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Born on this day!! Actor Sophia Loren is 88. Bassist Chuck Panozzo (Styx) is 74. Actor Tony Denison (“Major Crimes,” “The Closer”) is 73. Actor Debbi Morgan (“Power”) is 71. Jazz guitarist Peter White is 68. Actor Betsy Brantley (“Deep Impact”) is 67. Actor Gary Cole is 66. Bassist Randy Bradbury of Pennywise is 58. Actor Kristen Johnston (“3rd Rock From The Sun”) is 55. Singers Gunnar and Matthew Nelson of Nelson are 55. Bassist Ben Shepherd (Soundgarden) is 54. Actor Enuka Okuma (“Rookie Blue”) is 50. Actor Moon Bloodgood (“Falling Skies”) is 47. Actor Jon Bernthal (“The Walking Dead,” “Daredevil”) is 46. Singer The-Dream is 45. Actor Charlie Weber (“How To Get Away With Murder”) is 44. Drummer Rick Woolstenhulme of Lifehouse is 43. Actor Crystle Stewart (“For Better or Worse”) is 43. Rapper Yung Joc is 42. Actor Aldis Hodge (“Straight Outta Compton,” “Hidden Figures”) is 36. Drummer Jack Lawless of DNCE and The Jonas Brothers is 35. Actor Malachi Kirby (2016′s “Roots”) is 33.


1870 – Victor Emmanuel II, the first king of modern Italy, seized the Papal States from the French.
1881 – Chester A. Arthur was sworn in as the 21st president of the United States, succeeding James A. Garfield, who had been assassinated.
1973 – Billie Jean King beat Bobby Riggs in a battle of the sexes tennis match.
1998 – Baltimore Oriole shortstop Cal Ripken, Jr., sat out a game, ending his consecutive game playing streak. Ripken played 2,632 consecutive games over 16 seasons.
2000 – Independent Counsel Robert Ray announced the end of the Whitewater investigation, saying there was insufficient evidence to charge President Clinton and his wife, Hillary.
2001 – President George W. Bush addressed the nation and a joint session of Congress about terrorism. He also named Tom Ridge as head of the new Office of Homeland Security.

Today Is: International Day of University Sport, IT Professionals Day, National Care for Kids Day, National Fried Rice Day, National String Cheese Day, National Voter Registration Day

Primetime TV (All Times Eastern)

CBS – 8:00 – FBI   /  9:00 – FBI International  /  10:00 – FBI Most Wanted
NBC – 8:00  – The Voice  /  10:00 – New Amsterdam
ABC – 8:00 –  The Bachelorette
FOX – 8:00 – The Resident  /  9:00 – Monarch
CW – 8:00 –  Leonardo /  9:00 – Devils

TV Talk Shows

Jimmy Kimmel: Chris Pine, Chad Kroeger, JT Parr, Madison Cunningham
Jimmy Fallon: Kaley Cuoco, Mike Birbiglia, Ari Lennox
Stephen Colbert: Billy Eichner, Samantha Power
Seth Meyers: Ana de Armas, Reba McEntire, Ms. Pat, Craig Reynolds
James Corden: Josh Duhamel, Judy Greer, Nina Nesbitt
Watch What Happens Live: Kyle Vilijoen, Benny Crawley
The View: Jenifer Lewis
The Talk: Phil Keoghan
Live with Kelly and Ryan: Billy Eichner
Drew Barrymore: Regina Hall, Cameron Diaz
Jennifer Hudson: Sheryl Lee Ralph

WHAT ARE YOU TALKIN’ ABOUT? Here are today’s PPM-Friendly Topics!

QUESTION: Want to EAT LIKE A QUEEN?? She loved scrambled eggs.. but with two very UNUSUAL ingredients!!! (She also knocked back FOUR DRINKS A DAY!!!!)


QUESTION: What happens when you spend HOURS in line with a stranger?? YOU FALL IN LOVE! They’re meeting for a second date, even though they both have partners!!


QUESTION: Were you a dedicated listener to the “Serial” podcast? The subject of the podcast has just been RELEASED FROM PRISON and had his conviction tossed!!


QUESTION: Still waiting for those FLYING CARS?? Try a FLYING BIKE in the meantime!!! It goes up to 62mph, flies for 40 minutes, and costs a mere $677.00!! Seriously??
Although it conjures up futuristic Jetsons visions of soaring high above New York City's notoriously clogged streets, you probably won't be riding the hoverbike out to John F. Kennedy Airport anytime soon

QUESTION: Wanna bust up a McDonald’s and threaten people with an AX in New York City???!! No problem!! This guy has already been released with NO BAIL!!!!!!!!
Ax man.Ax man.

