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Born on this day!! Actor Kathryn Crosby is 87. Singer Bob Lind is 78. Actor-game show host Ben Stein is 76. Actor John Larroquette is 73. “Dancing With the Stars” judge Bruno Tonioli is 65. Singer Amy Grant is 60. Singer Mark Lanegan (Queens of the Stone Age and Screaming Trees) is 56. Drummer Scott Mercado (Candlebox) is 56. Singer Tim Armstrong of Rancid is 55. Actor Steve Harris (“Friday Night Lights,” ″The Practice”) is 55. Actor Billy Burke (“Twilight” films) is 54. Singer Stacy Lattisaw is 54. Guitarist Rodney Sheppard of Sugar Ray is 54. Rapper-producer Erick Sermon is 52. Actor Jill Hennessy (“Crossing Jordan”) is 51. Actor Christina Applegate is 49. Actor Eddie Steeples (“My Name Is Earl”) is 47. Actor Kristian Nairn (“Game of Thrones”) is 45. Actor Jill Flint (“The Good Wife,” “Royal Pains”) is 43. Actor Jerry Ferrara (“Entourage”) is 41. Actor Valerie Azlynn (“Sullivan and Son”) is 40. Actor Katie Cassidy (“Arrow,” new “Melrose Place”) is 34. Actor Stephanie Hsu (“The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”) is 30. Contemporary Christian singer Jamie Grace is 29.


1947 – Movie executives blacklisted the “Hollywood Ten.”
1758 – The British captured Fort Duquesne (Pittsburgh) in the French and Indian Wars.
1783 – The British evacuated New York City, their last military position, after the Revolutionary War.
1841 – The slaves who seized the Amistad in 1839 were freed by the Supreme Court. They had been defended by former president John Quincy Adams.
1986 – Iran-Contra scandal broke.
1998 – Jiang Zemin became the first Chinese head of state to visit Japan since World War II.
1999 – Elian Gonzalez was rescued off the coast of Florida.
2002 – President George W. Bush signed into law the Department of Homeland Security and named Tom Ridge as head.

Today Is: Blase’Day, International Day For the Elimination of Violence Against Women Day, International Hat Day, Shopping Reminder Day, National Jukebox Day, National Play With Dad Day, Spitegiving, Tie One On Day: 25 (Day Before Thanksgiving= honors Aprons)

Primetime TV (All Times Eastern)

CBS – 8:00 –  The Amazing Race /  9:00 – The Amazing Race /  10:00 – SWAT
NBC – 8:00  – Women Of Worth  /  9:00 – SNL Thanksgiving
ABC – 8:00 –  The Goldbergs  /  8:30 – American Housewife  /  9:00 – The Conners  /  9:30 – Blackish  /  10:00 – For Life
FOX – 8:00 – The Masked Singer  /  9:00 – I Can See Your Voice
CW – 8:00 –  Gilmore Girls Special

TV Talk Shows

Jimmy Fallon: Melissa McCarthy, the original cast of “Saved by the Bell”, Sheryl Crow
Seth Meyers: John Oliver, Joe Buck
James Corden: Chris Rock, Rauw Alejandro featuring J Balvin
Conan: Conan Without Borders: Made in Mexico, with Diego Luna, Vicente Fox (R 3/1/17)
Watch What Happens Live: Pre-empted
Live with Kelly and Ryan: Amy Adams
Ellen DeGeneres: Josh Duhamel
The Real: Tisha Campbell
Kelly Clarkson: Melissa McCarthy, Ben Falcone, Jean Smart

WHAT ARE YOU TALKIN’ ABOUT? Here are today’s PPM-Friendly Topics!

QUESTION: Freaking out about the NEW LOCKDOWNS?? T.P. manufacturers say, “Don’t worry about it!!! We made plenty, so stores won’t be wiped out!!!!!”


QUESTION: Why was The Weeknd SNUBBED BY THE GRAMMYS? They told him, “Either appear on our show, or at the Super Bowl! Not both!!” How’d that work out??


QUESTION: Don’t ya hate conspiracy theories?? Here are 7 things that used to be “crazy conspiracy theories” until… 2020 HAPPENED!! But now?? Yikes!!!!!!!!! 


QUESTION: Have you heard that Lori Loughlin’s daughters are suffering from anxiety during her jail stay?? Maybe not!! This one is at a resort with a boyfriend!!


