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Born on this day!! Actor Glynis Johns (“Mary Poppins”) is 98. Singer Arlene Smith of The Chantels is 80. Singer-guitarist Steve Miller is 78. Singer Brian Johnson of AC/DC is 74. Actor Karen Allen is 70. Director Clive Barker is 69. Guitarist David Bryson of Counting Crows is 67. Astrophysicist and “Cosmos” host Neil deGrasse Tyson is 63. Actor Daniel Baldwin (“Homicide: Life on the Streets”) is 61. Guitarist Dave Dederer (Presidents of the United States of America) is 57. Actor Guy Pearce (“Memento,” “L.A. Confidential”) is 54. Actor Josie Bissett (“Melrose Place”) is 51. Singer-actor Heather Headley is 47. Singer Colin Meloy of The Decemberists is 47. Guitarist Brian Mashburn of Save Ferris is 46. Actor Parminder Nagra (“ER,” ″Bend It Like Beckham”) is 46. Actor Scott Weinger (“Full House,” “Aladdin”) is 46. Actor Kate Winslet is 46. Guitarist James Valentine of Maroon 5 is 43. Bassist Paul Thomas of Good Charlotte is 41. Actor Jesse Eisenberg (“The Social Network”) is 38. Singer Brooke Valentine is 36. Actor Joshua Logan Moore (“Desperate Housewives”) is 27.


1877 – Chief Joseph surrendered to the U.S. Army.
1910 – King Manuel II was overnthrown in a revolution and Portugal became a republic.
1921 – The World Series was broadcast on the radio for the first time.
1947 – In the first televised White House address, President Truman urged Americans to refrain from eating meat on Tuesdays and poultry on Sundays to help starving people in other countries.
1953 – Earl Warren was sworn in as the 14th Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court.
1962 – The Beatles released their first hit, “Love Me Do,” in Britain.
1990 – Cincinnati’s Contemporary Arts Center and its director were acquitted of obscenity charges resulting from an exhibit of Robert Mapplethorpe’s photographs.
2001 – Barry Bonds broke Mark McGwire’s record of 71 home runs in one season when he hit his 71st and 72nd homers.

Today Is: Chic Spy Day, Dupuytren Disease Awareness Day, Get Funky Day, International Day of No Prostitution, National Fruit At Work Day, The Victims of Marijuana Prohibition Day, World Teachers Day

Primetime TV (All Times Eastern)

CBS – 8:00 – FBI   /  9:00 – FBI Most Wanted /  10:00 – FBI International
NBC – 8:00  – The Voice  /  9:00 – La Brea  /  10:00 – New Amsterdam
ABC – 8:00 –  Bachelor In Paradise
FOX – 8:00 – The Resident /  9:00 – Our Kind Of People
CW – 8:00 –  DC’s Stargirl   /  9:00 – Supergirl

TV Talk Shows

Jimmy Kimmel: Rami Malek, Melissa Benoist, Old Dominion
Jimmy Fallon: Queen Latifah, Kaitlyn Dever, Chris Stapleton
Stephen Colbert: Michael Keaton, Zac Brown Band
Seth Meyers: Jason Momoa, Dave Bautista, Alessandro Nivola, Anthony Doerr, Barrett Martin
James Corden: Taraji P. Henson, Gabrielle Union, Jake Wesley Rogers
Daily Show: Tristan Harris
Watch What Happens Live: Lala Kent, Katie Maloney-Schwartz
Live with Kelly and Ryan: Maura Tierney, Dr. Greg Yapalater, Patric Richardson, guest host Mark Consuelos
The Real: DC Young Fly
Drew Barrymore: Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, Elizabeth & Ethan Finkelstein

WHAT ARE YOU TALKIN’ ABOUT? Here are today’s PPM-Friendly Topics!

QUESTION: Did you have WITHDRAWAL??? Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and multiple phone systems CRASHED yesterday.. and we didn’t know what to do!!!!


QUESTION: How popular IS the show “Squid Game???” Netflix is being sued by South Korea’s Internet company for spiking usage 24 TIMES the usual streaming!!!


QUESTION: What is the BIGGEST MOVIE IN THE WORLD?? Not Bond ($119 mil), not “Venom” ($90 mil)! It’s a Chinese gov film about CONQUERING THE U.S.A.! ($200 mil)


QUESTION: But… what about STEDMAN?? Oprah says she only has THREE close friends: Gayle King, Maria Shriver and her personal trainer, Bob Greene!!!!!!!!


