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Born on this day!! Blues singer Bobby Rush is 87. Actor Albert Hall (“Ally McBeal,” ″Beloved”) is 84. Country singer Donna Fargo is 80. Lyricist Tim Rice is 77. Actor Jack Scalia is 71. Actor-comedian Sinbad is 65. Actor Mackenzie Phillips (“One Day at a Time”) is 62. Actor Hugh Bonneville (“Downton Abbey”) is 58. Comedian Tommy Davidson (“In Living Color”) is 58. Actor Michael Jai White is 57. Country singer Chris Cagle is 53. Comedian Tracy Morgan (“30 Rock”) is 53. Actor Ellen Pompeo (“Grey’s Anatomy”) is 52. Actor Orny Adams (TV’s “Teen Wolf”) is 51. Rapper U-God of Wu-Tang Clan is 51. Rapper Warren G is 51. Actor Walton Goggins (“The Unicorn,” “The Shield”) is 50. Contemporary Christian singer Matt Maher is 47. Singer-guitarist Jim Adkins of Jimmy Eat World is 46. Rapper Eve is 43. Bassist Chris Joannou of Silverchair is 42. Actor Heather Matarazzo is 39. Country singer Miranda Lambert is 38. Actor Josh Peck (“Drake and Josh”) is 35. Singer Vinz Dery of Nico and Vinz is 31. Actor Genevieve Buechner (“UnREAL”) is 30. Actor Zoey Deutch (“Vampire Academy”) is 27. Actor Kiernan Shipka (“Mad Men”) is 22. Actor Mackenzie Foy (“Twilight”) is 21.


1871 – Journalist and explorer Henry Stanley found the missing David Livingstone in Central Africa and made his famous comment, “Dr. Livingstone, I presume?”
1928 – Hirohito was crowned Emperor of Japan.
1951 – The first long distance telephone call without operator assistance took place.
1969 – Sesame Street premiered on PBS TV.
1970 – The Great Wall of China opened to the world for tourism.
1982 – The Vietnam Veterans Memorial opened in Washington, DC.

Today Is: Area Code Day, International Accounting Day, NET Cancer Awareness Day, Marine Corps Birthday, Sesame Street Day, Windows Day, World Science Day for Peace and Development

Primetime TV (All Times Eastern)

CBS – 8:00 –  Survivor  /  9:00 – Tough As Nails  /  10:00 – CSI: Vegas
NBC – 8:00  – Chicago Med  /  9:00 – Chicago Fire  /  10:00 – Chicago PD
– 8:00 –  CMA Awards
FOX – 8:00 – Masked Singer /  9:00 – Alter Ego
CW – 8:00 –  Legends Of Tomorrow  /  9:00 – Batwoman

TV Talk Shows

Jimmy Kimmel: Ryan Reynolds, “Science Bob” Pflugfelder, Ryan Hurd & Maren Morris
Jimmy Fallon: Will Ferrell, Lucy Hale, Dusty Slay
Stephen Colbert: Aubrey Plaza, Bruce Springsteen
Seth Meyers: Gayle King, David Copperfield, Aurora, Elmo Lovano
James Corden: Dwayne Johnson, Avril Lavigne
Watch What Happens Live: Lindsay Hubbard, Luke Gulbranson, Andrea Denver
The View: Dr. Vivek Murthy, Keke Palmer
The Talk: David Alan Grier
Live with Kelly and Ryan: Lucy Hale, Jon Batiste, Dr. Holly Phillips
Ellen DeGeneres: Jamie Foxx
Wendy Williams: Dorinda Medley, guest host Michael Rapaport
The Real: Grant Hill, Jayda Cheaves
Drew Barrymore: Emily Ratajkowski, Jenny McCarthy

WHAT ARE YOU TALKIN’ ABOUT? Here are today’s PPM-Friendly Topics!

QUESTION: Is 17 their LUCKY NUMBER?? The NFL decides to add a game to the regular season schedule, and TOM BRADY thinks that’s a “terrible decision!!!!”


