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Born on this day!! Jazz saxophonist George Coleman is 88. Actor Sue Ane (correct) Langdon is 87. Songwriter Carole Bayer Sager is 79. Actor-director Micky Dolenz of The Monkees is 78. Bassist Randy Meisner (The Eagles, Poco) is 77. Singer Peggy March is 75. Jazz pianist Billy Childs is 66. Singer Gary Numan is 65. NBC News anchor Lester Holt is 64. Actor Aidan Quinn is 64. Guitarist Jimmy Dormire (Confederate Railroad) is 63. Actor Camryn Manheim (“The Practice”) is 62. Actor Leon (“Cool Runnings”) is 62. Singer Shawn Mullins is 55. Actor Andrea Parker (“Less Than Perfect”) is 53. Actor Boris Kodjoe (“Code Black,” ″Madea’s Family Reunion”) is 50. Actor Freddie Prinze Jr. is 47. Actor Laura Main (“Call the Midwife”) is 46. Actor James Van Der Beek (“CSI: Cyber,” ″Dawson’s Creek”) is 46. Singer Kameelah Williams of 702 is 45. Actor Nick Zano (“Minority Report,” ″2 Broke Girls”) is 45. Singer Tom Chaplin of Keane is 44. Guitarist Andy Ross of OK Go is 44. Singer Kristinia DeBarge is 33.


1948 – The Supreme Court ruled that religious instruction in public schools violated the Constitution.
1782 – A peaceful settlement of Delaware Indians were massacred by militia at Gnadenhutten in Ohio.
1917 – Russia’s February Revolution, which eventually led to the overthrow the csarist government, began.
1945 – Phyllis Mae Daley, the first African-American nurse to serve in World War II, received her U.S. Navy commission.
1950 – The Soviet Union claimed to be in possession of the atomic bomb.
1965 – First U.S. combat troops arrived in Vietnam.
1983 – President Reagan called the USSR an “Evil Empire.”
1999 – Baseball Hall of Famer Joe DiMaggio died.

Today Is: Day for Women’s Rights & International Peace, Discover What Your Name Means Day, Girls Write Now Day, National Biobased Products Day, International Women’s Day, International Working Women’s Day, National Breast Implant Awareness Day, National Proofreading Day, National Peanut Cluster Day, National Retro Video Game Day, Registered Dietitian Day, Sterile Packaging Day, The Bikini Bottom Free (Crabcakes) Day, Volunteers of America Day

Primetime TV (All Times Eastern)

CBS – 8:00 – Survivor / 9:00 – Lingo  /  10:00 – True Lies
NBC – 8:00 – Chicago Med / 9:00 – Chicago Fire / 10:00 – Chicago PD
ABC – 8:00 – The Conners / 8:30 – The Goldbergs / 9:00 – Abbott Elementary / 9:30 – Not Dead Yet / 10:00 – A Million Little Things
FOX – 8:00 – The Masked Singer / 9:00 – Farmer Wants A Wife
CW – 8:00 – The Flash / 9:00 – Kung Fu

TV Talk Shows

Jimmy Fallon: Kerry Washington, St. Vincent
Seth Meyers: Nick Kroll, Zoë Chao, Zara Larsson, Urian Hackney
Watch What Happens Live: Rachel Lindsay, Katie Maloney
Daily Show: Guest host Marlon Wayans
Live with Kelly and Ryan: Idris Elba, Padma Lakshmi
Drew Barrymore: Riley Keough, Sam Claflin, Camila Morrone, Josh Whitehouse, Suki Waterhouse, Sebastion Chacon
Jennifer Hudson: Gabrielle Union, Sam Jay

WHAT ARE YOU TALKIN’ ABOUT? Here are today’s PPM-Friendly Topics!

QUESTION: Does this mean she really DIDN’T “retire??” Cher says she’s making music with her 39-year-old boyfriend!! “I’m going to England to make two albums!!” And… she’ll TOUR!! Huh???


QUESTION: Why was this FLORIDA STRIPPER arrested??? She got in a fight with a former boyfriend and threw a WAD OF CASH at his head!! It didn’t draw blood, so she got a misdemeanor charge!!!!!