QUESTION: Does he just need a BREAK??? Nick Cannon says, “Sorry, ladies, I’m trying to remain CELIBATE until 2022!!” (After 4 babies by 3 women in 6 months!)
Nick Cannon is trying to remain celibate until 2022

Daniel Craig To Receive Star On Walk Of Fame

As the world prepares to see Daniel Craig’s final outing as James Bond in “No Time To Die,” it’s been announced that the actor will be honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame alongside a fellow 007 actor.   On Oct. 6, two days ahead of the release of “No Time To Die” following months of delays brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, Craig will be honored as the 2,704th celebrity to get a star on the Walk of Fame. What’s more, he’ll have some prime real estate for Bond fans. His star will be located right next to Roger Moore’s. Moore played James Bond in seven movies from 1973 to 1985. As if that weren’t enough of a wink to fans of the Bond franchise, Anna Martinez, producer of the Walk of Fame, noted in a press release that the stars are appropriately located at 7007 Hollywood Boulevard. Fans who want to see the two spy titans’ stars should have no difficulty remembering that. “Daniel Craig is a British cultural icon as is James Bond, the man he has portrayed in five 007 films,” Martinez said.
*******He’s done FIVE Bond films???!!! It’s about time!!!
*********If you stand on the star, it explodes!!!!
*******Meanwhile, Timothy Dalton is waiting in line… to buy tickets!!!

Clint Eastwood Wins CBD Lawsuit

Actor Clint Eastwood and the company that owns the rights to his likeness won a $6.1 million in a lawsuit Friday against a company in Lithuania that allegedly used his image to imply he supports their products.  Gary Klausner of U.S. District Court for the Central District of California awarded Eastwood and the company Garrapata $6 million for unauthorized use of his name and likeness after Mediatonas UAB did not respond to a summons from March, and they also had to pay approximately $95,000 in attorneys’ fees, according to The New York Times. The company is also blocked from ever using his name and likeness again. Eastwood filed two lawsuits last year in federal court against three manufacturers and marketers of CBD, short for cannabidiol, which is a part of the cannabis plant that does not lead to a high. The first lawsuit claimed his likeness was used in an interview falsely designed to look like an episode of the “Today” show, which linked to a site where viewers could buy the CBD-related products.  “Mr. Eastwood has no connection of any kind whatsoever to any CBD products and never gave such an interview,” according to the lawsuit.  Jordan Susman, Eastwood’s lawyer, said in a statement: “In pursuing this case, and obtaining this judgment, Mr. Eastwood has again demonstrated a willingness to confront wrongdoing and hold accountable those who try to illegally profit off his name, likeness, and goodwill.”
********If there’s anything you should NEVER do to a Hollywood star, this is it!!! They will come after you!!
******They were all smoking pot and everybody thought someone else had gotten the rights!!!
******The company is in Lithuania?? Good luck collecting!!
******His attorney is Borat!!!
*****They offered him a “fistful of dollars,” but he wanted more!!!

Clooney Is Passing Along His Pranks

George Clooney’s twins may follow in his footsteps as relentless pranksters, according to their mom, Amal Clooney. She revealed that he has been teaching their 4-year-old son, Alexander, and daughter, Ella, how to prank people while stuck at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.  “He’s mainly teaching pranks for the time being. But we’ll see if it develops,” Amal told “Entertainment Tonight” in a rare interview at the red carpet premiere of “The Tender Bar” on Sunday night.  George quickly retorted, “Well, I think those can really pay off over time.”  It’s no secret that the Oscar winner is a professional prankster, especially when it comes to his co-stars.  George once put a marijuana leaf-shaped sticker on Brad Pitt’s car that read, “F–k Cops,” he said on “The Howard Stern Show” in December 2020, which resulted in Pitt, 57, being pulled over almost immediately.  He also admitted to sending Meryl Streep voice-coaching CDs from Pitt while impersonating him — a secret he managed to keep for several years before revealing himself as the original sender until seeing Streep, 72, years later at John Krasinski and Emily Blunt’s wedding.
********Nowadays, people get sued for stuff like that!!!
TOPIC: Ever pull a prank on someone????