QUESTION: If you could move ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD, where would you want to move?? Check out this map of each country’s preferred destination??? (Japan??)
A fascinating reworked world map reveals which country each population would most like to relocate to for a fresh start - and it's Canada that's the runaway winner

Trevor Noah To Host Grammy Awards

The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah will host the 63rd annual Grammy Awards on Jan. 31, The Recording Academy announced on Tuesday.  “Despite the fact that I am extremely disappointed that the Grammys have refused to have me sing or be nominated for best pop album, I am thrilled to be hosting this auspicious event,” Noah said in a statement.  “I think as a one-time Grammy nominee, I am the best person to provide a shoulder to all the amazing artists who do not win on the night because I too know the pain of not winning the award! (This is a metaphorical shoulder, I’m not trying to catch Corona). See you at the 63rd Grammys,” he continued.  The 2021 Grammy Awards will air at 8 p.m. EST on CBS. The Grammy Awards Premiere Ceremony will be livestreamed on at 3 p.m. EST on the same day.
*****It’s great to have a wonderful singer like Trevor host the awards!!
*****He’ll start the show with a lengthy recap of everything that’s wrong about America!!
*****These Grammys should go right to the top of the list of lowest-rated shows!!

Miley Cyrus Briefly Falls Off The Wagon

Miley Cyrus is sober again after experiencing a setback during the COVID-19 pandemic.  She said Monday in an interview with Zane Lowe for Apple Music that she’s two weeks sober following a relapse.  “Well, I, like a lot of people, being completely honest, during the pandemic fell off,” Cyrus said, adding, “I fell off and I realized that I am now back on sobriety, two weeks sober, and I feel like I really accepted that time.”  Cyrus said she isn’t dwelling on her relapse and is focused on moving forward.  “One of the things I’ve used is, ‘Don’t get furious, get curious.’ So don’t be mad at yourself, but ask yourself, ‘What happened?'” she said.  Cyrus said she doesn’t think everyone should be sober and that “everyone has to do what is best for them.”  “I don’t have a problem with drinking. I have a problem with the decisions I make once I go past that level of … Even into, I’ve just been wanting to wake up 100 percent, 100 percent of the time,” the star said.  “I’m very disciplined. That’s why it’s never easy, but it’s pretty easy for me to be sober or in and out of sobriety because it’s like the day I don’t want to [expletive] do it anymore, I don’t. The day that I do, I do,” she added.
*******She fell off the wagon?? How can you tell??
TOPIC: What have you started doing during your imprisonment that you ordinarily wouldn’t do?? Or do as much???

Pete Davidson To Play George Bailey

Pete Davidson will lead a star-studded table read of the holiday classic film It’s a Wonderful Life.  The Ed Asner Family Center, a non-profit created by actor Ed Asner, said in a press release Tuesday that Davidson, 27, will play George Bailey in a virtual table read of It’s a Wonderful Life in December.  He joins Asner, Maude Apatow, Mia Farrow, Ellie Kemper, Carol Lane, Ed Begley, Jr., Diedrich Bader, Bill Pullman, Richard Kind. B.D. Wong and Michael Shannon. The event will take place Dec. 13 at 8 p.m. EST.  Proceeds will benefit the Ed Asner Family Center, which offers mental health and enrichment programs to special needs children and their families. Tickets are available now.
*******Bert and Ernie will be played by… Bert and Ernie!!
******When we think of a young Jimmy Stewart, we always think of Pete Davidson!!
*****We always heard that Jimmy Stewart was packin’, if you know what we mean!!

Martha Stewart Dishes Poolside Selfie

Martha Stewart got candid about her poolside selfie from earlier this summer.   She made waves on social media with the viral post of herself lounging by the pool wearing frosty pink lipstick, shimmery eyeshadow and mascara, with slightly puckered lips and her head cocked back.  The post has since gained more than 240,000 likes and prompted the celebrity to embrace the “thirst trap” moniker. In a recent interview with People, she explained that she wasn’t even purposely trying to take a photo of herself in that moment.   “I took a pool selfie photo by mistake,” she explained in a recent interview. “I was trying to take a picture of the beautiful turquoise planter at the end of the pool, but the camera was on me, so I just snapped it. It looked so good, so I posted it.”  The photo quickly took off, forcing the star to agree with her followers who called her out for the sexy snap.   “I didn’t know what a ‘thirst trap’ was, but now I do,” she told the outlet. “Now I’m looking for the next thirst trap. I love doing those promiscuous, provocative things, because it’s just fun.”
********Naughty girl????
********We’re starting to think she loves being the center of attention!!

