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Born on this day!! Actor Elizabeth Ashley is 84. Actor-turned-politician Ben Jones (“The Dukes of Hazzard”) is 82. Actor John Kani (“Black Panther”) is 81. Cartoonist R. Crumb is 80. Comedian Lewis Black (“The Daily Show”) is 75. Actor Timothy Bottoms (film’s “The Last Picture Show,” TV’s “The Paper Chase”) is 72. Jazz saxophonist Gerald Albright is 66. Actor Michael Chiklis (“The Fantastic Four,” ″The Shield”) is 60. Actor Michael Michele (“ER,” ″Homicide: Life on the Street”) is 57. Country singer Sherrie Austin is 52. Guitarist Lars Frederiksen of Rancid is 52. Actor Cameron Diaz is 51. TV personality Lisa Ling (“The View”) is 50. Singer-guitarist Aaron Barrett of Reel Big Fish is 49. Actor Raul Castillo (“Looking”) is 46. Actor Michael Gladis (“Reckless,” ″Mad Men”) is 46. Drummer Matt Taul (Tantric, Days of the New) is 45. Singer Rachael Price of Lake Street Dive is 38. Actor Johanna Braddy (“Quantico”) is 36.


1862 – The Second Battle of Bull Run took place during the Civil War.
1905 – Ty Cobb made his major league batting debut, playing for the Detroit Tigers.
1941 – The two-year siege of Leningrad during World War II began.
1963 – A hot line between the Kremlin and the White House went into operation to reduce the chances of an accidental war.
1967 – Cleopatra VII, Queen of Egypt, committed suicide.
1999 – East Timor residents voted to secede from Indonesia.

Today Is: International Cabernet Sauvignon Day, International Day of The Victims of Enforced Disappearances, International Whale Shark Day, National Beach Day, National Grief Awareness Day, National Holistic Pet Day, National Toasted Marshmallow Day

Primetime TV (All Times Eastern)

CBS – 8:00 – Big Brother  /  9:00 – Superfan  /  10:00 – So Help Me Todd
NBC – 8:00 – America’s Got Talent  /  9:00 – Carol Burnett Special
ABC – 8:00 – The Conners  /  10:00 – The Rookie
FOX – 8:00 – MasterChef
CW – 8:00 – Nancy Drew / 9:00 – Penn and Teller

TV Talk Shows

**Due to the ongoing writers/ actors strike most shows are in reruns. (Stay Tuned!)


WHAT ARE YOU TALKIN’ ABOUT? Here are today’s PPM-Friendly Topics!

QUESTION: Remember the CRAZY LADY ON THE PLANE? She’s traveling again, but one question remains: WHAT DID SHE SEE?? Her answer may surprise!!!


QUESTION: When the weatherperson says there’s a 30% chance of rain, what does it mean?? NOT what you think it does!! This Tik Tok’er had her MIND BLOWN!!


QUESTION: Is their Whopper NOT BIG ENOUGH?? That’s what this lawsuit contends!! Burger King defends itself against claims that the Whopper ain’t all that!!!!!


QUESTION: Life in plastic just gets more and more.. FANTASTIC!! “Barbie” is now Warner Bros. biggest movie EVER.. and could be the #1 flick of 2023!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

QUESTION: OK, will THIS make you wanna buy a Tesla?? Elon Musk is approved to build a Tesla-themed DRIVE IN and restaurant in L.A.!! Movies and food!!!
Tesla diner

Meghan Markle’s Wedding Dress Maker Gives Out Secret About Her Something “Blue”

********Really?? The world was waiting to find out about THIS??
*****Her designer from Givenchy sewed some fabric from the dress she wore on her first date with Harry.. into the hem of the wedding dress. so.. SHE WAS THE ONLY ONE WHO KNEW IT WAS THERE!! (Cue screams)
******On that first date, she wore a blue gingham dress. But not for long!! That’s how you bag a prince!!!
*****The designer is Clare Keller, and she said King Charles was very interested in Meghan’s dress!! In fact, he asked, “Does this come in men’s sizes??”

HBO Cancels “The Idol”

*********They say they’re “pleased with the audience response.” That’s why they’re canceling it??
******Could it have anything to do with the blowback over the abusive sex scenes?? Probably not.
*******The Weeknd can now go back to mass-producing hooks with beats!!

