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Born on this day!! Actor Robert De Niro is 79. Guitarist Gary Talley of The Box Tops is 75. “Downton Abbey” creator Julian Fellowes is 73. Actor Robert Joy (“CSI: NY”) is 71. Singer Kevin Rowland of Dexy’s Midnight Runners is 69. Country singer-songwriter Kevin Welch is 67. Bassist Colin Moulding of XTC is 67. Singer Belinda Carlisle of The Go-Go’s is 64. Actor Sean Penn is 62. Jazz saxophonist Everette Harp is 61. Guitarist Gilby Clarke (Guns N’ Roses) is 60. Singer Maria McKee is 58. Drummer Steve Gorman (The Black Crowes) is 57. Singer-bassist Jill Cunniff (Luscious Jackson) is 56. Actor David Conrad (“Ghost Whisperer,” “Relativity”) is 55. Rapper Posdnuos of De La Soul is 53. Actor-singer Donnie Wahlberg of New Kids on the Block is 53. TV personality Giuliana Rancic (“Fashion Police,” ″E! News”) is 48. Actor Bryton James (“Family Matters”) is 36. Actor Brady Corbet (“24,” “Thirteen”) is 34. Actor Austin Butler (film’s “Elvis”) is 31. Actor Taissa Farmiga (“American Horror Story”) is 28.


1896 – Prospectors found gold in Alaska, a discovery that set off the Klondike gold rush.
1807 – Robert Fulton’s steamboat, the Clermont, began its trip up the Hudson River to Albany.
1863 – Fort Sumter, S.C. was bombarded by Union ships during the Civil War.
1945 – Indonesian nationalists proclaimed independence from the Netherlands.
1962 – 18-year-old Peter Fechter was shot and killed by guards at the Berlin Wall, spurring riots.
1969 – Hurricane Camille devastated the Gulf Coast, killing 248 people.
1978 – The first successful trans-Atlantic balloon flight landed outside of Paris.
1987 – Rudolf Hess, Adolf Hitler’s second in command, committed suicide.
2008 – U.S. swimmer Michael Phelps won his eighth gold medal, breaking the record set by Mark Spitz in the 1972 Games. Phelps also set the record for the most golds in a single Olympics.

Today Is: Baby Boomer’s Recognition Day, Black Cat Appreciation Day, Congressional Start-up Day, I Love My Feet Day, Meaning of “Is” Day, National Medical Dosimetrist Day, National Nonprofit Day

Primetime TV (All Times Eastern)

CBS – 8:00 –  Big Brother  /  9:00 – The Challenge USA  /  10:00 – SWAT
NBC – 8:00  – America’s Got Talent  /  9:00 – Password /  10:00 – Chicago PD
ABC – 8:00 –  Abbott Elementary  / 8:30 – Abbott Elementary  /  9:00 – Abbott Elementary  /  9:30 – Abbott Elementary  /  10:00 – Press Your Luck
FOX – 8:00 – Master Chef
CW – 8:00 –  Mysteries Decoded  /  9:00 – Wellington Paranormal

TV Talk Shows

Jimmy Kimmel: Alison Brie, Sasheer Zamata, Father John Misty, guest host Nicole Byer
Jimmy Fallon: Demi Lovato, Kenan Thompson, Angel Olsen
Stephen Colbert: Rep. Adam Schiff, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Kurt Vile (R 6/8/22)
Seth Meyers: Oscar Isaac, Zazie Beetz, Phil Wang, Fred Eltringham (R 4/26/22)
James Corden: Elle Fanning, Anthony Ramos, UPSAHL (R 4/19/22)
The View: Marcus Samuelsson, Simu Liu, Chloe Fineman (R 6/29/22)
The Talk: Randy Jackson, Peter Bergman, Susan Walters (R 4/18/22)
Live with Kelly and Ryan: Michelle Pfeiffer, Blair Underwood, Sophie Liard, Jenna Dewan
Ellen DeGeneres: Channing Tatum (R 3/24/22)
Kelly Clarkson: Angela Bassett, Kel Mitchell, Nyesha Arrington (R 4/11/22)
Tamron Hall: Elizabeth Carr (R 3/30/22)
Drew Barrymore: Sam Heughan, Asad Syrkett (R 3/9/22)

WHAT ARE YOU TALKIN’ ABOUT? Here are today’s PPM-Friendly Topics!