Kate Winslet Injured On Set

Kate Winslet is on the mend after she fell on a Croatian film set and was taken to a hospital.  “Kate slipped and was taken to hospital as a precautionary measure required by the production,” her representative said in a statement Sunday. “She is fine and will be filming, as planned, this week.”  She was at work on Lee, the biopic of World War II news correspondent Lee Miller when the mishap occurred.  No details about her injuries or how they were sustained have been released.  Marion Cotillard, Jude Law, Andrea Riseborough and Josh O’Connor co-star in the film. Ellen Kuras is directing.
*****Croatia??? Isn’t that next to Moesha???
******Do these people even SPEAK Croatian??
****Can we kiss it and make it better?????

Is Another Austin Powers Movie On The Way?

Mike Myers opened up about the possibility of a future film in the popular “Austin Powers” film series, teasing that fans could possibly expect a fourth film in the near future. “I don’t know,” he said when asked at the red carpet of his new movie “Amsterdam” on Sunday. “I’m gonna put a big, firm, written maybe on that.”  This is not the first time that Myers has opened up about the future of a 4th “Powers film.”   Back in May 2022, Myers teased a potential fourth movie of the “Austin Powers” series being in the works.  “I can neither confirm nor deny the existence or nonexistence of such a project, should it exist or not exist,” Myers said on “The Jess Cagle Podcast w/ Julia Cunningham.”  The franchise has produced three movies. The original was released in 1997, with its sequel being released shortly after in 1999.  Myers famously played two roles in the original movie — Powers and his nemesis, Dr. Evil. In the third movie, released in 2002, Beyoncé was cast and made her theatrical debut.
*********It kinda felt like “No Time to Die” was an Austin Powers movie!!!
****Maybe he can do a spin-off!! Like, let’s explore the life of Fat Bastard for two hours!!
********In the new flick, Scott Evil marries “Pagan Sparkle” and trashes the Evil family!!!

King Charles III Wrote A Note To His Mummy

King Charles III penned a touching note to Queen Elizabeth II that was featured prominently on her casket Monday.  He designed a floral wreath that included blooms from his late mother’s wedding to Prince Philip, as well as a note that read, “In loving and devoted memory. Charles R.”   The “R” stands for rex, which means “king” in Latin. Queen would sign her name with “regina,” meaning “queen” in the dead language.  The flowers lay on the Queen’s coffin throughout the early-morning processions from Westminster Hall to Westminster Abbey for the funeral mass, which was then followed by another procession.  Prince Harry joined his brother, Prince William, and their father, Charles, in the procession leading up to the mass. He was then joined by his wife, Meghan Markle, who walked behind the coffin with the rest of the immediate royal family, including Prince George and Princess Charlotte.  Upon taking their seats, Harry appeared to be snubbed, as he and Markle were placed in the second row.
*********Hey… you trash the family, that’s what you get!!
*****At one point, someone looked back and saw the Queen walking behind them, going “What the hell is going on??”
*******Charles’ note said, “Finally!!! I’m in charge now!!!”
UPDATE: Sharp-eyed observers noticed a SPIDER crawling on Charles’ note!! It came from the cobwebs in his brain!!
Mourners spotted a spider crawling on a note left by Charles

Sandra Oh Spotted At The Queen’s Funeral

Sandra Oh surprised fans on Monday when she attended the Queen’s funeral.   She didn’t just attend because she’s a celebrity, she was appointed to the Order of Canada as an Officer in June this year, which is the country’s second highest civilian honor and was created by the Queen in 1967. It was created to honor people who have had “outstanding achievements, service to the nation, and dedication to the community.”  The Canadian-Korean actress, who most recently starred as Eve in the hit thriller “Killing Eve,” attended the funeral in that capacity, as part of the Canadian delegation, which is led by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his wife Sophie Gregoire Trudeau.  Other members of the Canadian delegation included Olympic swimming champion Mark Tewksbury and musician Gregory Charles.
**********The Canadians showed up in a moose-drawn carriage!!
******Prime Minister “Baby Castro” wants to join in a commonwealth with Cuba!!!
*******Why is Sandra Oh so hot?? Because she is!!!

Stalker Spotted At Justin Bieber’s Mansion

Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber suffered stalker scare as someone broke into their Los Angeles mansion while they were away on vacation.  Their gated home was violated by intruder who the police found “hanging out by the BBQ” before he flew from the scene.  A source told TMZ, “Cops were called to the couple’s home in an exclusive gated Los Angeles community last Saturday.”  “Justin’s security said they saw a guy in the backyard, hanging out by the couple’s BBQ,” the insider added.  The outlet shared that when the police approached him, he “took off running, jumping over one of the walls and into the neighborhood.” “Security gave chase but the guy disappeared,” the source revealed.
**********It’s good to know that your security is so tight that a guy can just jump over the fence and get away!!


