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Born on this day!! Actor Tippi Hedren is 92. Journalist Robert MacNeil is 91. Director Richard Lester (“A Hard Day’s Night,” “Superman II and III”) is 90. Actor-singer Michael Crawford is 80. Actor Shelley Fabares is 78. Country singer Dolly Parton is 76. TV chef Paula Deen is 75. Singer Martha Davis of The Motels is 71. Singer Dewey Bunnell of America is 70. Actor Desi Arnaz Jr. is 69. Actor Katey Sagal (“Sons of Anarchy,” ″Married… With Children”) is 68. Comedian Paul Rodriguez is 67. Keyboardist Mickey Virtue (UB40) is 65. Actor Paul McCrane (“ER”) is 61. Singer Whitfield Crane of Ugly Kid Joe is 54. Singer Trey Lorenz is 53. Actor Shawn Wayans (“White Chicks,” ″Scary Movie”) is 51. Singer-guitarist John Wozniak of Marcy Playground is 51. Actor Drea de Matteo (“Joey,” ″The Sopranos”) is 50. Comedian Frank Caliendo (“Frank TV,” ″Mad TV”) is 48. Actor Drew Powell (“Gotham”) is 46. Actor Marsha Thomason (“Las Vegas”) is 46. Actor Bitsie Tulloch (“Grimm”) is 41. Actor Jodie Sweetin (“Full House”) is 40. Actor Shaunette Renee Wilson (“The Resident”) is 32. Actor Briana Henry (“General Hospital”) is 30. Actor Logan Lerman (“Percy Jackson” films) is 30. Rapper Taylor Bennett is 26. Actor Lidya Jewett (“Hidden Figures”) is 15.


1915 – The electric neon sign was patented in the United States by George Claude of Paris, France.
1953 – Lucy Ricardo gave birth to baby Ricky on I Love Lucy. More people tuned in to watch the show than the inauguration of President Eisenhower.
1955 – President Eisenhower okayed the first filming of a news conference for television.
1966 – Indira Gandhi was elected prime minister of India.
1981 – The United States and Iran signed an agreement paving the way for the release of 52 Americans held hostage for more than 14 months.
1997 – Yasser Arafat returned to Hebron for the first time in 30 years, as Israel hands over control of the West Bank city to Palestinians.
2001 – President Clinton admitted he made false statements under oath about Monica Lewinsky.

Today Is: Popcorn Day, Tin Can Day, World Day of Migrants and Refugees, World Quark Day

Primetime TV (All Times Eastern)

CBS – 8:00 –  Price Is Right  /  9:00 – Amazing Race  /  10:00 – Good Sam
NBC – 8:00  – Chicago Med  /  9:00 – Chicago Fire  10:00 – Chicago PD
– 8:00 –  The Goldbergs  /  8:30 – The Wonder Years  /  9:00 – The Conners  /  9:30 – Home Economics  /  10:00 – The Chase
FOX – 8:00 – I Can See Your Voice  /  8:30 – Next Level Chef
CW – 8:00 –  DC Legends Of Tomorrow  /  9:00 – Batwoman

TV Talk Shows

Jimmy Kimmel: Rachel Brosnahan, Eric Andre, Damon Albarn
Jimmy Fallon: The winner of “Clash of the Cover Bands”
Stephen Colbert: Christine Baranski, Nation of Language
Seth Meyers: Judi Dench, Huma Abedin, Teddy Swims, Daniel Fang
James Corden: Dakota Johnson, Josh Gad, Jackie Kashian
The Talk: Drew Barrymore
Live with Kelly and Ryan: Jenna Dewan, Sydney Sweeney, Emma Lovewell
Ellen DeGeneres: Rob Lowe, Monica Aldama
Wendy Williams: D-Nice, guest hosts Kym Whitley & Finesse Mitchell
The Real: Oleta Adams, guest co-host Kathy Hilton
Kelly Clarkson: Milo Ventimiglia, Alana Haim
Drew Barrymore: Ginnifer Goodwin, Eliza Coupe, Maggie Q

WHAT ARE YOU TALKIN’ ABOUT? Here are today’s PPM-Friendly Topics!

QUESTION: Ever think, “I’m just too damned HOT for these guys?? That’s what this Playboy model thinks! “I can’t get a date ’cause I’m TOO SEXY!!”


QUESTION: Too much Covid for the Grammys? FINE! They’re moving the show from L.A. to VEGAS, and delaying the broadcast till APRIL!!!!!!!!!!