According To His Widow, Hugh Hefner Went Deaf From Taking Too Much Viagra

*****Whoa… Viagra can make you “hard of hearing??”
*******He said he’d rather be deaf than not able to have sex!!
*****It makes sense, because that way he can’t hear his wife complaining about having to sleep with him!!
******She talks about how gross he was, how bad he was in the sack, how he made everybody have orgies, then says “He made me feel loved every single day, and I’m eternally grateful!!”
*****It’s almost like she was just in it for the money!!

Miley Cyrus Explains Why She Is Done With Touring

*********Basically?? She’s tired!! She needs some “me time!!”
*****She hasn’t toured since 2014. Now she just does festivals and TV shows!!
*****Real reason? After Taylor Swift comes through town, nobody has any money left!!

Adele Says She’s Ready To Have Another Baby

*****We’ve got a diagram in case she forgot how to do it!!
********She broke the news on Tik Tok to a fan who needed name ideas for HER baby!!
*******Her current mate has three kids by another woman and Adele has a son by her ex-husband!!
*******She had a very easy divorce. Why? Because she has her own money!!




Harry & Meghan:  Make a Deal-(Star)

Action!  After years of producing very little, Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, are finally making good on their $100 million Netflix deal.  The pair have acquired the screen rights to Carley Fortune’s bestselling novel Meet Me at the Lake for a reported $3 million.  As usual, the controversial couple has come under fire for their choice, with some pointing out that the novel’s plot is yet another rehash of their life.  Indeed, the love story does include childhood trauma, the loss of a parent in a car crash, as well as mental-health challenges.




Idaho Restaurant Makes Longest Philly Cheesesteak

**********The sandwich was 722.8 feet long!! We didn’t know there was that much Cheese Wiz in the world!!
*******The people in Philly hated it!! But then again, people in Philly hate EVERYTHING!!
******The current record was 72 feet, so we guess they beat it!!
*********They still have to be certified by Guinness, so they put the cheesesteak in an envelope and mailed it to them!!

Parents Get Warning About Smashing Raw Eggs On Their Child’s Head!

*****It’s the latest stupid Tik Tok prank, #eggprank, where they tell the kid they’re gonna crack an egg, then crack it on their head!!
*******It leaves many of the children in tears, which apparently is the funniest thing to many Tik Tok idiots!!
*******Oh by the way, the parents go on to use the eggs for cooking, which experts say could lead to food poisoning. Good times!!

Florida Chemistry Student Caught Spraying Unknown Substance Through Door

**********He thought his neighbor was making too much noise, so he used a syringe to spray methadone and oxycodone into his apartment!!
*****It was an experiment to see whether he could be arrested.. and it worked!!

L.A. Men Go For World Record For Most Hugs In A Minute

********More specifically, in West Hollywood!!
*******The previous record was set by famous guys Anthony Anderson and Darius Rucker, who hugged 138 times in an episode of Carpool Karaoke!!
******David Rush and Josh Horton, who are nobodies, hugged 153 times!! Now they’ll go on a world tour to celebrate!!









7 Issues Kids Bring Up Most Often With School Counselors


  1. A Safe Space

Bohannon said her top priority is simply listening, and “hearing the issue from the student lens.”  For students who are not accustomed to naming and articulating their feelings, this can take some practice.  “Some students have told me that they are never asked about certain feelings throughout the day, so it’s hard for them to put into words how or why they feel a certain way,” Bohannon said. “As a school counselor, I would really just focus on creating a safe place for the student to open up.”  Their inexperience is also sometimes just a product of their youth. “It can be confusing and difficult for students to understand their emotions when they may be experiencing this emotion for the first time,” she explained. “These brand-new emotions may lead them to behaviors that are not typical for them, and many times, students have a hard time understanding or explaining what is going on within themselves. Some of the feelings they may be experiencing may only show up at certain times or have certain triggers, and for a lot of students, learning these triggers is all new.”

  1. Pressure From Family

Looming college applications give students plenty of reason to worry about grades, but the pressure to succeed academically also comes from home. Particularly for immigrant students, and those who will be the first generation in their family to attend college, the weight of expectation may be a heavy one. Students often feel that they must succeed in order to honor their families’ sacrifices.  “Many of my students struggle with the idea of disappointing their parents, and opening up about feelings of anxiety or depression can be scary for them to bring up at home,” Bohannon said.

