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Born on this day!! Singer Sam Moore of Sam and Dave is 87. TV host Chris Wallace is 75. Actor-singer Susan Anton is 72. Musician Jane Siberry is 67. Actor Hiroyuki Sanada (“Extant,” ″Mr. Holmes”) is 62. Actor Carlos Bernard (“24”) is 60. Jazz musician Chris Botti is 60. Singer Claude McKnight of Take 6 is 60. Actor Hugh Jackman is 54. Actor Adam Rich (“Eight Is Enough”) is 54. Singer Garfield Bright of Shai is 53. Fiddler Martie Maguire of The Chicks is 53. Actor Kirk Cameron is 52. Singer Jordan Pundik of New Found Glory is 43. Actor Brian J. Smith (“SGU: Stargate Universe”) is 41. Actor Tyler Blackburn (“Pretty Little Liars”) is 36. Actor Marcus T. Paulk (“Moesha”) is 36. Actor Josh Hutcherson (“The Hunger Games”) is 30.


1492 – Columbus landed in present-day Bahamas.
1870 – Gen. Robert E. Lee died in Lexington, Va., at age 63.
1960 – Soviet premier Nikita Krushchev created a disturbance at the U.N. General Assembly by pounding his desk with his shoe.
1964 – The Soviets launched Voskhod I, the first space capsule to carry three people into orbit.
1999 – NBA Hall-of-Famer Wilt Chamberlain died at his Bel Air home at age 63.
2000 – 17 U.S. sailors killed with the terrorist attack on the USS Cole in Yemen.
2002 – A bomb destroyed a nightclub in Bali, killing 202, mostly tourists.

Today Is: Bullying Prevention Day, Columbus Day, Day of the Six Billion, Drink Local Wine Day, Emergency Nurses Day, Free Thought Day, International Day Against DRM, International Moment of Frustration Scream Day, International Top Spinning Day, National Bring Your Teddy Bear To Work & School Day, National Curves Day, National Farmer’s Day, National Fossil Day, National Pet Obesity Awareness Day, National Savings Day, National Take Your Parents To Lunch Day, S.A.V.E. (Stop America’s Violence Everywhere), Stem Cell Awareness Day, Walk & Roll To School Day, World Arthritis Day

Primetime TV (All Times Eastern)

CBS – 8:00 –  Survivor  /  9:00 – The Real Love Boat  /  10:00 – The Amazing Race
NBC – 8:00  – Chicago Med  /  9:00 – Chicago Fire  /  10:00 – Chicago PD
ABC – 8:00 –  The Conners  /  8:30 – The Goldbergs  /  9:00 – Abbott Elementary  /  9:30 –  Home Economics /  10:00 – Big Sky
FOX – 8:00 – The Masked Singer  /  9:00 – LEGO Masters
CW – 8:00 –  DC’s Stargirl  /  9:00 – Kung Fu

TV Talk Shows

Jimmy Kimmel: Jessica Chastain, Maren Morris
Jimmy Fallon: Dwayne Johnson, Camila Cabello, Lil Baby
Stephen Colbert: George Stephanopoulos, Marcia Gay Harden
Seth Meyers: Pierce Brosnan, Sharon Horgan, Craig Finn
James Corden: Eddie Redmayne, Grace Van Patten, Gabriels
Watch What Happens Live: Kyle Richards, Chloe Grace Moretz
The View: John Lithgow
The Talk: Maren Morris
Live with Kelly and Ryan: Marlon Wayans, John Stamos
Kelly Clarkson: Jay Leno, Ayo Edebiri, Bad Momz of Comedy
Tamron Hall: Kathie Lee Gifford, Tamela Mann, David Mann, Irene Rollins, Nicole Lapin
Drew Barrymore: Constance Wu
Jennifer Hudson: Daymond John, Cheyenne Jackson

WHAT ARE YOU TALKIN’ ABOUT? Here are today’s PPM-Friendly Topics!

QUESTION: Will she ever work in this town AGAIN?? Jamie Lee Curtis gives this advice on how to age gracefully: “NEVER MESS WITH YOUR FACE!!!” (We can’t hear you)


QUESTION: Oops?? German woman plunges 35 feet down a parking garage elevator shaft when the doors opened and she thought it was SMART CAR parking space!!!


QUESTION: Is THIS the way to rob a bank??? A FLORIDA MAN, armed with a FINGER under his shirt, got away with $120!! Then the cops made him KNUCKLE UNDER!!!!!!!!!!