QUESTION: And it’s all for CHARITY, right? Meghan and Harry set up a network of TAX HAVEN COMPANIES, most of which no one knows about!!!!!!!!!


QUESTION: Was he trying to make the post season MORE ENTERTAINING? This Cleveland Browns player arrested in Florida, COMPLETELY NAKED!
Malik McDowell runs naked down the street

QUESTION: Does this sound GOOD right now?? Soon, you can buy a CONDO ON A CRUISE SHIP for under $400k!! Too good to be true? Check it out!!
The new Storylines boat MV Narrative (pictured) has one to four-bedroom apartments and studios starting at just $366,667 (£268,170)

Harry Potter To Play Weird Al

Daniel Radcliffe will star in the new film Weird: The Weird Al Yankovic Story.  Roku said in a press release Tuesday that Radcliffe will play “Weird Al” Yankovic, a singer and actor known for his parody songs, in the upcoming biopic.  The feature-length film will explore the life and career of Yankovic, the biggest-selling comedy recording artist of all time.  “The biopic holds nothing back, exploring every facet of Yankovic’s life, from his meteoric rise to fame with early hits like ‘Eat It’ and ‘Like a Surgeon’ to his torrid celebrity love affairs and famously depraved lifestyle,” an official description reads.  Yankovic co-wrote and will executive produce the film with Eric Appel, who also serves as director. The project is produced by Funny or Die and Tango.  “When my last movie UHF came out in 1989, I made a solemn vow to my fans that I would release a major motion picture every 33 years, like clockwork. I’m very happy to say we’re on schedule,” Yankovic said in a statement.  “And I am absolutely thrilled that Daniel Radcliffe will be portraying me in the film,” he added. “I have no doubt whatsoever that this is the role future generations will remember him for.”  Roku head of original scripted programming Colin Davis said the film features “the ultimate combination of talent, creativity, and friends, coming together to make something genuinely funny.”
*********”I’ve been waiting for a film that deals with every aspect of Weird Al,” said no one.
****Here’s what we got from this: Daniel Radcliffe needs money!!
*****Daniel thought: “It’s for Roku! How many people are actually gonna see it??”

Ricky Gervais Has Conditions For Hosting Oscars

Now that the Oscars are officially moving forward with a host for the first time in years, Ricky Gervais revealed what it would take for him to agree to take on the role.   Last week, it was announced that the 2022 Academy Awards show will have a host for the first time since Jimmy Kimmel held the position in 2017 and 2018. Gervais, who previously helmed controversial appearances as the host of the Golden Globes, appeared on the “Today” show Tuesday where the hosts asked if he would be open to hosting the Oscars.   Before they could even get the question out, Gervais began shaking his head in the negative.  “They’d never let me do what I wanted,” he said. “I mean that’s why the Globes got me. They said I could write my own jokes and say what I wanted, no rehearsals.”  Gervais confessed that if the Oscars came to him with those same conditions, he would likely accept the job of hosting. However, he’s confident that won’t ever happen.  “I’d get canceled halfway through,” he joked.  Despite his confidence that he won’t be approached, especially under those conditions, the hosts of the “Today” show got excited that he was technically saying there was a chance he would take the job. This prompted the “After Life” star to realize he may have bitten off more than he wants to chew.  “I’m already regretting saying that just in case now,” he said. “Under those circumstances, yeah [there’s a chance].”
********They’re already talking to Pete Davidson and Tom Holland, and we hear they reached out to Kevin Hart again (true)! So Ricky has nothing to worry about!!
*****What kind of a show features a host who says anything they want, and doesn’t rehearse? Oh yeah.. that’s our show!!

Heidi Klum Insured Some Body Parts

Taylor Swift isn’t the only celeb with a hefty price on her thighs. In a recent appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” German fashion icon Heidi Klum disclosed that a client once insured her legs for $2 million — but one cost more than the other.  “It’s weird the things some people do,” the former Victoria’s Secret Angel, 48, told DeGeneres of her thigh-high premiums. The subject came up after DeGeneres posted a prompt, which read: “My legs were insured for $2m… another body part that should also be insured is …”  After cheekily indicating that her breasts should also be indemnified, Klum clarified that it was actually a “client who insured” her stems and not her.  She also explained that one her legs was more expensive than the other due to a childhood injury.  “One was actually more expensive than the other because when I was young, I fell into a glass and I have, like, a big scar,” the Emmy Winner and Snoop Dogg collaborator explained. “Obviously I put so much spray tan on right now you can’t see it right now but yeah, so one was more expensive than the other one.”  The supermodel didn’t disclose how much each leg cost per the policy, however, Klum revealed in 2017 that her right leg was covered at up to $1.2 million, while her left leg ran her only $1 million because of the scar, People reported.
********How much for her butt? (We’re asking for a friend!!)
****She also did a song with Snoop Dogg, who seems to be collecting sexy old white ladies!!
TOPIC: If you were going to insure any body part, what would it be???

