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Born on this day!! Jazz saxophonist Archie Shepp is 86. Musician John Madden of The Serendipity Singers is 86. Comedian Tommy Chong of Cheech and Chong is 85. Musician Bob Dylan is 82. Actor Gary Burghoff is 80. Singer Patti LaBelle is 79. Actor Priscilla Presley is 78. Country singer-songwriter Mike Reid is 76. Actor Jim Broadbent (“Moulin Rouge,” ″Iris”) is 74. Actor Alfred Molina is 70. Singer Rosanne Cash is 68. Actor Cliff Parisi (“Call the Midwife”) is 63. Actor Kristin Scott Thomas is 63. Actor John C. Reilly (“Chicago,” “Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story”) is 58. Actor Dana Ashbrook (“Twin Peaks”) is 56. Actor Eric Close (“Nashville,” ″Without A Trace”) is 56. Actor Carl Payne (“Martin,” ″The Cosby Show”) is 54. Guitarist Rich Robinson of The Black Crowes is 54. Actor Dash Mihok (MY’-hok) (“Silver Linings Playbook”) is 49. Actor Bryan Greenberg (film’s “Bride Wars,” TV’s “One Tree Hill”) is 45. Actor Billy L. Sullivan (“Something So Right”) is 43. Actor-rapper Big Tyme is 42. Drummer Cody Hanson of Hinder is 41. Dancer Mark Ballas (“Dancing With The Stars”) is 37. Country singer Billy Gilman is 35. Rapper G-Eazy is 34. Actor Cayden Boyd (“The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl”) is 29.


1844 – Samuel Morse transmitted the first telegraph message, in which he asked, “What hath God wrought?”
1883 – The Brooklyn Bridge, linking Manhattan and Brooklyn in New York City, opened to traffic.
1899 – W.T. McCullough of Boston, Mass., opened the first public garage. One could rent space for selling, storing and repairing vehicles.
1935 – Major League Baseball’s first night game was played under the lights at Cincinnati’s Crosley Field as the hometown Reds defeated Philadelphia, 2–1.
1958 – The United Press and the International News Service merged to form United Press International (UPI).
1976 – The British and French Concordes made their first commercial flights.
2000 – Israeli troops pulled out of Lebanon after 18 consecutive years of occupation.
2001 – Vermont senator James Jeffords quit the Republican Party and became an Independent, giving Democrats control of the Senate.

Today Is: Aviation Maintenance Technician Day, Brother’s Day, Declaration of The Bab, Emergency Medical Services for Children Day, EMS Day, International Tiara Day, Morse Code Day, National and International Missing Children’s Day, Scavenger Hunt and Treasure Hunt Day, World Schizophrenia Awareness Day, Yucatan Shrimp Day  

Primetime TV (All Times Eastern)

CBS – 8:00 – Survivor
NBC – 8:00 – Chicago Med  /  Chicago Fire  / 10:00 – Chicago PD
ABC – 8:00 – Jeopardy Masters / 9:00 – The Prank Panel / 10:00 – The Game Show Show
FOX – 8:00 – Master Chef / 9:00 – Gordon Ramsey’s Food Stars
CW – 8:00 – The Flash / 9:00 – Riverdale

TV Talk Shows

Watch What Happens Live: Pre-empted
Live with Kelly and Mark: Hailee Steinfeld, Michael Urie
Jennifer Hudson: Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Lily Rabe

WHAT ARE YOU TALKIN’ ABOUT? Here are today’s PPM-Friendly Topics!

QUESTION: What comes after an ENGAGEMENT?? It’s the PRE-NUP, of course, and this lawyer says Bezos will probably pay Lauren Sanchez BY THE YEAR!! “Sanchezo!”


QUESTION: Who needs COLOGNE? Gwyneth Paltrow offers Father’s Day gifts like $64K Arctic Circle trip and a $219 PROSTATE MASSAGER!! (Looks like a butt plug!)


QUESTION: Why is Katy Perry FURIOUS and ready to QUIT AMERICAN IDOL?? She’s been “thrown under the bus” and “made to look like the nasty judge!!” Oops!!!!!!


QUESTION: What was that IN THE SKY over the 29 Palms Marine Base?? It looks like a GIANT UFO SIGHTING!! It was as big as a HOUSE!! Marines fired.. FLARES?
At least 50 Marines saw the phenomenon and recorded the craft hanging in the sky for about 10 minutes before it vanished without a trace

QUESTION: Has he ever seen Jack Nicholson in “THE SHINING?” SoCal man goes after his landlord and roommate with a PICK AXE!! (Been drinking? Much?)
The man slicing a door with the axe.

Adam Driver Named As Honorary Starter For The Indy 500

********He’ll be the only “Driver” without a car!!!
*******Will he use a flag or a light-saber???
*******Jewel will sing the National Anthem, with the mic between her breasts!!

Jude Law Wore The Smelliest Scent To Play Henry VIII, Combination Of Puss, Blood, Fecal Matter And Sweat!!