QUESTION: Did the FBI come close to ARRESTING BRAD PITT?? And why didn’t they?? Someone is suing to find out.. and guess who that someone is?????????


QUESTION: Did Alec Baldwin PULL THE TRIGGER on the gun that killed his camerawoman?? The FBI says “he had to,” but Alec is STICKING TO HIS GUNS!!!


QUESTION: Think YOU won’t get audited by the new IRS army?? Check out this couple whose cattle ranch in Texas was audited over a TRACTOR REPAIR! Scary!!!


QUESTION: How do you PICK YOUR PASSWORDS?? Here are some “expert” tips on how to do it right!!! (The average person now has well over 100 passwords)
Memory test: The average person now has an astonishing 100 passwords to remember, according to a study by tech firm NordPass

QUESTION: Do YOU have a “DESIGNER VAGINA???” Would you LIKE one??? Surgeons report they’re in demand, thanks to gym culture and TIGHT LEGGINGS!!!!!!
Kim Kardashian was spotted wearing legging while meeting with her family for lunch in January 2019Kim Kardashian posted this pic of her wearing tight sporty leggings in August 2021

Ben and Jen Having A Huge Wedding Bash

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are celebrating their newlywed life as husband and wife with a three-day wedding bash for friends and family at Affleck’s private mansion in Georgia.   They tied the knot nearly one month ago in Las Vegas, Nevada, during a midnight ceremony on the famous strip, witnessed by only a few people, including two of their children from previous marriages.  “It’s going to be all about J.Lo,” a source says. “Ben wants all of the focus to be on her for their big day.”  The celebrity roster heading south for the weekend is expected to include the likes of Matt Damon, Jimmy Kimmel, Ben’s brother Casey Affleck and Drea de Matteo.  She is expected to wear “a custom couture Ralph Lauren dress” made in Italy, with Vogue capturing her fashion journey. Affleck’s private property is situated across 87 acres, and the 6,000 square foot main mansion, and is designed to look like an old plantation house with 24-foot columns, shutters and a wrap-around porch.  The compound has three separate structures and is roughly one hour outside of Savannah on the exclusive Hampton Island Preserve.  Affleck reportedly purchased the property for $7 million in 2003 when he was first engaged to Lopez.
*****This is her fourth time, so she’s pretty good at it!!
******Her wedding invitations have a blank space for the name of the groom!!
********It’s hard to spend $7 million for property in Georgia… they must have seen him coming!!

Anne Heche Memoir Resurfaces

Renewed interest in Anne Heche’s memoir, “Call Me Crazy,” has surfaced following her death.  The book, which was published on Sept. 4, 2001, by Simon & Schuster’s imprint Scribner, has been deemed a “collectible” on Amazon, now being sold for the astonishing price of $749.  Heche died at the age of 53 after being in a coma stemming from a horrific car crash on Aug. 5th.  In the book, she detailed her tumultuous relationship with Ellen DeGeneres, her rise in Hollywood, her father’s death from AIDS — as well as his abuse — and how she overcame her difficult childhood.  The 256-page memoir had a price hike in recent days, first being sold at $200 and then at $499.  She told 20/20 in a 2001 interview for her memoir. “But it’s a crazy life. I was raised in a crazy family and it took 31 years to get the crazy out of me.”
*********An appropriate title.. for anyone who pays that much!!!

A$AP Rocky Hit With Assault Charges

Rapper A$AP Rocky was slapped with assault and weapons charges Monday in connection with a November altercation with a former friend in Los Angeles.  He was slapped with two counts of assault with a semiautomatic firearm with allegations of personally using a firearm, according to prosecutors.  Rocky allegedly pointed a gun at onetime “A$AP Mob” rap collective member A$AP Relli and later fired twice in his direction.  “Discharging a gun in a public place is a serious offense that could have ended with tragic consequences not only for the person targeted but also for innocent bystanders visiting Hollywood,” said Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascón.  He had been taken into custody and charged with assault with a deadly weapon after arriving in LAX airport with girlfriend Rihanna in April. He was released on $550,000 bail.
*********This L.A. DA is finally prosecuting people… now that they’re trying to recall him!!
*******A$AP Rocky might be the only conviction of 2022!!

