michael McKean is 75. Actor George Wendt is 74. Singer-comedian Bill Hudson of The Hudson Brothers is 73. Country singer Alan Jackson is 64. Actor Grant Shaud (“Murphy Brown”) is 62. Animator Mike Judge (“King of the Hill,” ″Beavis and Butthead”) is 60. Singer Rene’ Dif (Aqua) is 55. Reggae singer Ziggy Marley is 54. Actor Wood Harris (“The Wire”) is 53. Singer Wyclef Jean of The Fugees is 53. Singer Chris Kirkpatrick of ’N Sync is 51. Rapper Eminem is 50. Actor Sharon Leal (“Boston Public”) is 50. Actor Felicity Jones (“The Theory of Everything”) is 39. Actor Chris Lowell (“The Help,” ″Private Practice”) is 38. Actor Dee Jay Daniels (“The Hughleys,” ″In the House”) is 34.


1777 – British Gen. Burgoyne surrendered in Saratoga, N.Y. during the American Revolution.
1931 – Mobster Al Capone was convicted of income tax evasion for which he was sentenced to 11 years in prison.
1931 – Mobster Al Capone was convicted of income tax evasion for which he was sentenced to 11 years in prison.
1933 – Albert Einstein arrived in the United States as a refugee from Nazi Germany.
1979 – Mother Theresa was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for her work with the poor in Calcutta, India.
1989 – An earthquake measuring 7.1 in magnitude killed 67 and injured over 3,000 in San Francisco.
2011 – Occupy Wall Street, an organized protest in New York’s financial district, expands to other cities across the U.S., including Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Occupy Wall Street defines itself as a group of activists who stand against corporate greed, social inequality, and the disproportion between the rich and poor.

Today Is: Black Poetry Day, National Boss’s Day, International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, Lung Health Day, Mulligan Day, National Boss Day, National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day, National Edge Day, National Pasta Day, National Playing Card Collectors Day, National Vehophobia Awareness Day, Pay Back A Friend Day, Wear Something Gaudy Day, World Geothermal Energy Day

Primetime TV (All Times Eastern)

CBS – 8:00 – The Neighborhood  /  8:30 – Bob Hearts   /  9:00 – NCIS  /  10:00 – NCIS Hawaii
NBC – 8:00  – The Voice  /  10:00 – Quantum Leap
ABC – 8:00 – Bachelor In Paradise  / 10:00 – The Good Doctor
FOX – 8:00 –  911  /  9:00 – The Cleaning Lady
CW – 8:00 – All American  /  9:00 – All American

TV Talk Shows

Jimmy Fallon: Blake Shelton, Gigi Hadid (R 9/8/22)
Stephen Colbert: George Clooney, Alex G (R 9/29/22)
James Corden: Jason Momoa, Kristen Bell, Meghan Trainor featuring Teddy Swims (R 8/23/22)
Watch What Happens Live: BravoCon: Dynamic Duos
The View: Chelsea Manning
The Talk: Jason Ritter
Live with Kelly and Ryan: Michael Bublé, Ralph Macchio
Kelly Clarkson: Dwayne Johnson, Pierce Brosnan, Aldis Hodge, Noah Centineo, Quintessa Swindell
Tamron Hall: Justin Sutherland
Drew Barrymore: Michelle Obama, Antoni Porowski, Zooey Deschanel
Jennifer Hudson: Kelly Rowland

WHAT ARE YOU TALKIN’ ABOUT? Here are today’s PPM-Friendly Topics!

QUESTION: How did JASON SUDEIKIS find out about OLIVIA WILDE and HARRY STYLES?? On an APPLE WATCH she left in the house! Nanny: “He was crying and crying!”


QUESTION: How do YOU spice up your sex life?? One couple relives their wedding night… another couple goes to bars and PRETENDS THAT THEY’RE CHEATING!!!!


QUESTION: Where did everybody GO?? Mark Wahlberg joins JULIA ROBERTS, Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban, Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively.. MOVING OUT OF HOLLYWOOD!!!!!!!!!


QUESTION: Do you have more MONEY than TASTE?? Then you’ll want the $1,800 Balenciaga clutch that looks like a LAY’S BAG! (Or an $18,000 SLEEPING BAG DRESS!!!!!)
The bags were made to look like salt and vinegar, ready salted and chili flavored bags of Lays chips

QUESTION: Is this why they called it “FREE WILLY??” A woman  becomes a Tik Tok sensation after stumbling onto a WHALE’S PENIS on the beach! (Is it “driftWOOD?”)
The alleged whale member was nearly as big as the TikTokker's leg.

