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Born on this day!!  Singer Bob Seger is 75. Singer Jimmie Dale Gilmore is 75. Singer and comedian Lulu Roman (“Hee Haw”) is 74. Actor Alan Dale (“Lost,” ″Ugly Betty”) is 73. Actor Ben Masters (“Passions”) is 73. Actor Richard Cox (“Alpha House,” ″American Tragedy”) is 72. Host Tom Bergeron (“Dancing with the Stars,” new “Hollywood Squares”) is 65. Singer John Flansburgh of They Might Be Giants is 60. Actress Julianne Phillips is 60. Actress Roma Downey (“Touched by an Angel”) is 60. Actor George Clooney is 59. Child actor turned rodeo star Clay O’Brien (“The Apple Dumpling Gang”) is 59. Singer-bassist Tony Scalzo of Fastball is 56. Actress Leslie Hope (“24”) is 55. Actress Geneva Carr (“Bull”) is 54. Guitarist Mark Bryan of Hootie and the Blowfish is 53. Guitarist Chris Shiflett of Foo Fighters is 49. Actress Stacey Oristano (“Bunheads,” ″Friday Night Lights”) is 41. Actress Adrianne Palicki (“Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”) is 37. Actress Gabourey Sidibe (“Precious”) is 37. Comedian Sasheer Zamata (“Saturday Night Live”) is 34. Rapper Meek Mill is 33. Actress Naomi Scott (2019’s “Aladdin”) is 27.


1889 – The Universal Exposition opened in Paris, marking the completion and dedication of the Eiffel Tower.
1882 – Congress passed the Chinese Exclusion Act over President Chester A. Arthur’s veto.
1937 – The German airship Hindenburg blew up and burst into flames at Lakehurst, N.J.
1941 – Dictator Joseph Stalin became the premier of Russia.
1954 – British athlete Roger Bannister became the first person to run a mile in under four minutes (3:59:4).
1994 – The Chunnel between England and France officially opened.
1999 – Scotland elected its first separate parliament in three centuries.

Today Is: Great American Grump Out, International Management Accounting Day, Joseph Brackett Day, National (Deaf) Interpreter Day, National Skilled Trades Day, No Diet Day, National Golf Day, No Homework Day, Nurses Day or National RN Recognition Day, Russel Stover Candies Day, School Nurse Day

Primetime TV (All Times Eastern)

CBS – 8:00 –  Survivor  /  10:00 – SWAT
NBC – 8:00  – Chicago Med  /  9:00 – Chicago Fire  /  10:00 – Chicago PD
ABC – 8:00 –  The Goldbergs  /  8:30 – Single Parents / 9:00 –  American Housewife  /  9:30 – Single Parents / 10:00 – Shark Tank
FOX – 8:00 – The Masked Singer
CW – 8:00 –  Riverdale  /  9:00 – Bulletproof

TV Talk Shows

Jimmy Fallon: Gabrielle Union, Henry Winkler, Brad Paisley
Seth Meyers: Ice Cube, Sarah Kendzior
Watch What Happens Live: “Summer House” Reunion Show
Live with Kelly and Ryan: Dua Lipa
Ellen DeGeneres: Christina Applegate
The Real: Finesse Mitchell
Kelly Clarkson: A new Message From Montana, repeat segments with Kristen Bell, Ne-Yo (R 11/26/19)


WHAT ARE YOU TALKIN’ ABOUT? Here are today’s PPM-Friendly Topics!

QUESTION: A you wondering how bad the MURDER HORNET is?? Check out this video of a guy who purposely got stung!! Warning: It aint pretty!!!!!!


QUESTION: Will your waiters and waitresses EVER come back??? Now small business faces a new problem: “We’re making more on unemployment!”


QUESTION: Why was this 5-year-old DRIVING HIS FOLKS’ CAR? He was “going to California to buy a LAMBORGHINI!!!” (His mom wouldn’t buy him one!)


QUESTION: Is this the FUTURE OF BASEBALL?? A Korean boy throws out the first pitch while inside a PLASTIC BUBBLE!! YOur move, MLB!!!!!!!!!!