QUESTION: Feeling the unrelenting BACKLASH?? Aaron Rodgers “takes full responsibility” if people feel “misled” about his vaccination status!!!!!!!!!!!


QUESTION: Have a product idea, but think it’s CRAZY?? Take a look at these products that actually made it to stores!! Like: “foot underwear” and “car toilets!!”
Would you like to wear underwear for your feet? One person was surprised to find the unusually small sock in a British shop

QUESTION: How much would YOU pay for Buddy the Elf’s original costume?? It just sold at auction for almost $300,000!! Do you think they’ll keep it on a SHELF??

QUESTION: Ready for the Christmas gift that KEEPS ON GIVING?? Dakota Johnson says, “the perfect stocking ‘stuffer’ is my patented BUTT PLUG!!” Classy!!!!
Dakota Johnson

****It looks like a CHRISTMAS TREE!! FESTIVE!!

Alanis Morissette Comedy Coming To ABC

Alanis Morissette is developing an ABC comedy inspired by her life.  Variety reported that she will executive produce and write original music for the new series, titled Relatable.  Relatable is a single-camera comedy from Elizabeth Beckwith (The Goldbergs) and Christopher Moynihan, who serve as executive producers. Beckwith wrote the pilot, while Moynihan will serve as showrunner.  Willie Mercer, Ron West and Jonathan Daniel will also executive produce, with 20th Television as producer.  Relatable will follow a 40-something woman as she navigates life with her husband and three kids after spending her early years as an international rock star. Morissette’s life served as inspiration but the characters are fictional and non-biographical.
********The character called “Dave Coulier” is totally fictional!! He bears no resemblance to the guy who had an affair with her when she was a teenager!!
*****The show will be full of the rage and bitterness that only Alanis can portray!!
*****The first episode will be called “You Oughta Know!!”

New Ghostbusters Trailer Teases Past Stars

The return of Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd is teased in the new trailer for Ghostbusters: Afterlife.  Aykroyd, who portrayed Dr. Raymond Stantz in the original Ghostbusters films, narrates the trailer as he reads from The Book of Revelation.  New stars Finn Wolfhard, Mckenna Grace, Paul Rudd and Carrie Coon battle a host of supernatural creatures from the franchise’s past before they receive a helping hand.  “Hey, have you missed us?” Murray’s character Dr. Peter Venkman can be heard saying as two mysterious characters don proton packs. The movie follows the family of former Ghostbuster Egon, who was originally portrayed by the late Harold Ramis. The family starts to use Egon’s old ghost fighting equipment after their small town is attacked.  Original Ghostbusters stars Sigourney Weaver, Ernie Hudson and Annie Potts are also set to make appearances.  Ghostbusters: Afterlife is coming to theaters on Nov. 19thSee the new trailer HERE.
******Ahhhh… just in time for Halloween!!
*****The good news? Ray Parker Jr. just got a check!!
******These days, we just ignore the spirits.. yes, we “ghost” them!!!

Fire Chief Comes After Travis Scott

Houston Fire Chief Samuel Pena appeared on Tuesday’s “Today” show, where he updated the public on the investigation into the deaths at Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival.  During the interview, he blamed the rapper for not doing more to control the crowd from the stage. “Look, we all have a responsibility, everybody at that event has a responsibility, starting with the artist on down,” he told Savannah Guthrie. He noted that it is merely his opinion that “the artist has control of the crowd” and that the official investigation will determine any culpability on the part of Scott, the event’s organizers or the venue.   However, he said he believes the rapper could have been more instrumental in helping first responders and security officials regain control and respond to victims.  “If that artist knows something is going on, he can certainly pause the performance, turn on the lights and say, ‘hey, we’re not going to continue until this is resolved,” Pena said.
********They went to Astroworld, and wound up in the Afterworld. (too soon?)
*******We’re just guessing, but we think Travis will not be doing any shows for a long, long time!!
******We’re also guessing that Kylie is reevaluating their relationship, with guidance from her momager!!