BTS Joins The Military

South Korean boy band BTS is taking a hiatus as the members fulfill their mandatory military service.  The K-pop group’s label, Big Hit Music, said in a statement Monday that BTS will reunite in 2025 after fulfilling their service requirements.  Jin, 29, the oldest member of the group, will be the first to enlist. In South Korea, able-bodied men between the ages of 18 to 35 are required to serve in the military for up to 21 months, depending on the branch.  Big Hit’s statement ended months of speculation that the members of BTS would be granted an exemption from military service.  “Since the creation of BTS over ten years ago, the band has risen to international success, broken records, and catapulted K-pop into the global stratosphere. BIGHIT MUSIC has focused to the milestone moment when it would be possible to respect the needs of the country and for these healthy young men to serve with their countrymen, and that’s now,” Big Hit Music said.
****It’s kinda like when Elvis joined the army… except with more makeup!!
*****Kim Jong Un just offered to surrender!!!

Drew Barrymore Doesn’t Need Sex

Drew Barrymore admitted she doesn’t “need” sex because she’s learned that physical intimacy doesn’t “mean” love.  In a new blog post, she explained that since splitting from her ex-husband Will Kopelman, the father of her two daughters, in 2016, she has “not been able to have an intimate relationship.”  “I have had the honor and a pleasure to actually work on myself and learn what parenting is, again something I was not exactly clear on growing up and I’ve had many learning curves thrown my way,” she wrote.  “I’ve been intimidated. I’ve been triumphant. I’ve been asked to be educated in every way I can be.”  She said her divorce from Kopelman has made her “cautious” in her personal life, given that she’s trying to raise Olive, 10, and Frankie, 8, to be “empowered and to love themselves.”  “I am just in a completely different place in my life and maybe in the near future I will get into a relationship… but it simply hasn’t been my priority,” the talk show host wrote. “So I’m not a person who needs sex and has to go out there and engage with people on that level. “I am someone who is deeply committed to fostering how young girls, my daughters, and myself as a woman, are supposed to function in this world!”
*********Translation: she needs to get laid!!
*****She probably needed to take a breather, anyway!!
*****The more people focus on making everything about sex, the less sex everyone has!!!

Kanye West Is Buying Parler

Kanye West is acquiring Parler, the alternative social media platform favored by many conservatives.  Parler’s parent company announced the deal on Monday morning, saying West had made “a groundbreaking move into the free speech media space and will never have to fear being removed from social media again.”  The acquisition comes after West had his account temporarily locked by Twitter this month over an anti-Semitic tweet.  Exact terms of the Parler deal weren’t disclosed, though Parler said it must still enter into a definitive agreement with West and expects to close in the fourth quarter. Parler’s parent, Parlement Technologies, would remain involved by providing technical services and cloud support. Buying Parler could make West the latest celebrity owner of a social media platform after former President Donald Trump’s bid to win over conservatives with Truth Social and Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s proposed acquisition of Twitter.
********It’s too much!! We don’t have that much time to be sociable!!!
******All of this social media is cutting into our TV bingeing!!
*******We need a social media dashboard where we can make one post, then post on all the sites at once!! (Copyright!!!)

Pierce Brosnan Honors Wife In New Movie

Pierce Brosnan is honoring his wife Keely Shaye Smith with a simple yet powerful statement.  He revealed that he wore his real wedding ring while filming his upcoming movie “Black Adam” as a tribute to his wife of 21 years. Brosnan plays Dr. Fate in the movie. “This is our wedding ring and this is a watch that Keely bought me many years ago with an inscription that [reads], ‘Time flies on love’s wings,'” he told Entertainment Tonight. “I decided to wear it for this character. It seemed appropriate.”  “The man [has] traversed the ages of time,” Brosnan continued, referring to his character. “He’s one of the most powerful sorcerers in the DC comic book world. He did have a wife called Enza, and she was even more powerful than him I hear.”  She was touched by her husband’s sweet gesture, adding, “I love those emblems, that he took those with him into the superpower, superhero realm.” Last week, the couple hit the red carpet for the New York premiere of the film.
*********This is his way of saying, “Don’t pay attention to what I did in New York!!”
*****Keeping your wife happy?? That IS a super power!!!