Drew Barrymore Show Marries Teacher and Student

The Drew Barrymore Show” is facing backlash after airing a wedding between a teacher and his alleged former physics student.  During Friday’s episode, Barrymore and crew surprised Dan and Selina, a couple that was forced to cancel their wedding plans due to COVID-19 with an on-air ceremony. The pair claimed that they “met several years ago in school through mutual friends,” and that they have now been together for seven years.  Once the clip was posted online, however, viewers began alleging that the bride and groom met when she was his 17-year-old student, which some believe explains the vague relationship history that they provided producers.  “It would be a great story if it was actually true. They met ‘in school’ because she was his student. The mutual friends was the physics class he taught,” wrote one commenter on YouTube. “Could CBS not find a couple whose relationship didn’t begin completely inappropriately?” asked another. “I just hope he’s more observant of his marriage vows than he was of the law when he started dating her.”
********Let’s not be too hasty!! It might have been all above board!!
*******The female teachers can’t have ALL the fun!!!
********It started out as a physics class, evolved into “chemistry” and wound up as “biology and sex education!!”


Ripping The Tabloids (Throughout the week, we’ll give you the stories from that weeks tabs!)
**Please Credit Publication!

Reba Gave Blake Big “Voice” Break-(National Enquirer)

Reba McEntire confirmed she turned down a regular role on “The Voice”-which left the life-changing gig open for Blake Shelton!  “I said, ‘No, I’m going to pass on that,’ because I don’t think I could ever be able to tell somebody that they’re terrible or ‘go find another job’ or ‘hope you like your nighttime job,’” explained Reba, 65.  “I couldn’t do that day in and day out.  I just couldn’t do it.”  Instead, Shelton, 44, was hired as the show’s country-leaning coach in 2011, and four years later began dating fellow mentor-and future fiancée-Gwen Stefani!

Rocker Hits Scary Note With Ghosts-(Globe)

Late rocker Kurt Cobain’s bandmate, Foo Fighters founder Dave Grohl, got scared stiff as a Ouija board recording an upcoming album in an eerie L.A. home reportedly rocking with paranormal activity!  “When we walked into the house, I knew the vibes were off but the sound was f***ing on,” insists the hitmaker, 51.  “All of the guitars would be detuned.  We would open up a Pro Tools session and tracks would be missing.  There were some tracks that were put on there that we didn’t put on there.”  When the musician got nosy about the place’s past, he apparently got answers from the landlord-along with an NDA form meant to keep him from spilling secrets!

Making Moves-(Us Weekly)

It seems Reese Witherspoon is joining the growing list of stars leaving L.A. behind.  Just six months after selling her Pacific Palisades mansion for $17 million, the actress, 44, and husband they just bought last year-for $6.7 million off-market.  Currently, the pair own places in the Bahamas and Witherspoon’s native Nashville.  While it’s unclear where they will make their permanent home, the Draper James founder is happiest in the South.  “The older you get, the more you want to go home,” she said.  “Whenever the plane lands in Nashville, I breathe deeper.”

Bumping Along-(Star)

New York City, Nov. 11

It takes a village!  Hilary Duff looked flawless on the set of Younger, thanks to her glam team, who were on stand by for touch-ups.  But there’s another reason the 33-year-old is glowing.  She and husband Matthew Koma, dad to two-year-old Banks, are expecting their second child.  (The actress shares Luca, 8, with ex Mike Comrie.)  Until she expands her brood, however, it’s business as usual.  Meanwhile, fans are still waiting to learn the fate of the Lizzie McGuire revival.  The Disney+ show has been on hiatus since January, after the series’ creator quit over creative differences.  Still, Duff is optimistic she’ll be able to bring back the character that made her a household name, saying in July, “I have high hopes that we are going to make it work.”

Say What?!-(Life & Style)

“I know it’s random, but I have two beehives.  Real one.  I’ve had them at my house for a while now.  I have around 80,000 bees and we make hundreds of jars of honey a year.”-Beyonce, noting the “Countless healing properties” of honey.

“Cooke and I tried to play tennis the other day, but I have a temper…..I missed the ball and I turned around and chucked the racket as hard as I could after screaming so many profanities in front of so many children.”-Jennifer Lawrence, on her ill-fated minute match with husband Cooke Maroney.