Lance Bass Is Related To Britney Spears

According to, Britney Spears and NSYNC alum Lance Bass are sixth cousins once removed.  The reveal was made during the genealogy company’s “2 Lies & A Leaf” episode.  Bass was asked to guess which musical legend he was related to among Spears, Faith Hill and Elvis Presley.  Bass guessed Presley, but his husband, Michael Turchin, correctly guessed the true relative.  “Are you kidding me?” he asked. “I don’t care about losing because this is amazing.”  “I guess you really are the true winner here,” Turchin responded.  According to Ancestry, Spears and Bass were born only 98 miles apart. Spears was born in McComb, Mississippi in 1981 while Bass was born in Laurel, Mississippi in 1979.  “I wanted to find out I was related to the Queen, turns out I’m related to the Queen of Pop – and that’s even better,” Bass said.
*****Wow… good thing they never had sex!!

Squid Game Season 2 Coming

Squid Game” will be returning to Netflix for another season.  The show’s return was confirmed by writer and director Hwang Dong-hyuk.  Hwang said, “There’s been so much pressure, so much demand and so much love for a second season. So I almost feel like you leave us no choice!”  He alluded to ideas he’s working on for the new season and promised that main character Gi-hun will come back to the screen to “do something for the world.”  This isn’t the first time Hwang has talked about a Season 2 for his hit show, but it was the first time the speculations were confirmed.  Previously, he hinted at a possible second season by saying he doesn’t have “well-developed plans for Season 2” but if it were to happen, he “wouldn’t do it alone.”  Despite its undeniable popularity, “Squid Game” didn’t make creator Hwang as rich as people might think.  “It’s not like Netflix is paying me a bonus,” the 50-year-old Seoul native told the Guardian.  While it was enough for him to “put food on the table,” another season might be what it takes to make a mint.
*******That’s surprising!! Said no one.
*******The new season will be called “The Octopus Olympics!!” Or maybe.. “Battle of the Groupers!!”
*******We’re glad they’re bringing something new. We’ve already watched everything on Netflix!!!

Aaron Rodgers’ Fiance Defends His Body!

Shailene Woodley bragged about how well she knows fiancé Aaron Rodgers’ body — including his penis — while shaming an innocent man who was inaccurately ID’d as the NFL player.  She took to social media Tuesday to slam Daily Mail for misidentifying the Green Bay Packers quarterback in photos, blasting the outlet for “grasping at straws to disparage Aaron” amid backlash over his COVID-19 vaccine statements.  She posted screenshots from the story and drew a circle around the mystery man’s feet and added three pink arrows pointing to them.  “i know aaron’s body. VERY well. first off, his feet, ahem and no offense to this rando dude, are a LOT bigger. ;).”  Woodley called it “straight up HILARIOUS” that paparazzi are “finding random f–king men on the streets of la and saying it’s him.”  “literally y’all need to calm the f–k down,” she added.  She didn’t stop there. She next pointed out the fact that the innocent bystander had bald hands.  “also, for those of us who know aaron beyond the worlds of obsessed sport and s–tty media, it’s no secret he has the hairiest hands on the f–king planet. this oblivious homie, clearly, does not. (go ahead, zoom in),” she wrote over a second Instagram Story slide.  Lastly, Woodley went after the man’s car, which obviously was not good enough for Rodgers.  “also, cute car dude, but aaron would never drive this,” she added.
*********Aaron called her and said, “Uhhh.. that’s sweet, but stop helping!!”
********Is she gonna post a picture of the package next??
******Hmm… women are obsessed with a man’s Johnson!! We could have used this information when we were 13!!!


Ripping The Tabloids (Throughout the week, we’ll give you the stories from that weeks tabs!)
**Please Credit Publication!

Chris Changes “Bachelor” Ways-(National Enquirer)

Former “Bachelor” host Chris Harrison, 50, is giving up his bachelor status and has announced he is engaged to “Entertainment Tonight” host Lauren Zima, 33!  The pair have been together since 2018 and the engagement comes five months after his exit from the franchise after he came under fire for not condemning perceived racially insensitive behavior by contestant Rachael Kirkconnell.