Nicolas Cage To Play Joe Exotic

Nicolas Cage has been cast as Joe Exotic in a TV series based on the Tiger King star.  The series is based on a Texas Monthly article by Leif Reigstad titled “Joe Exotic: A Dark Journey Into the World of a Man Gone Wild.”  Showrunner and producer Dan Lagana optioned the story in June 2019. The Netflix docuseries Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness premiered March 20, and The Hollywood Reporter added that Cage has been in talks for the role since April.  Imagine Television Studios and CBS Television Studios are producing Lagana’s series. Universal Content Productions also is producing a Joe Exotic series that has cast Kate McKinnon as Carole Baskin. Cage never has done series television in his nearly 40-year acting career.
****Joe’s not happy! “He aint perty enough to play me!!”
*****Nic is just hoping no one recognizes him on this show!!
*******This will be a sensitive portrait of Joe!! He’ll be wearing a pink shirt in every episode!! 
*****The guy who wrote “Eye of the Tiger” is excited!! Here comes another big payday!!
*****Is it just us? Or is Nic Cage crazier than Joe Exotic?? 

Meghan Markle Was Always A Princess

A videographer who claims to have worked with Meghan Markle during her “Suits” days revealed she earned the nickname “princess” long before she married into royalty.  Markle dipped her toes back into acting with the release of her voiced narration of Disney’s “Elephant” this year. But an unnamed cameraman who worked with the Duchess of Sussex when she formerly starred on “Suits” remembers her acting “like a diva.”  In an interview with the Daily Mail, the videographer said he was warned about Markle’s high-maintenance behavior before he first worked with her.  “People told me, ‘get ready because she is a lot,'” the cameraman who remained anonymous told the outlet. “They used to call her ‘the princess.’ When I saw her, right away from the moment she arrived, I didn’t even know who she was and she was acting like a diva.”  The videographer furthered that he was stunned that Markle had walked onto set wearing a hat and attempting to hide her face.  “Everyone thought, ‘she is acting like an A-lister when she is not even a D-lister.’ But it was kind of like a caricature of someone playing the superstar, you know, because a real superstar, generally unless it’s a super bad day, they will play it naturally and be generous with their presence,” he said.  The cameraman said his experiences took place before Markle began dating Prince Harry.
*******This is how you get to be a diva!! You ACT like a Diva until nobody wants to deal with you!!
*****We’re sure she’s a lot easier to deal with since she single-handedly broke up the royal family!!!
UPDATE: He also said she hates to have her feet photographed!! They’re too gnarly!! Does she have “hobbit feet?”
TOPIC: Ever date someone with ugly feet? Was it a deal breaker??

Tom Cruise To Shoot Movie In Space

Tom Cruise is reportedly working with NASA and Elon Musk’s SpaceX to develop a film shot in outer space.  While Cruise routinely engages in risky stunts for the “Mission: Impossible” franchise, the outlet reports this film will not be associated with those movies.  In past “Mission: Impossible” installments, Cruise performed daring stunts like hanging off the side of a jet plane and scaling skyscrapers.  As of right now, no film studio is on board, according to Deadline.  Reps for Cruise, SpaceX and NASA did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment.
******Something tells us that Tom just wants to die in the most spectacular way possible!!
*******Could the movie be a sequel to “Death Wish??” 
******How nuts IS Tom Cruise?? Thanks for asking!! Check out this video of him sitting on top of The World’s tallest building during the filming of Mission Impossible!! The helicopter drops him on top of the building’s mast and circles around taking video. It wasn’t for the movie… he just felt like doing it!! SEE IT HERE!!
FACTOID: Did you know… that only about 600 human beings have EVER been in outer space??
UPDATE: NASA confirms that Tom will shoot aboard the International Space Station! STORY HERE!

Amanda Bynes Is Not Pregnant

Amanda Bynes’ lawyer is setting the record straight.  In March, Bynes shared a picture of an ultrasound on Instagram, writing “Baby on board!” in the caption, leading many fans to believe that she was pregnant.  The post has since been deleted.  In a statement, attorney David Esquibias said that “Amanda is not pregnant and she is not residing in a sober living facility.”  Esquibias also spoke to Entertainment Tonight, adding, “She is sheltering in a safe location and is doing very well.”  Earlier this spring, Esquibias told Fox News that Bynes was seeking treatment for her “mental health.”  “Any reports that Amanda is suffering from drug or alcohol addiction issues are completely false. She is seeking treatment for ongoing mental health issues,” Esquibias told us.  “We ask for privacy during this time, and for any speculation about her personal life from the public and the media to cease so Amanda can focus on getting better.”  Bynes announced her engagement to Paul Michael on Valentine’s Day via Instagram but later deleted that photo as well.
*******That’s a relief. We’ll start returning her calls now!!
******When asked what her mental issues are, her lawyer said: “She’s an actress!! They’re all crazy!”