“I’m an OK flier, but with him and a nice cocktail, it really helps.”-Kaley Cuoco, on her “very small and calm” rescue dog, Dump Truck.

Michelle Pfeiffer & David E. Kelley:  Happy Anniversary!-(People)

“My one and only for 27 years,” the Oscar-nominated actress, 62, posted Nov. 13, marking her anniversary with her writer-producer husband, 64.  The pair wed in 1993 and have two children, daughter Claudia, 27, and son John, 26.

Last Laugh-(In Touch)

“Colin Jost just married Scarlett Johansson and I just bought an electric bike.  We’re both doing equally great.”-Michael Che.

“A vaccine could be on the way!  Americans were excited-until they realized that means they will have to attend 50 weddings in June.”-Jimmy Fallon.

“I’m usually against Christmas-before-Thanksgiving hysteria.  But after what’s gone on this year, punch me in the face with holiday cheer ASAP!”-Will Presti.



Mysterious Monolith In Utah

Authorities in Utah said they are investigating the origins of mysterious monolith spotted sticking out of the ground in a rural area in the southwestern part of the state.  The Utah Department of Public Safety said members of the Aero Bureau were in a helicopter helping to count bighorn sheep for the state Division of Wildlife Resources when they spotted something far more unusual on the ground.  Pilot Bret Hutchings said the silver-colored metal monolith was seen sticking out of the ground in the middle of some red rock. He said the structure appeared to be 10-12 feet high and seemed to have been intentionally planted, rather than merely dumped out of an aircraft.  Hutchings said the scene was reminiscent of the black monolith from 1968 film 2001: A Space Odyssey.  The pilot said he suspects the monolith is the work of an artist rather than extra-terrestrial beings.  See the pic HERE.
********Maybe it’s a magnet holding the earth’s core in place??
******Wait. Turns out it’s a trailer hitch, and God’s about to tow this planet into a different neighborhood!!

Shipwreck Found After Hurricane

A visitor to a northern Florida beach discovered the erosion from Hurricane Eta had uncovered something surprising in the sand — a shipwreck from the 1800s.  The St. Augustine Lighthouse Archaeological Maritime Program said Mark O’Donoghue was walking on Crescent Beach after the storm left the area earlier in November when he spotted pieces of the shipwreck peeking out from the sand.  “I just saw some timbers that were uncovered by erosion on the sand on the beach,” O’Donoghue told WJAX-TV.  He said he returned the following day and saw even more timbers in the sand, leading him to report the discovery to the St. Augustine Lighthouse Archaeological Maritime Program.  Chuck Meide, director of the organization, said initial examinations indicate the discovery could be the wreckage of the Caroline Eddy, a U.S. merchant ship that sank in the 1800s.  See the video HERE.
*********You mean it’s not a pirate ship?? Rrrrr you serious??
*******The sailors all get off alive and are partying in Ft. Lauderdale!!
*******Davy Jones has filed a claim!!!

Customer Leaves Huge Tip

The owner of an Ohio jazz and blues club said a customer who came in just before the business closed its doors due to COVID-19 ordered a single beer and left a $3,000 tip.  Brendan Ring, owner of Nighttown in Cleveland Heights, said a customer came in during brunch on Sunday, the last day before the business was due to close for a second time amid the pandemic, and ordered a single Stella Artois beer.  The man handed his bill to Ring and told the owner to split the tip among the waitstaff.  Ring said he initially was shocked to see the man had written in a $300 tip for his $7 bar tab, but he put his glasses on and realized the tip was actually $3,000.  The owner said the big tip will come as a big help to his staff, who are facing six to eight weeks of Nighttown being closed. Ring said the business previously was open 364 days a year, closing only on Christmas, but he made a preemptive decision to close this week due to the spreading virus.
*******We hope he got a frosted glass, for that price!!
******Don’t worry!! All the public health officials are getting THEIR salary!!
******We should send a nice thank you note to China!! Maybe we can write on the tip of a ballistic missile!!! (Just a thought)

Moose Licking Is A Canadian Problem!