QUESTION: What the hell is going on with the all of these UFOS??? Steven Spielberg may have the answer!!! “What if it’s US, time-traveling from 500,000 years in the FUTURE!!! Now THAT makes sense!!!


QUESTION: Wanna get a STRESS HEADACHE, THROW UP and have a PANIC ATTACK?? Then watch THIS on NETFLIX!!! It’s called “The Fall,” and it’s NOT recommended for the FAINT OF HEART!!!!

QUESTION: Ever wonder if winning the lottery would make you HAPPY? Check out the guy who won the $2 BILLION!! He just bought a $25.5 million house in the Hollywood Hills!!! Yeah.. happy!!!
Powerball Winner Buys Massive $25.5M Hollywood Hills Home

Chaka Khan Apologizes

Chaka Khan didn’t mean to “cause pain or upset anyone” after slamming “the world’s greatest singers” per Rolling Stone.  “Recently, I was asked about a list of the ‘greatest singers of all time’ and instead of questioning the need for such a list, I was pitted against other artists and I took the bait,” the music legend wrote on Instagram Sunday.  “As artists, we are unfairly put into ‘boxes,’ ‘categories’ or on ‘lists.’ Being an artist or musician is not a competition. It’s a gift, for which I am truly grateful.”  She went on to “sincerely apologize” to anyone who took offense to her remarks, saying she remains dedicated to “empowering others.”  “Empowering all artists is most important because we truly are the architects of change…and change begins within the heart,” she concluded the post. “I love you all and God bless – Chaka.” The apology came nearly one week after she called the magazine’s editors “blind bitches” who “need hearing aids” for ranking her at No. 29 on “The 200 Greatest Singers of All Time” list.  “They are blind as a motherf–king bat!” she told Andrew Goldman on his “Originals” podcast. “They need hearing aids … These must be the children of Helen Keller!”
*********It’s not a competition, it’s an exhibition!!!
*******She said Mariah Carey owes her success to “payola,” so she got that one right!!
******It’s kind of like us looking at the ratings!! “Hey, shouldn’t we be higher than THAT??”
****Chaka is insecure, jealous and catty. In other words, she’s Every Woman!! (too soon??)

Chris Rock Still Waiting For Will Smith To Apologize

Chris Rock is still waiting to hear from Will Smith, according to a new report.  He recently ripped into Smith and the infamous slap attack at the 2022 Oscars in his “Selective Outrage” comedy show on Netflix, but it seems Rock still hasn’t received a personal, formal apology from the actor.  “Chris never got a one-on-one private apology from Will, only the public one which really meant nothing,” a source told the Daily Mail recently.  Following the smackdown last March, Smith released a series of teary-eyed apology statements, expressing his regret over his actions.  Smith then posted a video in July of that same year, saying that he reached out to Rock, and “the message that came back is that he is not ready to talk.”  “So I will say to you, Chris, I apologize to you,” Smith sighed. “My behavior was unacceptable, and I’m here whenever you’re ready to talk. I’m human and I made a mistake and I’m trying not to think of myself as a piece of s- -t.”  However, the insider noted that Rock’s decision to talk about the scandal on his Netflix show has nothing to do with vengeance. “Chris wanted to get this out once and for all and be done with it. This was very cathartic to him,” they explained.
*********Chris was waiting until he could make some money off of it!!!!
TIP: If you meet with Will Smith, bring a bodyguard!!!!

“Barry” Coming To An End

The upcoming fourth season of HBO’s Bill Hader comedy series Barry will be its last, the Warner Bros. announced Tuesday.  The final season will consist of eight episodes and debut April 16.  Season four of Barry was confirmed in May 2022, when the award-winning comedy series returned for its third season after a three-year delay largely caused by the pandemic.  “It’s been an amazing journey making this show, and it’s bittersweet that the story has come to its natural conclusion,” Hader said in a statement Tuesday.  News of Barry’s conclusion comes as HBO this year will say farewell to both its Emmy-winning comedy as well as its Emmy-winning drama, Succession. The latter series will also conclude with its upcoming fourth season, which returns this month.
**********Hey!! Don’t be a Hader!!!
*****This is actually perfect because we’ve managed to avoid watching any of the series so far!!!