Comedian Opens Up About Bob Saget Funeral

Jeff Ross says that Bob Saget “had the best funeral ever.”  “Like Bob himself, everything was first class,” he wrote in an email to Page Six. “The crowd was star-studded, just the way Bob would have wanted.” Ross added, “The next night, we threw him an impromptu rock and roll shiva in the small room above The Comedy Store in Hollywood, where Bob started his career as a teenager.”  He was a longtime pal of the “Full House” star, who died earlier this month at the age of 65, hours after performing to a sold-out audience in Florida.  Saget’s funeral was star-studded, with celebrity guests like Dave Chappelle, Kathy Griffin, Chris Rock and Jimmy Kimmel.  Ross served as a pallbearer alongside Jonathan Silverman (who officiated Saget’s wedding to wife Kelly Rizzo), Mike Young, John Mayer, Ted Sarandos, Steve Hale and Saget’s “Full House” co-stars Dave Coulier and John Stamos.
*********Comedians take a frown and turn it upside down!!!


Ripping The Tabloids (Throughout the week, we’ll give you the stories from that weeks tabs!)
**Please Credit Publication!

Shailene Sacks Aaron!-(National Enquirer)

The clock has run out on Shailene Woodley, 30, and Aaron Rodgers’ whirlwind romance-the “Big Little Lies” actress sacked the jealous jock and nixed their upcoming nuptials, sources say.  Less than a year after the star confirmed her engagement to the Green Bay Packers quarterback, tipsters snitched the pair called it quits following a massive blowout shortly before the pigskin pro turned 38 on Dec.2.  “They had a huge fight, and Shailene ended things,” spilled an insider.  “She’s really down about it, but she seems determined not to go back.  She says Aaron is just too jealous and controlling for it to ever work.”

This Spud’s For You, Don!-(Globe)

Woody and Buzz Lightyear rescue Forky, a new toy made from recycled parts, in the 2019 animated sequel Toy Story 4-but the Pixar crew had to create the voice of Mr. Potato Head from recycled parts as well!  Insult comic Don Rickles died at 90 before he could reprise the role, so they sorted through “25 years of everything we didn’t use” from Rickles’ previous recordings to bring Mr. Potato Head to life again.

Mark & Rhea:  Better Than Ever-(Us Weekly)

After 12 years and four kids together, Mark Wahlberg and Rhea Durham are defying Hollywood’s marriage odds-and a source says Durham gets a ton of the credit.  “She keeps Mark’s feet on the ground,” the source says.  “She helps him with business decisions and is the best mother.  Mark hit the jackpot.”  Though their lives can get “crazy” at times, the actor, 50, always makes sure to spend quality time with his wife, 43.  Adds the source, “They keep things hot with dates and getaways.”

Katy Takes Vegas!-(Star)

Such a doll!  Katy Perry hits the stage as a pint-sized version of herself in her raucous new Las Vegas residency PLAY.  Dressed in an array of colorful costumes-hello, beer-can bra!-the 37-year-old dances and sings such hits as “Firework” and “Dark Horse” amid over-the-top props like a super-sized toadstool complete with slimy snail.  “It’s larger than life,” the singer recently raved of the show’s six elaborate setups on the Resort World stage.  “Everything is, like, three time the size of me!”

Throwback!  John Stamos-(Life & Style)

Talk about a fairy-tale childhood.  Growing up in California’s Orange County, the Full House actor spent a large chunk of his youth at Disneyland-which was located just 20 minutes away.  “I really was the dorky kid.  I was into magic and theme parks,” John says.  “I was very innocent.”

Matt Sallee & Sarah Bishop:  Just Married-(People)

After dating for two and a half years, the Pentatonix bass singer, 27, and wed his girlfriend, 30, a law student, in an intimate Jan. 2 ceremony at Cielo Farms in Malibu.