Officials in a Canadian town are posting signs with a very important instruction for local drivers: “Do not let moose lick your car.”  The signs, posted in Jasper, Alberta, ask drivers to keep their vehicles a safe distance from moose to make sure the animals don’t get a taste of the road salt that inevitably ends up covering the sides of cars driving through the alpine town.  “They’re obsessed with salt, it’s one of the things they need for the minerals in their body,” Jasper National Park spokesman Steve Young told CNN. “They usually get it from salt lakes in the park, but now they realized they can also get road salt that splashes onto cars.”  Young said letting moose discover that they can get salt from licking vehicles causes the animals to lose their fear of cars, which can lead to dangerous incidents on the road.  “Moose and cars are not a good mix. If you hit the moose with your car, you take the legs out from under it and it’s going through your windshield,” Young said.  He said people should keep their cars, and themselves, a safe distance away from moose. He said the population of moose has been rising in the area.  See the video HERE.
*********What else do they lick???
******They also advise humans not to lick a moose!! Unless you want him to follow you home!!
******Canada probably has more moose than people!! (true)







What To Buy And What To Avoid On Black Friday

Huffington Post

What To Buy On Black Friday

Home items

Black Friday is an ideal time to stock up on items for your home, according to Sara Korab, retail trends director for She noted that retailers like The Home Depot started promoting their Black Friday sales on tools, home storage and home decor weeks earlier than they usually do. “Especially in 2020, when we’re spending so much more time at home, make a list of things that would make your time at home a little more enjoyable, and keep an eye out for those things when you’re Black Friday bargain hunting.”


Audio gear

If you’re a music lover, keep an eye out for the best deals on offerings from Bose, Sonos, Beats and others, said Nathan Burrow, deals expert for Wirecutter. “All speaker and headphone types will be discounted, whether you’re drowning out noisy neighbors with noise-canceling headphones or you’re an audiophile looking for high-end reference speakers.”


Cookware and small kitchen appliances

Burrow noted that there will likely be great deals on high-quality pots and pans from brands such as All-Clad and Tramontina, as well as Instant Pot and other kitchen appliances such as blenders. “We won’t see universal drops this year, which is something of a departure from past years (some baking gear is still not discounted to pre-coronavirus levels and other hot kitchen items haven’t dropped as readily as we’d like), but the deals will still be great for select kitchen staples,” he said.


Health, fitness and grooming tools

Items like razors, hair-styling tools, electric toothbrushes and fitness trackers will be great buys on Black Friday, according to Burrow. “You’ll have every opportunity to look great at your next distanced get-together or Zoom call, as personal care items like these see some of their very best prices during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.”


TVs from major brands

TVs are one of the hottest items that retailers offer deals on every Black Friday, and this year is shaping up to be no different, said Julie Ramhold, a consumer analyst with DealNews. For instance, her team has already seen a 55″ TCL Roku TV at Walmart for $148 and a 70″ LG 4K TV for $550. “And we still aren’t sure what deals exactly Target, Walmart and others will be rolling out specifically for Black Friday itself, so we’re expecting even more savings then.”



Ramhold said that every Black Friday, laptops drop to super low prices, with Chromebooks hitting $99 (if not less) and budget-friendly builds for around $250. “You can easily get a solid laptop under $500 during Black Friday, but if you’re hoping for a gaming laptop, be prepared to pay at least $550,” she noted.



Online mattress brands are known to offer lukewarm discounts throughout the year, but the real deals usually happen just before the holidays during Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, said Gabrielle Pastorek, retail analyst for Finder. “You’ll often find higher percentages or dollar amounts off of your purchase this time of year, as well as freebies like sheet sets or pillows,” she added.


Large appliances

Retailers such as Home Depot, Lowe’s and Best Buy tend to offer small discounts on select appliances throughout the year, but Pastorek said that the biggest sales usually coincide with Black Friday and Cyber Monday. “This is a good time of year to jump on those big purchases you may have been holding out on,” she said. Major stores also usually offer the biggest discounts when you buy multiple appliances, making Black Friday a great time to maximize savings on a home renovation, Pastorek noted.


Smart home devices

Smart devices for the home are not only popular gift items, but you should be able to score them at a solid discount on Black Friday, according to money-saving expert Andrea Woroch. Look out for deals on items such as Google Home, Ring doorbells and Nest thermostats.


Pajamas and slippers

Though the deals on clothing aren’t always that great on Black Friday, Woroch said that retailers typically offer a doorbuster deal on select fashion merchandise like pajamas and slippers. “For instance, Walmart is offering a special buy on kids’ PJs during their Black Friday Deals for Days sale this Saturday, where you can snag a set for less than $5,” she said. Look for similar types of doorbusters across department stores such as Macy’s and Kohls.