Drew Barrymore’s Therapist Quit

Drew Barrymore is reflecting on the time her drinking became so bad that her therapist quit on her.  She recently spoke to The Los Angeles Times and opened up about how much she struggled with alcohol after her 2016 divorce from Will Kopelman. She said the situation spiraled so much that her therapist and renowned celebrity psychoanalyst Barry Michels ended their relationship after working with each other for a decade.  “He just said, ‘I can’t do this anymore,'” Barrymore told the outlet. “It was really about my drinking. I said, ‘I get it. I’ve never respected you more. You see I’m not getting better. And I hope, one day, that I can earn your trust back.’ ”  She says friends gave her a “grace period” to heal from the divorce but ultimately they staged an intervention to address her drinking. Cameron Diaz, who’s been close friends with Barrymore since they were teens, admitted that the entire situation was “difficult to watch.”  Diaz said she had “absolute faith” that Barrymore could get sober if they gave her the support she needed.  It wasn’t until 2019, after filming the first episode of her daytime talk show The Drew Barrymore Show, that the actress decided on her own to quit drinking.
*******So THAT explains the first season of her show!!!
*******Drew’s been confused for a long time. She actually thought “E.T.” was a real alien!! (true)
*****She was so bad, her therapist had to go into therapy!! (it happens!!)

Hugh Jackman Is Packing On The Calories

Hugh Jackman is “bulking” up to play Wolverine.  He shared a photo of the specially-created meals he’s using to get into superhero shape for his role in Deadpool 3 on Instagram Monday.  “Bulking. A day in the life,” wrote Jackman, who recently wrapped his time on Broadway in The Music Man.  “Thank you Chef Mario for helping me stay healthy and properly fed whilst … Becoming. Wolverine. Again,” the actor added in the caption alongside the photos of his six-piece meal labeled to include two chicken burgers with sweet potatoes, two servings of noodles with grass-fed top sirloin, and two fish meals — black bass and Patagonia salmon.  His post is the latest in a series of content he and Deadpool 3 costar Ryan Reynolds have shared as they both prepare for the upcoming movie.  On Feb. 4, Reynolds released a photo posted by his trainer of him lifting two 60 lbs. barbells in each hand, working out for the movie and teasing his co-star.  “I’m not training for Deadpool,” read Reynolds’ Instagram Story. “I’m training to spend several months with @thehughjackman — who’s not as nice as everyone thinks.”
******He should also get his nails done!! They’re made from real nails!!
******TIP: If you eat the same amount of food as Hugh Jackman, you will NOT look like Wolverine!!!

Is Nick Cannon Having Baby Number 13?

Nick Cannon posted a cryptic tweet with a baby bottle emoji, and we already know what you are thinking.  He got the internet buzzing on Monday with the post, which some interpreted as Cannon hinting he would be welcoming another child – his 13th.  “EXPECT some big news tomorrow…,” the tweet read.  But Cannon could just be trolling, knowing there is high interest in his family life.  He later retweeted an exclusive story from Revolt about his “Future Superstar Tour,” which will be “a 24-city trek across North America” over the next few months in search of rising talent.
*********He’ll be impregnating everyone he sees!!
*****He can’t stop having babies at 13.. that’s an unlucky number!!!
*****His tour will NOT be sponsored by Trojan!!!!


Ripping The Tabloids (Throughout the week, we’ll give you the stories from that weeks tabs!)
**Please Credit Publication!


Ryder-Less Iris Moves Along-(National Enquirer)

Nepo babies Iris Apatow, 20, -Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann’s daughter-and Ryder Robinson, 19-Kate Hudson’s son-have apparently split seeing how Iris posted an Instagram shot of herself walking hand in hand with film student Henry Haber, 20, exactly one year after she’d confirmed she was dating Ryder.  In a caption, Iris gushes of Henry:  “I love you is an understatement.”