J.Lo to Ben:  Get Hypnotized!-(In Touch)

He’s under her spell all right!  Jennifer Lopez has had it with beau Ben Affleck’s nasty smoking habit and wants him to get hypnotized-and he’s agreed.  “J.Lo thinks he’s pretty perfect except for this one area,” says a source.  “Ben has quit before.  He’s tried a bunch of things over the years-going cold turkey, the patch, even a vitamin C drops method-but nothing seemed to stick.  That’s why J.Lo’s all about hypnosis.”  The “Baby I Love U” singer, 52, even found a hypnosis app that she wants Ben, 49, to download ASAP.  “She’s a health and fitness freak and just wants her man to be at his best.  The good thing is, Ben is game.”



Largest Drawing

An artist in India broke the Guinness World Record for largest drawing by an individual when he created an artwork that covers 6,781.04 square feet.  Ravi Soni, 42, of Udaipur, Rajasthan, used a gargantuan PVC canvass to complete his drawing, titled Tree of Life, in 24 hours, 33 minutes, spread out over five days.  The artwork earned him the Guinness World Record for largest drawing by an individual, breaking the record set in 2020 by an Italian artist’s 6,119-square-foot doodle. Soni said he was inspired by Baobab trees, which are known for their long lifespans.  “Baobab trees are a representation and a classic example of survival in adversities, this resonated with my current conditions and hence inspired me to illustrate it. I am also fascinated by their peculiar form and size, which led me to choose this particular tree for my record attempt,” Soni told The Indian Express.
*********6,700 square feet?? That’s almost as large as Madonna’s bedroom!!
*******His artwork is bigger than most houses!!!
******He could have made it a picture of Shaq!!!. It would have been life size!!

Crazy Sermon Goes Viral

An Oklahoma pastor is getting some flak online for what many deemed was an unhygienic sermon on Sunday.  A video, which has gone viral, shows Pastor Michael Todd of Transformation Church in the Tulsa suburb of Bixby appearing to rub his own spit in the eyes of a churchgoer.  “Receiving vision from God, might get nasty,” Todd says before the act. Audience members can be heard gasping in shock.  “Do you hear and see the responses of the people?” Todd says. “What I’m telling you, is how you just reacted is how the people in your life will react when God is doing what it takes for the miracle.”  The video quickly spread online Sunday, with many expressing disgust.  “God wasn’t nowhere in that,” wrote entertainment writer Shanelle Genai on Twitter.  “There’s no way you can defend what Pastor Mike Todd did,” wrote sports reporter Chris Williamson. “One of the most repulsive acts I’ve seen in the name of Christianity and he did it during a whole panini (still would be gross pre-pandemic).”   See the video HERE.
*********The churchgoer saw a “spitting image!!!”
******His saliva was a alive-a!!!

Florida Woman Attacked By Bear

A Florida woman was attacked by a bear in her driveway last week while she was taking her dog for a walk, leaving her with a major laceration on her face.  The woman, who identified herself as Aydee, was attacked around 9 p.m. last Thursday in Debary when she encountered a startled black bear mother that had been hanging out in the neighborhood. When Aydee fled, the bear followed, clawing at her.  “When I realized it, she got me here,” Aydee told Fox 35 of the terrifying ordeal as she pointed to the large cut across the left side of her forehead. “I took off running, and she came running behind me.”  “I was screaming and going to my neighbors to see if he can call 911 or help me or take out a gun,” she said.  Neighbor Awston Kennedy told the outlet he heard a pounding on his door from Aydee, who seemed most concerned about the welfare of her dog.  Kennedy said that just before the attack, the bear was up in a tree in front of his house when it came down to investigate some trash on the roadside. Neighbors tried to shoo the bear away, but it instead went after Aydee.  After the attack, neighbors scared the bear and its cubs away into the woods until authorities arrived.  The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) and the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office responded to the call, where they found the mama bear and its three 1-year-old cubs sitting up in a tree, the FWC said in a press release.
*********When they asked the bear for their side of the story, she just said: “It’s Florida!! What do you expect??”

Cop Catches Horse and Rides It Back Home

A Colorado sheriff’s deputy called to help wrangle a loose horse climbed onto the panicking equine’s back and rode the animal back to its home.  The Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office said Deputy Ian Sebold was among those who responded to a call about a loose horse wandering through busy roads in Centennial.  The sheriff’s office said in a Facebook post that the horse “tried to make a clean getaway but Deputy Sebold was much too quick.”  “The cowboy cop responded to the call, wrangled the horse, jumped on its back and rode it to safety,” the post said.  Sebold said the horse was panicking when he arrived on the scene.  “I saw the horse crossing the road, and it’s a four-lane major roadway. I could tell he was terrified,” Sebold told McClatchy News. “A citizen was walking nearby, trying to stop traffic to allow him to get across.  “You could see in his face, he didn’t know what to do on a major roadway. He just wanted to go home, but didn’t know how to get there.”  Other deputies provided an escort with their vehicles to allow Sebold to safely ride the horse back to its home.  See the video HERE.
**********The horse didn’t want to be saddled with a ticket!!
*******The cop was riding a one-horsepower vehicle!!