Martha Stewart Posts Past Nude Photo

Martha Stewart posted a photo of a 1996 Spy magazine cover that featured her posing naked.  “do you remember this????? omg!!!” she captioned the risqué Instagram post.  She appeared to be channeling Sandro Botticelli’s famous “Birth of Venus” painting, as she was seated in a massive seashell, using her knees to cover her bare chest. Several fans flooded to the comments section to praise the her throwback photo shoot for the short-lived satirical magazine.  “You could do it again Martha!!!,” one follower wrote.  “now that is iconic,” a second commented.  “Hahahaha. Still have my copy!!!!” a third fan noted.  “Pretty damned hot in such a tasteful way. Encore please,” one more begged.  Stewart’s mermaid-esque nude snap isn’t her only steamy photo to make waves.  In July 2020, she took the internet by storm by posing for a sexy photo while hanging out in her East Hampton pool when she was 78 years old.  Days later, the lifestyle mogul addressed the hysteria, explaining that after learning about the term “thirst trap,” she most definitely believes her post was exactly that.
**********She also revealed that since she met Snoop, she likes to do it “Doggy Style!!!”
********No matter how old a woman gets, when she needs attention, she gets naked!!
*******She likes younger men, because when you’re 80, there aren’t many men your age LEFT!!
Martha Stewart nude on the July/August 1996 cover of SPY Magazine.

Better Call Saul Comes To End

Bob Odenkirk has shared a heartwarming message with fans as the “Better Call Saul” finale finally landed on Netflix.  Fans of the hit “Breaking Bad” spinoff were hit with the final episode, titled “Saul Gone,” on Monday.  He starred in the spinoff as Saul Goodman for a total of six seasons, which followed his initial four seasons on “Breaking Bad.”  And to mark the end of an era for Goodman, initially known to fans as James Morgan “Jimmy” McGill, and later by the alias Gene Takavic, actor Odenkirk shared a two-minute clip on social media.  “Everybody’s been asking me how I feel about saying goodbye to Saul Goodman and ‘Better Call Saul,’ and I’m not good at answering the question because it’s frankly hard for me to look at that experience, and even at that character, too closely,” the unabashedly emotional actor told fans in the video.  Odenkirk thanked the show’s co-creators for letting him front the spinoff and for “giving me the chance.”  “I did nothing to deserve this part but I hope I earned it after six seasons,” he said.  See the video HERE.
*********Just do us a favor, and make a sequel to “Nobody!!!”


Ripping The Tabloids (Throughout the week, we’ll give you the stories from that weeks tabs!)
**Please Credit Publication!

Number of the Week-(In Touch)

3.6 Million-

Dollars Johnny Depp made from selling at a London gallery 780 prints of his artwork.



Beware Of “Splooting” Squirrels

Squirrels in New York City parks have been spotted sprawled out on their stomachs with their arms and legs stretched out during very warm days, or splooting, as it’s less commonly known.  Those catching a glimpse of the squirrels in this peculiar position have posted photos online. More than 40,000 posts on Instagram have been tagged with the word “splooting,” with posts showing squirrels, dogs and even cats in the position. As it turns out, the activity is actually healthy for animals and is one way that helps them cool down amid extreme summer heat. The New York City Parks Department took to Twitter to let others know this activity is perfectly normal and healthy for mammals. “If you see a squirrel lying down like this, don’t worry it’s just fine. On hot days, squirrels keep cool by splooting,” the department said in a viral tweet.  See the pics HERE.
*******They look like Chelsea Handler when she’s trying to get some attention!!
*****When we “sploot” someone has to roll down a window!!!

The Dog Ate My Lottery Ticket!

Oregon Lottery officials said they were able to reconstruct an $8 winning scratch-off ticket that was torn to shreds by the winner’s dogs.  Lottery officials said they received a letter from Salem residents Nathan and Rachael Lamet explaining their $3 Pharaoh’s Gold Crossword ticket had been ripped to bits by Apple and Jack, their Alaska klee kai dogs.  The letter included the torn-up ticket and a photo of the guilty canines.  “For some reason we left the ticket on the ottoman and they decided it was delicious,” Rachel Lamet told the Oregon Lottery. “I went to bed and when I woke up it was eaten to the point that I thought it was unable to be checked. But my husband thought it was hilarious and someone might get a good laugh at the very least. He said it’s for sure a winner.”  Lottery officials were able to piece the ticket back together and confirmed it was an $8 winner.  The Lumets said they were shocked when officials replied to their letter and said a check would be mailed to them.
*********Wow. $8.00?? Go ahead and eat the damned thing!!
*****If it’s a million-dollar winner.. now you take the dog in for surgery!!