The Crown Facing Controversy On Diana’s Death

Netflix’s royal drama “The Crown” has ignited controversy for how it plans to depict Princess Diana’s death.  Season 5 will feature Elizabeth Debicki taking over the role of Diana from Emma Corrin, while Dominic West, 53, will take over the role of Charles.  According to the Irish Sun, the scenes depicting Diana’s tragic death have “sparked fury.”  Princess Diana died in 1997 at age 37 following a car accident in Paris’ Post de l’Alma tunnel while she was being pursued by paparazzi, sparking an international period of mourning.   A source from the show reportedly said that crew members are speaking out about the depiction of her death onscreen. “To be going back to Paris and turning Diana’s final days and hours into a drama feels very uncomfortable. Finally, some of the crew members are pushing back,” they told The Sun.   “The show always tried to present a fictional version of royal history with as much sensitivity as possible. But lately, as things get closer to the present day, it feels harder to strike that balance. With some of those moments still so fresh and upsetting, it feels as though a line is being crossed.”  Another production source told Deadline that the car collision itself won’t be shown onscreen, but the events before and after the tragic event will be.   “It’s the run-up: the car leaving The Ritz after midnight with paparazzi in pursuit and then the aftermath with the British Ambassador to France swinging into action with the Foreign Office, and then the subsequent constitutional aftermath,” they said. Season 5 of “The Crown” will premiere on November 9, and it will be the show’s penultimate season.
*********The last shot will be the Queen’s grave!! Tacky!!
********Will they show Charles and Camilla high-fiving after Diana’s death??
******Suggestion: reverse the film, show the car backing into the tunnel and Diana stepping out!! Happy ending!!


Ripping The Tabloids (Throughout the week, we’ll give you the stories from that weeks tabs!)
**Please Credit Publication!

Last Laughs-(In Touch)

“Buckingham Palace has released King Charles III’s official monogram design, just in case you want to buy the King of England a bath towel.”-Stephen Colbert.

“Southwest airlines surprised passengers on a recent flight to Hawaii with free ukuleles and free lessons.  What could be more relaxing than hundreds of people playing the ukulele for the first time?”-James Corden.

“The latest Gen Z fashion trend is wearing jeans with the button undone.  Which means that after Thanksgiving dinner, every uncle is going to be like, ‘I look like Gigi Hadid!’”-Jimmy Fallon.



Tennessee Fans Destroy Goal Post… School Wants A New One

After finally beating Alabama for the first time since 2006 in thrilling fashion, Tennessee fans stormed the field and not only took down the goalposts, but took them completely out of Neyland Stadium in celebration.  Now, the team is asking for financial help in getting new ones.   Hours after the victory, Volunteer fans took the goalposts through the streets of Knoxville on a miles-long journey, and eventually threw at least one of them in the nearby Tennessee River. Tennessee realized it needed the new goalposts soon, as the Volunteers will be back home Saturday to play host to UT-Martin. Instead of fetching them out the river, the school is asking for donations to cover the cost of new posts.  “Y’all remember how we tore the goalposts down, hauled em out of Neyland and dumped em in the Tennessee River? Yeah that was awesome,” the Tennessee Football account wrote on Twitter on Sunday. “Anywho, turns out that in order to play next week’s game, we need goalposts on our field. Could y’all help us out?” The university said on its VolStarter page that gifts made to its “My All Campaign” will go towards the purchase of new goalposts. Donations could be made in remembrance of their win, like $16, the number of seasons since they last beat Alabama; $52.49, the final score of the game; or $1,019.15, a nod to the capacity of a sold out Neyland Stadium.  Twitter users did not support the move, with many asking why the athletic department couldn’t buy posts themselves. After all, they ended the 2021 fiscal year with an operating surplus over $750,000.  Tennessee is also having to deal with a fine of $100,000 by the SEC for fans rushing the field. It was their second violation of the “access to competition area” policy after fans rushed the court of a basketball game against Florida in 2006.
*********They should play the game without goalposts!! Let’s see how THAT goes!!!
********After Tennessee fans stormed the field, it smelled like a giant spit cup!!

Man Bites Dog

Police in Germany said Friday they detained a man for resisting arrest and biting a service dog.  Officers were called to a dispute between two 29-year-old men and a 35-year-old woman in the western town of Ginsheim-Gustavsburg shortly after midnight.  The trio acted in an “extremely aggressive and uncooperative” fashion, police said in a statement. Officers were only able to overpower one of the men by using “massive physical force,” it said.  “In the course of resisting arrest the 29-year-old man also bit a police dog,” the statement said, adding that the canine did not sustain any injuries.  Meanwhile, the 35-year-old woman injured a police officer with a punch to the face.
*********Those Germans know hot to PARTY!!!
*****The dog’s name was Oscar Meyer!!!

Doctor Removes Numerous Contact Lenses!

A doctor has shared a bizarre video of her removing 23 contact lenses from a patient’s eye.  Dr Katerina Kurteeva posted the clip on Instagram of her teasing the lenses from underneath a woman’s eyelid.  The video went viral and has now racked up more than a million views.  According to the ophthalmologist’s post, the patient put in a new set of lenses for 23 days in a row without ever taking the previous day’s out.  Posting the video on the California Eye Associates Instagram page, she wrote: “A rare occasion when someone ‘forgot’ to remove contact lenses at night and kept on putting a new one in every morning. 23 days in a row!!! I got to deliver the contact lens bunch yesterday in my clinic.”  The video shows a close up of the patient’s eye and Dr Kurteeva carefully scraping the lenses out with a cotton wool bud.  Elaborating in a separate Instagram post, she wrote: “Over a million views, glad to have an opportunity to educate the public about contact lens hygiene wear.  See the video HERE.
********How do you “forget” to take out your lenses??
********She also took out 13 tampons!!
*******She might have gotten the hint when her eyeballs stuck out about an inch!!!

