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Born on this day!! Singer-songwriter Bobby Goldsboro is 82. Comedian-singer Brett Hudson of the Hudson Brothers is 70. Actor-director Kevin Costner is 68. Country singer-actor Mark Collie (“Nashville”) is 67. Actor Mark Rylance (“Bridge of Spies,” ″The Other Boleyn Girl”) is 63. Actor Alison Arngrim (“Little House on the Prairie”) is 61. Actor Jane Horrocks (“Absolutely Fabulous”) is 59. Comedian Dave Attell (“Insomniac”) is 58. Actor Jesse L. Martin (TV’s “The Flash,” ″Law & Order”) is 54. Rapper DJ Quik is 53. Singer Jonathan Davis of Korn is 52. Singer Christian Burns of BBMak is 49. Actor Derek Richardson (“Men in Trees”) is 47. Actor-screenwriter Jason Segel (“How I Met Your Mother,” ″Freaks and Geeks”) is 43. Singer-actor Samantha Mumba is 40. Actor Ashleigh Murray (“Riverdale”) is 35. Actor Zeeko Zaki (“FBI,” “24: Legacy”) is 33. Actor Mateus Ward (“Hostages”) is 24.


1788 – The First Fleet, carrying convicts and sheep, arrived in Australia’s Botany Bay.
1733 – The first polar bear was exhibited in America, in Boston.
1778 – Captain James Cook became the first European to visit the Sandwich Islands (Hawaii).
1782 – Daniel Webster was born in Salisbury, New Hampshire.
1912 – The ill-fated Scott expedition reached the South Pole, only to discover Amundsen had been there first.
1943 – The Nazi siege of Leningrad was broken.
1993 – All 50 states joined in the observance of the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday.

Today Is: National Disc Jockey Day, Pooh (Winnie The) Day, Thesaurus Day

Primetime TV (All Times Eastern)

CBS – 8:00 –  The Price Is Right  /  9:00 – Lingo  /  10:00 – Tough As Nails
NBC – 8:00  – Chicago Med  /  9:00 – Chicago Fire  /  10:00 – Chicago PD
ABC – 8:00 –  The Conners  /  8:30 – The Goldbergs   /  9:00 – Abbott Elementary  /  9:30 – Home Economics  /  10:00 – Big Sky
FOX – 8:00 – Name That Tune  /  9:00 – Special Forces
CW – 8:00 –  Penn and Teller Fool Us  /  9:00 – Kung Fu

TV Talk Shows

Jimmy Kimmel: Jennifer Lopez, Chris Perfetti, Fall Out Boy
Jimmy Fallon: Yara Shahidi, SG Lewis
Stephen Colbert: Trevor Noah, Stephanie Hsu
Seth Meyers: George Lopez, Sadie Sink, Daniel Fang
James Corden: Angela Bassett, Julia Wolf
Watch What Happens Live: Kim Petras, Brad Goreski
Daily Show: Guest host Leslie Jones
The View: Julie Bowen
The Talk: Phil Keoghan
Live with Kelly and Ryan: David Muir, Melanie “Mel B” Brown
Kelly Clarkson: Rob Lowe, Marcus Scribner, Lawrence Zarian
Tamron Hall: Harry Hamlin
Drew Barrymore: Chelsea Handler
Jennifer Hudson: Debbie Allen

WHAT ARE YOU TALKIN’ ABOUT? Here are today’s PPM-Friendly Topics!

QUESTION: Did you know the NFL has been putting CHIPS IN THEIR FOOTBALLS FOR YEARS?? They have.. and that’s how they’re making their calls!!!!!!!!


QUESTION: Ever hear of a PIG-CALLING CONTEST?? This is better!! It’s a HUSBAND-CALLING CONTEST at the State Fair, with a grand prize of FIVE DOLLARS!!!


QUESTION: Is it DANGEROUS to be a “bikini barista??” It was for her!! Check this video.. a guy tries to DRAG HER THROUGH THE WINDOW!! (He had a ZIP TIE!!!)


QUESTION: Wanna see MADONNA play Truth or Dare, and ask questions about “licking buttholes” and stuff?? Then you’ll love this video!! We can’t watch!!!!!!

QUESTION: WHY does this “influencer” seem to cause accidents wherever she goes??? It could be her MAMMOTH MAMMARIES!! Our back hurts just lookin’ at ’em!!!
”I always fly business or first class, especially for a long flight,” Berthier explained. ”This is because you can unfold the chair and stretch your back, also I prefer more privacy.Berthier flaunts her massive mammaries.