  1. Identifying Feelings In Order To Change Behavior

A teacher who is struggling with a student in the classroom might hope that having the student speak with the counselor would put an end to a troublesome behavior — and it may — but rehashing the behavior and why it was wrong probably won’t be the counselor’s starting point.  “Behavior is communication and it’s the result of what one is thinking and feeling,” Casey O’Brien Martin, an elementary school counselor in Massachusetts and author of “Skills For Big Feelings,” told HuffPost.  “I’m often working with kids to teach them that their thoughts impact their feelings, which then influences their behavior,” she said. “So, I’m starting by teaching them how to identify if their thoughts are helpful or unhelpful, and then how to change those unhelpful thoughts, which then impacts their feelings and this, in turn, influences their behavior.”  All of this means adults shouldn’t expect to see changes overnight. “We don’t have a magic wand,” O’Brien Martin said. “Behavioral change and social-emotional change is slow, deep work and it takes time.”

  1. A Sounding Board

Sharp noted that students are becoming more conversant in the language of mental health, and may strategically reach out to a counselor for help navigating a challenge.  “Increasingly, I’m connecting with students who speak maturely and insightfully regarding their emotional experiences, are proactive seeking to check-in regarding their emotional health, or simply seeking to coordinate the skills or behavioral health services they’re receiving outside of schools and reflecting on how that applies to school,” he said.

  1. Anxiety

O’Brien Martin said one of the issues she sees most frequently is anxiety, often showing up around the ages of 6 and 7. When anxiety does occur, it can materialize in some unexpected ways.  These may include: “oppositional or aggressive behavior, school refusal, separation anxiety, inattention, phobias, avoidance, control issues, tantrums, elopement, worrying ‘what if…’ thoughts, and more,” she explained.  Sometimes, parents allow kids to avoid things that make them anxious in order to ease their anxiety — but, in the long-run, this can actually make anxiety worse, she cautioned.  “When we let our kids avoid situations that make them anxious, it stops them from mastering the skills they need to learn to cope with those feelings,” O’Brien Martin said.  While a true phobia will need to be addressed with a therapist, in many instances it’s best to give kids an opportunity to overcome a challenge.  “If your child is having a hard day at school, it’s natural to want to dismiss them from school, but the healthier choice is to give them the tools to cope with their feelings,” she said.  O’Brien Martin suggested that you validate your kids’ feelings and affirm their strength by saying, for example, “I know this is hard and I know you can do hard things,” or “I know you have the tools to deal with your big feelings!”

  1. Anger

One big feeling that can lead to issues at school is anger.  “We have lots of conversations about how anger is not an ‘issue’ that is out of their control, it’s a feeling that they are learning to manage. So we spend time reframing that automatic thought and phrase into something helpful like, ‘I am learning to handle hard times and strong feelings,’” Laura Filtness, an elementary school counselor in Tennessee, told HuffPost.  With anger and other emotions, Filtness said she works with students on the skills of mindfulness and understanding what they can and can’t control.  “Taking a moment to be present and thoughtful helps them respond instead of reacting impulsively,” Filtness said.  “We also discuss the idea of control, and how they can make changes to improve their situation,” she added. “At the same time, we acknowledge that there are things they cannot control, and we work on coping strategies for those situations.”

  1. Navigating Peer Conflict

Of course, there are still plenty of kids who end up in the counselor’s office because of a conflict with a classmate. In these situations, counselors emphasize dealing with conflict in a healthy way. “As grown-ups we often want to run away from and avoid conflict but it’s so much healthier to teach kids ways to deal with their conflicts and how to solve problems,” O’Brien Martin said. “For minor problems with peers, I find it’s useful to teach kids to use I-statements: ‘I feel ___ when you ___. Could you please ___?’”  When students come in with a peer conflict, she continued, “I’m often reflecting the problem back to them to solve because it’s much more empowering for them. … I’ll say, ‘I know you’re a problem solver! How do you think we should handle this situation?’ And often they’ll tell me what they need to do like apologize, use a coping skill, or use an I-statement.”


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