Vegan Feeds Mice Instead Of Costumers

A vegan who failed to deal with a mouse infestation at her home because of her ethical beliefs has been fined by a court.  Margaret Manzoni “considered the mice her pets” and “said they would not go to her neighbors because she looked after them”.  At a hearing at Colchester Magistrates’ Court this month, Manzoni was told that while the court “respected her beliefs as an ethical vegan, others saw mice as vermin”, the council said.  The court said the “impact of the infestation on neighbors meant inaction was not appropriate”, according to the authority.
********We’re just guessing that she’s not feeding those mice a vegan diet!! That would be cruelty to animals!!







Here’s which reality TV show should you binge based on your zodiac sign

NY Post


TAURUS (April 20 – May 20)

The Great British Bake Off

Pastries? Competition? Adorable accents? Taurus will find much to love and even more to salivate over in the “The Great British Bake Off” which follows passionate amateur baking fans as they compete in a crucible of confections to be crowned the UK’s Best Amateur Baker. Judging is based on aesthetics and flavor, two element at the top of the Taurus priority pyramid.


GEMINI (May 21 – June 20)

The Ultimatum

By and large, Geminis trade in extremes and extreme is the modus operandi of this dating show hosted by power couple Nick and Vanessa Lachey. The show pushes people to get hitched or call it quits all while tempting fate and boosting the likelihood of reality pay dirt by having them shack up with other potential partners. It sounds messy, it sounds morally compromising and it sounds quintessentially Gemini.


CANCER (June 21 – July 22)

The Kardashians

Cancer rules the fourth house of home and ancestry. Meanwhile, The Kardashians, the first family of reality TV, are a clan that trades in tangled roots, high drama, broken marriages, sibling rivalry, paternity scandals, familial bonds and catchphrase gold.


LEO (July 23 – August 22)

Summer House

The elevator pitch for Summer House is “Booze-filled brunches, charity galas, bonfires and – of course – drama-filled romances are on the docket for young professionals in their summer playground.” Brunch? Bonfires? Bougie bull***t? Charity galas and dramatic love affairs? Pure catnip for lions.


VIRGO (August 23 – September 22)

Queer Eye

Every time a Virgo opens their eyes, they see potential and helping people realize their own is the lifeblood of this acclaimed series. “The premise of Queer Eye from the moment it was rebooted in 2018 has been to use the concrete lifestyle improvements that its experts offer to help people grow into better, healthier, more capable humans.” In kind, helping people grow into who they could be via practical improvements and dedicated hygiene is the distilled life purpose of this mutable earth sign.


LIBRA (September 23 – October 22)

The Bachelor/Bachelorette

Libra, represented by the scales and balances, is the sign of partnership and natives can appreciate the romantic roulette of fielding multiple matches while searching for the proverbial “one,” a la ABC’s The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. Lovers of love always and loyal partners sporadically, Libras will vibe with the pomp and circumstance of the rose ceremony and empathize with being in like with more than one person at a time.


SCORPIO (October 23 – November 21)

RuPaul’s Drag Race

Scorpio rules the eighth house of death, reinvention and other people’s money and fittingly, the Emmy Award-winning “Drag Race,” hosted by Scorpio superhero RuPaul, follows contestants as they avoid elimination and compete for a cash reward by proving their power to transform in fierce and fiercely original ways.


SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 21)

Below Deck

“Below Deck” will appeal to swashbuckling, adventure seeking, pleasure cruising archers. Sagittarians will get on board (pun intended) with the mixed bag cast that lives, sails and fails by a work hard, party harder ethos amid the ever changing backdrop of far flung locations.


CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 19)

Too Hot To Handle

All Capricorns are born with something to prove and love the chance to leverage self-control for capital gains. Enter the Netflix series “Too Hot To Handle,” a reality show that pits the urge for carnal satisfaction against the promise of cold, hard, cash.


AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 18)

Big Brother

Aquarius rules the eleventh house of community and natives are prone to paranoia about surveillance making “Big Brother,” which “follows a group of people living together in a house outfitted with 94 HD cameras and 113 microphones, recording their every move 24 hours a day,” a dystopian hell scape nightmare come true and a bait they can’t refuse.


PISCES (February 19 – March 20)

Love is Blind

Anything that involves a pod will pique the interest of a Pisces; are we sleeping? Isolating? Taking a sound bath, taking drugs? Will there be dolphins? The most terminally romantic sign in the zodiac, fish folks will find fellowship in the premise of the Netflix series “Love Is Blind,” “a social experiment where single men and women look for love and get engaged, all before meeting in person.”


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