Madonna Announces New Tour

Madonna announced her new Celebration tour Tuesday.  The North American leg of the tour will kick off July 15 in Vancouver, B.C., and end Oct. 7 in Las Vegas.  The European leg of the tour will take place in the fall, starting in London on Oct. 14.  Bob the Drag Queen will join the tour as a special guest.  Tickets go on sale Friday at 10 a.m. local time.  Madonna released her 14th studio album, Madame X, in 2019. She has since released “Levitating (The Blessed Madonna Remix)” with Dua Lipa and Missy Elliott and “Break My Soul (The Queens Remix)” with Beyoncé.
******The tour is called “Four Decades – A Celebration.” The original title is “Stare at My Derriere Tour!!!”
(It should be called “WTF Happened to My Face???”
*****At this point, Bob the Drag Queen is more feminine than she is!!!
****Madonna’s real name is Virginia, and she used to called “Virgin” for short.. but not for long!!! (Rick Dees, c. 1985)

Jeremy Renner Heads Home

Jeremy Renner revealed he’s home from the hospital in a post shared to Twitter on Monday.  He responded to a tweet shared by the “Mayor of Kingstown” Twitter account about the premiere of season two.  “Mike and Iris found calm among the chaos. The #MayorOfKingstown season 2 premiere is available NOW on @paramountplus,” the tweet read alongside stills from the show.  “Outside my brain fog in recovery, I was very excited to watch episode 201 with my family at home,” Renner responded. It’s unclear when Renner was discharged from the hospital, however season two of “Mayor of Kingstown” premiered on Jan. 15. The actor stars as Mike McLusky in the thriller.  Also on Monday, the “Avengers” actor showed off the snow-covered view he is “missing” during his recovery.  “Missing my happy place,” Renner captioned a photo shared to his Instagram story.  Renner was run over by a snowcat on Jan. 1 as he was attempting to tow a vehicle stuck in the snow at his home in Nevada. He suffered severe injuries in the accident and was airlifted to the hospital, where he underwent surgery.  Renner suffered blunt chest trauma and orthopedic injuries.
*********Word has it that his leg is so crushed, it will have to be amputated. Tragic.
****But.. the good news? He’s alive!!

The Chrisleys Head To Prison

Todd and Julie Chrisley are beginning their new lives behind bars.  They reported to their respective federal prisons yesterda, two months after they were sentenced to a combined 19 years for fraud and tax evasion, according to multiple outlets.  Todd, 53, is serving 12 years at Federal Prison Camp Pensacola in Florida. Meanwhile, Julie, 50, was originally set to spend the next seven years at Federal Correctional Institution Marianna just two hours away.  But, according to Entertainment Tonight, she was reassigned on Dec. 20 to Federal Medical Center Lexington in Lexington, K.Y.  She also has a 16-month probation sentence to fulfill once she is released from prison.  Just days ago, the Chrisleys — who are appealing their conviction — were denied bail. The embattled pair’s request to extend their surrender date by 21 days was also dismissed by the court.
*********These days, bail is only available to people who kill and rob!!

King Charles Not Planning Peace Talks With Harry

King Charles III is not looking to hold any peace talks with his younger son, Prince Harry, anytime soon.  Their relationship has been thrust into a record low for the pair following the explosive release of Harry’s tell-all memoir, “Spare.”  Amid whispers over whether Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, will attend his father’s coronation in May, an insider told the Evening Standard that a royal reunion is not in the cards “at this moment in time.”  “He has never been one to make quick judgments,” an insider told the outlet. “There is no appetite at this moment in time to engage.”  In his interview with Anderson Cooper on “60 Minutes” earlier this month, Harry said he is “looking forward” to reconciling with his brother, William, and other royal family members. He said he’s open to having a “private” and “constructive conversation” with them in the future.  “Meghan and I have continued to say that we will openly apologize for anything that we did wrong,” Harry said. “But every time we ask that question, no one’s telling us the specifics or anything.”  Buckingham Palace has declined to comment on “Spare.”
*******Since when does Harry keep ANY conversation private???
*****This is what happens when your wife calls the shots.. you’re at war with everybody!!!
*******Meanwhile, Charles is refusing to coronated: “You’re not cutting my jewels off!!”
*******Meghan is telling Harry, “You’re bigger than Charles now!! Freeze him out!!!”