Ripping The Tabloids (Throughout the week, we’ll give you the stories from that weeks tabs!)
**Please Credit Publication!

Sam and Britney: Trouble Already? – (US Magazine)

So much for newlywed bliss: A source tells US tension is brewing between Britney Spears and her husband of three months, Sam Asghari. “Britney and Sam are constantly fighting,” says the source, explaining that the two argue mostly over 40-year-old Spears’ lack of focus and direction. “Britney sleeps in until early afternoon and then just lays around all day.” Her bizarre behavior adds to the strain at home. “Sometimes Britney talks in different voices,” shares the source, noting that Asghari, 28, can’t help but wonder if it’s his wife’s way of blowing off steam from all her trauma. (In a since-deleted audio clip, Spears claimed she suffered “pure abuse” during her controversial 13-year conservatorship.) Adds the source, “The anger Britney has is just beyoynd what Sam can deal with.”



Ice Cream Record Flavor

An Arizona ice cream shop earned a Guinness World Record by offering 266 milkshake flavors — and making them all in just over an hour.  Snow Cap, an ice cream shop in Seligman, attempted the Guinness World Record for most milkshake flavors on display and the event was timed to coincide with a visit from motor oil company Mobil 1 as part of its Keep Route 66 tour.  A Guinness World Records adjudicator was on hand as the shop’s owners, the Delgadillo family, made every milkshake on the menu in about 1 hour and 15 minutes.  The unusual flavors prepared by the shop include peanut butter and onion ring; banana and chili; and orange and fish burger.
**********Of course, the Mint Silicon Chip was a big hit!!
********And “Rocky Roadkill” and “Fudge Judy” weren’t too big, either!!!
*****They were going to set the record at McDonald’s, but their milkshake machine was broken!!

Airport Therapy Dog Record

Denver International Airport’s Canine Airport Therapy Squad, or CATS, was awarded a Guinness World Record as the world’s largest airport therapy animal program.  The CATS program, which began in 2015 with 28 dogs from 14 breeds, now includes 84 dogs from 33 breeds and one cat.  The animals are taken to locations around the airport with plaid vests inviting travelers to “pet me.”  The record-keeping organization said the program will appear in the 2022 Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s largest airport therapy animal program.  “We are extremely proud of our CATS program and grateful for all the volunteers who donate their time to bring joy to our passengers and employees,” airport CEO Phil Washington was quoted by KUSA-TV as saying at a Thursday ceremony. “The continued growth of the program is a testament to the positive impact it has on travelers, and we look forward to welcoming even more teams as we continue to grow this beloved program.”
*********Tip: don’t wear your “Bite Me” t-shirt while traveling through Denver!!
*****Has anyone asked the dogs how THEY feel about it???
*****The cat just pretends to care!!!

Florida Woman Of The Day

A Florida woman was charged with attempted first-degree murder after she allegedly stabbed her roommates in a dispute Friday morning, according to deputies. The Sheriff’s Office said it got a call from someone who said he and another person were stabbed by Christina Adams.  Deputies said Adams was found near driving near the crime scene. She initially denied the accusation during her interview with deputies, but then admitted that she stabbed the roommates after they asked her to leave the home they shared with her. According to the sheriff’s office, Adams confessed to getting a large knife and stabbing both roommates to the point where she thought they were dead.  She said that after the stabbing, she tried to destroy evidence of the attack, changed her clothes, left the home, and went shopping. Deputies located her while she was on her way back.
***********Wow… she cracked pretty easy!!
****Florida is considering “knife control!!!”
*******Lesson learned: don’t rent with a roommate in Florida!!!

Man With Nunchucks Arrested

Authorities in Maryland arrested a man who was wielding nunchucks and filming students outside a high school in Prince George’s County.  Police said they approached a man outside Northwestern High School in Hyattsville, Maryland, on Wednesday afternoon. The man pulled out a pair of nunchucks when a school resource officer approached him to ask him why he was outside the school, Fox 5 reported.  The man began spinning the 10-inch pair of weapons and threatened the officer, according to the outlet. When the resource officer drew his own weapon, the man reportedly dropped his nunchucks and tried to run away.  Police arrested the man and took him into custody.  According to police, the man is a parent of a student at the high school and was filming children on the football field. The man was upset the children were not in class or supervised, according to the report.
********He brought nunchucks to a gunfight??







How to Stop Impulse Buying

The Penny Hoarder

Find yourself getting sucked into frivolous spending? Here is some practical advice you can put into action to keep more money in your wallet.

  1. Get Serious About Your Budget

Have a clear picture of your finances and review them monthly, if not weekly. Everyone can use a little help or motivation with budgeting, and there’s an app for that. Or, use the cash envelope method to help stick to the budget you’ve set. When you have defined financial goals and a budget to match, impulse buys will be harder to justify.