**********He plays the 15th century king in the movie “Firebrand!!”
******Henry VII had a rotting leg, and you could “smell him three rooms away!!” He tried to cover it up with rose oil!!!
*******Jude used it “subtly” to get in character, but when it became known, the movie set turned into a “sprayfest,” with Alicia Vikander dry-heaving!!!
*****The spray smells roughly like a 14-year-old boy’s bedroom!!
*******The movie got an 8-minute standing ovation at Cannes… or maybe they were just trying to get the hell out of the theater!!

Harry and Meghan’s Reps: “Their New York City High-Speed Chase Was REAL!!! And You’re ABHORRENT!!” 

***********They’re basically saying it couldn’t be fake because of the way his mother died. And how dare you!!
********Of course, there’s no tape or eyewitnesses and no one can figure out HOW it could have happened!! So there’s that!!
******We’re pretty sure Harry and Meghan would NEVER embellish a story for publicity, right gang? Gang??
*****Also, there were no collisions, arrests, injuries or tickets!! So….
*****They were so upset they almost didn’t notice the army of ninja assassins!!!

Vin Diesel Says There Are Plenty Of Potential Spinoffs In The Works For “Fast & Furious” Franchise

**********Vin’s getting older, so his spinoff will be “Slow and Grumpy!!”
*********There will also be a low-budget spinoff called “The Foot Race!!”
********”Fast X” is part of a two-movie finale, but they may spread it out over three!! Then there’s an all-female spinoff, where no one can agree on where they’re going!!
********Just to be inclusive and body-positive, there should also be a “Fat and Furious” franchise!!



Of the Week-(In Touch)


Late Night Hosts-

Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers all will reportedly still pay their staffs while the shows shut down due to the Writers Guild strike.


Alec Baldwin-

The actor admits he “forgot” daughter Ireland in a tribute post to his kids, which featured shots of his seven children with wife Hilaria.



-versions of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 that were sent to different theaters, tailored to sound, aspect ratios and screen size.



What is something about you that most people would NEVER believe??
What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen at a wedding?



11-Foot, 1200-Pound Alligator Spooks Houston Man! Has To Be Hauled Away On A Flatbed Wrecker!!

***********He put up “quite a fight!!” No kidding???
********They estimated his age at 85 years old!! That means he was already five years old when Joe Biden was born!!
*********Cops say the local people don’t pay a lot of attention to the gators!! Unless they clamp their jaws down on their legs!!
*****What has four legs and one arm?? A happy gator!!!
******Your move, Florida!!!

Parent Attacks Ref At Youth Basketball Game In Fort Wayne, Indiana

*********The other team ran up the score to 78-7!! That’ll piss a parent off!!! (true)
*****Of course, that’s no reason to attack the ref!! Right??
TOPIC: Out-of-control sports parents!!!

Florida Man Loses Arm In Gator Attack Behind A Waterfront Bar

*****That’s OK… the gator found it!!!
*****We’ve told you a million times: DON’T PET THE GATOR!!!
********Law enforcement officials say the patrons had been illegally feeding the alligators. Which is OK, just don’t feed them your own arm!!!
*******Every time a gator attacks, they release back into the wild!! Does that make any sense??
UPDATE: The victim says “It’s not the end of the world!!” (true) Which means it must not have been the arm he masturbates with!!

Hungry Bear Attracted To BBQ Grill In Connecticutt, Wanders Into Garage

**********The grill had been recently used, so it still smelled pretty good!!
****By the time cops got there, the bear had taken off!!
*****And that is our bear story for today!!

Groom Uses Wedding Speech To Call Out Bride For Cheating With The Best Man

******Under the word “awkward” in the dictionary!!
****He passed out envelopes with pictures of the two doing it!! Then he walked out!!
******Did the guests get their toasters back??








The Rudest Things You Can Do At The Pool


Jumping In When You’re Dirty

“Regardless if it’s your own pool, hot tub or someone else’s pool, always jump in clean,” said Diane Gottsman, the author of “Modern Etiquette for a Better Life” and founder of The Protocol School of Texas. “Avoid getting into the pool covered in sweat or over-lathered up in suntan lotion.”  If you’re sweaty, she recommended toweling yourself off before entering the pool. To avoid putting excess sunscreen into the water, make sure you rub it in properly and give yourself at least 15 minutes for your skin to absorb the sun protection before getting wet.

Showing Up With A Contagious Condition

“Don’t use a public pool if you have a contagious condition — for example, a foot or toenail fungus,” said Tami Claytor, the etiquette coach behind Always Appropriate Image & Etiquette Consulting.  Be mindful if you have an open wound as well.  “This is where your humility and integrity shines brightest,” Vernon-Thompson said. “You do not want to subject anyone to any infection or rash that you may have. Don’t have the mindset that the chlorine may keep it from being transferable. Simply refrain from entering the pool. There are times when our desires are secondary to the health and safety of others. This is one of those times.”

