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Born on this day!! Singer Henry Fambrough of The Spinners is 85. Actor David Clennon (“thirtysomething”) is 80. Filmmaker Jim Abrahams (“The Naked Gun,” “Airplane!”) is 79. Singer Donovan is 77. Singer Graham Gouldman of 10cc is 77. Singer Dave Mason is 77. Sports anchor Chris Berman is 68. Actor Bruce Penhall (“CHiPs”) is 65. Actor Victoria Rowell (“The Young and the Restless”) is 64. Singer Bono of U2 is 63. Drummer Danny Carey of Tool is 62. Actor Darryl M. Bell (“A Different World”) is 60. Model Linda Evangelista is 58. Rapper Young MC is 56. Actor Erik Palladino (“ER”) is 55. Singer Richard Patrick of Filter is 55. Actor Lenny Venito (“Kevin Can Wait”) is 54. Actor Dallas Roberts (“Dallas Buyers Club,” ″The Good Wife”) is 53. Actor Leslie Stefanson (“The Hunted,” ″The General’s Daughter”) is 52. Actor Todd Lowe (“True Blood,” ″Gilmore Girls”) is 51. Actor Andrea Anders (“Joey”) is 48. Bassist Jesse Vest of Tantric and of Days of the New is 46. Actor Kenan Thompson (“Saturday Night Live,” ″Kenan and Kel”) is 45. Singer Jason Dalyrimple of Soul For Real is 43. Drummer Joey Zehr of The Click Five is 40. Actor Lindsey Shaw (“Pretty Little Liars”) is 34. Actor Lauren Potter (“Glee”) is 33.


1775 – Ethan Allen and his Green Mountain Boys captured Fort Ticonderoga from the British.
1863 – Confederate General Stonewall Jackson died after being accidentally shot by his own troops.
1869 – The United States’ first transcontinental railroad was completed with a ceremony in Promontory Summit, Utah.
1924 – J. Edgar Hoover became director of the FBI.
1940 – Winston Churchill succeeded Neville Chamberlain as British prime minister.
1994 – Nelson Mandela was sworn in as South Africa’s first black president.

Today Is: Clean Your Room Day, Dia De La Madre, Donate A Day’s Wages To Charity, Hostess Cupcake Day, International Day of Argania, National Hamster Day, National Lipid Day, National Night Shift Workers Day, National Third Shift Workers Day, Receptionists Day, Root Canal Appreciation Day, School Nurse Day, World Lupus Day

Primetime TV (All Times Eastern)

CBS – 8:00 – Survivor / 9:00 – FBI  /  10:00 – True Lies
NBC – 8:00 – Chicago Med  /  Chicago Fire  / 10:00 – Chicago PD
ABC – 8:00 – Jeopardy Masters / 9:00 – Celebrity Wheel Of Fortune / 10:00 – The Game Show Show
FOX – 8:00 – The Masked Singer / 9:00 – Farmer Wants A Wife
CW – 8:00 – The Flash / 9:00 – Riverdale

TV Talk Shows

Jimmy Kimmel: James Corden, Richard Madden, They Might Be Giants (R 4/24/23)
Jimmy Fallon: Drew Barrymore, Lizzy Caplan, Young Mazino, the National (R 4/27/23)
Stephen Colbert: Brian Cox, Keri Russell (R 4/10/23)
Seth Meyers: Beanie Feldstein, Matthew Modine, Alexis McGill Johnson, Billy Strings (R 6/27/22)
James Corden: Wanda Sykes, Joel McHale, Tomorrow X Together (R 2/27/23)
Watch What Happens Live: Karen Gillan, Katie Maloney
Daily Show: Pre-empted
The View: Andy Cohen, Aurora James
The Talk: Pre-empted
Live with Kelly and Mark: Sylvester Stallone, family members from “The Family Stallone”
Kelly Clarkson: Helen Mirren, Adam Brody, Aly & AJ (R 3/17/23)
Tamron Hall: Kirk & Tammy Franklin, Kelsea Olivia
Drew Barrymore: Mindy Kaling, Dr. Suzanne Gilberg-Lenz
Jennifer Hudson: Ike Barinholtz, Zach Stafford, Sam Sanders, Saeed Jones

WHAT ARE YOU TALKIN’ ABOUT? Here are today’s PPM-Friendly Topics!