Black Friday is one of the two times of year when you can find great deals on perfume and cologne, said Jeanette Pavini, a spokesperson for (The other best time to buy? Right before Valentine’s Day).


What Not To Buy On Black Friday

Christmas decorations

Tiara Rea-Palmer, head of retail partnerships at CouponFollow, said you shouldn’t buy anything you need for Christmas on Black Friday since you can get it much cheaper in the days right before Christmas. “You’ll still get a great deal on wrapping paper or Christmas decorations like trees on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but waiting until the week before Christmas means you’ll see some serious clearance pricing,” she said. “And if you can buy the day after Christmas to save for next year, that’s even better, as some items will be discounted up to 80%.”



While there may be some good deals on the “it” toy on Black Friday, Korab said that you may want to purchase it ahead of time before it sells out. When it comes to other, less popular toys, wait to purchase those until about two weeks before Christmas. “Retailers will be looking to decrease their inventory, so you’ll be able to find the best deals around that time,” she said.


Off-brand TVs

Though many name-brand televisions will be a steal on Black Friday, Burrow warned against purchasing off-brand versions. “The discounts will be abundant and tempting, but if you’re looking to replace your main TV and want something with up-to-date features, spend a little more to get a quality option or wait until January when traditional TV lows for those quality brands often occur,” he said.


Camping and hiking gear

There will be select great deals on Black Friday, but May and September offer a broader selection of sales on outdoor gear from more retailers, according to Burrow. “I also hate buying something just to wait to use it for months, which may be likely with cold weather looming for many.”


Video game consoles

The latest Xbox and PlayStation consoles were just released this month, which means it’s highly unlikely we’ll see any deals for them around Black Friday, Ramhold said. “If you’re OK with paying full price, the only thing you’ll have to worry about is finding a console, as they’re expected to sell out at most stores.” And don’t be tempted by bundles, she warned; this year, those will likely go for list price.


Gift cards (mostly)

Gift cards tend to be the go-to gifts from shoppers who wait until the last minute. Fortunately, that’s when the best deals occur. Ramhold said that December is when you can expect to see restaurants and retailers alike rolling out buy-one-get-one gift card deals. “These often require you spend a certain amount (usually $25 to $50) and then you receive a bonus card typically worth $5 to $10 (though sometimes they’re worth more) at no extra charge,” she explained.


Fitness equipment

Plenty of us have been stuck inside all year and want to get back into shape, but Black Friday isn’t the best time to buy fitness equipment such as weights, treadmills and yoga mats, according to Ramhold. Instead, wait until January: “Retailers know that consumers often have New Year’s resolutions around getting healthy and they price fitness equipment accordingly,” she said.


Apple products

Pastorek said that Apple is known to be stingy on its Black Friday deals, sometimes forgoing the holiday sale tradition altogether. In fact, one of the only times of year to find discounts from Apple is in September after the company’s annual keynote, she explained. “If you want to buy someone AirPods, an Apple Watch or other Apple products for Christmas, your best bet is to shop at other stores such as Best Buy, Walmart, Staples and Newegg to find a deal.”


Engagement rings

November through February is the most popular time of year for couples to get engaged, so rings are usually in high demand this time of year. You’ll usually find better deals on rings in the summer months, when business slows down for jewelers. “If you’re in a pinch and need a ring before the holidays, try shopping around online,” Pastorek said. “Online jewelers often have better deals than brick-and-mortar stores because they don’t have the overhead costs … and need to compete with bigger brick-and-mortar brand names.”



While some dealerships and used car lots will offer decent deals and incentives for Black Friday, you’re likely to find a better deal after Christmas during end-of-the-year sales, Pastorek said. In fact, vehicles that didn’t sell during Black Friday are likely to be marked down even further by December. “If you have your eye on a specific model, time your purchase right before a new release to get the best price.”


Winter apparel

Since seasonal merchandise is priced highest at the start of the respective season and cold weather will start rolling in around Thanksgiving, Black Friday deals won’t be as amazing as you’d hope on winter apparel such as cold weather coats and snow boots. “You will likely see small sales on these items or a special buy on a select item, but beware of the quality,” Woroch said. “Some Black Friday doorbusters are made specifically for the discount event and any clothing doorbusters may be made of inferior quality to keep the price low.”


Bedding and linens

Wait until January to buy your bedding and linens. “January has been the month of the White Sale Season since 1878,” Pavini said. Plus, you can find significant markdowns on flannel sheets after the holidays.


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