QUESTION: Heading to DUBAI?? You may want to tool around in this all-electric FLYING CAR, which can go as high as the Empire State building and fly 80 MILES PER HOUR!!
X2 XPeng has an enclosed cockpit with a minimalist teardrop-shaped design and a sci-fi appearance. In order to reduce weight, it has a complete carbon fibre structure

QUESTION: Which prince, next in line for the throne, just LOST THE CROWN?? Prince William is no longer “Sexiest Bald Man Alive!!” Now it’s….. VIN DIESEL!!!!!!
Prince William and Vin Diesel

Bill Murray Called Out By Geena Davis

Geena Davis’ first interaction with her “Quick Change” co-star Bill Murray involved being greeted with a device she calls “The Thumper.”  In an interview with The Times about her new book release, “Dying of Politeness,” Davis recounted meeting Murray for the first time in a hotel suite. She alleges he introduced himself with “a massage device he insisted on using on her, despite her emphatically refusing. “I said no multiple times, but he wouldn’t relent,” Davis wrote in her book, per People magazine.  According to Davis, Murray “placed the thing on my back for a total of about two seconds.”  “That was bad,” Davis said of Murray’s initial behavior to The Times. “The way he behaved at the first meeting… I should have walked out of that or profoundly defended myself, in which case I wouldn’t have got the part.”  Davis also revealed that once she got the part as Phyllis Potter in the movie, Murray was cruel to her.  Davis remembers waiting for her wardrobe team on-set when “Murray tracks Davis down in her trailer and begins screaming at her for being late.” He reportedly “continues to scream at her as she hurries onto the set and even as she gets there, in front of hundreds of cast, crew, curious passers-by.”  In April, production on Murray’s film “Being Mortal” was suspended due to a report of “inappropriate behavior.”
********He was just giving her “tough love!!!”
*******Geena Davis is an amazon!! She could’ve taken him out with one punch!!!

Kim Kardashian Hires Security For Her Children

Kim Kardashian has hired additional security to guard her kids’ private school after her ex-husband Kanye West revealed its name in numerous social media rants.  She is paying for the additional security, though to be clear it’s not to protect her progeny from their dad; the “Kardashians” star is concerned that because Kanye revealed the school’s name, anyone could show up and potentially harm the students.  Kanye has been on a full self-guided press tour ranting about how he would prefer his four kids — North, 9, Saint, 6, Chicago, 4, and Psalm, 3 — to attend his newly opened Donda Academy, where parents reportedly have to sign NDAs despite the fact that the school has yet to be accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.
*********File under “Rich People Problems!!”
*****Our parents signed a “NOGAS!” That stands for “No One Gives a Sh*t!!

Joseph Baena Dresses As Hercules

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son Joseph Baena channeled his father’s role as “Hercules” this week on “Dancing with the Stars.”  During the Disney-themed night he stepped into character and said he thought it was hilarious to portray his father’s 1970s “Hercules in New York” role.  “It’s a movie that I’ve watched since I was a little kid… it’s always one of my favorite characters growing up,” the fitness model exclusively told Fox News Digital.  “It was just funny for me to be able to portray this character also that he portrayed… we had a blast doing it and I thought it was a great.”  Baena pointed out that he would be interested in playing “Hercules” in a future film like his father if the opportunity arises. “Your next Hercules, hopefully,” Baena laughed.
*********Hint, hint, hint…

Meghan Markle On Being Labeled “Insane”

Meghan Markle said she’s been labeled “insane” and “crazy” in a new episode of her podcast, “Archetypes.”  She sat down with actresses Constance Wu, Jenny Slate and Deepika Padukone and discussed allegedly being called “insane.”  “Raise your hand if you’ve ever been called crazy or hysterical, or what about nuts, insane, out of your mind, completely irrational,” Markle asked the round table of women.  “Okay, you get the point. Now, if we were all in the same room and could see each other, I think it would be pretty easy to see just how many of us have our hands up?”  “By the way, me too,” she added.   Markle did not elaborate on who allegedly called her these words or give examples nor did she clarify if she was merely speaking about public perception.  She also explained how the word “crazy” is shamelessly “thrown around so casually” and spoke of the “damage it’s wrought on society and women, frankly everywhere.”  “From relationships to families being shattered, reputations destroyed and careers ruined,” Markle said.  Elsewhere in the episode, Markle described the word “hysteria” in terms of its Greek meaning and origin.  “The word hysterical comes from hysteria, which is — wait for it — the Greek word for ‘womb,’” she added.
**********So… BEING crazy, or ACTING crazy is fine, but being CALLED crazy?? That’s destructive?? Got it!!
********We never called her crazy.. we called her manipulative and cold-hearted. And that’s a good call!!!
****Meghan has an infinite capacity for self-pity!!!