QUESTION: Is Joe Rogan the new KING OF COMEDY?? He’s opening a club in Austin for canceled comedians who “touch the third rail!!” Dave? Roseanne??


QUESTION: Ever wonder which Super Mario Bros character you are based on your ZODIAC SIGN?? Wonder no more!! Click for the list!!! (Mario is…..?????)


QUESTION: Can you throw a drink at them when they SCREW UP YOUR ORDER?? Wendy’s is now automating their drive-throughs with CHAT BOTS!! (You’re next)


QUESTION: Remember the story about the 500 pounds of COOKED PASTA found dumped in the woods in New Jersey??!! They figured out who did it!!!!

QUESTION: Were older generations TOUGHER?? Check out these vintage chairlift pictures from Wyoming’s Snow King “Chairlift of DEATH!!” WTH?????
In the 1950s, '60s and '70s, the Snow King Chairlift in Jackson was a popular attraction, and vintage photos show smiling people riding high above the town without any safety restraints.


79-Year-Old Robert De Niro Reveals He Is A New Father. Now Has Seven Children

*******We just threw up in our mouth a little!!
*****Mick Jagger is still ahead of him (10 kids)!!!!
*****Nick Cannon called and said, “You’ll never catch me!!!” (12 kids)
******We’re not saying he’s old, but his blood type has been discontinued!!
*****He’s in a new movie called “About My Father,” with Sebastian Maniscalco!! He plays an old jerk!! (typecasting?)
*****It’s funny he’s got so many kids, because he’s the kind of guy who uses his personality for birth control!!

Nashville Emergency Services Were On Full Alert During Last Weekend’s Taylor Swift Concerts

*********There were three concerts attended by 203,000 fans!! That meant 42 EMS techs on call at all times!!
*****Many people got sick just thinking of how much they paid for tickets!!
******We know all this because the hospitals put out press releases about how stretched they were!!
ON NIGHT THREE, fans had to shelter in place for FOUR HOURS during a rainstorm!! They were throwing up and passing out!! Good times! STORY HERE

Ed Sheeran Opens Up About Copyright Lawsuit, Says He Found 101 Songs With The Same Chord Pattern

******He even took out his guitar in court and played them all together!! But first everyone in the courtroom had to buy a ticket!!
********He also announced he’ll be playing on the Academy of Country Music Awards tomorrow at 7 PM eastern 6 PM central! (plug!!)
*****His hair also won the “ginger haystack” award!!

They Weeknd Is About To Retire His Stage Name

******He’ll now be called the “WeekEnd!!!”
******How about “The artist formerly known as The Weeknd??”
****His real name is Abel Tesfaye, so he definitely won’t be using THAT!!
STATS: So far he’s released 300 albums, and he’s had 268 #1 hits!! (Some of these facts may not be true)

Whoopi Goldberg Not Too Thrilled About Being Labeled The “Gas Master” By That Heiffer Sonny Holstein

********Whoopi should be ashamed!! Everyone know methane is changing the climate!!
*****Now Sonny’s trying to walk it all back!! “That’s just the sound of our coasters!! Whoopi is covering for us!!” Surrrrre!!
*******Forget the view!! What’s that SMELL???
*******After the show is over, they walk out of the studio and say, “Do NOT go in there!!!”