NKOTB Heading Out On Tour

New Kids on the Block are going on tour in 2022.  They shared plans Monday for the Mixtape tour, a new North American tour featuring Salt-N-Pepa, Rick Astley and En Vogue.  “Getting that confetti ready because we’re coming to a stage near you in 2022!!” the group tweeted.  New Kids on the Block will kick off the tour May 10 in Cincinnati, Ohio, and bring the venture to a close July 23 in Washington, D.C. Tickets go on sale Friday.  “We had a blast out on the first Mixtape tour in 2019, and can’t wait to take it to another level with our fans on the MixTape Tour 2022,” NKOTB singer Donnie Wahlberg said in a statement.  “Just like a mixtape, these shows are going to take audiences through all the emotions. To be able to have Salt-N-Pepa come back and now also have the iconic and legendary Rick Astley and En Vogue join the tour… we could not be more excited. Let’s GO!” he added.
********Shouldn’t they be called “Middle-aged Dudes on the Block??”
********Can this be their “farewell tour??”
*******You know you’re gettin’ up there when Salt-N-Pepa and En Vogue are on a nostalgia tour!!

Netflix Is Editing Seinfeld Shows

Fans of “Seinfeld” are angry with Netflix after the show’s new exclusive streaming service changed the sitcom’s original 4:3 aspect ratio to the narrower, more modern and cinematic version of 16:9 — literally cutting out jokes in the process.  Die-hard supporters — who endured a summer without streaming the 1990s humor of co-creators Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld since the show departed from Hulu — have been quick to call out instances where the new ratio’s shrinkage on the top and bottom of the screen has caused problems.  One of the most visible issues comes in the Season 8 episode “The Pothole,” which at 16:9 has cropped out the actual street obstacle from the title, Twitter user @Thatoneguy64 pointed out.  Other fans have aired grievances that Jerry’s sneaker collection — his footwear being a character of its own in many ways — has also been cut out from the contemporary ratio, according to Complex.  On Netflix’s end, purchasing the entire series of “Seinfeld” at once to begin airing on Oct. 1 was a risky move to begin with, co-CEO Ted Sarandos said in a recent press release.  Although these mistakes might seem insignificant to an untrained eye, they mean everything to the yearslong dedicated audience for a show about nothing, with whom Netflix was quick to make waves.  “seinfeld’s in 16:9 on netflix and is therefore unwatchable…bummer.” @Boriskarkov tweeted.
********Now everyone will stream it to see for themselves, so… mission accomplished!!!
*****The new aspect ratio makes George Costanza look like he has a full head of hair!!


Ripping The Tabloids (Throughout the week, we’ll give you the stories from that weeks tabs!)
**Please Credit Publication!

Brad & Bradley:  Two Peas In a Pod-(National Enquirer)

Heartthrob Brad Pitt has a new BFF-Bradley Cooper!  “Both guys are the same age and considered two of the sexiest men alive,” an insider spilled.  “But they’re really bonded over their love of filmmaking.  Brad is now a major producer who sees his next chapter behind the camera, while Bradley is transitioning from starring in movies to directing them.”

Britney’s Fiance “Hit the Jackpot”-(Globe)

Pop tart Britney Spears’ boytoy fiancé, Sam Asghari, “hit the jackpot” when he finally reeled her in, declares HIS ex-galpal!  “He finally hit the jackpot!” gushes Sam’s ex Mayra Veronica.  “She hit the jackpot too, though.  He’s extremely supportive.”  Mayra and the muscled Iranian model dated in 2015, a year before he met the singer, who is worth $60 million.

Sharna & Brian:  Making It Work-(Us Weekly)

Brian Austin Green and girlfriend Sharna Burgess are thrilled to be partners on this season of Dancing With the Stars, but they make sure to leave work where it belongs:  in the studio!  “We have to have balance,” pro dancer Burgess, 36, says.  “Home is home.  We keep it separate, because our relationship is very important.”  The Beverly Hills, 90210 alum, 48, says that there’s no room for dancing at home anyway:  “We’re [busy] making breakfasts [and] packing lunches for school.  There’s no time!”

Hollywood Heiress:  Rooney Mara-(Star)

$3 Billion-

Football family!  The actress, 35, and her sister, Kate, 38, are part of not one, but two sports dynasties.  Their dad is the third generation to own a piece of the New York Giants football franchise since their great-grandfather Tim Mara founded the team in 1925.  Tim paid just $500 at the time-and it’s now worth an estimated $500 million!  Meanwhile, their mom is descended from Art Rooney, who founded the Pittsburgh Pirates.  Never heard of ‘em?  Well, they’re now the six-time Super Bowl Champs, the Pittsburgh Steelers!