Unless you have the self-discipline of a monk, there are going to be times when you want to indulge just a little bit. A budget that only covers basic life essentials? Not fun. Add room in your budget for discretionary spending. That way you can make those random purchases without feeling guilty.

  1. Set a Goal That Inspires You to Avoid Spending

All those little impulse buys can drain your savings or leave you paying off debt instead of enjoying what you love. Maybe that’s a much-needed vacation. Then plant reminders around your home and in your wallet to remind you why you don’t really need that impulse buy. It could be photos of your dream destination or silly things like a straw hat and sunscreen — anything that reminds you that you have bigger plans for your cash.

  1. Ask Yourself if Every Purchase Is Worth It

Before you reach for your debit card (or hit the purchase button if you’re shopping online), ask yourself a little question: Is this worth it? You can even attach a sticky note with that question to your credit card. If it’s a $3 magazine that’ll keep you from being bored to death on a flight, then maybe that answer is yes. If it’s a pair of shoes that cost the equivalent of an entire day’s pay and you’re already stressed about debt, then take a hard pass.

Staying aware of your goals can steer you away from unnecessary purchases. If you’ve got it on your mind that you want to get out of debt in 12 months, you may not be as inclined to buy that $15 graphic T-shirt.

Shifting your way of thinking can snap you out of the habit of mindlessly buying stuff you don’t need. Take a moment to consider what you’re spending money on and why.

  1. Delete Your Ordering Info From Retail Websites

Online retailers want buying to be as simple as the click of a button. They offer to save your debit or credit card information so you don’t have to pull out your card and type in a bunch of numbers each time.

If you’re trying to fight impulse shopping, however, taking that additional step gives you more time to reconsider your purchases. Remove your financial information from online sites to prevent effortless impulse buying.

  1. Put Parental Blocks on Your Own Devices

You don’t have to have kids to find the benefit in parental control settings. Block your favorite retail sites or set up purchase restrictions for the App Store or Google Play. Sure, you’ll know the code to circumvent the parental controls, but having that extra layer to get around might deter you from buying on impulse.

Removing retail apps from devices altogether can also help.

  1. Unsubscribe From Emails and Text Alerts

Oh, the temptation of all the deals. That email for 30% off all footwear that just popped up in your inbox has you dreaming about getting new sandals, even though you already own several pairs. Did someone tell them shoes are your weakness? Avoid the trap by unsubscribing from email lists or text alerts from shops, restaurants or businesses you know will be hard to resist. There will always be another sale.

  1. Understand the Tricks Retailers Play

The shops you frequent have entire marketing teams working to entice you to buy through product placement and other clever strategies. If you’re trying to save money, fight against the temptation.

That can mean ignoring the pretty displays for stuff you didn’t think you needed until you saw it. Or perhaps taking a closer look at that “great sale” turns out to be for a product whose packaging has shrunk, making it easier to walk away. And those outlet mall deals might not be such a steal.

Teaching yourself to be a shrewd shopper can help you avoid being lured by clever marketing.

  1. Shop With Your Financial Accountability Buddy

A friend or family member who’s aware of your financial challenges and goals is the perfect person to bring along on shopping trips. Your accountability buddy can reign in your tendency to overspend on the unnecessary. Just make sure it’s someone who’s not afraid to speak up on your budget’s behalf.

  1. Carry a Limited Amount of Cash

If you tend to rely on your credit card to cover impulse purchases when you’re shopping, switch to cash and only carry the amount you need for that day.

Using your credit card for impulse purchases only adds extra cost — in the form of interest — to something you didn’t need to buy in the first place. You could literally freeze your cards in a block of ice, shred them to pieces or simply keep them hidden away at home.

Stick with cash only, plan your purchases in advance and take only the amount of money you’ll need for that one shopping trip.

  1. Give Yourself Time Before Deciding to Buy

That gotta-have-it-now feeling is what leads so many of us to buy things on impulse. But pressing pause on buying is often all it takes to realize what we’re craving isn’t something we really must have. Some people implement a 30-day rule — delaying a purchase for about a month — but you can really give yourself any length of time.

  1. Track Your Daily Spending

Don’t wait until the end of the month to analyze your spending and see if everything matches up to how much you said you’d spend in your budget. When you take note of what you spend each day, those unnecessary impulse purchases stick out like a sore thumb.

  1. Find Something You Enjoy Besides Shopping

Many people treat shopping like a hobby or something to do to pass time on the weekends. Others use shopping as a cure for a bad mood, but turning to retail therapy as entertainment or to bring you joy could make you more vulnerable to impulse spending.

Instead of shopping for fun, find activities to fill that void. Have a picnic in the park. Take a walk or meditate. Call a friend. You could even make some money by working out .


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