Fragile King Fighting Secret Mental Illness!-(National Enquirer)

After waiting seven decades to ascend the British throne, troubled King Charles is locked in a secret battle with mental illness that threatens to topple the monarchy.  Charles, 74, showed symptoms of “anxiety,” including “wringing and clasping” his hands as he entered a chapel [for Easter services] where his mother lies in rest.  Charles’ eccentric ways have long worried palace staffers.  “He talks to his plants and wanders around his garden chatting to assassinated uncle Lord Mountbatten,” snitches the palace source.  “He once launched a nutty plan to wipe out invasive American gray squirrels by lacing Nutella with a chemical to kill their sex drive.  He even sleeps with his childhood teddy bear as [his son Prince] Harry in his memoir.”



Who had the WORST mom??? (Mom fails??)
Which video game is in YOUR Hall of Fame?
What is the most heartbreaking song you can think of?
What food were you turned onto by your significant other??




Guy Attempts To Break Soap Bubble Records For Tallest, Biggest Bubble Volcano and Biggest Bubble Tornado

**********What are the chances he spends a lot of time in the bathtub???
*****He should be singing “I’m forever blowing bubbles!!” It was one of Michael Jackson’s favorites!!
*******He already holds 11 Guinness Records for… aw, who cares??
*******Next he’ll set a record for dropping the soap in the shower!!!!

Dutch Man Stores Dead Father’s Body In Freezer To “Talk To Him”

*********It’s called a “pop-sicle!!”
********He’s been dead for 18 months. The conversation is about the same, but the lawn hasn’t been mowed in awhile!!
*****The story will be told in a new Netflix movie called “Weekend at Daddy’s!!”

TikTok Post Revealing All The Germs Found In Blowing Hand Dryers Has Been Seen 26 Million Times

********Yeah.. you might as well let a hooker blow on your hands!!
********This is NOT our idea of a blow job!!!
TOPIC: Do YOU use blowing hand dryers????

2023 Inductees Added To the Video Game Hall Of Fame Include Barbie Fashion Designer and Wii Sports

*********We’ve got a video game museum.. in our kid’s closet!!!
*********Oh, and they also inducted “The Last of Us!!” (duh)
TOPIC: What’s YOUR Hall of Fame Video Game???










17 Things Americans Say That Non-Americans Hate


“Break a leg.”

“Every time I hear this phrase I think of literally someone with a broken leg and that vision frightens me. The reason for this is that I heard this phrase when I was starting to learn English, and I was taking everything with its literal meaning. Later on, I understood that it means good luck, but I cannot manage to remove the vision from my mind.” ― Olga Grijalva Alvarez, a Mexican travel content creator

“Put lipstick on a pig.”

“I hate pigs and the visual of that grosses me out.” ― Jihan Fawaz, a Lebanese
language instructor who runs the YouTube account Learn Turkish with Jihan

“I’m working on it” (when talking about food).

“I’m always surprised when a server at a restaurant asks if I’m still working on my food. I’m not working on it! I’m savoring it!” ― Virginia Langhammer, a Brazilian who teaches Portuguese and owns the Speaking Brazilian Language School

“I can’t even.”

“I understood the context when I first heard it in a video. Everything is fine, actually, except the fact that it’s grammatically incorrect. When I still hear the phrase, I expect it to be completed somehow.” ― Firdaus Baig, an Indian tutor who teaches Hindi online Indian

“On a weekly basis.”

“Why use such a long phrase to say ‘weekly’? I even told one of my first English teachers that it didn’t make sense to me, but the teacher saw no problem with the expression.” ― Eli Sousa, a Brazilian who teaches Portuguese


“I’m not a fan of Americans saying ‘literally’ in every other sentence when they literally don’t know how to use the word. ‘I was literally over the moon about the news …’ It’s a word that has become very Americanized.” ― Macca Sherifi, a British travel blogger at An Adventurous World

“It’s not rocket science.”

“The problem is not the phrase itself, the problem is that generally, when someone says it, it is not done in a very nice or gentle way.” ― Grijalva Alvarez

“Start a family.”