Florida Man Breaks Pushup Record

A 60-year-old Florida man bested a Guinness World Record when he completed 3,264 pushups in 1 hour.  Rob Stirling said he decided to take on the Guinness World Record for most pushups in 1 hour (male) after learning that Australian Daniel Scali set the total at 3,182 in April 2022.  Stirling said he had already unofficially broken the record during a conference in Miami, so he decided to make an official attempt, setting his personal goal at 3,200.  He ended up beating his own goal with 3,264 pushups in the allotted time. He said video from his successful attempt is now being submitted to Guinness World Records for official verification.
*******We saw the video.. he wasn’t going all the way down!! DQ!!!!!
*****We’re thinking of the world record for “most consecutive days of sitting on a couch!!!”
*****We love exercise!! We could watch it for hours!!

Python Found In New Jersey Apartment

Animal rescuers in New Jersey are trying to find the owner of a piebald ball python found by a surprised resident who peeked behind their fridge.  The Liberty Humane Society said the snake was found behind the refrigerator in a Jersey City resident’s apartment.  The snake, initially mistaken for an albino corn snake, was taken to the Liberty Humane Society, where it was identified as a piebald ball python.  The snake, dubbed Banana by rescuers, was found on the 29th floor of the apartment in the Newport district, the humane society said in a Facebook post.  “This is a socialized, domestic snake and is likely someone’s escaped pet,” the post said.  Rescuers said Banana will be put up for adoption if no owner is identified within 7 days.
********Wait. A snake can be “socialized???” We have COUSINS who aren’t “socialized!!”
*****How do you call it?? “Here, snaky, snaky, snaky!!!”
*****The snake has it own bath towels!! They’re labeled “Hissssss and Hers!!!”

Woman Wants “Sugar Daddy / Mommy Day”

A Florida woman has hit headlines after calling for a “Sugar Daddy and Mommy Appreciation Day” in Boca Raton.  Ashley Cream took to the microphone at a Boca Raton Planning and Zoning board meeting Thursday to propose that March 10 should become a designated day to celebrate the area’s benefactors.  “Sugar daddies, both gay and straight, and yes, even sugar mommies, are responsible for college educations, cars, homes, rents, jets … and the occasional body enhancement,” Cream claimed in footage obtained by local outlet KATV.  She argued that sugar daddies and mommies are vital to the Florida economy and that Boca Raton is a particular hot spot for the generous geriatrics.  It appeared that Cream may have her own sugar daddy, as she was accompanied to the meeting by an elderly man whom she was later seen pushing around in a wheelchair.  The board did not rule on the request, citing it as “a City Council issue.”  This is not the first time that sugar daddies have been brought up in an official setting in Florida.  In April last year, a woman in the trial of high school shooter Nikolas Cruz said that she needed to be dismissed from the pool of potential jurors due to the fact that she had a “sugar daddy” that she saw every day.  The woman, identified as Miss Bristol, said that she was unable to be on the jury due to the fact that it would be a financial “hardship” if she could not see her sugar daddy.
********That’s also called “a hooker!!!”








8 Foods You Should Never Try To Cook In A Cast Iron Skillet


Tomato Sauce

Our consulted chefs largely agreed that acidic foods don’t interact positively with unenameled cast iron, and they cited tomato sauce ― like marinara sauce, Bolognese sauce or shakshuka sauce ― as a prime example of an acidic dish that can wear down cast iron. Bryan Quoc Le, a food scientist and author, explained that “the acidity found in tomatoes is high enough to extract the iron from the cast iron.” Tomatoes naturally include a high amount of citric acid (up to 9% of their body weight, according to Le), and “since the cast iron is bare and not alloyed with chromium, the surface will continue to oxidize and be stripped of the surface iron in the presence of tomato-based dishes,” he said.  The risk of iron particles leeching into your sauce is really only relevant if you’re making “a long-simmered tomato sauce,” as brief contact with tomatoes won’t release enough acid to affect the pan’s surface, Swan noted. Also, the damage caused by the iron particles in the sauce is primarily flavor-related ― the leeching “is minimal enough that you don’t need to worry about iron poisoning or ruining the seasoning of the pan,” she said.