Lisa Marie Left Graceland To Her Kids

Graceland will go to Lisa Marie Presley’s three daughters — just like she wanted.  After her sudden and tragic passing last week, fans were left wondering who would be inheriting her father Elvis Presley’s famous estate.  The Memphis, Tenn., property, which is in a trust, will benefit Riley Keough, 33, and twins Harper and Finley Lockwood, 14, a representative for Graceland confirmed to People on Monday.  Not only did Lisa Marie grow up in that home, but it’s also where Elvis died in 1977 at age 42 when his daughter was 9.  Graceland was left to Lisa Marie as part of her inheritance in a trust that dissolved on her 25th birthday in 1993, at which point she became the sole owner of the property.  However, to continue the successful management of the estate, Lisa Marie chose to form a new trust — The Elvis Presley Trust — with her mother, 77-year-old Priscilla Presley, and the National Bank of Commerce.  Over the years, the trustees decided to open Graceland up to the public via a variety of tours and overnight stays.  Elvis purchased the home in 1957 for $100,000. In 2020, Rolling Stone reported its estimated worth to be as much as $500 million.  Lisa Marie was adamant that the property stay in the family.  “Graceland was given to me and will always be mine,” she insisted in 2013. “And then passed to my children. It will never be sold.”  On Monday, the Presley family announced that they will be holding a public memorial service for the singer-songwriter on Graceland’s front lawn on Jan. 22 at 9 a.m.  Reps for the family said that Lisa Marie would be laid to rest there next to her dad and son, Benjamin Keough, who died by suicide in July 2020 at age 27.


Ripping The Tabloids (Throughout the week, we’ll give you the stories from that weeks tabs!)
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Last Laughs-(In Touch)

“It’s been a rough few weeks for crypto exchange founder Sam Bankman-Fried.  What has this world come to when you can’t trust the guy selling imaginary computer coins whose name is almost exactly Bankman Fraud.”-Stephen Colbert.

“A deer in India recently got stuck n an ATM vestibule.  But good luck getting just one buck out of an ATM.”-Seth Meyers.

“Sandra Bullock sold her avocado ranch in California at a reduced price.  That’s what’s known in the real estate biz as an Avocado Dip.”-Paul Lander.



Rescued Goldfish

Animal rescuers in Guernsey said a massive goldfish that had been left in a bucket was rescued after proving to be too large to make a meal for a seagull.  The Guernsey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals said members of the public reported a large goldfish in a bucket was being attacked by a seagull near Gibauderie.  “We are asked to help all sorts of animals but it is rare we are asked to help a goldfish abandoned in a bucket being attacked by a gull,” GSPCA Senior Animal Care Assistant Yvonne Chauvel said in a news release.  “We have named him Captain Birdseye and despite his injuries he is doing well and if we don’t find his owners in the next 3 weeks we will be looking to find him a home,” she said. GSPCA Manager Steve Byrne said the goldfish’s massive size prevented him from becoming a meal for the seagull.  “Captain Birdseye is one very lucky goldfish,” he said. “If he wasn’t so big he would have likely been eaten.”
*********Fortunately, goldfish only have three-second memories, so he won’t remember the attack!!
*******How did the goldfish wind up in a bucket?? Were they taking him for a walk??

Man Tries To Rob Market With Stapler

A Florida man who was out on bond for allegedly abusing a baby was arrested again last week after he tried to rob a Publix, Miami-Dade police said.  According to a report by WPLG, officers said Patrick Abbott, 31, entered the Publix on Biscayne Boulevard in Miami when he handed an employee a note that said he had a gun and to put money in a bag.  After reading the note, the worker pretended to help another employee and called for help.  Police said Abbott left empty-handed and was arrested on Northeast 50th Street while throwing his note away.  As it turns out, the so-called gun Abbott claimed to have was actually just a black stapler, according to authorities.  Abbott was arrested on a charge of armed robbery. According to WPLG, he was already out on bond after police said he allegedly dropped a 4-month-old at a Miami Walmart multiple times.
*********At least he had moved up from Walmart to Publix!!!
****He was using a stapler?? Maybe he thought he was robbing Staples!!!
*****And this wasn’t even the weirdest thing that happened in Florida that day!!!