Raiders Star Davante Adams Attacks Photographer

The photographer shoved to the ground by Davante Adams after the Raiders-Chiefs “MNF” game has officially filed a police report against the NFL superstar, claiming he was injured during the incident and had to go to the hospital.  The man went to cops at Arrowhead Stadium at around 10:30 PM — just moments after Adams had pushed him following the Raiders’ 30-29 loss.  He claimed he was the victim of an assault. They say he told them he suffered injuries though they were “thought to be non-life threatening.”  He was later transported to the hospital.  Cops say they are investigating it all — and following the completion of the probe, detectives “will coordinate with the applicable city or state prosecutor to determine any applicable charges.”  For his part, Adams apologized for his role in the incident — once at his locker following the game, and then again on Twitter.
******Wow… didn’t see THAT coming. Said no one. 


Ripping The Tabloids (Throughout the week, we’ll give you the stories from that weeks tabs!)
**Please Credit Publication!

Throwback!  Alex Rodriguez-(Life & Style)

“I was never the best player on any team growing up-always the middle-of-the-road and a bit of a late bloomer,” admitted the three-time American League MVP award winner.  “I thought that helped me because I always wanted to continue to work.  I took a great deal of pride in fundamentals.”



Hump Day At In-N-Out

Visitors to an In-N-Out Burger fast food restaurant in Las Vegas were treated to an unusual scene when a man brought his camel through the drive-through to enjoy some fries.  A video filmed outside the eatery Oct. 4 shows a dromedary camel named Fergie walking through the drive-through lane with her handler, Brandon Nobles.  Nobles told onlookers Fergie is a 14-year-old camel rescued from her former home in Colorado.  The video shows Nobles take Fergie through the drive-though to get French fries.  “She loves the French fries,” Nobles says as Fergie feasts.  See the video HERE.
***********He had to take her… she’s his emotional support camel!!
*******Camels eat a lot!! Gotta keep that hump full!!

Old Purse Found In the Walls

Officials in a Texas city said a small purse from the 1950s was found inside the walls at a former school building — and they have now identified the owner.  The League City Historical Society and the Clear Creek Independent School District said the purse was recently found during renovation work at the League City Community Center, which formerly served as the League City School.  “The purse was full of what looked like a wallet and it turned out to be a diary. Picture it as today’s Facebook: you’re putting everything down. She wrote about her love life, who she broke up with,” League City Historical Society Vice President Richard Lewis said in a video posted to Facebook.  The purse contained the name “Beverly Williams” and numerous photos dating back 50-70 years.  Officials said they were able to contact the family of Williams, who attended the school in the 1950s. Williams, who was born in 1945, died in September 2016.
********Too late to give that purse back?? Oh well.. finders keepers!!!

Loose Donkey

Sheriff’s deputies in Virginia responded to an unusual situation when an escaped donkey was spotted wandering down a road.  The Stafford County Sheriff’s Office said an emergency call came in about 1:03 a.m. Saturday reporting a donkey wandering loose on Brooke Road.  Deputies A.J. Deasy and D.J. Ferrell responded to the neighborhood and were able to wrangle the loose animal.  The donkey was not injured and was returned to its owner’s property.
*********Just read this out loud… and you’ve just done the local newscast for Stafford County!!
*********The donkey was looking for Kong!!

Man Blames Witch For Tossing Dog

A man accused of twice tossing a dog over a bridge said he was instructed to do by witches, according to police.   Spartanburg County Environmental Enforcement Officers responded to a call Monday, October 3, 2022, of someone tossing a dog from a bridge over water located on Highway 11 in the Fingerville area of Spartanburg County.   A witness told officers that a man was tossing a dog off and over the bridge. Officers searched in the area below the bridge and found a man – later identified as 43-year-old Shannon Lee Cantrell – holding a dog in a choke hold.  Cantrell told the officers that “witches” told him to throw the dog from the bridge. Police said the dog was thrown twice and wet from being in the water below. Cantrell told the officers that the dog was his and released ownership to Spartanburg County. Officers determined the distance from the bridge to the ground was approximately 34 feet. The one-year-old dog did not show any visible signs of injury but was “clearly shaken” by the incident, police said.
*****Witches? The Kardashians were there??