Dishes With Wine-Based Sauces, Like Chicken Piccata Or Coq Au Vin

Another example of an acidic dish that can react to cast iron, chicken piccata (breaded chicken cooked in lemon sauce) thrives in a pan with an enameled surface that won’t have an impact on its finished flavor. The lemon itself can leech iron from the pan (much as tomato acid can). And another problem arises when you deglaze the pan with white wine, as many chicken piccata recipes require.  “If you’re making chicken piccata and [plan to] make the sauce by deglazing the pan with wine, I would not recommend using cast iron,” suggested Jeff Carter, the executive chef of Dancing Bear Appalachian Bistro in Townsend, Tennessee. “The cast iron will release flavors or seasonings into your white wine deglazing sauce and give it an off-putting flavor. If you must deglaze a cast iron pan, use stock or water ― never use acidic liquids like wine or vinegar.”  The same goes for coq au vin. Deglazing a cast iron pan with wine isn’t a great move, so it stands to reason that any “wine-heavy stews, sauces or braises” also don’t thrive in cast iron, said professionally-trained chef and culinary educator Micole Rondinone. A dish like coq au vin, which involves chicken slow-braised in wine with mushrooms, pork lardons and vegetables, could be a victim of the wine’s acidity pulling iron flavor from the skillet. Stick with an enameled Dutch oven or a deep enameled skillet for wine braises.


According to chef Kevin Truong of Fil N’ Viet in Austin, Texas, adobo, “a popular Filipino dish where meat or seafood is marinated in vinegar, soy sauce, garlic and other spices,” shouldn’t be prepared in a cast iron skillet, mainly because of the vinegar. “The high acidity of adobo from the vinegar will impart a metallic flavor in the dish,” Truong said. Because the vinegar’s acidity is so high, cooking a vinegar-based sauce in cast iron “could also mean you would have to re-season your cast iron skillet,” he added.

Brothy Beans

Boiling and simmering broth, water or other liquids in a seasoned cast iron skillet “will strip the pan of that nice patina and loosen the beautiful seasoning that you have achieved,” said Gee Cuyugan, executive chef of Mercat a la Planxa in Chicago. If you’d like to skip the long process of re-seasoning your skillet, cook your brothy recipes in enameled or stainless steel pots.


If you’re making your own caramel sauce, keep in mind that caramel can easily absorb flavors ― and because most cast iron users don’t thoroughly scrub their pans with soap after each use (as rigorous cleaning can remove the pan’s seasoning), cast iron skillets are a poor choice for caramel-making.  “Caramel sauce will pull in the flavor or seasoning from your cast iron, making your dessert taste like the dishes made in your cast iron in the past,” Carter warned.

Flaky Fish

Compared to nonstick pans and other lighter-weight cookware items, cast iron doesn’t conduct heat with great efficiency. That’s why Los Angeles-based chef Kai Chase chooses to avoid cast iron when cooking delicate, flaky fish like cod, sea bass, flounder and salmon.  “Flaky fish, such as salmon or flounder, are too delicate to cook in the cast iron skillet because it’s a poor conductor of heat, unlike its nonstick counterpart,” she said. “To cook a salmon filet, you need a pan that provides high heat transfer so the fish doesn’t stick and break apart when you try to flip it ― a cast iron skillet can’t do that.”


“For crepes, you need to be able to quickly and easily tilt the pan to be sure the batter/egg covers the pan’s surface easily. That’s really hard to do with a heavy cast iron skillet,” explained Lisa Steele, author of the Fresh Eggs Daily Cookbook. “They’re too heavy for me (and I would guess most people!) to lift with one hand and tilt to flip the food. Cast iron is nice to cook in generally because it retains heat so well, but this can also lead to overcooking or over-browning on crepes since they’re so thin.”


On the topic of delicate dishes, “egg-based items like fried eggs and omelets are often difficult to cook correctly in cast iron,” said chef/instructor Stephen Chavez of the Institute of Culinary Education.  Steele agreed that omelets don’t make sense in cast iron. “Eggs in general tend to stick in cast iron, no matter how much butter or oil you use,” she explained. “A good steel pan or an enameled skillet are both far better choices for omelets. You also want a very shallow pan with sloped sides so you can slide your spatula under to flip and/or fold the sides. But mostly, lifting the pan over and over to [flip an omelet] would be very tiring with a heavy cast iron pan.”


The preceding material was compiled and edited by Brandon Castillo.  The Editor-In-Chief is Gary Bryan.  The Radio Genius Show Prep Service is licensed for use on-air only by subscribing radio stations.  Other means of redistribution is forbidden.
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