“Fame” Series Brought No Hollywood Fortune-(Globe)

It was “Fame” without fortune for Lee Curreri, who played teen pianist Bruno Martelli in the Oscar-winning musical flick opposite Debbie Allen and Irene Cara.  Also cast in the subsequent ‘80s TV spin-off series about a Big Apple performing arts high school, the 60-year-old snips navigating Hollywood was a minefield.  “We were getting less than people in half-hour sitcoms were getting,” he grouses.  “So imagine you’re making sort of a middle-class salary but you’re on TV so everyone expects you to be wealthy.  And you’ve got a manager and an agent and sometimes even a publicist.  And that money goes really quickly unless you supplement it in other ways by reaching outside and doing other things.”

Cash & Jessica:  Happy Home Life-(Us Weekly)

After 13 years of marriage, Cash Warren and Jessica Alba are still going strong thanks to one simple rule:  They always put family first.  “They’re a great team,” a source says.  “Jessica loves how amazing Cash is with their [three] kids.  He plays with them, acts silly and cooks their favorite meals.”  Alba, 40, and Warren 42, also make time for each other, adds the source, “usually with a romantic al fresco dinner together in the backyard.”

More On-Set Tragedies-(Star)

Joi “SJ” Harris:  Deadpool 2

“We’re heartbroken, shocked and devastated,” Ryan Reynolds tweeted following the stuntwoman’s death in a freak motorcycle accident.  After rehearsing the scene several times, Harris-the first Black woman licensed to compete in American Motorcyclist Association races-reportedly lost control of her bike and smashed through a plate-glass window in Vancouver’s Shaw Tower in 2017.  Producers were later fined nearly $300,000 for failing to provide a safe work environment.

Say What?!-(Life & Style)

“I’ve been secretly working on an EP…I want people to know that it’s never too late for anything.”-Taraji P. Henson, on getting set to release her first album at age 51.

“I hurt myself putting on a pair of leggings in a hotel room.”-Kate Beckinsale, explaining her September hospitalization.

“He’s crazy-he’s going to do the London Marathon and then the NYC Marathon…….Usually that’s a thing somebody does once a year.”-Tayshia Adams, on fiancé Zac Clark’s love of running.

Jamie Chung & Bryan Greenberg:  Happy Anniversary-(People)

“Here’s to 6 years in the bag with a lifetime to go,” the actress, 38, wrote on Instagram Oct. 31, marking her anniversary with her actor husband, 43, with whom she recently welcomed twins.

Kim’s Dating Pete!-(In Touch)

Stranger things have happened.  On Oct. 29-just weeks after she shared an on-screen kiss with him while hosting Saturday Night Live for the first time-Kim Kardashian, 41, was spotted holding hands with Pete Davidson, 27, on a roller coaster at Knott’s Scary Farm in Buena Park, Calif.  “Sparks flew on the set,” an insider says, “and now they’re dating!  They make a very unlikely couple, that’s for sure.  But he seems to cast a spell over women.”  Pete makes [Kim] laugh.  “She has fun with him.  She hasn’t had fun for years with Kanye [West, whom she’s divorcing],” says a source.



Trans-Atlantic Trash

A trash barrel from a South Carolina beach ended up in the ocean and floated more than 3,500 miles to a beach in Ireland.  The Myrtle Beach City Government said in a Facebook post that visitors to a beach in Mulranney, County Mayo, found a blue trash can on the beach that still bore stickers from Myrtle Beach.  The post included the text of an email from Keith McGreal, who was one of the people who found the barrel.  “That’s an amazing voyage for a trash barrel, although we’d prefer that it stayed put on our beach, rather than gallivanting all over the world via the Gulf Stream,” the Myrtle Beach City Government’s post said. “I don’t think it’s possible to tell when it went missing, but it probably was during a wind or storm event.”  The city asked the finders to have the barrel recycled.
*****The state of South Carolina just got a ticket for littering!!
******Just goes to show: It’s a small world. And it’s full of trash!!
******Every day, we put our show in a trash can and throw it into the Pacific. And every day, it floats back to us!!!