10 Of The Rudest Things You Can Do At The Grocery Store


Using The Express Line With Too Many Items

“Respect the limit of items in the express line and don’t go through if you have more than allowed,” advised Diane Gottsman, an etiquette expert, author of “Modern Etiquette for a Better Life” and founder of The Protocol School of Texas.  Few people enjoy waiting in a long line to pay at the grocery store, but no matter how busy you are, that’s no excuse for taking shortcuts.  “Don’t be that person who thinks ‘10 items or fewer’ doesn’t apply to you,” added Nick Leighton, an etiquette expert and co-host of the “Were You Raised by Wolves?” podcast. “It does!”


Ignoring Aisle Traffic Rules

“If you wouldn’t do it on the sidewalk or on the highway, you probably shouldn’t do it with your shopping cart in a supermarket,” Leighton explained. “Don’t block other people, stop or change directions suddenly, or cross multiple lanes of traffic without checking for oncoming traffic.”

Keep the “rules of the road” in mind as you navigate each aisle and make your selections. Do your best to avoid cart collisions.  “Most aisles are open to two-way traffic,” Smith said. “Keep to the right to allow traffic to keep moving. If you see someone and want to catch up, be sure to move off to the side to allow others to pass.”


Touching And Opening Things Without Buying Them

“Avoid opening packages to smell or taste and then putting them back if you don’t like them,” Gottsman urged. In the era of COVID-19, it’s extra important to be mindful of hygiene and germs in public spaces, especially when food is involved, so try to keep your hands to yourself unless you’re using a plastic barrier or placing something in your cart.  “Do not fondle the food, breads or fruits,” Smith added.


Disrespecting Personal Space

Keep the reality of COVID in mind as you navigate through the store, as well. Being a respectful member of the community means showing consideration for your fellow shoppers.  “Everyone still has different comfort levels when in public spaces,” Gottsman said. “You will notice there are still a large number of people wearing masks at the grocery store. Be respectful of personal space, public boundaries such as lines and passing in the aisles and different comfort levels in general.”


Taking Items From Other People’s Carts

“Don’t shop out of other people’s carts,” Leighton advised.  Just because someone isn’t next to a cart doesn’t mean its contents are up for grabs ― even if it has the last bottle of Sriracha in the store.


Holding Up The Checkout Line

“Stay off your cellphone when checking out and have your credit card ready to pay,” Gottsman said.

The grocery store often takes up more of our time than we’d prefer, especially when there are lengthy checkout lines. Be respectful of everyone’s time and do what you can to make the process as swift and smooth as possible.  “Don’t make everyone in line wait while you run back to get eggs you forgot to put in your basket,” Gottsman added.


‘Returning’ Items To Random Places

Sometimes you put an item in your shopping cart, only to realize later in the outing you don’t actually need it. But when you’re so far from that original aisle, it’s tempting to just put the thing down in a random spot.  “When you change your mind, especially for anything refrigerated or frozen, please give it to an employee or the cashier,” Smith implored. “Do not pop it on the nearest display you happen to be walking by in the hopes someone sees and rescues it before it goes bad.”


Not Being Mindful Of Your Surroundings

Try to pay attention to the people and things around you, especially if you’re shopping with little ones who might want to interact with the grocery store space. Don’t let them run wild through the store.  “Keep close watch of your children in the cart and in the aisles,” Gottsman said.

It’s also good manners to show courtesy and care for your fellow shoppers. Just as you shouldn’t ignore your children’s impact on others, don’t look the other way when someone needs a little assistance.  “Offer to help fetch an item for those unable to reach something on a higher (or occasionally lower) shelf,” Smith said.


Failing To Return Your Cart

The importance of grocery store etiquette extends past checkout.  “Put your shopping cart back in the shopping rack in the parking lot,” Gottsman said. “Don’t leave it in an empty space.”

Doing your part to return the cart after unloading your groceries in the car helps ensure another person or car won’t bump into it.


Being Pushy Or Aggressive In The Parking Lot

“The parking lot causes a great deal of grief because everyone is in a hurry,” Gottsman explained. “Honor the rule of allowing pedestrians to have the right of way to cross over on the walkway to the store.”

Grocery stores tend to have large parking lots, so even if you have to circle a few times, be patient as you search for a spot and don’t lose your cool. Respecting the rules isn’t just about good manners ― there are legal implications, as well.  “Avoid parking in a no-park or handicap parking space, as well as parking in another parking lot if you aren’t going to the store,” Gottsman said. “You will more than likely be towed!”


The preceding material was compiled and edited by Brandon Castillo.  The Editor-In-Chief is Gary Bryan.  The Radio Genius Show Prep Service is licensed for use on-air only by subscribing radio stations.  Other means of redistribution is forbidden.
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