50 Pound Tortoise Found

Animal control officials in Texas said they do not know how a 50-pound African spurred tortoise came to be wandering alone through a city park.  San Antonio Animal Care Services said the large tortoise, dubbed Walter O’Hare by rescuers, was found by a group of visitors to Phil Hardberger Park and animal care officers responded to the scene.  “Estimating a weight of greater than 50 pounds and being a bulky and awkward shape, it took both officers to transport Walter off the trail and back to their transport vehicle,” animal care services said in a Facebook post.  The tortoise was taken to Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation Inc. in Kendalia.  Investigators said they believe the tortoise was a pet that escaped from its home or was abandoned by its owner.
*******They asked the tortoise, and he said, “I don’t know!! It happened so fast!!”
*******He had just outgrown his terrarium!!!
*****Keep an eye on him.. he may try to make a run for it!!

Slow Speed Excavator Chase

A wanted Oregon man led deputies on a slow-speed chase in a construction excavator for more than half a mile before his arrest on Sunday, authorities said.  Jesse B. Shaw, who had three arrest warrants and was wanted for stealing a car, was found driving an excavator on a property north of Banks in Washington County, the Washington County Sheriff’s Office said.  Shaw allegedly ignored deputies’ commands to exit machinery and surrender.  Shaw drove more than a mile and a half in the slow-moving excavator as deputies plodded behind the vehicle in pursuit, the sheriff’s office said.  Shaw eventually stopped and was arrested for attempting to elude police, the alleged stolen car, and the three arrest warrants.
*********He was digging a hole for himself!!!
****NOTE TO SELF: When running from the cops, try to steal a faster vehicle!!!







6 Ways to Save Money on Home Entertainment

Whether you’re a big bookworm, love to watch live sports or can’t get enough of your reality TV shows, there are ways for everyone to cut costs.


  1. Download Free TV Apps

With the plethora of streaming options available now, there’s no reason to be stuck paying a pricey cable bill. While many streaming services do charge their own subscription fees, there are some TV apps that are completely free.

Download these free TV apps if you want to keep your costs at $0. You may not get access to the latest shows airing, but there are offerings for movie lovers, kids, gamers, anime fans and those who enjoy classic TV shows.


  1. Ditch Cable for Streaming Services

Cutting the cord is a great way to cut down on monthly expenses, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up the perks of viewing live shows and programs.

These streaming options allow you to watch live TV starting at about $35 a month — and at half that price for your first month. Many also offer DVR capabilities, just like cable companies do, so you can record episodes if you aren’t able to watch them when they air.


  1. Watch NFL Games Without Cable

If you’re a sports fan, you might be holding onto cable so that you’re able to catch all the games of the season. However, there are many ways to watch NFL games without an expensive cable package.

You can stream games from the NFL Network or purchase the NFL Game Pass or NFL Sunday Ticket. Plus there are several streaming services starting at $5 a month that’ll let you catch football games


  1. The Great Debate: Fire Stick vs. Roku

For those switching from cable to streaming for the first time, one of the questions you’ll have is which platform you should use to stream content.

Amazon Fire Stick and Roku are two very popular options. We break down the highlights of both the Fire Stick and Roku so you can choose what’s best for you.


  1. Score Cheap Audiobooks

Reading an interesting book is a great way to pass the time. Audiobooks are even better because you can essentially have the book read to you while you’re driving, out for a jog, doing chores around the house or whatever.

These nine options for finding affordable audiobooks let you build out your private (virtual) library without having to drop $25 for each hardcover book.


  1. Discover Free Library Apps

Public libraries offer a wealth of resources, but you don’t have to get in your car and drive to your nearest branch to benefit from it all.

Free library apps like Hoopla, OverDrive and more let you access books, movies, music and online training programs at no cost. And there’ll be no one to tell you “shhhh” if you talk too loudly while deciding what to check out first.


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