Using The Pool As A Toilet

Also related to health and hygiene, remember there are restrooms nearby for a reason — to be used.  “Dare I say, do not urinate in the pool,” Vernon-Thompson said. “There has always been a restroom nearby every pool I’ve been in. Yes, chlorine may be in the pool. However, that is not an excuse for you to exhibit such poor behavior. Remember, integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching or sees you.”  This rule applies to adults and to children. Consistently check your baby’s swim diaper and institute bathroom breaks for your older kids.  “Use the restroom before getting in the pool,” Gottsman said. “Nothing else should be said here – even little children should be taken inside periodically to go potty.”

Bringing Glassware

“Don’t bring glass anything to the pool area,” said Nick Leighton, an etiquette expert and co-host of the “Were You Raised by Wolves?” podcast.  This is not just a matter of rudeness — it’s a serious safety hazard.  “Bring your favorite poolside beverage in your own plastic or thermal container,” Gottsman said. “Avoid using glassware that will break and cut other swimmers’ feet. If you break a glass, let the pool attendant know ASAP so they can clean up the shards of glass.”
Leaving Kids And Pets Unsupervised

“Remember a lifeguard, when present, is not a babysitter,” Smith said. “You are still responsible for your children’s behavior and their safety.”  Keep an eye on your kids, especially at a crowded swim location. Parental supervision should be constant.  “Lifeguards are responsible for the safety of many people and can’t focus on each individual simultaneously,” Claytor said. “Dangerous things can happen in a split second.”  The same goes for your dog if you’re at a pet-friendly pool.  “Watch your pets and children to make sure they are safe and supervised,” Gottsman added. “Don’t leave it up to older kids who are not there as official life guards.”

Fully Disrobing

“When you are in public, don’t take liberties to get a full body tan,” Gottsman advised. “People will pretend to be OK but most of the time they really are not and would prefer not to see your bare chest or bottom.”  Unless you’re at a clothing-optional resort, swimsuit coverage is expected. Try to respect the dress code rules and norms, especially if there are children around.  “Dress appropriately,” Claytor said. “Always learn the country’s culture. For example, if you are in Dubai, it is acceptable for women to wear bikinis at the hotel’s pool but swimming attire alone should never be worn in the hotel’s common areas or on the city streets.“

Splashing And Jumping Around Strangers

“Look before you leap,” Leighton urged. “Be aware of where other people are before you jump in.”  Limit your swimming activities to the appropriate areas and respect those doing the same. Look out for signs with instructions about jumping or diving.  “Only dive in the pool’s designated diving section,” Claytor said. “Look before you dive to ensure you don’t unintentionally fall on and potentially injure someone.”  Remember that your playful joking with friends can also affect others as well.  “Be mindful of splashing,” Leighton added. “Not everyone around the pool wants to get wet.”

Ignoring Lap Pool Protocol

If your pool has lanes for lap swimmers, remember to follow the proper etiquette around things like entering, passing, pausing, lane-sharing, exiting, etc. There are usually lanes designated for slow, medium and fast swimmers, so choose the appropriate lane for your ability.  Don’t just jump in anywhere and start swimming however you’d like with no regard for others in the lane. Calmly enter the lane feet-first at the end, give other swimmers space and follow the same swimming pattern.  Remember to modify your strokes so that you don’t collide or kick people in the face. If you need to rest, go to a corner so that others can still get by.

Disrespecting Boundaries

“Be respectful of other people’s boundaries,” Gottsman said. “Too close, too loud and too personal are all things to keep in mind when swimming in a pool with others.”  Give people their space in and out of the pool. Remember this is a shared amenity.  “Even though you are outdoors, do not smoke near the pool unless in a designated area,” Smith said.  Patience and courtesy are the key to ensuring everyone has an enjoyable time.  “When you are in the pool and someone is sitting on the entrance steps, don’t be inconsiderate and push your way through,” Vernon-Thompson said. “Simply say ‘excuse me’ with a respectful tone or even exit or enter the pool from another area. If you realize someone or others are swimming or gathering in a certain area of the pool, you swim or gather in a different area or simply wait until they have moved if you prefer being in that specific area.”

Making Excessive Noise

“Like other shared spaces, be mindful of the amount of noise you’re making,” Leighton said. “And wear headphones if you want to listen to music. Not everyone has the same taste in music.”  It’s understandable that you want to have fun at the pool, but your enjoyment should not hinder others’. Keep screaming and boisterous conversations to a minimum.

Not Putting Your Shoes Back On To Go Inside

“No shoes, no shirt, no service” is not just a cute saying.  “Wear shoes in the hotel,” Gottsman said. “If you are swimming in the hotel pool, that does not mean you should traipse through the lobby wet and shoe-less. Dry off with a towel, put on your flip flops or sandals and protect your feet.”

Forgetting To Tip

Many places offer poolside food and beverage service, so don’t forget to tip your server.  “Remember, it’s hot and they are working in the sun,” Claytor said. “It’s akin to tipping your server at a sit-down restaurant or bar. This rule does not apply at ‘no tipping’ resorts, however.”


The preceding material was compiled and edited by Brandon Castillo.  The Editor-In-Chief is Gary Bryan.  The Radio Genius Show Prep Service is licensed for use on-air only by subscribing radio stations.  Other means of redistribution is forbidden.
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