The Housing Market’s Crazy — If You Ever Want to Buy a Home, Do These 6 Things



  1. Boost Your Credit Score

Looking to buy a home? Then there’s something you need to start thinking about right now: Your credit score. We know that sounds boring, but it’s actually super important, if you’re going to be signing up for a mortgage sometime in the future.

The higher your score is, the better deal you’ll likely get on your loan. So a good credit score can save you tens of thousands of dollars over the life of a 30-year mortgage.

If you’re looking to get your credit score back on track — or if you just want to bump it up some more — try using a free platform called Credit Sesame.

Within a couple minutes, you’ll be able to see your credit score, as well as a breakdown of what factors are contributing to your score and personalized tips on how to manage your credit better. With a couple of strategic decisions, you can improve your credit, saving you thousands.


  1. Grow Your Money 16x Faster — Without Risking It

To buy a home, you’re going to need to start saving up money for a down payment.

A debit card called Aspiration lets you earn up to 5% cash back every time you swipe the card and up to 16 times the average interest on the money in your account. Plus, you’ll never pay a monthly account maintenance fee.

To see how much you could earn, enter your email address here, link your bank account and add at least $10 to your account. And don’t worry. Your money is FDIC insured and under a military-grade encryption. That’s nerd talk for “this is totally safe.”


  1. Get Paid Every Time You Buy Toilet Paper

To save up that down payment, you’re going to want to find new ways to save money on everything else. For example, groceries account for a good chunk of your budget. Everybody’s got to eat. You may as well earn a little money back while your groceries are being bagged up.

A free app called Fetch Rewards will reward you with gift cards just for buying toilet paper and more than 250 other items at the grocery store.

Here’s how it works: After you’ve downloaded the app, just take a picture of your receipt showing you purchased an item from one of the brands listed in Fetch. For your efforts, you’ll earn gift cards to places like Amazon or Walmart.

You can download the free Fetch Rewards app here to start getting free gift cards. Over a million people already have, so they must be onto something.


  1. Stop Overpaying for Stuff Online

Here’s another way to save money. Wouldn’t it be nice if you got an alert any time you’re shopping on Amazon or and you’re about to get ripped off?

That’s exactly what this free service does.

Just add it to your browser for free, and before you check out, it’ll check other websites, including Walmart, eBay and others to see if your item is available for cheaper. Plus, you can get coupon codes, set up price-drop alerts and even see the item’s price history.

Let’s say you’re shopping for a new pair of shoes, and you assume you’ve found the best price. Here’s when you’ll get a pop up letting you know if that exact pair of shoes is available elsewhere for cheaper. If there are any available coupon codes, they’ll also automatically be applied to your order.

In the last year, this has saved people $160 million. You can get started in just a few clicks to see if you’re overpaying online.


  1. Knock $540/Year From Your Car Insurance in Minutes

When it comes to saving up for a down payment, cutting your other bills can make a huge difference. So when’s the last time you checked car insurance prices?

You should shop your options every six months or so — it could save you some serious money. Let’s be real, though. It’s probably not the first thing you think about when you wake up. But it doesn’t have to be.

A website called makes it super easy to compare car insurance prices. All you have to do is enter your ZIP code and your age, and it’ll show you your options.

Using, people have saved an average of $540 a year. That could be money back in your pocket just for taking a few minutes to look at your options.


  1. Stop Paying Your Credit Card Company

Getting a mortgage for a house is a form of debt. But credit card debt is the most expensive kind of debt there is, and your credit card company is just getting rich by ripping you off with high interest rates. However, a website called AmOne can help you fight back.

If you owe your credit card companies $50,000 or less, AmOne will match you with a low-interest loan you can use to pay off every single one of your balances.

The benefit? You’ll be left with one bill to pay each month. And because personal loans have lower interest rates (AmOne rates start at 3.49% APR), you’ll get out of debt that much faster. Plus: No credit card payment this month.

It takes two minutes to see if you qualify for up to $50,000 online. You do need to give AmOne a real phone number in order to qualify, but don’t worry — they won’t spam you with phone calls.

Buying a home is a major step in life. If you follow these strategies, you’ll get closer to your goal.


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