Elf On The Shelf Banned

A Georgia judge issued a tongue-in-cheek order banishing the Elf on the Shelf — a recent Christmas tradition — from his county.  Cobb County Superior Court Judge Robert Leonard tweeted the text of an order banishing the Elf on a Shelf, a small toy elf that reports the actions of children to Santa Claus in the runup to Christmas, due to it posing “a risk to the emotional health and well being of Cobb’s young children.”  “Inexplicably, Elves sometimes move and don’t move overnight. When these Elves do not move, it leaves our children of tender years in states of extreme emotional distress,” Leonard wrote.  The Elf on the Shelf sprang out of a 2005 children’s book of the same name by Carol Aebersold and Chanda Bell.  Leonard tweeted that his order was a “gift to tired parents.” He explained that families who love their elves can feel free to keep them.
*******Can we put THIS guy on the Supreme Court??
****Our momma called in a panic!! “Can I still have my Elvis on a shelf??”

Bear Goes For A Swim

A bear took a stroll through a California neighborhood and paused for a dip in a resident’s backyard pool.  The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department warned residents of a neighborhood in San Dimas to remain in their homes when a bear was spotted wandering through the area.  The bear wandered through multiple back yards before taking a swim in a resident’s pool.  “I see a bear jump in the pool and I told my buddy, ‘Hey, I gotta get off the phone. I gotta film this,” homeowner Christian Brown told KABC-TV. “The next thing I know the bear is just sitting on the steps, taking a little bath.”  The bear eventually wandered out of the area. Authorities said the bear is believed to be familiar with the area and is likely the same animal previously spotted by locals.  See the video HERE.
*******Kinda looks like Ed Asner in the pool. But he’s not with us anymore!!!
******Who wants to clean out THAT pool filter???
******Everything was cool until he borrowed a towel!!

Giant Atari Joystick

A Dartmouth University professor’s 10-foot-high version of a classic Atari 2600 video game joystick has been dubbed the largest video game joystick in the world by Guinness World Records.  Mary Flanagan, who is a game designer and artist in addition to being Dartmouth’s Sherman Fairchild Distinguished Professor in Digital Humanities, said she built the scaled-up Atari joystick, which she dubbed [giantJoystick], out of wood, rubber and steel in 2006.  The joystick, which weighs about 3,000 pounds, is designed to take single-player classic Atari games like Space Invaders, Asteroids and Centipede, and make them into multi-player experiences. Flanagan said the joystick is designed to be operated by two or more people at once.  “Games can be universal and provide people with an opportunity to connect in novel ways,” Flanagan said in a Dartmouth University news release.
*******You know what she needs for Christmas?? A LIFE!!!






10 Ways Therapists Personally Deal With Seasonal Depression



  1. Schedule your life around self-care

“As a mental health professional, I try to take the same advice I give to my clients: Schedule your life around self-care,” Victoria Goldenberg, a psychotherapist and media adviser for the Hope for Depression Research Foundation, said of coping with seasonal depression.

“What this entails is time management that prioritizes breaks and vacations, as well as tending to my own appointments and family needs,” she said.


  1. Accept where you are with your mental health in the moment

Dowd lives in California and has found the shorter winter days significantly affect her energy levels and mood. Dowd explained that she’s learned to practice embracing where she’s at in the moment.

“My meditation practice is instrumental in helping me to accept what is, with non-judgment,” she said. “So, when the weather is gloomy, I try to embrace the opportunity to curl up with a good book or find a new series on Netflix to binge-watch. [I] give myself permission to slow down and be present.”


  1. Take a multipronged approach to coping with seasonal depression

Research has shown that depression affects not only the brain but the body. Meghan Watson, a resident therapist at Alkeme Health, a digital destination for the Black community to access mental health and wellness content, said she developed a holistic approach to managing seasonal depression. This includes creating a routine with activities that benefit her “mind, body and soul.”

In terms of mental health, Watson seeks out her own therapist and clinical consultations for when challenges arise at work. Additionally, she makes sure “major physical needs like food, hydration and rest are met consistently.”

Watson also engages in “seasonal creative pursuits and hobbies that fit the colder months” for spiritual wellness, such as painting, caring for indoor plants and meditation.