Angie & Brad:  At War Over Miraval-(Life & Style)

Talk about sour grapes!  Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are battling it out in court once again-this time over the sale of their $165 million chateau, Miraval.  On Sept. 21, the actor, 57, filed a lawsuit in Luxembourg, accusing his “vindictive” ex-wife, 46, of sneakily attempting to off-load her stake in the French estate and winery without giving him the option to buy her out.  “The chateau means a great deal to him.  It’s his pride and joy, and Angie knows that,” says an insider.  “She’s so spiteful that Brad won’t put anything past her at this point and can just picture her selling it to a trashy hotel franchise to get back at him.  But he’s not going down without a fight.”


“I met him at the airport once, and he asked for a picture and then he put it on his Instagram, which was very impressive to my children.”-Julianne Moore, on meeting 50 Cent.

“The ground wasn’t really doing it for me.”-Simone Biles, on starting to do flips around the house at age 6.

“I’ll probably be incredibly bitter when the new person takes over.”-Daniel Craig, joking about another actor stepping in as James Bond.

Crib of the Week-(In Touch)

Kanye’s Concrete Beach House

The Crib Sheet:

Price-$57.3 million



Sq. footage-3,665




Shortest Little Cow

A Bangladesh cow that reached a height of only 20 inches before her death has now been recognized by Guinness World Records as the shortest cow ever.  Guinness said Rani, a Bhutanese cow that belonged to Dhaka farmer Kazi Sufian, measured only 20 inches high and weighed 57 pounds prior to her death at the age of 2.  Sufian said he knew from an early age that Rani would be too small to sell for meat, and he soon started to suspect the cow might be the smallest in the world.  “The other Bhuttis on the farm are twice Rani’s size,” he told Guinness.  Rani became an online celebrity when Sufian began sharing videos and photos.  Rani died in August after experiencing a swollen stomach from overeating and gas accumulation.
*********If it’s not one thing, it’s her udder!!
*****This cow was too short to milk!!
*******She’s smaller than a McRib!!!

Bear Caught Stealing Package

A Tennessee woman’s home security camera was recording when a bear strolled up to her front porch and made off with a 33-pound package. Robin Sutherland’s Nest camera was recording at her Gatlinburg home when the bear approached her front porch and started sniffing and prodding at the package that had recently been delivered by FedEx.  The video shows the bear eventually drag the 33-pound package away from the home.  Sutherland said she doesn’t know what attracted the bear to the box, as it didn’t contain anything the animal would be interested in eating.  “The only things in it were chemicals for my fish pond which were in plastic bottles,” she told WBIR-TV. “I guess the bear’s theory is ‘steal now, open out of sight.'”  See the video HERE.
******Scientists identified him as a new type of bear: “Porcho Pirato!!!”
******Maybe the bear has his own fish pond.. ever think of THAT???

Carpool Skeleton Caught

Authorities in Texas said a driver using a high-occupancy vehicle lane was ticketed when deputies noticed the only passenger was a Halloween skeleton.  The Harris County Pct. 5 Constable’s Office said in a Facebook post that a driver was pulled over by deputies who noticed the driver was the only human being in the vehicle while it was using the Katy Tollway HOV lanes.  The passenger seat of the vehicle was occupied by a skeleton Halloween decoration wearing a hat.  “Our deputies saw right through the ruse and issued the driver a bone-afide citation,” the post said. “After a sternum lecture, deputies wished him bone voyage!”  See the pic HERE.
*******That skeleton was his WIFE!! That’s how long he was stuck in traffic!!
*******TIP: If you’re going to use a dead person in the carpool lane, have them stuffed and mounted!!
******Skeletons don’t ride in the carpool lanes!! They go on the “Skull Bus!!!”

Fire Damage Home To Be Sold “As-Is”

A Massachusetts home that was severely damaged by a recent fire has been put on the market “as is” — with an asking price of $399,000.  The home on Berkeley Street in Melrose was completely burned and the windows were blown out during an August fire, and the house, which has not undergone any repairs since the blaze, is being listed online for $399,000.  “House is in need of a complete renovation or potential tear down and rebuild. Buyer to do due diligence. House being sold as is,” the listing states. The listing is being cited as an example of skyrocketing property prices in Massachusetts.  The Warren group listed the median sale price for single family homes in the state at $535,000 for the month of August, and the Massachusetts Association of Realtors said the median price was $552,000 in September.
*********It’s probably gonna cost at least $50,000 just to have the debris removed!!
******This is what happens when you try to cook at home!!
******The real estate agent said that “It’s just a little singe!!!”