Joe Exotic To Ask Trump For A Pardon

Joe Exotic from the hit Netflix documentary Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness, is reportedly set to appeal to President Donald Trump for a pardon.  Exotic, whose real name is Joseph Allen Maldonado-Passage, is currently serving a 22-year sentence in Federal prison for charges including animal abuse and murder for hire.  According to a report from TMZ, Exotic’s legal team is “preparing a case file that will be sent on to Trump”, alleging that Exotic was wrongly convicted for the plot against animal rights activist Carole Baskin.  Trump had previously said that he would “take a look” at the option of pardoning Exotic, when asked about it, although it did not seem he was aware of the case, or of the documentary.
******Trump should do it… but only if he agrees to speak at the GOP convention!!
******Is this what politicians mean when they talk about “fat cats??”
********Has Trump seen “Tiger King?” You know… in between being impeached and trying not be blamed for Wuhan virus??
*******If Kim Kardashian asks, Trump will do it!!

Hollywood Female Stars Fight Boredom!

Some of Hollywood’s biggest female stars are now quite literally fighting back their boredom while in lockdown.  Showing off their impressive skills in a new viral Instagram fight club style video, the Boss B—- Fight Challenge was started by stuntwoman Zoë Bell — famous for being Uma Thurman’s Kill Bill and Lucy Lawless’ Xena Warrior Princess stunt doubles.  Featuring cameos from the likes of Margot RobbieCameron Diaz, Halle Berry, Scarlett Johansson and more, the new celebrity coronavirus isolation challenge is about as star-studded as it gets.  The video starts with, Bell attempting to read a book before she throws it down and complains about how bored she is.  “I’m so bored! I just want to play with my friends,” she whines.  “Wait a minute, I can play with my friends!” Bell then launches in and lands a fierce kick at the camera as it cuts to Lawless who reels back while saying “What the heck, Zozo?” The warrior princess then packs a punch which lands on the next star leading lady.  It goes on from there with A-list actress after A-list actress getting hit and then attacking the camera — Drew Barrymore who receives a kick to the face from a rollerskate and Juliette Lewis who smashes the screen with a dumbbell.  Diaz is spotted ditching her groceries to pack a punch and Johansson receives a smack to the face before picking up a weighted fitness ball and throwing it at the camera.  See the video HERE.
********That’s cool. We’ll tune ion when they’re slapping and pulling hair in person!!
*****Are they really setting a good example for all those little girls who are imprisoned with their siblings??


Ripping The Tabloids (Throughout the week, we’ll give you the stories from that weeks tabs!)
**Please Credit Publication!

Funnyman Forte Secretly Engaged To Olivia!-(National Enquirer)

“SNL” alum Will Forte is getting hitched!  The comic’s dad spilled the beans on “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”-saying his son is “currently engaged.”  The former “Last Man on Earth” star, 49, hasn’t confirmed the happy news, but he’s known to be dating Olivia Modling.  He was previously linked to actress January Jones.

Ricky Rips Spoiled Stars-(Globe)

Furious Ricky Gervais isn’t joking when he rants about stinking-rich celebs whining about COVID-19 “stay-at-home” mandates.  “I see someone complaining about being in a mansion with a swimming pool.  And, you know, honestly, I just don’t want to hear it,” fumes the 58-year-old British comic, lashing out over pampered stars like gender-bending English crooner Sam Smith, who posted an Instagram photo showing him crying in his multimillion-dollar mansion.  Ricky says he is grounded because of the example set by his parents.  “My mum, she gardened, she grew, she cooked, she sewed, she knitted, she decorated-she did everything she could,” says Ricky.  And his father got up every day at 5:30 a.m., he adds, and worked until he was 70.  “I didn’t have any money until I was 40.  But I still had everything.”

Nina & Shaun:  Comedic Couple-(Us Weekly)

Nina Dobrev and Shaun White have a lot to smile about:  A source says that the couple are really “into each other and laugh a lot together.”  Although the relationship’s fairly new-they were first linked in March-the actress, 31, and the snowboarder, 33, are happy to be dating.  Adds the source, “They’re enjoying their time together and getting to know each other better.  They each think the other is really funny!”

It’s a Girl!-(Star)

Jill Wagner and David Lemanowicz welcomed daughter Army Gray.  The Hallmark Channel star and her husband wed in 2017.

Say What?!-(Life & Style)

“People don’t cut their hair out of boredom, they cut their hair because they’re drunk and they think they know how to cut hair.  I know….I cut my bangs before the daytime Emmys and 22 years ago and I’ve never gotten over it.”-Kelly Ripa, cautioning would-be at-home stylists.