  1. Get in touch with your creative side to process your feelings

For Brandon Knopp, a therapist at Alma, a co-practice community and virtual mental health platform, writing poetry during the winter months has been key to processing seasonal depression.

“When I am feeling really stuck, I write poems about either my inner experience, or about something I notice in the natural environment around me,” Knopp said. “After writing my way through my depression, I often return to knowing that my inner experiences are always rich, no matter how comfortable or uncomfortable they are to sit with.”

He added that this practice serves as a way to shift his perspective when dealing with discomfort and depression. In fact, studies have shown journaling can alleviate stress and symptoms of anxiety — so pick up that pen.


  1. Make a few dietary changes as necessary

Michele Kambolis, a Vancouver, Canada-based therapist and author of “When Women Rise,” found that adjusting her diet in winter months improves her SAD symptoms.

“Stimulants like alcohol, sugar and caffeine can exacerbate seasonally triggered symptoms of depression or anxiety, so I cut back altogether during the winter months,” Kambolis said. She explained that she boosts “feel good neurochemicals” and amino acids — such as tryptophan and gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) — by eating more seaweed, seeds, whole grains, green tea and kimchi.

Though more research needs to be conducted, some studies suggest that eating a diet that is abundant in tryptophan can positively impact mood, and upping intake of GABA-rich foods may decrease symptoms of depression. While the connection between gut health and mental health is still up for debate among experts, there’s definitely no harm in adding more nutrient-dense foods to your daily meals.


  1. Spend time in the sun

Vitamin D plays an important role in regulating mood, but decreased daylight in winter can interrupt your body’s production of this vitamin. Kruti Quazi, the clinical director of Sesh, an app that offers online support groups led by therapists, said soaking up the sun throughout the day supports her in coping with seasonal depression.

“Sunlight, even in the tiniest amount that occurs in the winter, can help boost serotonin levels and improve your mood,” Quazi explained. “Take a short walk outdoors if it’s not too cold. Have your coffee, tea or hot chocolate along with you to keep you warm.”

Studies have found that taking vitamin D supplements may also decrease symptoms of depression if sunny weather isn’t in your near future. Talk to your doctor about testing your levels and possibly adding it to your daily regimen.


  1. Take a vacation if you can

On a similar note, consider saving your vacation days to take a short trip to a sunnier destination.

“Over the years I have learned that if I have a choice, it’s better to take vacations in winter than in summer. Two weeks spent in a warm and sunny climate in January can effectively interrupt the worst stretch of winter,” said Niloufar Nekou, a therapist at Alter Health Group in California.

Before making plans, it’s important to read up on any COVID-19 travel requirements and precautions to travel safely during the pandemic.


  1. Make your workspace and schedule more mental health-friendly

Staying inside all day during the winter can mean missing out on the few, crucial hours of daylight that boost your mood. Carlos Guerrero, a therapist and the founder of Inspiration Point Counseling in California, explained that he makes changes to his work environment and schedule before winter rolls around.

“I basically will do an ergonomic assessment of my own workspace every time there is a season change,” Guerrero said. “Sometimes placing your computer in front of a window is not the best for lighting, but I will do this so that I can let sunlight come in. … I will also move my client caseload to help me manage my work.”


  1. Find simple ways to enjoy the season

In addition to cultivating self-compassion, Aimee Monterrosa ― a California-based clinical director and therapist ― said she’s learned to recognize her “body and mind needed gentle transitions with seasonal change.”

One way she’s learned to appreciate seasonal change is through finding simple things about the fall and winter she enjoys, from cute mugs to comfy hoodies. “More scenic pictures with beautiful light around me, listening to nature sounds, having my favorite scents, and consistent movement in particular helps ease me through the day,” she said.


  1. Lean on a support system

Kambolis explained that it’s invaluable to have “open, meaningful, and supportive” discussions with family and friends when coping with seasonal depression. Moreover, as Watson said, even therapists need therapy at times, so don’t be ashamed to seek out professional support.

Though seasonal depression occurs only during certain months of the year, it is no less serious than other mental health disorders. Learn to implement expert-approved skills and build up your support system to help you through the tough season.


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