The Best Products To Help You Poop Better

Huffington Post


1 – A stool to help you squat

The Squatty Potty is a stool that hugs the base of your toilet seat and is designed to help you plant your feet to get into a natural squatting position. It’s meant to help you achieve the posture most conducive to a healthy bowel movement, which may improve symptoms of constipation and hemorrhoids.

2 – A fiber option that works for you

When it comes to keeping you regular, doctors are big fans of fiber. Cedrek McFadden, a board-certified colorectal and general surgeon in Greenville, South Carolina, suggests finding the best version that works for you.
“If you prefer fiber gummies, use them. If you prefer a fiber pill, take that one. If you can tolerate a fiber powder mixed in water, use that. Ultimately, pick the fiber product you can do and tolerate every day,” he said.
You can also get tons of fiber through your diet: Pears, apples, broccoli, avocado and artichokes are all healthy sources of the nutrient. There are also cereals out there specifically made to bring you a healthy dose of fiber, including this Poop Like A Champion Ultra Fiber cereal, which contains an impressive 22 grams per serving.  McFadden said the goal should be to get about 25 to 35 grams of fiber per day, but it’s best to speak to your doctor to find a recommendation that most suits your specific needs.

3 – A water bottle you’ll remember to use

Dehydration can cause your stools to harden, leading to constipation, so drinking enough water is key to having healthy bowel movements. Keeping a water bottle on your desk while you work and bringing one with you when you leave the house ensures you’ve always got some H2O around to sip.


4 – A spray to clear the air

Using the bathroom doesn’t leave the air behind you smelling so fresh. Spritzing a little lavender vanilla in the air just might help you relax, knowing that you’ll be leaving some pleasant smells behind. This air freshener conceals anything ― just use a little before you go and it’s like you never even entered the bathroom in the first place.

5 – The perfect bathroom read

It’s not the most pleasant activity in the world, but looking at your poop can tell you a lot about your health. “The Good Sh*t” informs you all about how your stools should look. This book will teach you what a proper poo looks like, how to have one and how to create an action plan to help you attain your pooping goals.

6 – A yoga mat

This may seem like a stretch, but hear us out: High stress levels can cause an array of issues, including digestive upset. And a multitude of studies have found that yoga can go a long way in helping to ward off anxiety. So why not try a flow to get things, well, flowing? Heidi Kristoffer, creator of the CrossFlow Yoga app, suggested trying a happy baby pose, a wide knees child pose and a supine spinal twist if your stomach is bothering you. Of course, a yoga mat makes all of this a little easier. Go for something that has a natural grippy surface to help it stick to the floor while you’re doing your twists.

7 – Toilet paper that gives back

What if you could be charitable, environmentally friendly and wipe your behind at the same time? Who Gives a Crap uses 100% bamboo fibers instead of trees. And 50% of the company’s profits help build toilets and help improve sanitation in developing countries around the world.

8 – Something to help you pass the time in the bathroom

Everyone’s pooping habits are unique. Some people get in and get out, while others like to sit on the john and relax. If you’re one of the latter, you might be looking for something to entertain you. The Potty Putter toilet golf game can help you pass some phone-free time on the pot. Just make sure to wash your hands after you use it.


9 – Some good bacteria for your gut

Giving your gut a healthy dose of good bacteria may help you out in the bathroom department. One study showed that probiotics in yogurt can improve stool frequency and consistency. You can also take a probiotic supplement to help promote regular, healthy and comfortable bowel movements. Ask your doctor for a recommendation.


10 – A toilet-friendly alternative to wipes

Sometimes a simple piece of toilet paper won’t cut it. Many people keep a package of wipes next to their toilet, but the majority of these are not septic-tank friendly. Fohm is a touchless dispenser and gentle cleanser designed to replace flushable wipes. To use, simply stick a piece of toilet paper under the device. There’s also a toilet topper kit for those who don’t want the look of a dispenser hanging on the wall.


11 – A bidet to help you feel fresh

If you want to give your bum a good wash, the Whisper Bidet prides itself on being “a tiny shower for your butt.” It attaches to your toilet seat and turns any toilet into a toilet/bidet combo.


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