Mother and Son Brothel

A mother and son are facing charges of making a living by running a brothel out of a Florida home.  An investigation by the Palm Beach County Human Trafficking Task Force found the house in Lake Worth Beach was actually a brothel operation that offered commercial sexual activity.  Authorities said the suspects’ trouble began with a complaint about offering 15-year-old girls to men for sex.  Detectives used surveillance and undercover “johns” and learned the son — Glin Yan Zuniga Latin, 28 — was in charge.  The sheriff’s office said he’d been suspected in similar situations but was never arrested.  After that, detectives learned Amparo Latin Barillas, 52 — believed to be Latin’s mother — was also involved.  Detectives said she worked the door of the brothel and took money.  According to the arrest affidavit, “johns” would knock on the door and be let in. Then, they’d pay $50 and be handed a card.  Mother and son are both charged with making money from prostitution and maintaining a house of prostitution.
*********At least they were spending quality time together!!!
*******What’s the difference between them and Jeffrey Epstein?? Not much.









5 Actions You Should Take Now If You Think You’ll Lose Your Job



  1. Do be aware that IT security can monitor what you back up. Don’t take any information that’s proprietary.

Through Google’s Takeout service, you can download and export everything in your G Suite like Docs and Sheets, but be aware that your employer may notice what you are doing. G Suite Business and Enterprise allows administrators of audit logs to see who has renamed, created, edited, deleted, uploaded, downloaded or shared a Google Drive file, for example.

This same type of surveillance goes for Slack, a popular productivity software used by office teams. On company-owned Slacks, administrators can have access to private direct messages.  If you are wondering what you can or can’t save, Grama recommends reading your employee handbook. In these handbooks ― or in your employment contract ― you may see guidance outlining what information is proprietary, or confidential data related to your company’s “businesses, strategies, operations, financial affairs, organizational matters, personnel matters, budgets, business plans,” as Lawinsider defines it.

If exporting contacts is allowed, Gmail and Outlook each have detailed steps. For Gmail, you can go to Google Contacts, which keeps track of your frequent email contacts, and select “export.” It will save the contacts you selected into a .CSV spreadsheet.

On Gmail, you just need to select “export” to get started on compiling your contact list quickly.  For Outlook on a PC, go to “File,” select “Open & Export,” and it will guide you through the options of saving your contacts as a .CSV file on your computer.

  1. Do clear out personal passwords and cached words.

Web browsers and social media applications like Facebook can save passwords and cached words to create shortcuts, but it’s a good practice to log out of those applications and clear cached words if you think a layoff is approaching. “You don’t accidentally want the IT team knowing the password or being able to get into any personal applications,” Grama said.

Grama also recommended requiring two-factor authentication on your devices to protect your personal data more even if the password is cached.  If you are suddenly laid off and have very little time before you lose access to your work devices, Grama said you can still ask your employer to get your private stuff back with language like, “Hey, I have some incidental personal material stored on the device, pictures and private calendar appointments. Can an IT person sit down with me while I recover these personal items?”

  1. Don’t erase work files.

While you should remove anything personal that you wouldn’t want your company to have access to, like personal contacts and emails, Alison Green, founder of the workplace advice website Ask A Manager, said that “personal” means things that are unconnected to your job or your company.

Employees should not erase work files. “That can be considered a big deal and can affect your professional reputation if it looks like attempted sabotage,” Green said.

  1. Do make sure your contact information is up to date.

If your layoff is immediate, you want to make it as easy as possible for the company to reach you regarding taxes and benefits information.

One practical step recommended by Ashley Watkins, a job search coach with corporate recruiting experience, is to make sure the address where your employer sends W-2 forms and financial and benefits information is correct.  “That’s how you have access to a lot of your financial information,” Watkins said. “If it’s going to your old address, you could catch hell trying to find out what you need to change.”

  1. Do save anything related to your performance and ask for testimonials now.

Watkins said that her job search clients often regretted not grabbing documents related to their performance while they still could.  That’s why her top recommendation is to save evaluations and “anything that speaks to your performance” if you only have time to back up one thing. If you have more time, Watkins recommends checking to make sure everything related to your job search, like your LinkedIn account and access to job boards, is tied to your personal email address.

Green recommends saving performance reviews, work samples and contact info for people you’ll want to be able to reach in the future, as long as this action is not forbidden by company policy.

One discreet way to build those connections with your co-workers is through LinkedIn, so that you have a way to contact them outside of work. Remember that you may not be the only one who wants to network if your job feels unstable. “Chances are if you’re thinking about a layoff, so are your co-workers,” Watkins said.

Customer and client testimonials could also be useful to start gathering now, and there’s a way to ask without making it clear that you are preparing for a layoff. Watkins said professionals can ask for testimonials with language like “‘As I’m preparing for my next performance review’ ― or whatever may be the case ― ‘I’d like to have to have some real-life documentation of what people say about me,’” Watkins said.


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