“I have a visceral negative reaction to ‘to start a family’ which, contrary to the way I interpreted it the first time I heard it, means not moving in together or getting married but having children. My problem with this phrase is, of course, purely ideological: it implies that childless families are not actually families but merely candidates for being one. Because now is a very difficult time for reproductive freedom in the United States (or, to put things bluntly, now is the time when reproductive freedom is actively threatened), every time I hear it I also feel its sharpness, its potential to be weaponized, its meanness.” ― Irina Zaykovskaya, a lecturer in Russian and linguistics at the University of Minnesota who was born and raised in St. Petersburg, Russia

“Sure” or “uh-huh” instead of “you’re welcome.”

“When we study English as a second language, we learn that the correct way to respond to the phrase ‘thank you’ is ‘you’re welcome.’ But in everyday life, Americans rarely say that, am I right? I only hear ‘you’re welcome’ in more formal situations. The most common way to respond to a ‘thank you’ is ‘sure’ or ‘uh-huh,’ in New York at least. When I first moved to New York, I was shocked when people said ‘uh-huh’ to me! I thought people were being rude or that I had done something wrong. But, of course, now I’m used to it.” ― Langhammer

“Bite the bullet.”

“I never really understood this and always took it literally. I always thought it meant shooting someone.”― Ipinmi Akinkugbe, a Nigerian British travel blogger who runs the site Férìnàjò

“First floor”

“The first day when I went to work in the U.S., I asked where my desk was located. My manager told me that it was on the third floor. I went all the way up to the third floor but couldn’t find my desk. Later on, I realized that Americans called the ground floor the first floor, and the first floor the second floor, and the second floor the third floor.” ― Sindy Chan, a blogger from Germany (by way of Hong Kong) who recently moved to the U.S.

“Used their services.”

“Using the word ‘use’ to refer to people’s services, like in the sentence ‘I’d definitely use him again.’ Nothing wrong with the word per se, but in Brazil, we never employ this word to talk about services an individual renders. If we do, it sounds disrespectful to that person’s efforts; it’s like they can be used up and discarded. You use a product, you use software, but regarding a person — you work with, you hire, you resort to their services.” ― Sousa

“He/she is a keeper.”

“This phrase gives me the same reaction colors give Wednesday Addams ― I break out in hives and skin starts peeling off my bones, or at least it feels that way. English is not my native language. I learned my basics in the classroom and I am used to consciously performing simple morphological analysis to understand new words and expressions I encounter. ‘Rearrange’? ‘Re’ is a prefix that often means doing something again, so rearrange might mean something like ‘arrange anew, in a different way’. That sort of thing.  This is why I had a lot of trouble processing ‘he/she is a keeper’ when I saw it for the first time. A keeper is someone who is doing the keeping, right? Like a worker is someone who works, and an employer is someone who employs people, and even a zookeeper is someone who keeps a zoo in order! But this interpretation didn’t make sense for the contexts in which I was seeing ‘he/she is a keeper,’ so for a long time I considered the phrase to mean that the person described in it is capable of keeping the relationship in order. I realized that people use it to refer to someone who is worth keeping around much, much later, and it bugs me every time I hear it.” ― Zaykovskaya


“The word I hate is when Americans say “what!?” instead of “pardon.” Americans are very blunt and seem to blurt out ‘what’ when they don’t hear or don’t understand you. Equally annoying is the word “huh!?” Perhaps that comes back to our ties to England English, but pardon is a much politer way to ask someone to repeat something. We grew up understanding that ‘what?!’ was quite rude.” ― Jules Hatfield, an Australian travel blogger


“This can easily be translated but it has such negative connotations attached to it. I prefer just being literal and saying ‘these are my older siblings’ clothes.’ It just sounds better.” ― Akinkugbe

“You cannot be serious.”

“I don’t like it when Americans say: ‘You cannot be serious!’ It just seems so insincere the way they say it.” ― Sherifi

“Tickle me pink.”

“Although its meaning is not literal, I had the visual of being tickled so this phrase doesn’t stick with me.” ― Fawaz


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