“Was there a movie role I really wanted, but lost to another actor?  Yup.  The role was Jack Reacher.  The actor was Tom Cruise.”-Dwayne Johnson, revealing his disappointment.

“I don’t ever want to be in that good of shape again.  Really.  It was so hard.”-Zac Efron, on getting buff for 2017’s Baywatch.

“I never sleep with my makeup on; even at my drunkest I’ve never fallen asleep with makeup on my face.”-Hailey Baldwin, on her secret to a clear complexion.

Kate Beckinsale & Goody Grace:  Going Strong-(People)

The actress, 44, and the Canadian rocker, 22, have been dating “since the beginning of the year,” per a source, who notes they are quarantining together at her home:  “Kate seems happy.  His age is not an issue for her.”

Teacher of the Week-(In Touch)

Chris Hemsworth

“Three hours of negotiation and if we’re lucky, 20 minutes of actual work.”

-on the homeschooling process.



Ping Pong Record

An Idaho man retook a Guinness World Record by bouncing five ping pong balls into five pint glasses in only 2.03 seconds.  David Rush, who has broken more than 100 Guinness records to promote STEM education, formerly held the record in 2018, when he managed the feat in 3.51 seconds, but the record was taken in 2019 by Italian Silvio Sabba, who bounced the balls into the glasses in 2.81 seconds.  Rush said he was careful ahead of time to make sure his balls, glasses and the bouncing surface complied with Guinness rules.  He shared a video showing he was able to bounce the balls into the glasses in 2.03 seconds, retaking the record.  See the video HERE.
********Every guy knows it’s tough to control the trajectory of your balls!!
*******You know what this guy needs for Christmas? A LIFE!!!
******Let’s see him drink 5 shots and do it!!

Lion Caught At Elementary School

A lion searching for food in an Indian village fled into an elementary school building, where it was later tranquilized by officials.  The Indian Forest Service said wildlife officials in Gir Somnath district responded to Una taluka village when a lion spotted attempting to prey on a buffalo calf in a villager’s enclosure was interrupted by the animal’s owner and fled into a neighboring elementary school building.  Wildlife officials said they attempted to capture the lion by placing a cage trap outside an open door, but the big cat instead fled up the stairs into the school’s second floor.  IFS officer Susanda Nanda tweeted video from the scene showing the lion watching from a window as the cage is rolled up to the door.  Officials said the adult male lion was eventually shot with a tranquilizer dart and taken to the Jasadhar animal rescue center for an examination.
*******He was running from Carole Baskin!! 
*****When he woke up in the cage, he had one request: “Could someone grind up a husband and feed him to me? I’m starved!”

Man Regrets Burying Money

A Chinese man who buried hundreds of thousands of dollars five years ago is learning the hard way there may be better ways to store his life savings.  Chinese state media and Taiwan’s TVBS network reported the man, a farmer with the surname Wang, visited a branch of the Agricultural Bank of China in Anhui Province.  The bank notes were rotten and moldy and broke apart on contact, the reports say.  Wang told the bank he had “10 more bundles” at home, and that he had buried a total of about $280,000 in cash five years ago.  The Chinese man said his parents were merchants, and that they had accumulated the money. He also said a local television program claimed theft was common at ATMs. The television claims compelled him to bury the large amount of cash underground, he said, according to reports.  Bank employees worked overtime to restore the damaged bills, Chinese state media said.  According to the People’s Bank of China’s regulations, bills that retain 75 percent of their original features can be exchanged at full value, but bills disfigured such that only 50 to 75 percent of the note is recognizable, can only be exchanged for half the amount.  The man’s savings has lost about 25 percent of its total value, or $70,000 owing to damage.
********His name is Wang…. and he’s “Wang-ry!!!”
******Sounds like his money needs to be “laundered!!”
TOPIC: Dumbest place YOU ever put money!!

Fake Tiger On The Loose

About 10 armed police officers and a helicopter crew responded to a rural property on a report of a loose tiger that turned out to be a life-sized sculpture.  Kent police confirmed the officers and a National Police Air Service helicopter responded to Mote Road in Ightham, Kent, England, on Saturday after a member of the public reported spotting a big cat in the area.  “My son Duncan rang up and said there were armed police on the hill leading up to my house,” resident Juliet Simpson said. “Ten of them! By then I could see the helicopter above, and I thought, goodness me. So then I walked up the road and saw the police Land Rover. I went up and said: ‘Do you want to be introduced to this tiger?'”  The “tiger” was actually a life-sized sculpture Simpson had assembled from chicken wire and resin more than 20 years ago.  Simpson said the officers were amused by the mix-up and posed for photos with the tiger sculpture.
******She said, “That’s no tiger!!” They said, “You’re lion!!”







How A Pandemic Affects Your Poop And How To Deal With It

Huffington Post


Your exercise routine has changed

If your sweat sessions have been cut short — or cut completely — since the onset of isolation, you’re not alone. Gyms are closed, and in many parts of the country, it can feel nearly impossible to maintain 6 feet of social distance while out on a run. This decrease in physical movement may have an affect on your bowel movements; namely that they’re happening less often.

“Our activity is significantly tied to bowel regularity,” Jean Marie Houghton, a gastroenterologist with UMass Memorial Health Care, told HuffPost.

Houghton added that physical activity tends to put our bowels in motion, which is why some runners get diarrhea. Becoming a bit more sedentary, which is somewhat unavoidable for many of us, “tends to slow things down,” Houghton said.

Exercise is “a big deal” when it comes to regularity, said Mark Donowitz, a professor of medicine at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. “That’s the biggest change for a lot of people, who normally go to work and do their 10,000 steps or go to the gym — none of that is available,” he said.

Fortunately, there are a ton of free resources and recommendations for workouts at home. Taking your workouts to your bedroom floor may not get everything back to the way it was moving before isolation, but it can’t hurt to try.


You’re eating differently

Eating at home for every meal has probably changed your diet, whether you’re snacking on tons of carbs and sweets, or subsisting on the vegetables you’ve grown from your window sill, or relying on takeout from a local restaurant.

What we eat directly impacts how we poop, so a shift in what goes in will naturally lead to a change in what comes out.

“Most people have figured out what’s good for the bowel habits they want to live with, and clearly the food is not as available,” said Donowitz, adding that even if you have your perfect poop meals down to a science, it’s likely you don’t have the same access to that food that you previously did.

“Fresh fruits and vegetables are natural laxatives, plus they have a lot of fiber,” Donowitz continued, “so if people are not eating them, they can certainly become more constipated.”

If you’re struggling to access poop-inducing produce, remember that frozen is just as good as fresh in that regard, and many canned options can get the job done, too.


You’re drinking more

Quarantinis, Zoom happy hours, drinking cosmos a la Ina Garten — whatever you’re having, it’s probably having an affect on your regularity.

“Alcohol in small amounts can speed up motility and cause diarrhea for some people, while large quantities can cause constipation,” Houghton said.

Booze can also “be an irritant to the stomach and intestines and may cause pain, bloating and reflux,” she added. If any of this sounds familiar, you might try reducing your consumption to see if you can find some relief.


You’re feeling stressed

Here’s the big one: The pandemic has turned our world upside down. We’ve been punted from our comforting routines and forced into new ones we never wanted and to which we’re still adjusting.

This “new normal” is anything but, and any attempt to acclimate, resist or to just “be” may lead to stress, anxiety, deep existential dread, lack of sleep, exhaustion, fear … you name it.

As if all this wasn’t bad enough, the emotional duress can influence the state of our poop. As Houghton put it, “the hormones and neurotransmitters involved with stress can affect the motility of the gut and cause a multitude of symptoms,” including cramps, diarrhea and constipation. Woo hoo.

Stress, it’s important to note, may affect your regularity differently than that of your friends or family.

“It’s not one way or the other — some people have [fewer] bowel movements, some have more,” Donowitz said. “Some people will get more diarrhea, some people get more constipation.”

If things are especially rough down there, you might find relief in some over-the-counter aids. A fiber supplement or powder can be helpful if constipation is your issue, Donowitz said, and medicines like Imodium can come in handy if diarrhea is the villain of your story.

The best thing you can do for yourself, however your body has decided to mess up your bathroom break, is to find something that provides you with some semblance of relief. For some, that may be meditating with an app for a few minutes a day; for others, that may be a daytime nap or chatting on the phone with a loved one.

Many things that used to come regularly — poop and otherwise — may currently be disrupted because “a lot of our habits depend upon other cues, such as our morning coffee [or] our morning walk,” Houghton said.

It’s unlikely that all of your routines are available right now, but hold on to what you still do have and love — pets, family, friends, a favorite TV show, a mood-boosting song, a city-wide clap for essential workers — and give yourself the space and the time to revel in them.


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